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From November 14th, 2017 to April 7th, 2023, 65% user give 5-star rating, 10% user give 4-star rating, 10% user give 3-star rating, 7% user give 2-star rating, 9% user give 1-star rating. for Sortd for Gmail chrome extension.

Reviews of sortd for gmail:

Crystal Hernandez April 7th, 2023
Crystal Hernandez

Honestly, it is LIFE CHANGING! I am a personal assistant and receive an insane amount of emails every day. This app has changed my level of productivity with how efficient and aesthetically pleasing the app is. I cannot imagine life without it. Before finding this app I was drowning in emails for all kinds of different projects with numerous contacts for each. I was overwhelmed and found myself staring at this mess of emails and wanting to cry. I'm over the moon with this app and am forever indebted to the creators. I had no qualms about paying for this app and can't understand the complaints from those using the free version. It's free! You're not paying for it, so why complain? UGH. One suggestion is to add a "need a reply" with a custom amount of days and a reminder for each email sent. Another app has this feature but it seems silly to have that app for that one feature when I already have this incredible app.

Melissa Allgeier March 22nd, 2023
Melissa Allgeier

Absolutely brilliant! Being able to prioritize and view my emails in this way has changed everything! I actually get stuff done now instead of searching for that one email that had that one thing that I need to get a specific task done. THANK YOU!!!

James Samuel November 13th, 2022
James Samuel

Overall a good app. Both powerful and pretty easy to use and works well with my Gmail.

Vivian October 25th, 2022

I am totally loving this app. It really has an intuitive way it help us organize all of our emails and stay on top of all of our customer communications. It has helped our team greatly to stay on the same page and look after our customers queries.

Tony DelDanza October 25th, 2022
Tony DelDanza

This is an incredibly good app for Gmail and it's so easy to get going. I am starting to use it with our team and it is quickly becoming our go-to app for managing new orders and customer service. This is so much better than anything else I have tried. It's a must have for anyone using Gmail in a team.

Kostadin Grigorov October 20th, 2022
Kostadin Grigorov

If you wonder what to do when your work mail is under Gmail and you desperately need to sort and categorise your mail, then please use Sortd! Makes your life easier and protect your health from nervous breakdowns :)

Adam Ellison August 31st, 2022
Adam Ellison

Sortd has been a really excellent app for organizing our team's email and running our shared mailboxes. It's certainly working well for my team in that we can now keep up with the orders that are flowing in our team mailboxes. We are assigning work more fluidly and certainly dropping less balls. I personally like that it is working for my team but better still, I am for once on top of my own business email. Having a tool that works well in both context is a win. I would definitely recommend it. I also received an email from the team about the upcoming new experience. I would love to get early access to that if possible. Please let me know how I can sign up for all the new features.

Digital Nomad at WORK August 30th, 2022
Digital Nomad at WORK

What keeps me from buying this extension:  1) Cannot create any new labels or folders (!) within the Sortd environment when looking for messages in the Sortd search window and trying to move messages from the Sortd inbox so I can achieve Zero inbox. What's the point? I have to switch back to Gmail so I can create labels? Renders the purpose of the extension half way useless.  2) Archive email in Gmail when creating a task? NO!! Why? What's the point when I cannot create a label for the email in Sortd? I would lose the email in thousands of other emails in archive without a label!  3) Colours assigned to the emails in Kanban view within Sortd are not reflected in the Sortd inbox. Would give a way better overview if the colours would correspond.  3) There is no Undo button or function! I just lost an email into some folder and don't know where it has gone.  How can one fluently work like this?

Ravi Zack August 12th, 2022
Ravi Zack

Being an Operations Manager, I have been on an all-out hunt to find the best product for my sales and customer service team. I have tested dozens of different apps over the years and ended up selecting Sortd both because it has brilliant email features and because it integrates so well with Google Workspace and Gmail in particular. It helps manage all of our customer-facing work, and it allows us to assign and track emails between us. I hope that helps others here.

Leila Brown August 10th, 2022
Leila Brown

Loving Sortd for Gmail. It's be great for managing our team's email inboxes.

