Reviews & Comments of AdGuard AdBlocker chrome extension

From October 20th, 2022 to December 15th, 2022, 83% user give 5-star rating, 4% user give 4-star rating, 3% user give 3-star rating, 2% user give 2-star rating, 8% user give 1-star rating. for AdGuard AdBlocker chrome extension.

Reviews of adguard adblocker:

ruishiro December 15th, 2022

kamishiro rui

Dragon hot December 14th, 2022
Dragon hot

It Literally Nailed !!!!! Awesome work people.I'm using it from years and like after around 5 yrs I felt like I must review this and belive me people it is working great

uasha usha December 14th, 2022
uasha usha

all in one

Ace “Nick Name” carpenter December 12th, 2022
Ace “Nick Name” carpenter

Adguard is the best adblocker I have ever seen, it isn't detected on hulu or other sites that normally could detect an adblocker, I love it because it makes ads nonexistent, thank you Adguard Adblocker.

Yehia Mourad December 12th, 2022
Yehia Mourad

Best adguard I have ever seen

Levin Agavale December 12th, 2022
Levin Agavale

Its amazing and it does its job definitely a 5 star?

Liz Zhihui Li December 12th, 2022
Liz Zhihui Li

Worked great until last Friday. I can't access to any single website with this extension on. :(

Michael D December 12th, 2022
Michael D

Caused browser to break

Katrielle Going To Québec December 11th, 2022
Katrielle Going To Québec

It does it's job with no fuss quite good! It doesn't annoy me with any upsells!

Daniel Graysond December 10th, 2022
Daniel Graysond

I like AdGaurd because it's one of those ad blockers that don't advertise their "premium membership" to you. Plus it's completely FREE! This is so helpful! I used to just deal with ads like anyone else, but then I started getting ads that I actually couldn't exit, and had to close the tab, and that was it. So I got Adguard, and, honestly, didn't think it would work very well. But it blocks every single ad, even ones that I can't even see, apparently. The only downside to using it is everytime you open chrome, the adguard thing opens up in a new tab, and you have to close it. But that really doesn't even matter. The only way this could be made better is, well, not opening in a new tab every time I open google, but also if sites were unable to detect adguard. However, I don't think it is possible to make an undetectable adblocker. 10/10 would DEFINITELY recommend.

Patrick Fisk December 10th, 2022
Patrick Fisk

Working very well on android tv box, win 8.1 x32, win 7 x64

David Phan December 9th, 2022
David Phan

Just killed my whole chrome. I tried to visit and said it wasn't secure. Disabling the extension works.

Wooyoung Son December 9th, 2022
Wooyoung Son

Suddenly got in an infinite loop or something making the browser completely frozen. Turning off this extension solved the problem.

uğur deniz kılıç December 9th, 2022
uğur deniz kılıç

Somehow, suddenly it started slow internet browsing massively. Reddit page takes 1 minute to load. I didn't change any settings. Why?

Nadish December 9th, 2022

Perfect for blocking ads It can block ads from web page, sites even in youtube you must try it, if you are searching for any ad blocker i swear, it will work....

Chronic FLoww December 8th, 2022
Chronic FLoww


Oppo white December 7th, 2022
Oppo white

The best ad blocker ever and it is free.

Mohit Sahni December 7th, 2022
Mohit Sahni

I Really Loved this extension using this from months and its ad blocking features are really great

Elvis September 7th, 2022

actually quite nice

Gregor Jacob December 2nd, 2022
Gregor Jacob

Really like the extension and the user friendly interface

Nick Salem December 1st, 2022
Nick Salem

10/10 blocks youtube ads no issue, and plenty more. may want a vpn for twitch though, look up countries they cant legally advertise to!

Aryan Abid December 1st, 2022
Aryan Abid


Oliver Chan November 30th, 2022
Oliver Chan

WHy can't custom rules take effect immediately, rather than forcing you to reload the whole page again?

jin November 30th, 2022

this is the best extensions that literally has everything !!!

himanshu hey November 30th, 2022
himanshu hey


Matt hearne November 30th, 2022
Matt hearne

Thank you Adguard for doing all the work for us.

Prakarsh April 7th, 2022

The easiest to use and the most comprehensive ad-blocker for the modern-web. Using it on my phone as well.

