Reviews & Comments of Adblock for Youtube™ chrome extension

From December 14th, 2022 to December 17th, 2022, 75% user give 5-star rating, 10% user give 4-star rating, 1% user give 3-star rating, 3% user give 2-star rating, 11% user give 1-star rating. for Adblock for Youtube™ chrome extension.

Reviews of adblock for youtube™:

Katlego Phala December 17th, 2022
Katlego Phala


Iinescu Mihai December 17th, 2022
Iinescu Mihai


Aninda A. Firdaus December 17th, 2022
Aninda A. Firdaus

very good

vinit kumar June 29th, 2022
vinit kumar


Hal Montague December 17th, 2022
Hal Montague

good stuff

md sahil ali December 17th, 2022
md sahil ali

thanks its a cood stuff

SABA. IBO December 17th, 2022

very good

Tommy Luera December 17th, 2022
Tommy Luera

I love this feature of ad block, works well and Im able to enjoy the content

Bullion Gnenda December 17th, 2022
Bullion Gnenda

very good

DatPhatAsianBoi December 17th, 2022

helps out a lot for school and getting to the point on videos

Supriya Gawai December 17th, 2022
Supriya Gawai

its reaalllyy good thankyou!

Dubaie Taj December 17th, 2022
Dubaie Taj

Its Really Very Nice Thank you so much

Crystal Nativ (Crystal Axolotl) December 17th, 2022
Crystal Nativ (Crystal Axolotl)

It is good

Nitesh Raj Upadhayaya December 17th, 2022
Nitesh Raj Upadhayaya


Gamer Juss December 17th, 2022
Gamer Juss


Benjamin Lindfors December 17th, 2022
Benjamin Lindfors

This worked very nice, but after almost a month it stopped working completely.

NightOwlYT Gamings December 17th, 2022
NightOwlYT Gamings

I personally like this vpn. It actually blocks ads from popping up.

Ena Dizdar December 17th, 2022
Ena Dizdar

Love it .... !!!!!!

Therawit Chaiwang December 17th, 2022
Therawit Chaiwang

Love it!

savorn millen December 17th, 2022
savorn millen

love this apps

aashi dhiman December 16th, 2022
aashi dhiman

great app loved it so mooch. ????????????????????? so much love. bless you jisne app bnayiii. thank you puttar. ??????????

yatendra singh December 16th, 2022
yatendra singh

it is working

Rachel Le December 16th, 2022
Rachel Le

It was great

Rjr rjr December 16th, 2022
Rjr rjr

had it for years fantastic!!!

Shan Shaukat December 16th, 2022
Shan Shaukat

Spot on!!

A Ponic December 16th, 2022
A Ponic


Dr. Lochan Batala (洛川) December 16th, 2022
Dr. Lochan Batala (洛川)

love it

i dont know i know December 16th, 2022
i dont know i know

saved me so much time

Akshit Kumar December 16th, 2022
Akshit Kumar

love it

Jake Nuňez December 16th, 2022
Jake Nuňez


randy burke December 16th, 2022
randy burke


Dilip pandya December 16th, 2022
Dilip pandya


; blyxiez. December 16th, 2022
; blyxiez.


Joan Bollocks December 16th, 2022
Joan Bollocks

really good

PRABHAKAR SINGH December 16th, 2022

awesom really nise

Manny Santillan December 16th, 2022
Manny Santillan

Best extension ever!!! Works 100%!!!

Chris Georgopoulos December 16th, 2022
Chris Georgopoulos

very nice job...

Cassandra Rockett December 16th, 2022
Cassandra Rockett

the ads are still playing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

WiFi_ Girl December 16th, 2022
WiFi_ Girl

it worked great for about a month but randomly it started playing ads again and wouldn't let me skip them :(

Ehsan khalili December 16th, 2022
Ehsan khalili

You saved my my life with this great add-on. thanks

Komal Sandhu December 16th, 2022
Komal Sandhu

It worked for a while but it randomly stopped working and started showing ads again.

William December 16th, 2022

good stuff

Erin Kennedy December 16th, 2022
Erin Kennedy

I had trouble at first because I did not load Youtube through the Google Chrome browser. Once I read the comments from the publisher under the "Support" section, I loaded Youtube from Chrome and it works beautifully.

Rully Fauzan December 16th, 2022
Rully Fauzan

awesome ... love it thank's

Pranav Manoj December 16th, 2022
Pranav Manoj


dinesh sahu December 16th, 2022
dinesh sahu

very Good

ASIM KUMAR JANA OFFICIAL December 16th, 2022

awesom extension ever

Anukalp Rai December 15th, 2022
Anukalp Rai

ek number

Sazzat Hossain December 15th, 2022
Sazzat Hossain

This is not hidden any add from my youtube

rovin singh December 15th, 2022
rovin singh

very good

motor racer monaco December 15th, 2022
motor racer monaco


C2 Distance Education Point December 15th, 2022
C2 Distance Education Point

excillent work

Kevin Patel December 15th, 2022
Kevin Patel

Must have web browser extension

Steven April 8th, 2022

Until recently, this extension worked very well - I never saw the ad(s) preceding a YouTube video. Recently, however, I see the last 1 or 2 seconds of the ad. I still love this extension, and I hope this small issue can be addressed. EDIT: First noticed on 12/15/2022 - YouTube has found a way to insert ads, repeatedly. I hope the developers can stop this.