Betty Barnes June 29th, 2022
Betty Barnes

I've been using Sortd for several years and can absolutely recommend it! Sortd helps me prioritize incoming emails and, honestly, saves my sanity! I find it to be reliable and user-friendly. Sortd Support has been highly responsive the few times I have needed assistance or had a question. Thank goodness for this app! Keep up the good work, Sortd Team!

Black Mandly May 30th, 2022
Black Mandly

Really a great app! Glad I found it.

Lorretta Williams May 10th, 2022
Lorretta Williams

Very happy with this app for Gmail! Highly recommend it.

Ryan Lev April 11th, 2022
Ryan Lev

Brilliant for managing email across a team! Recommend it.

James Fango March 11th, 2022
James Fango

My team an I find Sortd for Gmail incredibly useful, particular for managing our team's shared mailboxes.

Alistair Simonson February 24th, 2022
Alistair Simonson

It's a pretty impressive tool! Our team enjoys using it to manage and share emails.

Mark Beard February 23rd, 2022
Mark Beard

I run a cross functional team and our biggest challenge is not dropping the ball on emails. Customers move on to competitors if they don't get a quick reply and I chose Sortd in our team to make sure we assigning work and following up on emails properly. It works really well for us!

Alice Charming February 18th, 2022
Alice Charming

I am enjoying the way that this tool helps be organize my email and our team's shared mailbox. I like the drag and drop features in particular and the way there are templates boards to get you started.

Natalie Yeadon November 14th, 2021
Natalie Yeadon

I absolutely LOVE Sortd! It has literally transformed the way I do my work. I used to use OneNote and other organizational apps in order to keep my tasks and calendar aligned. I had to set aside time at the end of each day to sort through my emails, tag and colour code them, and then manually enter them into my to-do lists. Now I can literally "empty" out my email box in one shot by immediately adding each email into a daily task on the day of my choice and then label it according to my key goals and focus areas. I set up my email in a "Trello" type of board where I can drag and drop my tasks into different days. When I click on a task, the associated emails immediately show up. It has literally been a game changer for me and I feel like I have just added 1-2 hours of available time into my life by just using this app. Highly recommend Sortd and it is really quick to learn and start using right away!!

Alejandra - Partnerships at Mindset September 14th, 2021
Alejandra - Partnerships at Mindset

Just stepped into a partnerships/sales role at work so I wasn't used to the constant emailing and follow-ups. Sortd has been such a GAME-CHANGER in terms of ensuring no client gets missed. Emailing and follow-ups used to be my major weakness. But, since I started using Sortd not only has my performance improved but I feel more confident in my role and I'm optimistic about my future in sales because of this seamless google-extension. Thank you Wayne + other co-founders!

Matt Baker July 25th, 2021
Matt Baker

Excellent, the productivity tool I've been looking for - I finally feel like I've got my inbox and associated tasks under control because I can action or assign things as soon as I read them - I'm no longer constantly trawling through my inbox figuring out what needs to be prioritised next. The ability to change the subject line of an email is great as well. So many features, it's very flexible to many different ways of working.

Nordfishing Admin July 14th, 2021
Nordfishing Admin

The Pizza is really great. Service is amazing. Using it for different teams. Everyone is still impressed by the huge functionality.

Sekander Badsha June 29th, 2021
Sekander Badsha

If I talk about features, then it is fine. I did not like the user interface. The font sizes were really small in a Macbook Air M1 version.

Alex Farling June 22nd, 2021
Alex Farling

This is quickly becoming my favorite Chrome plugin. Managing group email addresses in G-Suite is a pain, and now we know who needs to reply, and can help cover for each other to make sure we respond promptly to our clients/prospects and vendor partners. Support is super responsive and great to work with.

Christy April 26th, 2021

Fantastic product, great features, top-notch customer service. I've used Drag and Trello and this app is by far my favorite. The email integration is amazing, the features are top-notch and the customer support is excellent. I couldn't recommend it more highly.

Martin Peters April 15th, 2021
Martin Peters

We use Sortd to manage our company's customer service and customer queries. It has improved our service levels, and know who is responsible for a customer response. The team enjoys it as it's easy to use as it works out of the box with Gmail. I can recommend it highly as it makes email more powerful for business and allows us to deliver better than we did before.

