Reviews & Comments of Bookmark Backup chrome extension

From March 2nd, 2016 to May 3rd, 2022, 32% user give 5-star rating, 25% user give 4-star rating, 29% user give 3-star rating, 7% user give 2-star rating, 7% user give 1-star rating. for Bookmark Backup chrome extension.

Reviews of bookmark backup:

Almo Azgza July 18th, 2019
Almo Azgza

Whenever I add a new bookmark or delete one: it hangs/slows chrome showing the spinner :( Checking the system process: it consumes so much CPU! Uninstalling it..

jongchan baek March 6th, 2022
jongchan baek

Love this app so much thanks for your efforts for this app :)

Chris J (Chris J A) February 17th, 2022
Chris J (Chris J A)

Works but does not restore favicons. That would complete this great extension.

Eric Abraham July 25th, 2021
Eric Abraham

How to set custom path for backup. I want to backup in another drive so that if my PC crashed I can import all those bookmark again to Brave.

Ng Kim Yong December 27th, 2020
Ng Kim Yong

Where does it backup to on the hard drive? I wish to make another copy of it for safekeeping.

Aslam Nathoo November 24th, 2020
Aslam Nathoo

This tool just saved me big time. This afternoon I realized that some bug in the system has been deleting bookmarks over the last 2 weeks. Based on the backup report that shows the total number of bookmarks it looks like whatever was deleting them did that work in batches. Using the backup this extension created a couple of weeks back, I was able to restore all of the lost bookmarks. Fantastic!! However, there is some room for improvement which is why the 4 star review. First of all, it is great that this extension automatically makes backups when a bookmark has been added/deleted, but the problem is I don't know where the backups are being stored and so there's no way to get the backups off of the computer in question. It would be great if we could direct the backups to be stored on a specific folder on the computer so that I can make regular offsite copies of that folder and/or to be able to direct the backups to be saved to a folder on a cloud storage system (e.g. Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, iCloud Drive, etc.). Secondly, it would be great if there was an option to just import backup of the bookmarks instead of only having a restore function that is destructive of existing bookmarks. The reason being is that I had added new bookmarks to my system in between the time that something started deleting bookmarks from my system. So in order to not lose those new ones when I restored the old ones, I had to find/download another extension that would allow me to selectively export just the new bookmarks and then I had to re-import those once I'd done the restore from this tool. If this extension were to give me the option to simply import the backup set of bookmarks and not destroy what's already there, then I can do the merging of the two sets how I want. Addition of those two features would make this 5 stars. Nonetheless, I do have to say thanks for saving me today!

Khalid Maqsudi October 13th, 2020
Khalid Maqsudi

If you could save the location or view default location, this app would be a game changer. Currently doesn't offer that setting.

Ed Mond February 22nd, 2020
Ed Mond

Seems great but where does it store the html file that contains the bookmarks and is it possible to configure this so that you can select a location on a network drive for example that is itself backed up?

Vivek Kansal February 11th, 2020
Vivek Kansal

Really nice extension to have. Where are the backfiles getting saved on the disk?

Chris LaChance February 11th, 2020
Chris LaChance

Where exactly can I find my backups?

Abdallah Abdelazim January 22nd, 2020
Abdallah Abdelazim

Very useful.

David Joslin January 11th, 2020
David Joslin

Life saver!!!! Works great for me! Other extensions mess the bookmarks up and BookMark Backup restore them.

Steve Burns May 11th, 2018
Steve Burns

Just found out that it has not made a backup since March the 6th! NOT VERY USEFUL! I will reinstall and monitor this time to see if it continues to make backups. UPDATE: 12/21/19 Yep! It did it again! Used a program called AM Deadlink for editing Chrome bookmarks. After removing all bad ones saved it. Went to Chrome. BAM! ALL 2500+ bookmarks are gone! Went to BOOKMARK BACKUP. It had stopped making backups a month ago. I had to restore a month old one. I lost a months worth of new and corrected bookmarks. THANKS BOOKMARK BACKUP.

Aeroxima February 18th, 2019

Seems to work, would like to be able to choose where to save them.

Carl Acebal (Aceman) December 24th, 2018
Carl Acebal (Aceman)

Does anyone know where the heck I can find these backups on my laptop? I want a backup after an update is made but I can only keep 10 backups,not 30, due to storage constraints and need to delete some of therm.. Please help! I agree with the suggestions made by Vittorio Zamparella, Mark & Lyndon and Tag.

Mark & Lyndon June 30th, 2018
Mark & Lyndon

Nice bookmark backup and easy to use and understand! Would be super cool if you could compare two bookmark backups to see what's different (new or deleted) between the two.

Jason Jackson June 14th, 2018
Jason Jackson

It was OK but I need to save it to a folder in My Documents as that is the folder that gets regularly backed up to the cloud and protects me from data loss if my computer crashes.

Michael Rimar May 28th, 2018
Michael Rimar

When it works it's great. It spends more time crashed then working.

Tag - January 9th, 2018
Tag -

Would be awesome to have manual backups too. Also add not only one day but 6 hours, 3 hours, 12 hours etc. too.

A Google User February 20th, 2018
A Google User

works fine

KC Yang (KC) January 3rd, 2018
KC Yang (KC)

Considering the user need for concerns of a computer crush strike, is it possible to save the backup to user defined location? Like somewhere in the local folder of cloud storage?

Shawn Terry December 26th, 2017
Shawn Terry

Excellent app AND idea... It's a REAL life saver for me!

Ganesh Venkatraman February 28th, 2017
Ganesh Venkatraman

It crashes all the time. I set it to create unlimited backups and whenever add/delete. It was working briefly then stopped.Last backed up Jan 28. Since then I get a bubble saying it has crashed very time I try to add/remove/edit a bookmark

Jrwolf (Jrwolfks) March 16th, 2017
Jrwolf (Jrwolfks)

It's okay but it keeps crashing on me. ???

Mikko John Balerado January 11th, 2017
Mikko John Balerado

I sometimes need to delete some bookmarks due to I sometimes need to share screen with my boss on my online job and I don't want him to see my bookmarks for my other clients webpages ??. Works like charm without the complicated interface and process. I LOVE IT!!!

Vittorio Zamparella December 6th, 2016
Vittorio Zamparella

Kinda works but if I set a limit to number of backups, once that number is reached it stops making backups. I will go with unlimited backups and purge the manually (selecting 30) from time to time. Thank you

A Google User October 21st, 2016
A Google User

Simple and does what it says without trying to do a million other things, which is great. However, it crashes everyday and you have to manually restart it. I have thousands of bookmarks, so it may not be properly coded for that. Also, why can't you backup your bookmarks on demand? I have it set to backup up daily, but if I want to backup immediately, I have to wait to the next day.

Jan Krahl February 17th, 2016
Jan Krahl

After the bug fix I love it. It does exactly what I expect it to do. This is a feature that should be native to chrome. No more panic after accidently deleting a whole folder of bookmarks. Thank you for the good work and quick response.