Reviews & Comments of AdGuard AdBlocker chrome extension

From October 20th, 2022 to April 20th, 2023, 86% user give 5-star rating, 4% user give 4-star rating, 3% user give 3-star rating, 3% user give 2-star rating, 4% user give 1-star rating. for AdGuard AdBlocker chrome extension.

Reviews of adguard adblocker:

aamaell April 20th, 2023

The Best App for Block Ads

Arash Saadat April 19th, 2023
Arash Saadat

Super useful, Thank you Adguard Adblocker

Mr Talukder April 19th, 2023
Mr Talukder

right now for this time, it's best Ad Blocker

Nidhin Shyam April 19th, 2023
Nidhin Shyam

Fantastic extension does what it says

Yew Sold April 18th, 2023
Yew Sold

1st review im making for extensions cuz for this i HAVE to, blocks everything perfectly with no weird pauses or black screens on yt, and if u go inside the settings for this extension u can make it so websites dont ask u to take off ur adblocker

D4KiR April 17th, 2023

dont block twitch ads

Zaketron Nexus April 16th, 2023
Zaketron Nexus

no flaws so far ong i thought this extetion was too good to be tru but i can watch hxh on 9 anime in peice

Sasha Gaybright April 15th, 2023
Sasha Gaybright

I've been using this for a while and I have no complaints! It's legit and it does its job well, and for free too.

derek miller April 15th, 2023
derek miller

Amazing. It blocks all ads and doesn't have limited ads you can block without paying. AMAZING!

Kritika Khulve April 14th, 2023
Kritika Khulve

Loved it

Matt W April 14th, 2023
Matt W

Love it!

Sushant Suman April 14th, 2023
Sushant Suman

best ever

Nidhi Shah April 13th, 2023
Nidhi Shah

its the best

Laila April 13th, 2023

I LOVE THIS. This extension works better then anyone of the other Ad Blockers ive tried. Plus its Totally free! I do recommend this ?

NotJay O.o April 11th, 2023
NotJay O.o

One of the best ad blockers I've used! I recommend this to people who've bounced around from different ad blockers. You'll have no regrets downloading this one!

Ismail April 11th, 2023

This ad blocker is great compared to others I've tested, extremely convenient, versatile and has a simple but efficient user friendly interface ,,,,100% recommend for both mac and pc users

The Pro Ivano April 10th, 2023
The Pro Ivano


Alex S April 10th, 2023
Alex S

Lightweight, effective and simple than ublock

Natalie Watkins April 9th, 2023
Natalie Watkins

blocks all ads and even blocks pop-ads so it's really nice!

ALi A April 9th, 2023

i am very happy with this extension work perfectly fine but it has down side which is very bad for me its very heavy... take too much resources open chrome and press shift+Esc chrome task manager open see what i am saying

Eslam Aly April 9th, 2023
Eslam Aly

very good and light to block all ads and harmful sites

raisondetre! April 8th, 2023

Blocks all ads, youtube ads, pop up ads, and would be amazing for your device's saftey.

Aum Girahiya April 8th, 2023
Aum Girahiya

The best adblocker out there!

KAJ - April 8th, 2023

Stop advertising your own products with pop ups. It is defeating the whole purpose of it.

Animoy Das April 7th, 2023
Animoy Das

It is obviously the best adblocker out there in the market ...

Sadegh Abbasi February 16th, 2023
Sadegh Abbasi


Richard Jack April 4th, 2023
Richard Jack


Jan April 3rd, 2023

this is the BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yall should get it

JP April 3rd, 2023

Adguard rules!!

Helen Taylor April 3rd, 2023
Helen Taylor

I have had a better ad blocker than this. Sometimes, when first starting google/youtube, it will fail to block the ad. The image is removed, but the audio still plays and I cannot skip it.

Perry “Shane” Nickles April 3rd, 2023
Perry “Shane” Nickles

great blocker

Sin Heart (Sweetheart) April 3rd, 2023
Sin Heart (Sweetheart)

This is a new account I am using but I have used this Extension for a long time and every time I open a new account the first extension I get is this one. Very reliable and useful. Much love and support! <3

Caleb Peters April 1st, 2023
Caleb Peters

Would be great if this showed you how much time you've saved (like other adblock extensions do), but it is a lot better than the others I've tried. Definitely recommend.

PETER ORLANDO April 1st, 2023

Crashing alot lately on Chrome browser.

