Reviews & Comments of Bulk Image Convert chrome extension

From July 20th, 2021 to April 2nd, 2023, 67% user give 5-star rating, 7% user give 4-star rating, 7% user give 2-star rating, 20% user give 1-star rating. for Bulk Image Convert chrome extension.

Reviews of bulk image convert:

Chauhan AjayKumar April 2nd, 2023
Chauhan AjayKumar


Joseph Noid Jr (Joe) March 20th, 2023
Joseph Noid Jr (Joe)

It did what I needed it to do without a pay wall. Thanks

DIB Gaming December 13th, 2022
DIB Gaming

this is amazing This is amazing

pubg acc for sell November 23rd, 2022
pubg acc for sell

best and simple

Amazon Communication September 28th, 2022
Amazon Communication


From Blythe August 24th, 2022
From Blythe

AAAAAAAA totally a life saver! works as intended, fast process, I'd totally recommend Used on: Windows 11, 2022

Bryan Somers August 3rd, 2022
Bryan Somers

Works great!

Ryan Amparo March 23rd, 2022
Ryan Amparo

Doesn't work

Ram Yadav January 11th, 2022
Ram Yadav

I am using this as image converter. It works flawless. Convert images to jpg or png in less than 1 min. This is extremely helpful. Many many thanks to the developer.

Jesus Gonzalez December 29th, 2021
Jesus Gonzalez

I don't write many reviews for apps, but I could not find an bulk webp converter on the internet. compress images before converting. it can't process if too big.

Manjay Singh December 6th, 2021
Manjay Singh

not working

MrExpert PPC October 23rd, 2021
MrExpert PPC

This is one of the best tools online, very very useful, save tons of time, Thank you guys

Adel Salem October 23rd, 2021
Adel Salem

Nothing done, don't wast your time.

Johnny Moore July 26th, 2021
Johnny Moore

very powerful. I love it. thanks

Bolton Moore July 20th, 2021
Bolton Moore

The pictures were corrupted, and you can't convert that much.