Linda Wobbe March 23rd, 2021
Linda Wobbe

Sortd for Gmail is fantastic. I am so happy I found this Chrome Extension. I don't know any better way to organize my ton of incoming email. It took me a while to figure out how best to use it; the step-by-step processes were too fussy for me. What works for me is I created my own list of boards to keep track of work I am doing on several projects. Emails or tasks go on a board especially when I am waiting for someone else's input, or procrastinating until closer to the deadline (because of other things with closer deadlines clamoring for attention). Even when I complete a task I keep the comments about what my questions and the answers were, which are attached to the email forever. Sometimes Sortd has irritating little bugs, and I am completely crippled if it is down, but luckily problems are fixed pretty quickly. My current irritation is that it queues up the current email in my sideboard, but there is no way to direct the email to my specific board without closing out of the queued up item. Also, I wish when you search Sortd help there were more specific answers and that the most recent items would appear first - sometimes I'm fishing through a bunch of old information or wading through various update notices to try to find what I need. Still, this is one I cannot live without.

RICHARD DELAROSA March 21st, 2021

If only it could have a dark mode. that would be perfect.

David Quattrucci August 7th, 2020
David Quattrucci

i really like it thanks!

Ninos Hozaya August 2nd, 2020
Ninos Hozaya

Full of clutter makes working with Gmail even more difficult.. I'm better off with the simple labels system, than this mess. not recommended,

Ning Cao April 14th, 2020
Ning Cao


Thomas Lewis April 10th, 2020
Thomas Lewis

An amazing find. It's a must have!

Rodney Kuhn April 6th, 2020
Rodney Kuhn

I use Sortd to manage all my client emails, my emails, project deliverables and email follow-ups. It's a winner.

Candice Kotzen March 25th, 2020
Candice Kotzen

This is amazing! I would not be able to do my Job without this APP. But yesterday my Sidebar stopped working. Its all blank now! Please help! I alreayd unistalled and reinstalled. And I also tried clearing cookies...

Samantha Byers March 9th, 2020
Samantha Byers

Very useful extension. I am using it to manage all of my business follow-ups and management activities.

Lauren Thompson February 5th, 2020
Lauren Thompson

I genuinely recommend Sortd. It has changed the way I organize my email and it add a new dimension to the way I work and follow up with clients and emails. The Chrome Extension is wonderful.

Vimal Gautam December 10th, 2019
Vimal Gautam

Gmail Page

Tuan Tang November 20th, 2019
Tuan Tang

extention app

Lynette November 8th, 2019

I can't get it uninstalled it never loaded all the way ,not that I opt'd to use it. I was trying to close the dang thing and it took off now I can't get to my Gmail at all it freezes my laptop everytime . I want it all the way gone and for it to quit holding me for ransom . I want it gone WTH !!!!!!

Deborah Cook August 19th, 2019
Deborah Cook

I have pretty much tried every task manager out there from Wunderlist to Asana and everything in between. Sortd has stuck as it is part of my every day workflow. I use my email for all my client interactions and it brings everything together for me in one place. It's simple to use and I am able to organize with lists names as I choose. All in all, I recommend trying it.

Bongani Dube August 19th, 2019
Bongani Dube

It is a pretty cool :-) It's changed the way I organize my emails and the email related processes. I use email as a to do list and Sortd has really thought how to make this more of a streamlined system. One mighty happy user.

Martha Spencer August 19th, 2019
Martha Spencer

Really love the way this Chrome Extension and the way it is thought out. I allows me to work and customize my email workspace to take control of all of my projects and task. It is pretty easy to understand it and probably the most valuable item for me are the reminders that I can use for following up on items that I need responses on. Totally recommend this one!!

kumarnaik guguloth July 19th, 2019
kumarnaik guguloth


My Unique Videos July 18th, 2019
My Unique Videos

thanks for this great app

Jonathan White July 15th, 2019
Jonathan White

Love it! I've tried a bunch of email apps. This one if really well thought out.

Thandie Klassen July 12th, 2019
Thandie Klassen

Top notch Gmail app. I have tried out a number of tools over the years but I felt compelled to leave a review as this one is so useful. I use it for many aspects of my work and I am easily 200% more productive and on top of my email than ever before.

