Reviews & Comments of iCloud Bookmarks chrome extension

From December 26th, 2019 to April 19th, 2023, 11% user give 5-star rating, 2% user give 4-star rating, 4% user give 3-star rating, 5% user give 2-star rating, 78% user give 1-star rating. for iCloud Bookmarks chrome extension.

Reviews of icloud bookmarks:

Ejnar Kaekebeke April 19th, 2023
Ejnar Kaekebeke

Needed to reboot chrome and my PC, but after that it worked flawlessly.

Gina Sannino March 20th, 2023
Gina Sannino

Won't work. Keeps asking me to download icloud when it's already installed.

Phillip LeMasters March 18th, 2023
Phillip LeMasters

I guess this just doesn't work any more. I've uninstalled/re-installed, I've synced-unsynced, I've rebooted everything, I've deleted Bookmark backups out of iCloud, I've removed everything from Chrome, re-imported, unsynced Safari from iCloud on iPhone, etc. Bookmarks refuse to sync to iPhone. Guess I got to start using Chrome on iOS now. Don't want to have multiple browsers installed to my phone but here we are.

CJ Saretto March 18th, 2023
CJ Saretto

Please make this work for Mac! Its such a common scenario for folks to prefer Chrome on desktop while happily using Safari on mobile devices. The people want it Apple. Let them have it!

Paul Doychev March 16th, 2023
Paul Doychev

It is asking me to enter the two factor authentication code every time I start Chrome - super inconvenient and annoying!

Daniel Atik February 16th, 2023
Daniel Atik

Apple is the best even this. Its syncing good , its working fast and its can make to many thinks.

Jeff Hatz February 16th, 2023
Jeff Hatz

Doesn't work on Mac. WHY?!?!?!?! Apple can't create an app for their own platform, that's just pathetic.

Mindy Midcap February 3rd, 2023
Mindy Midcap

It finally works! There is a minor inconvenience, where it doesn't recognize iCloud for Windows and iCloud for Windows doesn't recognize the extension, but after a restart the problem was cleared up. I have been able to save a bookmark on my phone and it was immediately available on my Windows machine. Love.It!

Željko Trogrlić January 23rd, 2023
Željko Trogrlić

Does not work. "Download iCloud for Windows to use iCloud Bookmarks."

Kevin Kaplan January 6th, 2023
Kevin Kaplan

Has worked good for me for over a year

Sarah Akers January 6th, 2023
Sarah Akers

This extension successfully synced all my iPhone Safari bookmarks to Chrome the first time, but then doesn't seem to sync again when I make changes. It doesn't sync bookmarks I add in Chrome back to Safari on my iPhone either.

Jason Lai December 7th, 2022
Jason Lai

Same problem here... It still keep ask me to download the icloud in the extension....

Yazan Zaid April 10th, 2022
Yazan Zaid

iCloud bookmarks on Chrome Windows 11 do not work! I contacted apple for 5 hours on the phone, lastly, they told me that it is not their fault, and they won't fix it! They blame Microsoft Windows and Google Chrome. NEW EDIT ON OCTOBER 2022: Hey, Apple, please fix the iCloud store version on Windows 11 22H2. iCloud does not sync Google Chrome bookmarks or iCloud passwords. Your programs do not recognize each other; The bookmarks' extension keeps asking to download iCloud, and The application keeps asking to download the bookmarks' extension. The same for the iCloud password extension. This issue is not limited to me, it is affecting many other users as well. Please check the comment section on the Chrome extension website or any Apple forum or Reddit… I let the extension collect erros in google chrome this is the error the extension is receving: Unchecked runtime.lastError: Error when communicating with the native messaging host. Context background.html Stack Trace background.html:0 (anonymous function) EDIT: Today on 13.11.2022 they fixed chrome bookmarks extension. But their iCloud passwords app is crushing everytime I try to open it on windows 11 22h2. So apple please fix it I am using windows 11 22H2. everytime I try to open icloud passwords app it requires me windows hello pin code, I enter it. and boom it crushes and exits. EDIT: 21.11.2022 the bookmarks extensions is not showing any errors, But it is not syncing any bookmarks! So It is useless. Also iCloud Passwords still crashes every time i try to open it.

Stephen Little October 11th, 2022
Stephen Little

It just doesn't work. The components don't seem to recognise each other. I've tried many times.

Jason Zisk October 4th, 2022
Jason Zisk

Still not working as of 10/4/2022 when using the Windows Store version of iCloud. Hopefully Apple fixes this mess.

Alex Chandel September 19th, 2022
Alex Chandel

Does not work on macOS. Does not work with the latest iCloud/Chrome.

Erik Blythe September 18th, 2022
Erik Blythe

I've tried it on four machines so far. It doesn't work (though it appears to be iCloud Desktop's fault). The extension and the app don't recognize that each other exist.

Stefan Dascalu September 9th, 2022
Stefan Dascalu

Got locked at the "Sign into icloud to use icloud bookmarks." prompt. Can't find a way to work around it and there's no error message or something to point me in the right direction. Everything syncs fine, the extension just doesn't want to talk to the icloud app.

Bruno Mautino July 31st, 2022
Bruno Mautino

It does it's job, but the problem it that sometimes it copies bookmarks for no reason and there are no customization options. