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From March 31st, 2022 to March 10th, 2023, 39% user give 5-star rating, 18% user give 4-star rating, 15% user give 3-star rating, 6% user give 2-star rating, 21% user give 1-star rating. for Google Translate chrome extension.

Reviews of google translate:

Rana Hamza March 10th, 2023
Rana Hamza

nice google translate

Theon Arryn March 9th, 2023
Theon Arryn

Test review

Seyed M.Ali Kazemi March 8th, 2023
Seyed M.Ali Kazemi

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SREETHARAN K March 6th, 2023


Ignace Libre March 5th, 2023
Ignace Libre

What's the point of having a translation extension that displays a pop-up on the translation making it unreadable? There is an option to disable the pop-up, but obviously it doesn't work.

Hake S March 3rd, 2023
Hake S

Enable the Chrome Flag "Desktop Partial Translate" to get the features of this extension in the actual Chrome UI instead of having to download this separate extension. It's pretty useless now.

emilie caux March 2nd, 2023
emilie caux

guys this app is so helpuf it doesnt help my 3 year old study for spainish!

Sandra S March 2nd, 2023
Sandra S

Translation of web pages suddenly stopped a few days ago. Help!! A great extension, until it stopped working! Now, must click on a pinned icon, that will translate the page. I very much would like to see the original automatic translation back, with the pop up that asks if the page should be translated to your set language of choice! Following steps under help does NOT restore the ability to use the extension as was intended, and worked until last week of February 2023

Fyt Tyn (Fyttyn) March 2nd, 2023
Fyt Tyn (Fyttyn)

This is great, but one issue is the popup doesn't always go on top, so other stuff can block it and prevent me from reading it. For instance, when I select text on youtube, the popup appears behind stuff and I can't read anything.

Владислав Ворбуцкий February 28th, 2023
Владислав Ворбуцкий

Stopped working about a few days ago...

Kristy Monahan February 22nd, 2023
Kristy Monahan

Translates well when loaded. However, if I need to refresh the page, it goes back to the original language and I have to click the extension to re-translate the page.

shahab B.Amer February 20th, 2023
shahab B.Amer

The first thing i install after opening chrome, without any bug. thanks google

Juan Manuel Cabral February 17th, 2023
Juan Manuel Cabral

It's ok, but theres a huge loading circle at the top left corner, it's unecesarry and it just looks like a huge moving pop up ad every time you translate something. So annoying, otherwise it would have been 5 stars.

reem assaf February 13th, 2023
reem assaf

Does not translate pages anymore.

Md Al Amin Khandokar February 11th, 2023
Md Al Amin Khandokar


February 8th, 2023


Osama Taher February 7th, 2023
Osama Taher

Very helpful, but I want to change the translation accent to American not British! Any Ideas?

Manda Tran February 1st, 2023
Manda Tran


Jeno Marton January 31st, 2023
Jeno Marton

It does not work, totally useles

Swarna Chiranjeevi January 27th, 2023
Swarna Chiranjeevi

Nice Extension for Language Translation

punjabi geet January 27th, 2023
punjabi geet

ਬਹੁਤ ਖੂਬ ! ਧੰਨਵਾਦ ਗੂਗਲ

kPOL vICH January 12th, 2023

The bar menu hide exactly very often the menu to translate. And some shortcuts would be welcome !

Collin Fox January 26th, 2023
Collin Fox

It doesn't work?? I click the "Translate this page" "button" and no results. I am just on google images so you'd think it would work to translate the page on google itself but it can't even do that.

Md Afser January 22nd, 2023
Md Afser

extension is not working.

Ely Dulfo January 18th, 2023
Ely Dulfo

I like it! I just have a little suggestion... Put an image translator along side the manual and webpage translation.

Chris Hernandez January 17th, 2023
Chris Hernandez


L. S. January 17th, 2023
L. S.

I have to keep manually translating!!!

No One January 12th, 2023
No One

Extension does not work on my Chromebook, no matter what I did , everything in settings as it should , BUT google translation Doesn't offer nor translation even manually ! any suggestions

Oet Dj001 January 12th, 2023
Oet Dj001

Never seen such a wonderful translate design so far. Thank you so much, Google Translate! If having the function of testing ourselves to help us remember firmly in a playing way, that will be much much better.

Prashant Negi January 6th, 2023
Prashant Negi

Whenever a page is translated, the bar at the very top that contains "Show original"."Options" etc. blocks whatever is behind. I cant be hidden. If we click the X close button, the page becomes untranslated again.

Sean McEligot January 4th, 2023
Sean McEligot

Translate this page hasn't worked for me for a long time.