Anne Bettys June 22nd, 2019
Anne Bettys

This has been quite a revelation. I've been trying to craft a better way to work with Gmail labels, stars and folders but Sortd takes organization to a whole new level. I'm using the full version of Sortd and that really works. I've also just started testing the team features. I think that is interesting and am going to test it out more.

Jacob White June 12th, 2019
Jacob White

I truly am seeing great value from Sortd. I work with it alongside my team and its useful for collaborating on any email work. The full version as that gives me more space to organize our work and I am using multiple boards to keep my email organized and at bay. Hope this helps others.

Jayden Matthews May 28th, 2019
Jayden Matthews

Incredible that Gmail has not taken their product as far as Sortd has. We are using it for managing all our sales and client service. It took a bit of time to get into it but now we are getting a lot of value out of it in a team context. The reporting features are pretty useful too. Recommend it.

Candice Murray May 24th, 2019
Candice Murray

This is a game changer for Gmail. Productivity plus collaborative emails. Wow this is different to anything else that I have worked with before! Smile ;-)

Yonatan Hatsor May 12th, 2019
Yonatan Hatsor

So far looks great, solves exactly what I needed to. I also find it better than Drag.

Rodney Kuhn April 8th, 2019
Rodney Kuhn

Really great extension.

Pim Bouman April 26th, 2019
Pim Bouman

Sortd fails to properly display the mails in my inbox the way Gmail does. I have like 120 in my inbox now, but Sortd only displays 9, and every now and it it will retrieve another one. Next to that, it will show them in a different order than the Gmail inbox does. I'd suggest to first fix this core functionality before adding all these other useless (Sorry, I mean "nice to have" ;-) features. If you want to handle people's email, then reliability should be your #1 focus.

Pat Woodard April 12th, 2019
Pat Woodard

It is not working, and not intuitive. I'm removing it.

Amelia Howard April 10th, 2019
Amelia Howard

This is a total email game changer. The email team sharing features mean that my team and I can all work from the same board without any forwarding, cc'ing or bcc'ing messages. This was a good recommendation.

A Google User March 21st, 2019
A Google User

I started a new job where the email is gmail and not Outlook which I was used to. I really struggled with Gmail (cos it kinda sucks) I searched high and low for a solution and I came across this app. It's changed my working day for the better as I'm able to organise my emails with reminders and tasks. This thing is invaluable and I'm only using the free version. Thanks to the Sortd team for making such an excellent piece of software. Also, it's never crashed on me or closed itself like some of the other reviews have stated.

A Google User March 12th, 2019
A Google User

I installed this on a bit of a whim and am so glad I did. I have only been using it for about 10 days now, but it's helped me be much more effective, on top of everything, and focused on what's important. I didn't expect a tool like this to have such a big impact on my work, but it has. There was essentially zero learning curve, it has been effective right from the get-go.

Dustin Graham February 28th, 2019
Dustin Graham

Features and Functionality: 5 stars Doesn't work with Google Advanced Protection Program: -1 star Super slick, super clean: +1 star Automatically enabling email tracking when sending email: -4 stars Support: +1 star (responsive and knowledgeable) Auto opt-in: -1 star (automatically enrolls you for marketing emails) Disable the automatic email tracking as default and I'd happily revise this to a 4 star review. Not a fan of the automatic 14 day team subscription, deceptive what features qualify for free at first glance. But, still the addon is absolutely top notch with regards to functionality, design, and how clean it looks. Just some irritating implementation details. Update: Their support is pretty responsive, but they don't have any solution for Google Advanced Protection. Also, they automatically enrolled my email address to marketing email. It may have been buried in some terms and conditions link that I didn't read, but they definitely did not make it obvious that I was signing up for spam in any of the windows I clicked through. (If they did, I didn't notice it, so IMO they didn't.)

A Google User February 27th, 2019
A Google User

For an application named Sortd, I would have expected it to... and I know this is foolish of me... SORT things. But it doesn't. Want to sort by name, by attachment size, by date in ascending order, grouped by month or week? Nope. None of that. It does a lot of next things, but actual SORTING.... not so much.

David Poland February 26th, 2019
David Poland

I just downloaded and guess I must remove it before I begin. I try to click the box to agree to service and then the box to sign in, and it does not let me sign in. It is not my adblocker either, I disabled that. I cannot even watch the video, it does not respond, just highlights to red circle that is it. I cannot escape this screen to view emails because the x will not work to make it go away. I tried saying to remind me later and it does not click too.