Abdulmalik Magram April 1st, 2023
Abdulmalik Magram

really good , No Pop-ups , it works thanks

Other acct March 30th, 2023
Other acct


Some tomfoolery and Trolling or devious licks March 28th, 2023
Some tomfoolery and Trolling or devious licks

I used for youtube for around one year or months, I reached 300,000 Adblocks! Recommended for youtube or spotify but when you use it for one year in youtube some of the ads don't block you casually have to turn off and on to make it enjoyable! It's a recommended adblocker.

Chinmay Oak March 27th, 2023
Chinmay Oak

amazing app

Pat MySecret May 29th, 2016
Pat MySecret

It's the best I've found. And not only does it block out ads, but AdGuard can be used to filter out image frames, too! Thank you Extension-maker.

pegasus gang March 26th, 2023
pegasus gang

honestly, this ad blocker is great. it blocks all kinds of ads, it sometimes does break a website but all you need to do is disable it and refresh the page. very convenient and definitely recommend it

Aleksiej March 26th, 2023


Max Carter March 23rd, 2023
Max Carter

Best Ad Blocker. Blocks ads from websites, Youtube and even Spotify!

Md Limon Islam March 23rd, 2023
Md Limon Islam

great experience

Echo sa April 16th, 2022
Echo sa

Best Ad Blocker Ever

Htwar Reh March 22nd, 2023
Htwar Reh

Block all those annoying YouTube ad and any pup up too highly recommend!

Vrushabh Bidari March 22nd, 2023
Vrushabh Bidari

Best ad blocker ever. Blocks all the ads, whichever it is that too for free.. Amazing download it

William Gonzalez March 21st, 2023
William Gonzalez

it does what other extensions fail to do! 100% recommended.

Tejas Maurya March 20th, 2023
Tejas Maurya

Very nice extension. Highly recommended

Max Ortega March 20th, 2023
Max Ortega

calidad de aplicaciones

Ujaan Roy (PokeMasterTube) March 19th, 2023
Ujaan Roy (PokeMasterTube)

Good adblocker, highly reccomonded

NGMK TL March 19th, 2023


Shoes4Clues March 17th, 2023

Worked wonderfully until it broke today, no longer works on YouTube, unsure about other sites Edit: Latest reviews are either faked or are from people who don't have the latest version of Chrome. The latest version of Chromium makes adblockers incredibly difficult to operate, and will likely take at least a couple of months before any form of free adblocking is available for Chromium-based web browsers.

murju March 18th, 2023

One of the very best adblockers. Highly recommend.

Mudassar Khan March 18th, 2023
Mudassar Khan


Praganesh Dange March 18th, 2023
Praganesh Dange

An amazing extension.Does a great job.

satyam Kumar March 18th, 2023
satyam Kumar


Rjay Hernandez March 14th, 2023
Rjay Hernandez

really great. Sometimes it blokes hundreds

Shripad Agashe March 12th, 2023
Shripad Agashe

Really usefully for many offboard websites might even consider getting a premium version if available.

Joshua's Stuff March 12th, 2023
Joshua's Stuff

look it may not work 1 minute after you install it you just gotta close whatever you are using and go back to it again and it works very well 999999999999999999999999999999999999999999/10

Alif Shaikh March 12th, 2023
Alif Shaikh

this is the best ad remover ever i have tried many ad blocker in past so far this is the best one there i had no issus everything is good

QadX March 12th, 2023

the adblock was ok, until it keep Facebook wall same dont refresh or update the new status.. please fix it...

Shah Ali March 12th, 2023
Shah Ali

love it

Loren Noël March 11th, 2023
Loren Noël

If you aren't using Brave Browser or don't want to, this is the next best thing!

Kirana Rose March 11th, 2023
Kirana Rose

works and free

michael kagunyi March 10th, 2023
michael kagunyi

Just works

JTucker March 9th, 2023

No pop-ups ads and blocks all YouTube ads are! So good!!!

budi bilibili March 8th, 2023
budi bilibili

so far so good

D March 8th, 2023

This is outstanding! I have used so many other programs that didn't do what they were supposed to do. It was a nightmare! Thank God for AD ADBLOCKER!!!

hussein mohamed March 8th, 2023
hussein mohamed

very good

124-Nayan Varsani March 7th, 2023
124-Nayan Varsani

I highly recommend the AdGuard AdBlocker Chrome extension. It is one of the best adblockers I have used so far. It effectively blocks ads and pop-ups, making my browsing experience much more enjoyable. The extension is also easy to use and customizable to fit my specific needs. Overall, I give it a full five-star rating and suggest anyone looking for a reliable adblocker to give it a try."