Haroen Aïtkassi November 27th, 2022
Haroen Aïtkassi

Hi, Welcome to my review, ( Please note that this is my opinion and my experience with adguard ) Adguard is one of the best Adblocker's I have used. it's Great, It's a great extensions on google, and it's a really nice feature that you can also instal the Application. Adguard is one of the best FREE Adblocker's. It works on almost every site ( That i use! ). It's great at blocking realtime advertisements ( Example: Video advertisement on Youtube ). Test Adguard yourself: ( Aguard blocked every single ad-type ) I hope this review was helpful, And have a nice day.

阿诺Arno November 27th, 2022

nice tool!

erik pitman November 26th, 2022
erik pitman

works great !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Darmal Ali November 26th, 2022
Darmal Ali

using it on my 3 pc and phone, really does the job to fliter those annoying ads kudos to all devs

Mafuz Rahman November 26th, 2022
Mafuz Rahman

Best Free adguard I have ever seen, I am sure someone will not find this kind of service free of cost anywhere

Sʟᴀᴠᴇ ᴏꜰ Oɴᴇ Cʀᴇᴀᴛᴏʀ November 26th, 2022
Sʟᴀᴠᴇ ᴏꜰ Oɴᴇ Cʀᴇᴀᴛᴏʀ

Best ad blocker and safeguard extension

Eddie Owens November 25th, 2022
Eddie Owens


Sina Nourossana November 25th, 2022
Sina Nourossana

قلم نوری ارزان قیمت

olcay562 November 24th, 2022

Best ad blocker

Alex C November 23rd, 2022
Alex C

simply amazing

Mariraj November 22nd, 2022

I thought it was the best ad blocker but it isn't. Still it shows ads on Outlook mail website.

Amaia Hiku November 22nd, 2022
Amaia Hiku

its actual so good it blocks all the ads

I hate accounting November 21st, 2022
I hate accounting


Adhithyakiran P November 21st, 2022
Adhithyakiran P


L Lemon November 20th, 2022
L Lemon

It's honestly the best thing ever. No payments required and they just suddenly block out things. PLUS you can customize the blocks!! it's fricking awesomeee

Tsafi Yeru November 20th, 2022
Tsafi Yeru

its simple ....."best ad blocker out there"

XF November 19th, 2022

how to block Twitch ad?

Jones Chung November 19th, 2022
Jones Chung

The best AD filter.

Josh Norman November 18th, 2022
Josh Norman

it just works unlike the other ones that cost five bucks a monthbut dont work

Ardian Nica November 18th, 2022
Ardian Nica

One of the most useful extension you have to install in your browser

Pumpkin 276 November 17th, 2022
Pumpkin 276

Works great! I am no longer getting ads or redirects to websites when I click on where the ads were meant to be.

Shubham Jindal November 16th, 2022
Shubham Jindal

Best adblocker extension. Must use. And it has many customisation options also.

wow woow November 16th, 2022
wow woow

One of the best adblockers. Love it!

SUPRASUPREMACY “supra” November 16th, 2022

So good

AJ November 16th, 2022

One of the best adblockers. I feel like Ublock Origin is the only one that can compete with it.

Bui Quoc Dung November 15th, 2022
Bui Quoc Dung

One of the most useful extension you have to install in your browser

Tairon777 October 21st, 2020

So far best one I have used

Bryan Jones November 14th, 2022
Bryan Jones

No option to right click and block element.

Xenophobic November 12th, 2022

it really worked i player and it workeds on there no lagg

rock jerry November 11th, 2022
rock jerry

best one out of all other

Sarvesh Bignah November 11th, 2022
Sarvesh Bignah

it's damn good, amazing exp,

Tianyue Ma November 10th, 2022
Tianyue Ma

Wonderful. Finally an adblocker that actually works. 10/10

mar November 10th, 2022

This extension is THE BEST I have found. Easy to use, many useful features, and FREE! What more can you ask for? Absolutely no complaints.

Emad Abu esamen November 10th, 2022
Emad Abu esamen

It's more than I need

KFM Consultants November 10th, 2022
KFM Consultants

good app

speck l November 9th, 2022
speck l

Greatest thing ever. I can't believe this thing is free. only good one i found for free on the web store so far, a must get!

Rebecca_2012 November 9th, 2022

I literally just installed this, went to Facebook and the 2nd post was a sponsered ad that this did NOT block. Been through the settings, don't see why it's not working -_-

Abiha Khalil November 8th, 2022
Abiha Khalil

I love this app

Angell Reagan Bonilla November 7th, 2022
Angell Reagan Bonilla

Barel installed the extention and its working great. quickly started blocking ads. Would recommened 10/10

Mouse Mouse (Mouse_!) November 7th, 2022
Mouse Mouse (Mouse_!)

