Reviews & Comments of Image Downloader chrome extension

From March 27th, 2020 to March 10th, 2023, 49% user give 5-star rating, 14% user give 4-star rating, 11% user give 3-star rating, 12% user give 2-star rating, 14% user give 1-star rating. for Image Downloader chrome extension.

Reviews of image downloader:

Irene Lu March 10th, 2023
Irene Lu

Not really working

Turab Khoso March 1st, 2023
Turab Khoso

Amazing app. Time saving for me.

Rahul Gupta February 20th, 2023
Rahul Gupta

does not work on all sites.

Kevin Foor, Jr. January 17th, 2023
Kevin Foor, Jr.

Nice. Very powerful and useful.

itai azerad December 8th, 2022
itai azerad

Been using it for years. Very powerful saving and selection filtering options. It's the best!

BosApollo December 1st, 2022

Been working great for years but suddenly when you scroll down after opening search by image it closes by itself. This is on Chrome Version 108.0.5359.72 and Windows 11.

Asad Naveed September 18th, 2022
Asad Naveed

very usefull and easy

Nilusha Praveen September 16th, 2022
Nilusha Praveen

very use full extension. i like it

Amee Lee September 7th, 2022
Amee Lee

Love this app, easy to use ♥

Kawshik Ahmed August 25th, 2022
Kawshik Ahmed

Great image downloader extension.

Ân Tạ August 23rd, 2022
Ân Tạ

Does not work on F B anymore

Anonymous A. July 22nd, 2022
Anonymous A.

Downloads previews, and not the actual image. Poor image downloader. 2/5

Ron Zhang (Qwertyxp2000) July 14th, 2022
Ron Zhang (Qwertyxp2000)

Really nice. If you're struggling with converting to PNG, please click on the extension to do the downloading of the image to PNG.

Thành Phạm April 26th, 2022
Thành Phạm

Can even grab images you're normally unable to download! Works better than another 5-star average addon I tried, even though this has a lower rating. It deserves more attention!

tictactoe101 April 22nd, 2022

Great! Keep up the good work!

EZ February 24th, 2022

Does not work

Alex Pryshlivskiy February 18th, 2022
Alex Pryshlivskiy

awesome way of image scraping, but for more difficult scraping I would prefer "e-scraper .com" on-demand web scraping service.

Mel Ellington February 15th, 2022
Mel Ellington

DID NOT WORK. There was no indication on any web page that has images, how I was supposed to download them other than the standard right click on an image that is there without this extension. A waste of my time.

Sumit February 14th, 2022

Working great

Ammar Javaid February 2nd, 2022
Ammar Javaid

good , it really saved my time

Krishna Mohan January 6th, 2022
Krishna Mohan

It's a good application but it has flaws like you can't change the default file type from jfif in batch to png for anything else this is really important.

Farshad Cheraghi January 1st, 2022
Farshad Cheraghi

خوب هست

santosh kumar bhat January 1st, 2022
santosh kumar bhat

To me this is the best extension for downloading images in one go from any site.

Konomi December 15th, 2021

added this to try download a gif from youtube community, since right clicking only downloaded the first frame, this extension did the same thing

Alejandro Coronel December 14th, 2021
Alejandro Coronel

Doesn't work

Jose Mario Cardenas November 29th, 2021
Jose Mario Cardenas

This has been really useful, however when i want to download an image it also displays thumbnails, there should be a way to know size of image that you want to download

bashpr0mpt (ಠ,ಠ) November 27th, 2021
bashpr0mpt (ಠ,ಠ)

Good downloader, but Instagram will punitively hit you with 'security' questions, locking you out of your account nearly every few hours. I now spend more time locked out of Instagram than not because they refuse to send more than one text code per day. It's clearly stupidity on behalf of Instagram - but I've narrowed it down to this plugin that they are detecting because it pre-loads all the images which they are detecting as hundreds of additional accessing done instantly. The solution would be to not preload the images full size until you click download.

wer asd November 16th, 2021
wer asd

This is a completely useless extension. It does absolutely nothing. You hit the "download" button, and nothing happens. The extension never even asks you where you want to save the files, and the idiot developer didn't bother writing any documentation to explain how it's even supposed to work.

Jonathan November 15th, 2021

Has a bug (in incognito mode) where once you use the plugin, right-clicking any image and selecting "save-as" takes about 16 seconds for the dialog to appear. Also, the save-images-in-subdirectory function seems to have stopped working recently.

dan p November 15th, 2021
dan p

Used to work great, but after the updates, It doesnt really do anything. Cna find images except for tiny logos and thumbnails. Even with images I cna easy right click and save as. Disappointing

Creative Space November 14th, 2021
Creative Space

Didn't work exactly, how it should work.