Steve Smith December 15th, 2022
Steve Smith

YouTube ads are obnoxious, I'm glad of any app that effectively kills them.

Derek Brown-Grce December 15th, 2022
Derek Brown-Grce

Love it

Cowboy Bob Sorensen December 15th, 2022
Cowboy Bob Sorensen

There are negative reviews, but I had nothing to lose and tried it. I am a PC user, and also have it on a laptop. So far (several weeks), it works great. If YT tries to work around this app, it will need to be adjusted. I think they did that in the past. Also, it's strange but when I have saved shortcuts to videos on the desktop, when clicked, I get ads. A few extra clicks and it is easily remedied.

Narasimha Rao December 15th, 2022
Narasimha Rao

No:01.. All ADs are blocked. Thanks.

Youssef Baahmad December 15th, 2022
Youssef Baahmad

Great extension. Got rid of ads. Thanks

Gabriel Gauffre December 15th, 2022
Gabriel Gauffre

Does what it says on the tin, perfectly.

Asterio Jose Roslin December 15th, 2022
Asterio Jose Roslin

So effective!!! Love this apps.

Maxxy Gee December 15th, 2022
Maxxy Gee


Yo! Adrian! December 15th, 2022
Yo! Adrian!

As described! Perfect!

Nebyat kefyalew December 15th, 2022
Nebyat kefyalew

works great for me

Pavlic's Automotive December 15th, 2022
Pavlic's Automotive


Kickingpro December 15th, 2022

It works how it should. 5 stars

Joseph DM designer December 15th, 2022
Joseph DM designer

Works perfectly in pc

Paul C Burr December 15th, 2022
Paul C Burr

I use Brave to access youtube on all my mobile devices. This is a brilliant app.

Space Mom December 15th, 2022
Space Mom

It works really well has an ad to rate it and it seems to turn the video for shorts off so you can only hear them

Norbert Miklos December 15th, 2022
Norbert Miklos

On Chromebook it works fine, sometimes on phone it has its own ads.

Todd Gilliland December 15th, 2022
Todd Gilliland

It works, no pain.

ATE December 15th, 2022

Works 100%

Jacob Agnew December 15th, 2022
Jacob Agnew

has its own pop-up ad

Maximus Saiegh December 15th, 2022
Maximus Saiegh

this works usally youtube adds are annoyi ng not with this youtube adblocker works download now

L. P December 15th, 2022
L. P

Completely works

side.stepurnana_ December 15th, 2022


SEMIGABO Galilée December 15th, 2022


L L December 15th, 2022

works well.

Carlos Vale December 15th, 2022
Carlos Vale

I just get it and is working fine!,

Dominik S December 15th, 2022
Dominik S

Works 100%, I wish there would' been an Android app which would work with this extension.

정철인 December 14th, 2022


vaporizer82 December 14th, 2022

Ya but I can't remove your add

Smell it! March 29th, 2022
Smell it!

I can't close your ad, lmao.

Dylan mance December 14th, 2022
Dylan mance

Ad Blocker that keeps giving an unclosable Ad for itself over videos, Trash.

Aiden December 14th, 2022

Kept getting the same add over and over and over and over. I got so tired of it I got this exstetion and it works amazing!

Zachary Sanderson December 14th, 2022
Zachary Sanderson

You have become the very thing you swore to destroy. Really? an undismissable ad? Way to suck.

Mohammed Hossain December 14th, 2022
Mohammed Hossain

Splendidly helpful. It helps me not get bad ads or scamming ads. Thanks to this app! Really recommend it kids/adults!

KMBA Inc December 14th, 2022

Over intrusive, used to be great now sucks. Uninstalling.

marco bozenich December 14th, 2022
marco bozenich

Got an ad for this app that I could not exit out of remove WHILE WATCHING YOUTUBE. All because I had it installed as an extension. the irony. Do not use.

Ville Vanninen July 11th, 2021
Ville Vanninen

Has worked great a long time, but adding your own undismissable ad on top of youtube really defeats the purpose of an adblock.

John Franklyn Marshall December 14th, 2022
John Franklyn Marshall

Very useful. Recommended!

Mega Juniaty Finalda December 14th, 2022
Mega Juniaty Finalda

useful helpful

Pizza Pepperoni December 14th, 2022
Pizza Pepperoni

Was incredible until they literally became the thing that their extension is for, there is an ad that sits ontop of any of your videos and screen on youtube that you can't get rid of even if you download the extension. Please fix it, this sucks.

Phoenix Menichetti (Firebird) December 14th, 2022
Phoenix Menichetti (Firebird)

it blocks ads. you get what you want

Subdirektorat FITE December 14th, 2022
Subdirektorat FITE


Thinh Huynh December 14th, 2022
Thinh Huynh


Gary Stasinowsky December 14th, 2022
Gary Stasinowsky

It works. What else is there to say!!!

Sahil Kumar Patel December 14th, 2022
Sahil Kumar Patel

best experience

Sam J Black III December 14th, 2022
Sam J Black III

Very good at stopping ads. Thanks.

Karl Evrick Abac December 14th, 2022
Karl Evrick Abac

nice one baby