Amazon March 5th, 2023

totaly works for free even for youtube!

NOCauseEffect March 5th, 2023


David Irabor March 4th, 2023
David Irabor

Works perfectly with HULU and YouTube

Mohamed Nibras March 4th, 2023
Mohamed Nibras

I've used many ad blockers free version. But so far i think this is best adblocker with this much capability and with being free.

hacker playz March 4th, 2023
hacker playz

Trust me Ad Guard is probably the best ad blocker. It has a simple UI and is of course free. And they also have support for issues. It's great and if you're looking for a good ad blocker you gotta use this one.

shubh Patel March 3rd, 2023
shubh Patel

this is awesome fr! believe me this is not auto generated review

oleg linker March 3rd, 2023
oleg linker

Один из лучших блокировщиков рекламы.

AniqSwag24 March 2nd, 2023

this is cool ad blocker!!!

Dulce Amanecer San Juan de Lurigancho March 1st, 2023
Dulce Amanecer San Juan de Lurigancho

ive been using it since 2019

Mawlana Asad February 28th, 2023
Mawlana Asad

it woked fine.

Joseph Jackson February 27th, 2023
Joseph Jackson

Great ad blocker

Thiago Harrouche February 24th, 2023
Thiago Harrouche

this addon its good it block the adds but it dosent block youtube ads there are ones that can block youtube ads if the developers of this addon can hear or read this please block youtube ads...

QueerJamie February 24th, 2023

Important doesnt work on My5 unless you turn off every other filter apart from the base filter

Igor Kozarchuk December 14th, 2017
Igor Kozarchuk

Occasionally causes double scrollbars and makes scrolling with a mouse wheel impossible - for example, when you Google search "Euro 2020" and open list of matches (provided by Google), or on website "". Sometimes blocks download links - was trying to download PostgreSQL, but links were not displayed until I turned off AdGuard and turned it on again.

drew benner February 23rd, 2023
drew benner

It blocks every ad there is it is amazing!

Mohammed Hamza February 23rd, 2023
Mohammed Hamza

The best

Nagendra PS February 21st, 2023
Nagendra PS

Best adblocker in the market with continuous update for both the app and filters.

gra cie February 20th, 2023
gra cie

So so good I haven't seen one ad since I started using it!!!!

Brenda Torres February 20th, 2023
Brenda Torres

amazing everyone should get it

steve canpy February 20th, 2023
steve canpy

great app wish i could have gotten the lifetime deal when it was out

مجید عابدی February 17th, 2023
مجید عابدی


Dude February 16th, 2023

Really great ! You guys did a great job with it . Better than most free adblockers

Soura blog February 16th, 2023
Soura blog

it is very good or free ad blocker

Steve Holzer February 15th, 2023
Steve Holzer

Works great for me.

Izzy Rothenberger February 15th, 2023
Izzy Rothenberger

This is ad-blocker is absolutely amazing, blocks every ad. 10/10.

Dinitha Lakmina Wickramasinghe. February 14th, 2023
Dinitha Lakmina Wickramasinghe.

really really good! i love adguard!

nathan tadeo February 12th, 2023
nathan tadeo

works awsome when being turned on and off with certian websites

Chase Berendt February 12th, 2023
Chase Berendt

Best web browser extension for privacy and security out there on the market! And the best part is IT'S FREE!!!

New Life February 12th, 2023
New Life

one of the best ad blockers?

Jerry Dragon Bunny February 11th, 2023
Jerry Dragon Bunny

The most confusing ad blocking extension I ever seen. I do not understand the settings and filters, which ones I do need? Also enabled security filters against phishing sites keep turn off jsut before my eyes! How to enable them?

Patryk Zientek February 11th, 2023
Patryk Zientek

Finally something that doesn't cause too many issues, blocks most stuff and is not a hassle to configure. The option to export & import settings without actually being logged in somewhere to their services is a bliss.

Sorangel Monteagudo February 10th, 2023
Sorangel Monteagudo

The best

Hao Nguyen February 10th, 2023
Hao Nguyen

Works very well

William Feng February 9th, 2023
William Feng

This is absolutely the most handy and a MUST-HAVE plug-in for me, been using it for years.

Xavier-Ray David-Williams February 9th, 2023
Xavier-Ray David-Williams

It would be good if it double as a VPN

Isabel Rothenberger February 8th, 2023
Isabel Rothenberger

This AdBlocker is amazing, it works perfectly and blocks all ads. 10/10, 5 stars.

