Multicopy chrome extension

Version: 1.0.0
Copy multiple texts and do multiple pastes from right click menu
3.79 Based on 19 user rates

What is Multicopy?

Multicopy is a productivity chrome extension. it's a free extension , it has 10,000+ active users since released its first version, it earns an average rating of 3.79 from 19 rated user, last update is 978 days ago.

What’s new in version 1.0.0?

                A usability extension, which lets you to copy multiple texts and shows them in right click menu. Paste any of the text in any input field.

To Copy: Right click on selected text -> Multicopy -> Copy this!
To Paste: Right click on text area -> Multicopy -> Select the entry

In some case for paste if clicking entry doesn't work (probably like Facebook), the text is copied to clipboard and you can press Ctrl(command) + V to paste the text in to the box.            

How to install Multicopy?

You could download the latest version crx file or older version files and install it.

Preview of Multicopy

Technical Features:

  • Latest Version: 1.0.0
  • Requirements: Windows Chrome, Mac Chrome
  • License: Free
  • Latest update: Sunday, April 4th, 2021
  • Author: trishul.goel

Multicopy Available languages:

English (United States).


Reviews of multicopy:

Khan Mehedi Imam January 25th, 2023
Khan Mehedi Imam

Awesome plugin. Much needed thing, I always wanted to have.

Maksims Miščenko October 11th, 2022
Maksims Miščenko

Nice app. But would be better to paste Ctrl+V twice (if there is two texts copied) to paste.

Ahmed Globexoutreach March 2nd, 2022
Ahmed Globexoutreach

what if i want to paste all 10 commands at same time, or what if i want to copy and paste using shortcut?

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