Reviews & Comments of Elevate for Strava chrome extension

From April 11th, 2018 to September 7th, 2022, 89% user give 5-star rating, 3% user give 4-star rating, 3% user give 3-star rating, 5% user give 2-star rating. for Elevate for Strava chrome extension.

Reviews of elevate for strava:

Ξ Π September 7th, 2022

Great app, but it broke my maps in strava, can no longer see routes on maps, can no longer do segment pace analysis. This error message was thrown over one of my maps "Google Maps feature provided by 'Elevate' extension is no longer available. This service is now too expensive to be displayed at the moment." Fairly annoying not to be able to use the strava service.

Xavier Miras January 18th, 2022
Xavier Miras

I like the extension, but when I started to used I had issues with my routes in strava, the map was not working well, and the button with the extra info does not work.

Grant Matsuo March 30th, 2021
Grant Matsuo

Love this extension! I give you your stats better than Strava does plus its free!

CentFifty March 4th, 2021

The fitness level is actually accurate :o. This app is a gem. It's a must have for people on Strava who don't want to pay the subscription but still want to see their progression. Love it!

Dave Tilley March 3rd, 2021
Dave Tilley

I love this app and use it almost daily. I found it so useful that I canceled my Strava Premium account and donated to the developer instead. The Fitness trend is what I use the most but also like and use the progression, especially the rolling periods.

Francisco Sávio de Oliveira Junior August 11th, 2020
Francisco Sávio de Oliveira Junior

Entendo que esta extensão adiciona muitas funcionalidades para quem não tem assinatura do Strava. Bem feita e com gráficos e estatísticas fáceis de entender.

Joost Jansen August 11th, 2020
Joost Jansen

Excellent plugin, really helpful to analyse your Strava data. Would be nice to be able to select/sort activities based on the bike you used, as this data is already stored in Strava itself.

Raymond Tran June 28th, 2020
Raymond Tran

Amazing app. Honestly can't believe this is free. There's a ton of data on here, but my faves are showing the year over year numbers. I really like seeing distance and time YoY. Also very cool that you can add historical stats like HR, FTP, threshold for cycling/swim/running, then log all these numbers over time.

Allan Broadribb March 30th, 2020
Allan Broadribb

Has to be the best extension for Strava 5 stars all the way. I no longer need Veloviewer or Golden Cheetah and why would anyone pay for the Strava upgrade. I love being able to filter out rides under 20k and runs under 5k but it this does not seem to work when someone enters a zero distance run/ride. Keep up the good work. Thanks.

Matteo Ceriotti February 26th, 2020
Matteo Ceriotti

Super-detailed analytics that Strava does not provide, even with Summit, for free.

Santautas Jonusis February 5th, 2020
Santautas Jonusis

Great app: helps me to combine all training data in one and analyse it, since bike, run and swim data is scattered from sources as Garmin, Zwift, or other apps. Donated and hope for new App.

Damian Tay December 31st, 2019
Damian Tay

How do I get the app to sync all my data in one go. It keeps stopping with the message that says... :Please continue your synchronization in 4~5 hours: you have reached the quota of activities which can be synced at the moment. Of course already synced activities will not be re-synced on next sync...."

Bernardo Lima December 27th, 2019
Bernardo Lima

It takes some time to understand and properly set up the app, but once it's done it becomes a great tool to analyse your training and its impact on your fitness/performance levels.

Abel Valente December 4th, 2019
Abel Valente

Just fantastic. Extremely useful and informative, clean UI, proper cites for underlying methods and free to use. One of the best software findings of the last years.

Scott Roberson December 3rd, 2019
Scott Roberson

Love it. Love to watch the fitness trend line.

Andrew Northover October 22nd, 2019
Andrew Northover

Unreal extension. Brings so much extra value to Strava.

Gary Wiese October 15th, 2019
Gary Wiese

Excellent extension. I use it all the time. Do it.

Ronan Menton September 23rd, 2019
Ronan Menton

Unbelievably powerful app that allows me to track my fitness. I can clearly see the effect the exercise I take has on my fitness.

Arturo López Sureda September 4th, 2019
Arturo López Sureda

Awesome extension for training analysis and fitness level. Needs some reading before using it properly.

Chris Ayres September 3rd, 2019
Chris Ayres

Really great and informative app. If you're a regular Strava user, this is incredibly addictive :)

Joe Sullivan August 27th, 2019
Joe Sullivan

The "Year Progressions" feature is one Strava should've implemented itself a long time ago... But this is a seamless add-on to Strava, makes the experience WAY better.