Bobby McNormal November 7th, 2021
Bobby McNormal

terrible. installs malaware search called trovi on ur pc

Brian Prager bwprager123 October 9th, 2021
Brian Prager bwprager123

I like it because it works! However, the one drawback for me personally is that the only format option is to save the file as an .svg file, with which I was unfamiliar. Since the purpose of the application is to generate useable image files, it would be SO nice if one could select a format; .jpg or .png for example. My image viewing and converting software therefore has to be employed to make that formatting change in order for various other software to recognize it as an image file (.svg is not recognized in programs to which I like to add images, such as pdf or docx.) This doubles the processes to perform, and doubles the amount of saved files on the computer hard drive. Thank you for this program. Chrome seems not to have its own image selection capability, which continually surprises me.

esgalmir October 2nd, 2021

- interferes with another extensions' download folder replacing it with it's own - sometimes downloads to default download folder instead of that I choose and all similar extensions with this flaw

lazyef edge October 2nd, 2021
lazyef edge

it works perfectly , there are some websites who dont give free download access for images or photos , and it fixes that . thank you

maniAC September 6th, 2021

how to save pictures with original names instead of 1,2,3,.....???

John Snowshoe August 27th, 2021
John Snowshoe

I would put 5 stars if not for one annoying bug. I can typically download a page no issue, and have it appear in the specified folder. However, After several pages it will stop downloading into the folder it has been. Instead, the images are downloaded to my download folder. It's still working all in all, just annoying.

Mehran Ranji July 17th, 2021
Mehran Ranji

loved it

ekarron July 13th, 2021

Love it

Alexander Schelkanov July 3rd, 2021
Alexander Schelkanov

Why do I have to save every picture again, after I selected all pictures to download from the page?

Ahmed Hafez June 24th, 2021
Ahmed Hafez

It's awesome but, why does not it work on the private tabs?!

Altar FromDitch June 20th, 2021
Altar FromDitch

i have a problem with renaming files..Like, how can i rename my sequentially downloaded files?I want the first file to be name 26,the following one 27 and so on. But this extension always appends a 1 at the end of the filename i write in the rename bar. Help me pls

Fake Gaming Official Channel June 19th, 2021
Fake Gaming Official Channel

i use it every day. i love it

Vu Nguyen June 10th, 2021
Vu Nguyen

asking saved folder for each image is a disturbance, can you fix it?

Paradox Reload June 6th, 2021
Paradox Reload

Used this for years and worked great. Poor UI choice to move rename folder box to the bottom. Worse is that since recent updates this extension somehow interferes with other extensions and prevents them from renaming folders. Was a nightmare to problem solve but process of elimination tracked back to this, hope it can be fixed soon to prevent ongoing conflicts with other extensions.

hatch waldon May 27th, 2021
hatch waldon

works on all sites i tried !

A I May 24th, 2021

Such an awesome image downloader. I use it for downloading gallery sets of p0rn!!

Tesha Giles May 18th, 2021
Tesha Giles

Don't Download this, IT"S A SCAM. 3 reason's 1:It keeps crashing 2:You cant download anything 3:It does not work If you like this Look out i'm coming.

ilcihan AL (tHeWofM) May 15th, 2021
ilcihan AL (tHeWofM)

I found a working Tools!

Justin Wilkerson May 15th, 2021
Justin Wilkerson

I can't download images as Jpeg anymore since the update. This extension is now useless.

alexa May 12th, 2021

i disliked it because i cant download more then like 40 pics. i tried downloading 40 by 40 by 40 but even that, it doesnt download the selected items and starts downloading the stuff i already downloaded. very annoying

Steve Jensen May 11th, 2021
Steve Jensen

Image Downloader has improved greatly since it's earlier version. With all the work the developer has done to fix some of the new bugs, I have to applaud the donated time to work on this! Saving to nested subdirectories, grabbing linked images, ability for the extension to minimize and keep running to the same subdirectory assigned(This was a hassle in previous versions), one-click download on individual images. I'm quite happy with the result! Thanks for all your work on this!

Darren Holmes May 11th, 2021
Darren Holmes

This suddenly changed to require access to all website data. For an image downloader, this is inherently abusive and appears to have bad intent. There is no reason to require access to my passwords. Removed.

C L June 23rd, 2016

It works, but after the recent update the download to subfolder function has 2 major bugs. 1) It breaks the default download path of Chrome. Even if Chrome's setting says it's downloading to the default folder, it still by default downloads to the subfolder as defined in the textbox. 2) You can't change the subfolder name after one download. No matter how many times you try to change it, it still downloads to the first subfolder name. These bugs are not fixed unless you restart Chrome completely.

Danuta Lemma May 6th, 2021
Danuta Lemma

Worked great until 2 updates ago. 2 updates ago: all of gifs download as webp which is useless. Before it was hit and miss. I had to switch to firefox because for now you can control it there. Wish there was a good image downloader on firefrox but there isn't. Last update: the folder to save stopped working. Stopped creating new folder with the name specified (have to go create it first manually) and even if I changed it back to a different folder (existing) it doesn't save to it, saves still to the previous one. It was a marvelous extension, but those two issue break it for me critically.

sodlock May 3rd, 2021

Working great until few days. Now using width and height closes Chrome.

Javier Monagas April 30th, 2021
Javier Monagas

All I Needed. Love it

Ben Jamin April 28th, 2021
Ben Jamin

Worked great for a long while but now suddenly, started yesterday Apr. 27 I believe, it add-on is automatically disabled when I start Chrome because it apparently can "Read and change all your data on the websites that you visit". I understand this is a standard Chrome message for some add-onns, but that's not exactly what we want from Image Downloader (meaning passwords could theoretically be read!). What happened? Can this be rectified??? Thanks

Synth Overseer April 28th, 2021
Synth Overseer

I don't write reviews often, but I will now, in developer's defense. I never thought I could use this on Instagram, I was using something else before, but this extension is easier to use. I'm a long time user and I appreciate all the features it comes with. Very useful to have for downloading images. Someone was complaining in a recent review that it won't work on Instagram anymore, so that's why the developer changed permissions I guess. This is a great extension any artist should have. Thanks, Vlad!

Dave Smith April 27th, 2021
Dave Smith

I see a lot of posts here that might be referring to the wrong "Image Downloader" extension. There apparently was an extention by the same name that Bleeping Computer warned about a few years back, Also, they menion another one called Google Image Downloader, I've used this extension for years and it has never caused any "image shrinking", service outages or any such issues. I'm not confident the posters above are talking about this software.

Mikey Dunn April 27th, 2021
Mikey Dunn

Chrome blocked it as it's now reporting that this extension will read and change all your data on websites you visit, yet the publisher still states that it will not collect or use your data, and having to scroll through past thumbnail sized images to get to the full size ones was a pain anyway. I'll give it a while to see if it gets fixed, but I'll be looking for something else from the look of it.

Stefan Müller (StefmDE) April 26th, 2021
Stefan Müller (StefmDE)

No longer supporting instagram so its useless now for me. To bad.

Roy Eassa April 26th, 2021
Roy Eassa

This is a very useful extension -- great work! Recommended. May I suggest a couple things? 1. Bring back the blue border around the selected images, since when you scroll down you can no longer see the new checkmark that replaced the blue border. 2. Show a small tally of the number of selected images. (Sometimes I select all, then deselect a few, but end up downloading only the ones I had tried to deselect -- due apparently to an unexpected refresh of the list.) Thank you!

Joseph Mastern April 26th, 2021
Joseph Mastern

4/2021: No longer able to save to subdirectories under initial subdirectory, eg. \temp, \temp\temp1, \temp\temp2. Otherwise I've always liked this extension. Now, after downloading to \temp, I have to move files to \temp\temp1, etc.

Kyle Phoenix April 23rd, 2021
Kyle Phoenix

Worked okay up until today. Instagram now no longer works with this extension for downloading, so it's going to be removed from my system in favour of one that does.

Mirko Jankovic April 18th, 2021
Mirko Jankovic

I'm very happy with it. The extension save the original file type like I like it!

faisal April 16th, 2021

best extension for images download, Good job.

Min Yu Shyu March 31st, 2021
Min Yu Shyu

Excellent app, but the file name of the sequence rename is not as the sequence displayed online. E.g. the image showed at the bottom of web is renamed to small numbers.

Taz Quinn-Walshe March 30th, 2021
Taz Quinn-Walshe

It changes the image colours to be darker. I guess if you don't mind that you get a 'remix' rather than a copy she's all good.

J. Salmonson (darkocean) March 19th, 2021
J. Salmonson (darkocean)

Finally found one that works and it works great! Just click the extention icon on your browser, a drop down box will apear with all the images in it, then click the down arrow buy the images and presto you have that image! Thank you, you rock! Now I have lots of images to use as inspiration for my next mouse art. <3

Numan Ahmad March 16th, 2021
Numan Ahmad

best extension for images download

Alexander Astapov February 24th, 2021
Alexander Astapov

Only this worked!

Grivi February 4th, 2021

pretty cool program, saved me a lot of time

Greg Fav January 29th, 2021
Greg Fav

Thanks, it helped me a lot to copy a picture of a painting, it is good to be able to open the picture with another software now

Md. Elias January 8th, 2021
Md. Elias

Very Good Extension For Image Download.

prjktz January 7th, 2021

It was a good extension, but now has malware... dont use it

Volkner Bat December 15th, 2020
Volkner Bat

Useful, especailly the mass download option.

niket vishwakarma December 3rd, 2020
niket vishwakarma


Kien Yuen Leng December 1st, 2020
Kien Yuen Leng


Perry Sessions November 23rd, 2020
Perry Sessions

Works great and it's free! Highly recommend it. You might get a "document" instead of an image but just open it up in preview (on mac) and export it to jpeg and you are good to go

MD November 15th, 2020

Sweet christ it worked better than expected, thanks a ton!

Ahmed Samer November 8th, 2020
Ahmed Samer

best extension

Thilini Weerasingha November 8th, 2020
Thilini Weerasingha


Toko Independen November 8th, 2020
Toko Independen

its good, still need improve - no bulk rename files

Omid Metall November 4th, 2020
Omid Metall

WOOOOOOOOW THE BEST Image Downloader Extension . It Very Fast And easy Thanks A Lot

Chritopher Aristotel October 2nd, 2020
Chritopher Aristotel

Why its downloading in small size. It downloads all images in small size which is not what I want . Why you all image downloader interrupts the size of image? No picture can exceeds from 300 x 200???? through direct direct of google we get full size picture about 1000 x 600 etc. I used multiples all have same sort of problem.

r.e.m October 1st, 2020

doesn't let me download background images, disappointing

Dikshha O.O September 13th, 2020
Dikshha O.O

Amazing app. But, how do I set my default folder?

Harry Lyman September 11th, 2020
Harry Lyman

SO fast. I figured out I had to scroll all the way to the bottom of my tagged photos so that they were all loaded on the screen then downloaded 1000+ pics in seconds to my download folder. I have been trying to find a way to do this for years. Did exactly what I needed. Thanks

Alessandro Trovato September 6th, 2020
Alessandro Trovato

Great extension. I just miss it should at least remember the last folder used to save the image

MechaCafe September 4th, 2020

Excellent Extension. It does exactly what I wanted. Thank you!

VOX Social Solutions Marketing August 24th, 2020
VOX Social Solutions Marketing

Does not pick up all the images, also, does not download in image format for example, PNG, JPEG etc..

Fazle Rabbi Rana August 21st, 2020
Fazle Rabbi Rana

Very useful.

Ken Schneider August 18th, 2020
Ken Schneider

EVERYTIME! I must have downloaded between Google and Firefox a hundred of these image downloaders,and guess what.... This one is just as useless as all the others. does anyone test these?

Thuy B. Bui August 10th, 2020
Thuy B. Bui

It can't keep the quality of the images

Josh Anderson August 3rd, 2020
Josh Anderson

Strait up, Awesome!

adi August 1st, 2020

dont work download image url in css example: background-image: url(../images/bg-page-header-.jpg);

T. July 20th, 2020

Honestly, it's a great extension that does what it says it will do. My only recommendation (if the developers actually read the reviews) would be to have a "rename all" function. It would just make the job 10x easier, as well as fixes any image order issues. Adding that would make this a top-tier app no questions asked.

Sisitha Jayawardena July 13th, 2020
Sisitha Jayawardena

great app

Christopher Chua July 2nd, 2020
Christopher Chua

It is actually amazing, when I tried to download 122 picture with this extension and it work perfectly and fine. It makes less hassle to download the pictures one by one

Volf Wildman June 30th, 2020
Volf Wildman

I need help, whenever i try to download an image it comes out as a thumbnail only

Alex Friedmann June 24th, 2020
Alex Friedmann

doesn't download files in order, so multiple duplicate names get messed up. also for some reason after specifying a sub-folder half of my downloads are occasionally downloaded to the root specified folder.

Azer Baijan April 9th, 2020
Azer Baijan

very good.

Nicholas Kormanik March 27th, 2020
Nicholas Kormanik

Additionally, please support .svg files.