Rosid January 3rd, 2023

The new update no longer allows you to switch the language of the page back and forth. Once it is translated, I cannot undo, rendering the tool useless to me.

Valentin Degenne (vdegenne) December 31st, 2022
Valentin Degenne (vdegenne)

The popup says "© 2015 Google", makes sure to update it, thanks

nethanga nethranja December 25th, 2022
nethanga nethranja


iMad Hnini December 25th, 2022
iMad Hnini

This the helpful plugin that I use everyday to translate some unknown words, clauses and paragraphs. Thank you Google and I hope this extension works too with PDFs.

PRASANTH E December 23rd, 2022

nice thing ...its useful to translate the paragraph also.... used for students most

Andrea J December 18th, 2022
Andrea J

It works pretty good except when you need it to continually translate all the pages of my Twitter feed.

Kanokwan Sae-Tae December 10th, 2022
Kanokwan Sae-Tae

It work. I can translate by highlighting. Just have to change option before using. 1.Go to "3 dots button" on your chrome browser 2.Click "More tools" 3.Click "Extensions" 4.Click "Details" of Google Translate 5.Click "Extension options" 6.Choose your language and click "Immediately display popup" 7.Click "Save" 8. Refresh your chrome browser Hope it's helpful.

Eric Dilorenzo December 6th, 2022
Eric Dilorenzo

options not working

Vaio San November 29th, 2022
Vaio San

Not always working.

Muhammad Aslam November 28th, 2022
Muhammad Aslam

Awesome thank you google

rex roy November 27th, 2022
rex roy

i would like it. Its just. HOW DO YOU USE IT!?

Alexander Scott November 26th, 2022
Alexander Scott

Great extension, but could be updated as some words to do not translate correctly

y ِDigari November 25th, 2022
y ِDigari

I apologize to you because without being familiar with the settings of this extension, and before making the desired settings on it, I hastily and unfairly judged your extension. But after the settings, I realized that it works properly. So thank you for allowing us to use it.

jahanebehtar research group November 25th, 2022
jahanebehtar research group

very good. i like it! thanks jahanebehtar

M K November 24th, 2022

Doesn't translate in-page and only transfers one sentence into the translator

Rina Alfio Winata November 20th, 2022
Rina Alfio Winata

It's nice but my problem is how to translate highlighted word on immediate pop up mode without open new tab as shown in overview. Thinking for just a word sometimes not worth to open new tab. Thanks

Elilatoni Joseph November 18th, 2022
Elilatoni Joseph

[Opera user] Is it possible for you to fix the issue I have, when the extension would have a red circle around it, and I would almost always have to refresh the page in order to use the extension.

Zeph Cranney November 18th, 2022
Zeph Cranney

Useful, but seems to be picky on which websites it will work on.

Rhea November 17th, 2022

This is very useful, but I want it put the romaji too, because some people might knows the meaning by reading the romaji words but can't read from the language's words

­송재윤 November 13th, 2022


Yazan Zaid November 12th, 2022
Yazan Zaid

Many functions stopped working, I think it needs maintence! translate this page for example stopped working.

Hamid November 11th, 2022

The best

Ahsanul Alom November 7th, 2022
Ahsanul Alom

good working❤

PrinceAuel Organo November 1st, 2022
PrinceAuel Organo


Tahsinur Rahman October 31st, 2022
Tahsinur Rahman


TM TOMAL October 31st, 2022

I always use this Extension.When i nedd to transtate ay language generally I used it

ss tmc October 31st, 2022
ss tmc

not working

Abbas Tehrani October 29th, 2022
Abbas Tehrani

Its not useful for me. Language switcher is not available and optional floating page is not good for other languages. its just open new tab for translation.

Henry Clifton October 27th, 2022
Henry Clifton

This is such a good idea. To be honest, I always have been in Japanese classes in school but can't seem to get something in the assignment or something like that. Soon after that I have been going to google translate website so often so that I can translate. As soon as I figured out that there was an extension for google translate I instantly had to get it. I would rate this extension a 10/10 and would recommend it to everyone!

22 Pilgrim October 23rd, 2022
22 Pilgrim

Used to be very good. Now (Oct 2022) either does not translate the entire page and/or translate pop-ups. Tries uninstalling / installing - still have a problem.

Gabriela Rehm October 21st, 2022
Gabriela Rehm

É maravilhosa! Com ela você pode aprender qualquer língua e depois de um tempo de treinamento quem sabe até ficar fluente!