Norbert Bozik February 8th, 2023
Norbert Bozik

best frr

Martin Castillo Blanca February 6th, 2023
Martin Castillo Blanca

Very simple and it works perfectly!!!!

Sabareesh KP February 6th, 2023
Sabareesh KP


BabaJee February 5th, 2023

best adblocker I've used ever.

Canavar Adam February 4th, 2023
Canavar Adam

This is the best Ad blocker in the market

Dhony editz February 3rd, 2023
Dhony editz

It is the best adblocker ever.

Yogesh S February 3rd, 2023
Yogesh S

This is just awesome..!!

Bella Williams February 3rd, 2023
Bella Williams

Been using this for like 3-4 years and it's amazing, free and blocks everything. 10/10, 100% recommend

Ryden Weber February 3rd, 2023
Ryden Weber

i been using this for a while zero ads zero issues

Joseph Glasson (Josepheno) February 2nd, 2023
Joseph Glasson (Josepheno)

This ad blocker is so much better than other ad blockers i have found on the extensions store. this one is advanced because there is settings that you can customize to your own liking, and its just so easy to use. just let it do its job and your all good. love it! 5 stars, gg's

Ricky “Big Bad Wolf” Jim February 2nd, 2023
Ricky “Big Bad Wolf” Jim

Can't add DNS account blocker, so based on not being able to use your own DNS Settings I give it a complete zero! Also this add-on was responsible for blocking Chrome's own site. The only way I could get it to work was to remove it.

epsi farik February 2nd, 2023
epsi farik

It's very useful.

Khush Ramani October 31st, 2019
Khush Ramani

The best adblocker

Kate Awesome February 2nd, 2023
Kate Awesome

Very good. Since it doesn't get broken after Google crashed for no reason.

Tw3rk4ruffles February 2nd, 2023

very good

قوتابخانە February 1st, 2023


Rinat G. January 31st, 2023
Rinat G.

Good free ad blocker

Mona Nashed January 31st, 2023
Mona Nashed

The best ad-blocker I've found so far!

Kevin McCoy January 31st, 2023
Kevin McCoy

didn't work even with the annoyance filters

Andrew Fortuno January 30th, 2023
Andrew Fortuno

Its good -Not a npc

Mr Mehran January 29th, 2023
Mr Mehran

excellent ad blocker + built in ad database + ability to add custom url + webrtc block it seems 'hide referrer from 3rd parties' is not needed anymore after recent chrome updates

Stud Mcmuffin January 28th, 2023
Stud Mcmuffin

it good

Allon J January 27th, 2023
Allon J

best for no - ads

Felipe Montes January 27th, 2023
Felipe Montes

the best

Hamid Reza Daryanavard April 12th, 2021
Hamid Reza Daryanavard

Hi, Amazing adblocker and adguard in all OS ! very good , please update Persian sites Filter - Persian list filters! For adguard Samsung internet and this chrome extension and ios and DNS i use inchrome android please add persian filter sites for DNS tank you! From Iran <3

Scotty January 23rd, 2023

it works

Beka Tsertsvadze January 23rd, 2023
Beka Tsertsvadze

There is nothing better then adguard works perfectly

Devon Stanford January 22nd, 2023
Devon Stanford

Be sure you turn on the annoyances tab in settings, afterwards it is the best ad blocker I can find. It blocked 120 ads in 30 mins on YouTube. (watched 3 whole videos without any ad interruptions or pop-ups.)

Tommy Case January 21st, 2023
Tommy Case

Constantly getting ads even with AdGuard AdBlocker installed.

Fatih Mehmet Sen January 21st, 2023
Fatih Mehmet Sen


ardly nower January 21st, 2023
ardly nower

there's no reason why you shouldn't get it, it's genuinely so good

NAGATO FF January 21st, 2023

the best

Ash Ar January 20th, 2023
Ash Ar

Just Love It

محمد احمد عبدالرحمن عوض الله سيدالأهل January 20th, 2023
محمد احمد عبدالرحمن عوض الله سيدالأهل


Mohamed Ahmed January 20th, 2023
Mohamed Ahmed

The Absolute Best

Mohamed Sayed Al-Ahl January 20th, 2023
Mohamed Sayed Al-Ahl

Amazing Ad Block and Is the best in the market. And What make it really unique not the feature it has ,but The great team that solve the issues when U found any. I scrambled with one of the site that is hard to bypass using any of the ad blocker in the market and Ad guard included ,but for the other extensions that was it you can't do anything to make it work. On the other hand, when I faced the same issue with Adguard I reported it to the team And in less than an hour the issue was solved and AD guard was the only Adblocker to bypass the site anti-adblocker. Keep the great work AD Guard Team?

Not Here January 19th, 2023
Not Here

Best free adblocker out there

bella alexander January 17th, 2023
bella alexander

Honestly best add blocker I've used. You don't have to pay anything. I was looking for something to make it so when I clicked on something when using 9anime it wouldn't redirect me page and so that way "Megan 45 kilomiters away is looking to get frisky tonight" would leave me alone. If you know, then you know. But truly it is amazing. 100% recomend

Xolani Dlamini January 17th, 2023
Xolani Dlamini

does exactly what it supposed to do awesome app

A Coruble January 16th, 2023
A Coruble

I'm new to Adguard so its early days to write a proper review. May write again few weeks later.

shawn ye January 15th, 2023
shawn ye

it can remove almost all advertisements !

Jocylin G. Sagocsoc January 14th, 2023
Jocylin G. Sagocsoc

Wow, I'm amazed! It actually worked! I highly recommend this for anyone looking to improve their browsing experience. Not only does it effectively block all unwanted ads, but it also increases page loading speed and saves on data usage. The user interface is simple and easy to navigate, making it a breeze to customize settings to your liking. Overall, a great tool for a cleaner and smoother browsing experience.

Ayaan Faraz January 14th, 2023
Ayaan Faraz

It was what it was for.. blocking ads! ?

James F January 14th, 2023
James F

I use it on literally, every single device that has a Web Browser. It is the -ONLY- ad-Blocker that works 100% of the time. It's Perfect. If you haven't tried this app, TRY IT just once. I guarantee you'll never need, nor want, any other Ad-Blocking/Anti-Tracking/Web-Security Extension/App.............! (SideNote) ALSO: In the last 7 yrs I've not paid a single penny for ADguard and it is that way for every extension and app they offer!!!!!!!

Keenan and Yuri January 11th, 2023
Keenan and Yuri

works on every website even youtube like finnaly a adblocker that actually blocks ads on youtube

Isaiah January 11th, 2023

its a good ad blocker sucks that you have to pay for it if you download it to work on every application, but whatever i guess.

Sankalp Jha January 10th, 2023
Sankalp Jha

very good

Justin64 January 9th, 2023

honestly the first thing you should do when you get a new PC is to install this extension immediately. it's absolutely free and it does a fantastic job of blocking ads cannot recommend it enough

SS Veryrian January 8th, 2023
SS Veryrian

This, It is a fantastic website for removing ad and from malicious leading. Very helpful! Even though it prevent something like, it was probably that the website was an ad itself, but thanks again it good for anything else.

Shaquilles Diarrhea January 7th, 2023
Shaquilles Diarrhea

This is a great extension!!

jeez January 7th, 2023

I HATE THIS it wont load!! but when i turn off the adblocker it LOADS! Fix this pls. it works on other websites but not FIXXX PLSS

daquann creighton January 7th, 2023
daquann creighton

this is the best adblocker ever it blocked redirects to websites that were millicous and it saved my pc from getting hacked thank you!

Mohammad Ali January 6th, 2023
Mohammad Ali

Very good Experience Excellent!

Prahlad singh Yadav January 5th, 2023
Prahlad singh Yadav

adguard one of the best extention

picho 49 January 4th, 2023
picho 49

Very HelpFull ?❤

حمزہ لیاقت January 3rd, 2023
حمزہ لیاقت

best ever extention.

Logan Majury January 3rd, 2023
Logan Majury

This is the best extension to have on your web browser! So if you dont have an ad blocker, why not install it today?

Saber January 14th, 2018

Ad blocker doesnt work anymore and causes sites to load indefinitely with the spinning wheel in each tab. I don't know what happened but it's been a month. This used to be my favorite ad blocker...