A Google User February 14th, 2019
A Google User

I use it to manage my sales and hr and it works better than everything else I have tried in the past as it is all embedded into my email.

A Google User February 14th, 2019
A Google User

Good product for sales, support and email management.

A Google User February 14th, 2019
A Google User

Powerful tool!

Rodney Kuhn July 16th, 2014
Rodney Kuhn

My team and I are super fans.

Thomas Bolas January 11th, 2019
Thomas Bolas

Limited, especially for the price for the upgrade... silly to pay that much!

Fred Willman December 4th, 2018
Fred Willman

Top notch app for Gmail. Love it for so many reasons.

Cecily December 1st, 2018

It's fine for one of my gmail accounts! It's super helpful! But the reason It's a 2 star and not a 3 or even a 4 is because it's downright tiring telling the thing CONSTANTLY not to activate on my other accounts. Like every time I log onto them. I do not clear cookies more than every 6 months... and even when I say not to activate it... here it comes, engulfing the entire screen and I have to make it "hide". Is there a way to make it REMEMBER to leave other accounts alone? I just need it for my art commission/business email. Not my personal emails....

Asia M. (Asia LionHeart) November 25th, 2018
Asia M. (Asia LionHeart)

It doesnt do anything. It just sits there taking up space.... but doesnt do any sorting at all. If i click on it, it will open up and pane next to the email , and then has a menu of REMINDER. or TASK etc, but it hasnt made ANY suggestions or moved anything ... its useless

Bill Thomas November 9th, 2018
Bill Thomas

Really great one Chrome Extension. So useful.

Ross Adams September 22nd, 2018
Ross Adams

Great BUT has no spam button I can fin in Sortd . I normally get 3 spam emails per day so I need a spam button. same spam button found in Gmail. toggle back and forth is not good so I had to uninstall it . shame as too me it was just like outlook mail layout which was great. Hope they add the spam button

Amanda Martinez September 20th, 2018
Amanda Martinez

My gmail apps account just upgraded to the new Gmail layout, and now when sending messages I do not get the option to set up reminders that I used to get upon hover over the send button. I ensured my extension was updated and reloaded Gmail but still nothing. I am hoping this is updated soon as I know I can switch back to the "old" Gmail for now, but know the time I can do that for is limited.

Jayson Moo-Young September 17th, 2018
Jayson Moo-Young

Sortd and Asana are my power couple. Even with the free versions production managing had become fun and much easier. Keep up the great work Sortd team.

A Google User September 11th, 2018
A Google User

I love the UI and the list feature, however the free version is TOO limited. I don't mind that there is limitations, I get it, but all I want is to rename my lists. Is it really necessary to paylock naming lists? No, that's just silly. I am not going to pay $6 a month just to rename a list. I'm aware there are more features, but I don't need them currently. You should be able to rename your lists for free and also be unlimited. Thank you for reading.

Jose Antonio Grafilo (Joni) September 4th, 2018
Jose Antonio Grafilo (Joni)

Best tool for GMail to manage email. But free version is very limited. :c

Jodi Salice September 3rd, 2018
Jodi Salice

Hey, fellas. I really wanted to love this app, but it randomly closes on me when I attempt to access information. Plus, I probably shouldn't have gone into it hoping for a project management platform. I can't create tasklists within the notes, I can't save attachments, and the notes don't convert hyperlinks to clickable links. I really wish you didn't tout this as the "Trello" for gmail. It's a long way from Trello. :(

Peta Andrews August 24th, 2018
Peta Andrews

I have multiple email addresses that all feed through my one gmail account but Sortd doesn't appear to let me continue like that, am I doing something wrong, do I need to change something?

David Franklin August 23rd, 2018
David Franklin

Works well for me and my team.

Amy Sanders August 23rd, 2018
Amy Sanders

Superb. So simple and so many features from reminder to task boards and business type boards for sales, hiring and eventing.

Mauro Guarinieri August 23rd, 2018
Mauro Guarinieri

The idea is great but it keeps freezing all the time. I tried to turn off developer mode but nothing change. So I have this addon i really want to use but can't keep restarting Gmail all the idea. I got a binch of extensions; perhaps some interaction? I need help to make this work.