Amazing! I totaly recomend. Still trying to wrap my head around how a single extention can be so powerful. gave me everything I needed and more. even solved world hunger, put MILLIONS out of poverty, ended all wars. All with a few clicks.

G- Rob November 6th, 2022
G- Rob

well done sir!

Infinity November 6th, 2022

removes all ads, no bugs, easy to use, great features. overall 10/10

Midleton Njini November 5th, 2022
Midleton Njini

Perfect good one

Sameh_Mohamed November 5th, 2022

very good

Mohamad G. November 4th, 2022
Mohamad G.

Ten out of ten...! your products are just outstanding.

Afthab Ahamed November 4th, 2022
Afthab Ahamed

Simply the BEST!

Shailesh Sodha November 3rd, 2022
Shailesh Sodha

Best Adblock Ever,Using Since Many Years..

Dany Dany bhavani November 3rd, 2022
Dany Dany bhavani


Türkiye Sokaklari November 2nd, 2022
Türkiye Sokaklari

Best ad blocker all the time!

Md Foysal Hossain October 31st, 2022
Md Foysal Hossain

This is Awesome. Love it

Juji Juji October 31st, 2022
Juji Juji

bht sexy extension ha love it

Bushyboi R October 30th, 2022
Bushyboi R

Its the best ad blocker I've used.

Haroen Aitkassi October 30th, 2022
Haroen Aitkassi

Hi, Welcome to my review, ( Please note that this is my opinion and my experience with adguard ) Adguard is one of the best Adblocker's I have used. it's Great, It's a great extensions on google, and it's a really nice feature that you can also instal the Application. Adguard is one of the best FREE Adblocker's. It works on almost every site ( That i use! ). It's great at blocking realtime advertisements ( Example: Video advertisement on Youtube ). Test Adguard yourself: ( Aguard blocked every single ad-type ) I hope this review was helpful, And have a nice day.

fluffy introvert October 28th, 2022
fluffy introvert

still love it

Lars Schweighaüser October 28th, 2022
Lars Schweighaüser

Graet for Hulu but annoying pop ups always lose stars.

Sara Hossain October 28th, 2022
Sara Hossain

It's really good! It's blocked all of the ads that I've had for me, even the ones that I didn't need blocked. I highly recommend it.

Donald Stephens October 28th, 2022
Donald Stephens

so far this extension is amazing, if it tries to screw me ill update the rating

Dani C October 28th, 2022
Dani C

Adblocker has ads itself now. And doesn't block pop up ads

Mijanur Rahman October 28th, 2022
Mijanur Rahman

Best add blocker

Turu October 27th, 2022

absolutely working fine on me . loved it

San Diego October 27th, 2022
San Diego

This is a great ad blocker! I have been using this for a few years and it has never let me down.

James Sarver October 27th, 2022
James Sarver

Is not allowing sites added to the allow list. It still continues to block ads on websites that are added to the allow list.

Death the Kid October 26th, 2022
Death the Kid

Hands down the best adblocker I've ever used. However, recently it seems to cause the STATUS_ACCESS_VIOLATION error (mostly on YouTube).

GEEE MONEY October 26th, 2022

Liked it so much . I am a subscriber!

Omar Alaa October 25th, 2022
Omar Alaa


Darshan Bhavsar October 25th, 2022
Darshan Bhavsar

after latest youtube update(handles) it has stopped to disable ads please release an update

Erson Yap October 23rd, 2022
Erson Yap

Nice Ad Blocker.

bugga October 23rd, 2022

thy best

owais raxa October 22nd, 2022
owais raxa

this is best

Peterk1 October 22nd, 2022

verry good! imagine paying you youtube premium lol

Enderman E October 21st, 2022
Enderman E

Absolutely perfect idk why other people say its bad but i got it first on my phone and it was awesome and i knew i would be so happy if it was on PC and it was. I downloaded it to windows and have the extension i would rate it 99999 stars but its only 5 virtual smiles This is definitely the best you can get with free ad-blockers. It's amazing. Works on all sites. Blocks all ads. (Video ads and image ads) There's also a "Block element" tool in case you want to do that.

Hassan Jawed October 21st, 2022
Hassan Jawed

best ad blocker ever

shea ᓚᘏᗢ October 20th, 2022
shea ᓚᘏᗢ

this is a good adblocker for websites like spotify and youtube. sometimes it doesn't block all ads on youtube but that's alright i guess cause it blocks most of them even then it's pretty effective so id say its good