Roxana Graibe Perez November 23rd, 2022
Roxana Graibe Perez

I can write a Excellent Comment OMG? I don't Hatesd this application I LOVE IT'S, everytime i want to give 5 star they frezz on my dashboard.Now is Liked it this internet is crazy Thank You So Very Much. 01/01/23, Happy New Year, now is Loved it, ha ha most be my computer, I need this appt to help me from hackers,

Mr Gamer December 31st, 2022
Mr Gamer

It is great and loving it

carter kimbler December 29th, 2022
carter kimbler

Yas very pro

Chris Wertz October 21st, 2019
Chris Wertz

Easy to use and it works well. I like the auto updates.

zahid Ali December 27th, 2022
zahid Ali

worked great wonderfull extension

Utkarsh Kumar December 27th, 2022
Utkarsh Kumar

It's definitely a must needed extension. Does wonders...

ruishiro December 15th, 2022

kamishiro rui

Dragon hot December 14th, 2022
Dragon hot

It Literally Nailed !!!!! Awesome work people.I'm using it from years and like after around 5 yrs I felt like I must review this and belive me people it is working great

uasha usha December 14th, 2022
uasha usha

all in one

Ace “Nick Name” carpenter December 12th, 2022
Ace “Nick Name” carpenter

Adguard is the best adblocker I have ever seen, it isn't detected on hulu or other sites that normally could detect an adblocker, I love it because it makes ads nonexistent, thank you Adguard Adblocker.

Liz Zhihui Li December 12th, 2022
Liz Zhihui Li

Worked great until last Friday. I can't access to any single website with this extension on. :(

Michael D December 12th, 2022
Michael D

Caused browser to break

Levin Agavale December 12th, 2022
Levin Agavale

Its amazing and it does its job definitely a 5 star?

Yehia Mourad December 12th, 2022
Yehia Mourad

Best adguard I have ever seen

Katrielle Going To Québec December 11th, 2022
Katrielle Going To Québec

It does it's job with no fuss quite good! It doesn't annoy me with any upsells!

Daniel Graysond December 10th, 2022
Daniel Graysond

I like AdGaurd because it's one of those ad blockers that don't advertise their "premium membership" to you. Plus it's completely FREE! This is so helpful! I used to just deal with ads like anyone else, but then I started getting ads that I actually couldn't exit, and had to close the tab, and that was it. So I got Adguard, and, honestly, didn't think it would work very well. But it blocks every single ad, even ones that I can't even see, apparently. The only downside to using it is everytime you open chrome, the adguard thing opens up in a new tab, and you have to close it. But that really doesn't even matter. The only way this could be made better is, well, not opening in a new tab every time I open google, but also if sites were unable to detect adguard. However, I don't think it is possible to make an undetectable adblocker. 10/10 would DEFINITELY recommend.

Patrick Fisk December 10th, 2022
Patrick Fisk

Working very well on android tv box, win 8.1 x32, win 7 x64

David Phan December 9th, 2022
David Phan

Just killed my whole chrome. I tried to visit and said it wasn't secure. Disabling the extension works.

Wooyoung Son December 9th, 2022
Wooyoung Son

Suddenly got in an infinite loop or something making the browser completely frozen. Turning off this extension solved the problem.

uğur deniz kılıç December 9th, 2022
uğur deniz kılıç

Somehow, suddenly it started slow internet browsing massively. Reddit page takes 1 minute to load. I didn't change any settings. Why?

Nadish December 9th, 2022

Perfect for blocking ads It can block ads from web page, sites even in youtube you must try it, if you are searching for any ad blocker i swear, it will work....

Chronic FLoww December 8th, 2022
Chronic FLoww


Oppo white December 7th, 2022
Oppo white

The best ad blocker ever and it is free.

Mohit Sahni December 7th, 2022
Mohit Sahni

I Really Loved this extension using this from months and its ad blocking features are really great

Elvis September 7th, 2022

actually quite nice

Gregor Jacob December 2nd, 2022
Gregor Jacob

Really like the extension and the user friendly interface

Nick Salem December 1st, 2022
Nick Salem

10/10 blocks youtube ads no issue, and plenty more. may want a vpn for twitch though, look up countries they cant legally advertise to!

Aryan Abid December 1st, 2022
Aryan Abid


Oliver Chan November 30th, 2022
Oliver Chan

WHy can't custom rules take effect immediately, rather than forcing you to reload the whole page again?

jin November 30th, 2022

this is the best extensions that literally has everything !!!

himanshu hey November 30th, 2022
himanshu hey


Matt hearne November 30th, 2022
Matt hearne

Thank you Adguard for doing all the work for us.

Prakarsh April 7th, 2022

The easiest to use and the most comprehensive ad-blocker for the modern-web. Using it on my phone as well.

阿诺Arno November 27th, 2022

nice tool!

Haroen Aïtkassi November 27th, 2022
Haroen Aïtkassi

Hi, Welcome to my review, ( Please note that this is my opinion and my experience with adguard ) Adguard is one of the best Adblocker's I have used. it's Great, It's a great extensions on google, and it's a really nice feature that you can also instal the Application. Adguard is one of the best FREE Adblocker's. It works on almost every site ( That i use! ). It's great at blocking realtime advertisements ( Example: Video advertisement on Youtube ). Test Adguard yourself: ( Aguard blocked every single ad-type ) I hope this review was helpful, And have a nice day.

erik pitman November 26th, 2022
erik pitman

works great !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Darmal Ali November 26th, 2022
Darmal Ali

using it on my 3 pc and phone, really does the job to fliter those annoying ads kudos to all devs

Mafuz Rahman November 26th, 2022
Mafuz Rahman

Best Free adguard I have ever seen, I am sure someone will not find this kind of service free of cost anywhere

Sʟᴀᴠᴇ ᴏꜰ Oɴᴇ Cʀᴇᴀᴛᴏʀ November 26th, 2022
Sʟᴀᴠᴇ ᴏꜰ Oɴᴇ Cʀᴇᴀᴛᴏʀ

Best ad blocker and safeguard extension

Eddie Owens November 25th, 2022
Eddie Owens


Sina Nourossana November 25th, 2022
Sina Nourossana

قلم نوری ارزان قیمت

olcay562 November 24th, 2022

Best ad blocker

Alex C November 23rd, 2022
Alex C

simply amazing

Amaia Hiku November 22nd, 2022
Amaia Hiku

its actual so good it blocks all the ads

Mariraj November 22nd, 2022

I thought it was the best ad blocker but it isn't. Still it shows ads on Outlook mail website.

I hate accounting November 21st, 2022
I hate accounting


Adhithyakiran P November 21st, 2022
Adhithyakiran P


L Lemon November 20th, 2022
L Lemon

It's honestly the best thing ever. No payments required and they just suddenly block out things. PLUS you can customize the blocks!! it's fricking awesomeee

Tsafi Yeru November 20th, 2022
Tsafi Yeru

its simple ....."best ad blocker out there"

XF November 19th, 2022

how to block Twitch ad?

Jones Chung November 19th, 2022
Jones Chung

The best AD filter.

Josh Norman November 18th, 2022
Josh Norman

it just works unlike the other ones that cost five bucks a monthbut dont work

Ardian Nica November 18th, 2022
Ardian Nica

One of the most useful extension you have to install in your browser

Pumpkin 276 November 17th, 2022
Pumpkin 276

Works great! I am no longer getting ads or redirects to websites when I click on where the ads were meant to be.

SUPRASUPREMACY “supra” November 16th, 2022

So good

AJ November 16th, 2022

One of the best adblockers. I feel like Ublock Origin is the only one that can compete with it.

wow woow November 16th, 2022
wow woow

One of the best adblockers. Love it!

Shubham Jindal November 16th, 2022
Shubham Jindal

Best adblocker extension. Must use. And it has many customisation options also.

Tairon777 October 21st, 2020

So far best one I have used

Bui Quoc Dung November 15th, 2022
Bui Quoc Dung

One of the most useful extension you have to install in your browser

Bryan Jones November 14th, 2022
Bryan Jones

No option to right click and block element.

Xenophobic November 12th, 2022

it really worked i player and it workeds on there no lagg

rock jerry November 11th, 2022
rock jerry

best one out of all other

Sarvesh Bignah November 11th, 2022
Sarvesh Bignah

it's damn good, amazing exp,

Tianyue Ma November 10th, 2022
Tianyue Ma

Wonderful. Finally an adblocker that actually works. 10/10

mar November 10th, 2022

This extension is THE BEST I have found. Easy to use, many useful features, and FREE! What more can you ask for? Absolutely no complaints.

Emad Abu esamen November 10th, 2022
Emad Abu esamen

It's more than I need

KFM Consultants November 10th, 2022
KFM Consultants

good app

speck l November 9th, 2022
speck l

Greatest thing ever. I can't believe this thing is free. only good one i found for free on the web store so far, a must get!

Rebecca_2012 November 9th, 2022

I literally just installed this, went to Facebook and the 2nd post was a sponsered ad that this did NOT block. Been through the settings, don't see why it's not working -_-

Abiha Khalil November 8th, 2022
Abiha Khalil

I love this app

Angell Reagan Bonilla November 7th, 2022
Angell Reagan Bonilla

Barel installed the extention and its working great. quickly started blocking ads. Would recommened 10/10

Mouse Mouse (Mouse_!) November 7th, 2022
Mouse Mouse (Mouse_!)