Sean October 19th, 2022

Used to be great. Translate this page and translate highlighted text no longer work.

stalin antony October 17th, 2022
stalin antony

In recent days, automatic google translator is not working. I have tried to reinstall the extension, reset Chrome, cleared browsing history and cache files. But, no use. Still it doesn't work. Please help me to make the automatic google translator work on my Chrome browser

Reza Abbasi October 16th, 2022
Reza Abbasi

Immediate popup doesn't work for me

Eren Kaya October 9th, 2022
Eren Kaya

Guys if the length of max selectable character limit is not enough for your work then apply these steps; 1. download the Google Translate extension's files via zip // you can do this with crx extractor/downloader chrome extension 2. open the zip file and open bubble_compiled.js file with any text editor 3. press ctrl + f and write 250 // 249 is the limit of max character 4. change 250 to 9999 and save the file // dont change anything except 250 5. open chrome and extensions page 6. Drag and drop the zip file you modified to chrome's extensions page //Since we are installing the extension from the computer's own files, we should not change the location of the extension. So choose a better location for the extension and then add it to chrome

Matthew Kowal October 8th, 2022
Matthew Kowal

Immediate popup has helped me acquire many new words and get to know the lovely voices of the Google translate team

Fat wolf October 7th, 2022
Fat wolf

Need Update Maybe, can not work for Chrome Version 106.0.5249.103 (Official Build) (64-bit)

Omid Eslami October 7th, 2022
Omid Eslami

Need Update !

Янъ Русъ October 1st, 2022
Янъ Русъ

Одно из самых противоречивых расширений в этом магазине. С одной стороны: уродливый дизайн, устаревшая технология, в 50% случаев не переводит выделенный текст, качество перевода тоже хромает. С другой: в отличии от ПРОВАЛЬНОГО встроенного переводчика от Google не пытается СКАКНУТЬ страницу при переводе, устойчив к DDoS атакам, не пытается автоматически исправить текст, подставляя другие слова, как глупый Яндекс. Уверенная 3-ка из 5 звёзд, но конечно можно сделать и лучше.

john valeros October 1st, 2022
john valeros

its nice but it would be extremely good if it could translate text from images, example your reading a picture book online thats not your language, that would be amazing if you could add that but i know it would be difficult.

Geral Reniord September 30th, 2022
Geral Reniord

thank you

pedram September 29th, 2022

please add us pronunciation in your extension just like website:) thanks

Tolga Yılmaz September 27th, 2022
Tolga Yılmaz

Instead of the translation option only when double-clicking on the word, the translation option should appear when the cursor is hovered.

Paramananda Das September 23rd, 2022
Paramananda Das

Loved it. Obviously translations are not that good. But still something is better than nothing.

Md Jakir Hossain September 18th, 2022
Md Jakir Hossain

It is very good translation icon My opinion : I invite computer operator people use the subject.

BaSsGaZ September 18th, 2022

Very limited. For the Selection-Translation feature, there are better extensions than this one. I only wanted the option to translate the entire webpage for selected websites (instead of the entire Internet), this extension did not deliver and therefore 2 stars.

Nelisiwe Moyeni September 17th, 2022
Nelisiwe Moyeni

Very good loved it !!

Salman Nafiul September 17th, 2022
Salman Nafiul

I installed Google Translate on my chrome browser. it normally works when I select a word or a line. but when I open a PDF on my chrome, Google Translate is unable to Translate a selected word or a line. nothing showing on the PDF page. I want to translate PDFs for reading books or anything else. can you fix it for me?

H3muplayzz September 12th, 2022

it is very helpful if u dont know languages that much

Legend of Nibbaheem September 11th, 2022
Legend of Nibbaheem


Harsh QuoraHarshEntrepreneur Patel WhiteSafeUser September 7th, 2022
Harsh QuoraHarshEntrepreneur Patel WhiteSafeUser

Query- How to remove the entire top bar of translate after translate is complete? It blocks the top bar of lots of websites. Anything else that can be done?

Md Sammim Bhuyian September 5th, 2022
Md Sammim Bhuyian

perfect work ?

xuber's vlogs September 5th, 2022
xuber's vlogs


Chris McFarland September 4th, 2022
Chris McFarland

New lines get mushed during translations, but overall it's very convenient.

Safin Imon September 4th, 2022
Safin Imon


NS Uttam Kumar Biswas September 4th, 2022
NS Uttam Kumar Biswas

lovely apps

Janos Kranczler March 30th, 2022
Janos Kranczler

For some reasons sometimes it resets itself to English as primary language. That's why the pop up stops working.