Darko Vršič August 23rd, 2019
Darko Vršič

Great app, a lot of useful data ...

Eric Grant August 5th, 2019
Eric Grant

Used to work great but Year Progression appears to be broken due to syncing requirement. It's hard to tell where Summit ends and this begins but the on thing I know Summit doesn't do which Elevate did well is the Year Progression. Sometime since the end of last year Elevate has required a sync in order to show this graph. They sync is nearly impossible with any person that cycles regularly. There is a limit on the number of activities it can download at once and then it requires hours (I think it was 4) before it can sync the next batch, which by the time that is up I've completely forgot about it. When I come back to it the next time I try to see the year progression, maybe a week later, it only syncs another small batch before it hits the limit again. This went on for over a month before I was finally able to see my Year Progression on my home computer. Now i'm trying to see my Year Progression on another computer and realize I can't because it hasn't synced at all, because that was last synced on my home computer, and not this one. It seems kinda worthless in this day and age to only have access to a feature on only one computer.

Joe LaPenna July 14th, 2019
Joe LaPenna

Fantastic app; I love all the extra data!

Kristian Niss June 30th, 2019
Kristian Niss

Sorta life changing for me getting back into training. This extension does a lot of what TrainingPeaks does, but for free. Helps you stay on track, avoid slumps in your training or overtraining. It's simple to use.

Luke Morris June 15th, 2019
Luke Morris

Adds so much depth to your Strava. A must have!

Kercso Csaba June 4th, 2019
Kercso Csaba


Jamie Faulkner May 18th, 2019
Jamie Faulkner

Great extension, really helps work out whether I am training hard enough to be progressing and when to ease off.

Paulo Monteiro May 9th, 2019
Paulo Monteiro

One great addon to strava so that we can have a more clear picture of our results and keep track of our sport performance.

Spiros Kechrimparis April 29th, 2019
Spiros Kechrimparis

This extension is absolutely amazing! And it's free. My only criticism is that every time an update happens, I have to setup again the athlete settings and re-sync all my workouts, which takes quite a while. If this is fixed, I would be happy to even pay for this extension!

Casey Vining April 26th, 2019
Casey Vining

This app is awesome for training and tracking fatigue and fitness level! Now if they could just come out with an iOS/Android app so we can get this info on the go..

Andre Porter April 26th, 2019
Andre Porter

This is fantastic and so useful! Data for the athletic masses!

Webbo Warner April 25th, 2019
Webbo Warner

Fantastic app, essential for all Strava users who want to monitor their progress.

George Koukouris April 21st, 2019
George Koukouris

This was a great extension for Strava. But it filled up my search results with random ads, that's not cool.

Dean March 22nd, 2019

Its great for reinforcing what I suspect (over-train/under-train) . Best plugin around and I use it after every ride. Thanks team

Steve Martin March 16th, 2019
Steve Martin

All the things that you wish Strava would do... and basically for free but I would urge everyone to donate to this awesome project!

Slobodan Djordjevic March 10th, 2019
Slobodan Djordjevic

Great extension, almost you get all function of Strava Summit pack. But question is when will Strava buy this product, or somehow block in future use. Keep it up, great extension and it is fun to use. Support developer, also suggestion to open store with option to buy stuffs ( with amount for your future continue ). Also to add, spport Strava and your work. Two Strava Summit packs purchase for year, and one pack for you as donnation and support. :)

Jools Enticknap March 8th, 2019
Jools Enticknap

Without a doubt the best strava extension I've used. If you are a fan of the Time Crunched Cyclist, this extension allows you to see very clearly when you are over training, and helps to get you into an optimum level of fitness. Really found the trending graphs useful for feeding back into my training plans when I switch back and forth between my running and cycling training. Great work !

George March 1st, 2019

Its so useful that I decide to write a review. I really appreciate your effort to put this together.

A Google User March 1st, 2019
A Google User

Amazing plugin!!!!!!!!!!!! Love it.

Antonio Terreno February 20th, 2019
Antonio Terreno

Absolutely fantastic

Joshua Easton February 14th, 2019
Joshua Easton

Amazing; it makes my Strava data come alive and provide helpful encouragement and load guidance.

A Google User January 30th, 2019
A Google User

Great plug-in providing lots of additional data. Is there any chance that you could add a cumulative average speed plot for rides, too? Great service to the riding and running community though!! Thanks!

Alex Marchek January 13th, 2019
Alex Marchek

Pretty much turns strava into training peaks. A must have for anyone that uses strava as their main logging tool. Couldn't live without it.

X X January 6th, 2019

Fantastic tool - specifically useful for seeing what level of time and effort is week is needed to ensure continuous gains without overtaining. Highly rated for any serious strava user

M Talebi January 2nd, 2019
M Talebi

This plugin is fantastic! Not much elaboration, and just the right dose of science. I'm particularity amazed by how a relatively complex analysis like Fitness Trend (or what so called PMC by Training Peaks) is described in such so easy to understand way! Just as a minor comment, it would be great if the "Year Progression" graph can be customised, so I can see the trend of, for example, my 20 min best power, etc over time, or such trends are already accessible from somewhere in the app? Well done mate! keep up the good work!

Edmund Tan January 1st, 2019
Edmund Tan

Awesome extension - definitely elevates using Strava. Question: is there anyway to split the PMC to run/bike/swim? I do triathlons but also have road cycling races and running races - I like having separate PMCs so I can evaluate my form for an upcoming race that may not be a triathlon. Great work

Daniel S. November 9th, 2018
Daniel S.

The fitness chart is definitely not correct, I've been doing serious structured and consistent training with TrainerRoad and this extension's fitness chart is indicating that I keep losing fitness, which is impossible. The algorithm behind that fitness chart is way off.

Tom Galbraith December 6th, 2018
Tom Galbraith

It's become my go-to method of managing my training on the bike.

Pavel Zhalnin November 29th, 2018
Pavel Zhalnin

Very informative and helpful addition to dumb strava with her 'analysis' but it's a shame

Gareth Berry November 28th, 2018
Gareth Berry

awesome plugin for strava. highly recommended

A Google User November 28th, 2018
A Google User

Great extension to add a lot of value to your Strava run / ride data/

Dave Hughes November 22nd, 2018
Dave Hughes

This may be the highest quality extension I have ever used. I'm not in love with the colour scheme and some other visual elements, but the functionality is amazing! I love that it both extends the Strava website, as well as adds its own dashboards. I have been using all three Strava Summit packs for a week, but this extensions offers far more for free. I may continue to subscribe to at least one of the Summit packs, just to support Strava as a service (because I still love Strava, and Elevate couldn't exist without it). But I'd also like to support Thomas Champagne for his work on this. I am curious about how Strava views this extension, since it does cut into some of their premium offerings. It would be fantastic to see Strava offer to acquire Elevate and incorporate it into Strava itself. I wonder if that would increase Summit memberships.

w jamieson November 18th, 2018
w jamieson

If you're a Strava user, this extension is a must. Very clear and concise presentation of the data and the fitness tracker is excellent.

Manol Donev November 17th, 2018
Manol Donev

Really brings Strava interface & data to another level! I'm so used to this extension now that I cannot imagine not having it anymore :D

Danilo Rodrigues Jr November 17th, 2018
Danilo Rodrigues Jr

I recommend this extension for anyone who likes to dive in a little deeper in data. You can forecast your efforts and it's a great way to measure. STRAVA keeps getting smart also. But this is a nice addition and I would for sure donate to something that helps in my training :-)

L Mamet October 30th, 2018
L Mamet

Year progressions are the best, is there a personal heat map somewhere? Everything so detailed, love this extension. Bravo for an exceptional tool and more!

A Google User October 23rd, 2018
A Google User

Use this extension just about every time I open Strava. It's a great way to track your fitness over time and check if you're over training, optimal or race ready.

Ian Parnell October 12th, 2018
Ian Parnell

Best extension EVER, great tool to uplift Strava to a analytics platform, fantastic to track trends and form, no need to Training peaks really keep the great work up A+++

William Godois October 12th, 2018
William Godois

Great extension. This is a mandatory tool for Strava mainly for those who wants to keep track of your activities in a more serious way.

Pavel Dol. October 6th, 2018
Pavel Dol.

Already awesome, at getting better every release! Thank you

Francesco Erriu October 5th, 2018
Francesco Erriu

It's a fantastic tool to avoid overtraining and check on form!

Jan October 3rd, 2018

Love it, but could you add an option to the browser icon to start the app? Always have to go through "options" to bring it up.

J Patrick Adair September 28th, 2018
J Patrick Adair

Awesome extension!

Eunice Ong September 24th, 2018
Eunice Ong

Great app! Useful for analysis of workout. Not the easiest to understand, but will be able to get it.

Iliyan Karadzhov September 23rd, 2018
Iliyan Karadzhov

Reseted all the cycling data before 26th Aug 2018. Cannot visualize the kms on the graph. Stupid.

Markus Popken September 20th, 2018
Markus Popken

still testing and looking around, very impressive, guess Strava Premium or Summit is not necessary anymore? am considering to even donate.

rodrigo perez September 4th, 2018
rodrigo perez

just perfect!