Amazing! I totaly recomend. Still trying to wrap my head around how a single extention can be so powerful. gave me everything I needed and more. even solved world hunger, put MILLIONS out of poverty, ended all wars. All with a few clicks.

G- Rob November 6th, 2022
G- Rob

well done sir!

Infinity November 6th, 2022

removes all ads, no bugs, easy to use, great features. overall 10/10

Midleton Njini November 5th, 2022
Midleton Njini

Perfect good one

Sameh_Mohamed November 5th, 2022

very good

Mohamad G. November 4th, 2022
Mohamad G.

Ten out of ten...! your products are just outstanding.

Afthab Ahamed November 4th, 2022
Afthab Ahamed

Simply the BEST!

Shailesh Sodha November 3rd, 2022
Shailesh Sodha

Best Adblock Ever,Using Since Many Years..

Dany Dany bhavani November 3rd, 2022
Dany Dany bhavani


Türkiye Sokaklari November 2nd, 2022
Türkiye Sokaklari

Best ad blocker all the time!

Juji Juji October 31st, 2022
Juji Juji

bht sexy extension ha love it

Md Foysal Hossain October 31st, 2022
Md Foysal Hossain

This is Awesome. Love it

Bushyboi R October 30th, 2022
Bushyboi R

Its the best ad blocker I've used.

Haroen Aitkassi October 30th, 2022
Haroen Aitkassi

Hi, Welcome to my review, ( Please note that this is my opinion and my experience with adguard ) Adguard is one of the best Adblocker's I have used. it's Great, It's a great extensions on google, and it's a really nice feature that you can also instal the Application. Adguard is one of the best FREE Adblocker's. It works on almost every site ( That i use! ). It's great at blocking realtime advertisements ( Example: Video advertisement on Youtube ). Test Adguard yourself: ( Aguard blocked every single ad-type ) I hope this review was helpful, And have a nice day.

fluffy introvert October 28th, 2022
fluffy introvert

still love it

Lars Schweighaüser October 28th, 2022
Lars Schweighaüser

Graet for Hulu but annoying pop ups always lose stars.

Sara Hossain October 28th, 2022
Sara Hossain

It's really good! It's blocked all of the ads that I've had for me, even the ones that I didn't need blocked. I highly recommend it.

Donald Stephens October 28th, 2022
Donald Stephens

so far this extension is amazing, if it tries to screw me ill update the rating

Dani C October 28th, 2022
Dani C

Adblocker has ads itself now. And doesn't block pop up ads

Mijanur Rahman October 28th, 2022
Mijanur Rahman

Best add blocker

James Sarver October 27th, 2022
James Sarver

Is not allowing sites added to the allow list. It still continues to block ads on websites that are added to the allow list.

San Diego October 27th, 2022
San Diego

This is a great ad blocker! I have been using this for a few years and it has never let me down.

Turu October 27th, 2022

absolutely working fine on me . loved it

Death the Kid October 26th, 2022
Death the Kid

Hands down the best adblocker I've ever used. However, recently it seems to cause the STATUS_ACCESS_VIOLATION error (mostly on YouTube).

GEEE MONEY October 26th, 2022

Liked it so much . I am a subscriber!

Omar Alaa October 25th, 2022
Omar Alaa


Darshan Bhavsar October 25th, 2022
Darshan Bhavsar

after latest youtube update(handles) it has stopped to disable ads please release an update

Erson Yap October 23rd, 2022
Erson Yap

Nice Ad Blocker.

bugga October 23rd, 2022

thy best

owais raxa October 22nd, 2022
owais raxa

this is best

Peterk1 October 22nd, 2022

verry good! imagine paying you youtube premium lol

Enderman E October 21st, 2022
Enderman E

Absolutely perfect idk why other people say its bad but i got it first on my phone and it was awesome and i knew i would be so happy if it was on PC and it was. I downloaded it to windows and have the extension i would rate it 99999 stars but its only 5 virtual smiles This is definitely the best you can get with free ad-blockers. It's amazing. Works on all sites. Blocks all ads. (Video ads and image ads) There's also a "Block element" tool in case you want to do that.

Hassan Jawed October 21st, 2022
Hassan Jawed

best ad blocker ever

shea ᓚᘏᗢ October 20th, 2022
shea ᓚᘏᗢ

this is a good adblocker for websites like spotify and youtube. sometimes it doesn't block all ads on youtube but that's alright i guess cause it blocks most of them even then it's pretty effective so id say its good