Trevor Harris August 12th, 2018
Trevor Harris

dont like the fact you MUST create new password when you forget one. Makes life VERY difficult

ماريا ماريا August 5th, 2018
ماريا ماريا


Liviu Stefan June 25th, 2018
Liviu Stefan

This service is so unstable. Don't even try to count on it. Either it loses the connection to their HQ and you'll lose everything that you worked for hours or it will just not work. They kinda rushed to put a fee on something that should be an alpha release.

Natty Zee June 22nd, 2018
Natty Zee

Top notch app for Gmail

Sarah Carling June 11th, 2018
Sarah Carling

I was in love with this extension until I arrived to work one monday morning to find it completely disabled. None of the folders are available even so I have no way of knowing what I needed to deal with without going through a weeks worth of emails and finding the ones that need something doing. Do not use this app it is unreliable. There isn't even a support option to inform them that their app is broken and no way of knowing when it will be fixed.

Joe Mizera May 17th, 2018
Joe Mizera

Initially very impressed with Sortd. Beautiful interface, and the organizational features are awesome. However, I started receiving "The conversation you selected no longer exists". Submitted a support request, and no response. Not good. Especially considering they intend to sell a paid version.

Jennifer Langer May 6th, 2018
Jennifer Langer

I been long time fan of Sortd since I first found it on Life Hacker. The UI is clean. I love it's approach and most particularly it's Trello like drag & drop experience. I've tried so many other products and this one has stuck with me.

Rahim Gilani May 5th, 2018
Rahim Gilani

Love it !!! Really helpful in organizing your tasks/emails. I don't usually writes reviews, but this one deserved it.

Pedro Gonçalves May 3rd, 2018
Pedro Gonçalves

Really really helpful!

Amit April 25th, 2018

This would be great if it have a dark theme.

Quentin Johnston April 19th, 2018
Quentin Johnston

"installed" but will not open. Can you help please.

Jean Pierre Rojas April 17th, 2018
Jean Pierre Rojas

Doesn't work. Cant't login at all

elsie oxendine April 16th, 2018
elsie oxendine

if i stayed on here as much as i wanted to i would never get any work done.

A Google User March 31st, 2018
A Google User

All right.

Eric Ridley March 20th, 2018
Eric Ridley

I absolutely love Sortd. I wish the pace of improvements, bug squashing, and support response were faster, and I have had to make some workarounds in order to get Sortd properly implemented. But I do those because I love the product so much. I literally downloaded and installed every other kanban style plugin for gmail, and a ton of other extensions that might help organize - and none of them were as good as this.

Bradford Wright March 16th, 2018
Bradford Wright

i abso;lutely love this extention flexible yet rigid it stretches and is even the right skintone , really .she says

Bette Piacente March 15th, 2018
Bette Piacente

This extension has really simplified my life! So flexible and helpful. Now I would be lost without it. We went with the Team version which is great for managing tasks and projects. Good job!

Jonathan X Peers March 14th, 2018
Jonathan X Peers

I absolutely love it. I have not stop show everyone. Don't go out of business, PLEASE. Just a question, I mainly use gmail for all my email. I have got one of mu companies that is running on office 365, are there planes for an o365 plugin

Leigh Fox March 8th, 2018
Leigh Fox

Sortd is worklife-changing and I hope Sortd never goes out of business bc i need to use this for the rest of eternity.

Von February 15th, 2018

Good skin

Logan Michael January 2nd, 2018
Logan Michael

Sortd is a good skin, but the blinding white appearance isn't very appealing. If there was a dark theme, it would be much better.

BCI Materials Department November 20th, 2017
BCI Materials Department

I enjoyed the app but my need for its use is no longer.

Maggie Davidson November 14th, 2017
Maggie Davidson

Good concept, but it's REALLY, REALLY buggy and the UI is really old-looking (it does not look like the pictures even though my extension is up to date). Emails just randomly disappear, sometimes I click to archive something and it archives more than just that email and I don't know what email it archived to find it again, the search is really bad (I always pop back to Gmail to search), when you click to complete something you have to click again to archive it or it just sits in your inbox (even if you have it set to archive emails after you complete them)...just really needs a lot of work.