William Percival July 16th, 2018
William Percival

This app is very good. It extends Strava's functionality from being primarily a social app, to including real training analysis. I ride most days. It's now the first information I go to when I open Strava.

Bheka Mchunu September 3rd, 2018
Bheka Mchunu

This app has given me the ability to put a figure on my fitness level, avoid over training and overall stay focused on improving my fitness levels.

Sam Speller September 2nd, 2018
Sam Speller

Amazing app! thank you to everyone involved in making it available.

Rui Fernandes August 22nd, 2018
Rui Fernandes

Very nice... In fact, too nice for me that I'm already too old to think be pro - but if I was, it would provide me all necessary statistics!

Paul BRINZEI August 15th, 2018

It helped me to moderate training and avoid injuries (like the one from April). In the same time I was able to maintain a steady fitness increase and further enjoy running

Gary Piper August 6th, 2018
Gary Piper

Just great having been using for over 2 years now and each new release gives you clear, meaningful statistics and activity breakdown, in a way that I personally find really useful in helping me plan my training, motivate myself to meet a goal and see how those hours are translating into fitness gains - Keep up the great work

John Woakes July 25th, 2018
John Woakes

Really amazing data to have within Strava. If you are serious about your performance you will love this plugin.

Mike Gould July 16th, 2018
Mike Gould

Makes all that data so much more accessible and interesting - no idea why strava haven't bothered themselves.

Nenad Miric July 6th, 2018
Nenad Miric

Very good tool for everyday use. Form trend and year progression is very usefull!

A Google User July 6th, 2018
A Google User

Awesome plugin, provides all the statistics that Strava is missing and is fast becoming on par with Trainingpeaks.

A Google User July 6th, 2018
A Google User

The fitness-form trend is really useful, and the way the data is visualized is a feature that you would normally pay much more for from trainingpeaks or the like. Thanks for developing this, it's a must-have for any athlete training with heart rate or power.

Tom Fryers July 5th, 2018
Tom Fryers

Firefox version please!

Emily Storey June 28th, 2018
Emily Storey

The extension is amazing if you are a data nerd. I love the extended statistics; they are perfect when I am trying to figure out pacing for an upcoming race.

Justin Dearham June 27th, 2018
Justin Dearham

The Fitness trend is exactly what I needed to fine tune my training. Integration is perfect with strava too. WOuld really like it if I could get this integration on the android app too

Paul Zorovich June 26th, 2018
Paul Zorovich

It's okay! I do like the extra information. I may not know what I'm looking at, tho, so I'm not getting the best use out of it.

Arvind Sinha June 24th, 2018
Arvind Sinha

Great addition to Strava.

Robert Cain June 22nd, 2018
Robert Cain

Ace - well worth a donation!

anil semizoglu June 14th, 2018
anil semizoglu

so clean very well executed

José Antonio Rodríguez June 13th, 2018
José Antonio Rodríguez

Great extension, useful additional data and well integrated

Adam Nestorowicz June 10th, 2018
Adam Nestorowicz

Very good tool, especially Form Trend helps me a lot, usually I had been training too much, I felt tired and overload. thx

Bart Sandbergen May 30th, 2018
Bart Sandbergen

Very cool application, I really enjoy checking the improvements on my Fitness level after each run. Sometimes no stress score is recorded in StravistiX (while it is visible in Strava). But then I fully re-sync and that solves it. Thanks a lot!

Bert Van lent May 25th, 2018
Bert Van lent

If you are serious about cycling or running you need this strava extesion ! I even donated a couple of dollars for it.

Gys Race May 19th, 2018
Gys Race

Awesome app, great use if you cant have a trainer.

Dmitry Golovachev May 14th, 2018
Dmitry Golovachev

Probably the best Strava extension

Mark Nicholson May 7th, 2018
Mark Nicholson

Really nice app to process Strava data is a meaningful way. Great job!

Cleveland Waterman May 2nd, 2018
Cleveland Waterman

I use it every day!

Maryka Sennema April 29th, 2018
Maryka Sennema

Love this extension but it absolutely KILLS my memory in Chrome. What's changed to make it so hungry?

David Vernon April 24th, 2018
David Vernon

Awesome. Get that extra bit of info out of Strava without the extra cost.

Egan Anderson April 19th, 2018
Egan Anderson


Andy Grier April 17th, 2018
Andy Grier

Amazing job.

José Manuel Vacas Muñoz April 15th, 2018
José Manuel Vacas Muñoz


Andreas Klär April 11th, 2018
Andreas Klär

great add-on to strava