Jed Llenado August 24th, 2022
Jed Llenado

Very convenient

Jayaram KC August 24th, 2022
Jayaram KC


AntiGamerPlayzz August 21st, 2022


Kovbasyuk Roman August 20th, 2022
Kovbasyuk Roman

Popup not shown anymore, brings now to a separate tab, which is not convenient at all.

Robert Yerkes August 19th, 2022
Robert Yerkes

Doesn't work on many sites, throws error "Refused to load the script 'x' because it violates the following Content Security Policy directive:"

Atulya Shivam August 17th, 2022
Atulya Shivam

I find google translate very useful. this also gives security to my website my site is completely translate into any regional language using google translate

Lincoln Ellis August 16th, 2022
Lincoln Ellis

Google Translate saved me it translate the blood writing on my wall to you're next!

Alejandro Pérez August 13th, 2022
Alejandro Pérez

Used to have the Mate translate extension, but I prefer this.

Maria August 10th, 2022

Constantly fails/refuses to translate pages, but there's no real alternative to this addon so what can ya do.

Paul Demetriou August 1st, 2022
Paul Demetriou

Needs an update the random icon pop up annoys the hell out us users please help

Atik Foysal August 1st, 2022
Atik Foysal

This extensions stops displaying the translation icon randomly

Rufus Abu July 29th, 2022
Rufus Abu

This extensions stops displaying the translation icon randomly.

Dmitrii M. July 27th, 2022
Dmitrii M.

The latest version is not functionable ...

Desmond Ye July 26th, 2022
Desmond Ye


Srimal Priyanga July 23rd, 2022
Srimal Priyanga

It's much better to add 'favorite feature' (STAR icon) to extension pop-up. While reading if I found a word to find meaning by translating, I click on the word and translation pop-up say it's meaning but I can't favorite that word inside the pop-up. So most of time I come to translate web site just to add a word to my favorite list. It's not user friendly

Marilyn Nawara July 20th, 2022
Marilyn Nawara

Works well for Instagram. Able to read posts written in other languages.

Nikolas Lenksander July 19th, 2022
Nikolas Lenksander

This extension DOESN'T work in PDF with immediately pop-window function!!!

Joel July 16th, 2022

Works well. Though I've noticed a bug where if the target string has a forward slash (/) in it, it cuts out anything after it, only translating what comes before the slash.

Sorola mardi25 July 15th, 2022
Sorola mardi25

good aps

Morteza Razavi (SMR) June 24th, 2022
Morteza Razavi (SMR)

Great extension. But it would be ideal if there was a simpler method for enabling or disabling popups (toggle by just clicking extension icon or something like that...).

Joseph Fuller June 23rd, 2022
Joseph Fuller

Funny how there's no way to make a support post. Anyway, nice functionality since Chrome doesn't have it built in, and it works well in Edge since MS translations suck. However it randomly chooses what the original language might be sometimes. Clearly Spanish sentences get identified as Welsh for no apparent reason, for example, and don't translate at all, but when I manually select the correct language it translates fine. And you can't just "pin" a language to always use first. Obviously there are still translation issues, such as leaving out important words, or choosing a translation for a word with multiple meanings without using context.

Torikul Fauzi June 10th, 2022
Torikul Fauzi

POP UP NOT SHOWN on over element z-index > 1. I have tried to add custom css when translate on z-index >1 with code, its's shown. .jfk-bubble.gtx-bubble { z-index: 999999999 !important; }

Pika chu.-. June 9th, 2022
Pika chu.-.

it was good at first because you can translate the whole page and there are other options too but I don't know why they changed it and remove some of the features, specially the automatic page translate :/

bzmind April 6th, 2021

This is such a useful extension yet google has thrown it away, and it lacks so many necessary features, like maybe changing the accent huh??? why they don't develop this anymore, in it's options menu, it's written 2015 as the current year, wow...

ELIAS ROSALES May 30th, 2022

seria excelente que añadieran el boton de favoritos en la ventana flotante es decir la que sobresale en los sitios web al traducir para guardar palabras mas rapido , en mi caso guardar vocabulario, sin ir al sitio de translate y hacerlo ahi ,comento seria mucho mas practica pero agradesco es muy util

Akbar Davari May 30th, 2022
Akbar Davari

Simple And Reliable Thanks To Google Translate

Alastor Lu May 29th, 2022
Alastor Lu

Some dark theme web(e.g. Google Bugnizer, cannot display normally, it content and words will show all blcak, so cannot see anything.

Abhijeeth May 27th, 2022

add auto-detect its hard to click sometimes its useless

Iosif Gagyi Palffy May 27th, 2022
Iosif Gagyi Palffy

Kinda works, but the popup section is totally screwed up, first of all it doesn't actually translate, for example i highlighted the word "satsume" and it correctly recognized it as japanese but for the english translation it always just repeats the same word, it never translates anything (even with other words or languages). But if i click on 'More' or right click the highlighted text instead and click on the extensions name, then it takes me to where it does actually get translated. So the website works the extension does not. Another thing broken in the popup is the 'Extension Options' link, it links to "about:invalid#zTSz" which when clicked takes me to about:blank#blocked which is a blank page.

Dario Depiante May 23rd, 2022
Dario Depiante

As long as one uses a linguistic "standard" and doesn't stray too far into slang, neologisms and vulgarity, the translations are quite good, have improved over time, and continue to get even better. Google's attempts at getting feedback have yielded tangible results. Instead of saying "this sucks" and pitching a tantrum like a 6-year-old would, it would be far more helpful to say WHY it sucks, and give some input to help improve the service.

Oliver Chan May 22nd, 2022
Oliver Chan

You know, it would be great if you could choose the language you wanna translate from rather than only allowing you to translate from your main language.

Mark S May 22nd, 2022
Mark S

1. The extension doesn't allow a "hover over + hotkey" translation. The feature would have made the extension way more handy and fast to use. I still don't understand how I should use the extension if I want to translate a word from of a hyperlink. 2. The feature "Always translate selected languages" doesn't work. I have to click "translate this page" every time. Honestly it's unbelievable a native Google's extension does not properly work in Google's browser.

Greg Thomas May 19th, 2022
Greg Thomas

Hit and miss regarding "automatic-page-translation". Most sites require you to go to menus and tell it several times to translate the page before it does. So not very good for forums. But the translation aspect alone is the usual good quality Google Translate.

M.D. Programming May 18th, 2022
M.D. Programming

If only it wasn't slowing down the browser drastically, It would be perfect. Enabling it makes the browser painfully slow especially on pages that have a video playing like YouTube.

Artus Meyer-Toms May 13th, 2022
Artus Meyer-Toms

When you mark text, the icon appears, but when you click on in, it just disappears.

Enkhtugs Munkhsaikhan May 12th, 2022
Enkhtugs Munkhsaikhan

When I right click and use this it always "translates" from Japanese to Japanese? Why would I ever want to translate to the word I am searching for? How is this bad?

Jack Riordan May 10th, 2022
Jack Riordan

It works very good

Daniel Gonzalez April 25th, 2022
Daniel Gonzalez

Barely functional. Marginally more convenient than switching to another tab and translating manually.

Igor Kozarchuk September 18th, 2021
Igor Kozarchuk

Pop-up won't appear if the page is in your primary language. It also won't show up on Google Arts website.

pico wrk April 20th, 2022
pico wrk

sangat berguna

Losts 80 April 18th, 2022
Losts 80

hello google developer The Extensions is very interesting I think we all thank the Google developers Extensions Google Translate Now I will explain to you the idea Certainly, there are people who visit more than one site that does not support the English language Let's say German - Italian - Russian - Chinese etc. The add needs to be to have options It consists of five to six options, according to what the developer sees Suppose now For example, I want to visit a Russian, Chinese, Italian, German or Spanish website as an example now I want to be the first option to translate the page From Chinese to English the second option From Russian to English etc etc The first option is to translate from Russian to English, for example, it has a key shortcut + 1 or Arrow 1 Thanks

Kaat Chef April 17th, 2022
Kaat Chef

It does not seem to work as well anymore. It does not translate most websites anymore since the extension has changed to its latest form. Very disappointing.

Pavlo Rishko April 16th, 2022
Pavlo Rishko

double click pop up window doesn't work

Cássio Silva Oliveira April 15th, 2022
Cássio Silva Oliveira

My favorite chrome extension! I would like to suggest a feature: Translate the entire page while a key combination is pressed (show the original text when the key combination is released). I think this would be very useful for people learning a new language because it would be a quick way to peek the translated text and then go back to the original. True that select and translate can help with that but I guess peeking with a hot key would be quicker.

Alex April 9th, 2022

it was ok but when i click change language it changed but when i try to write and translate it changes back to english

linh vu tuan April 9th, 2022
linh vu tuan

very good!!!

Ronald Chan April 9th, 2022
Ronald Chan


Masoud Ajorlou April 6th, 2022
Masoud Ajorlou

It has problem when I translate from English (left to right language) to Persian (right to left language) also it doesn't translate long sentences and I have to click on google translate button on the toolbar. you should also make Firefox version of this add-on.

Scott Ward March 31st, 2022
Scott Ward

I think it's great works for everything I use, just hope that soon you can add the function to translate PDFs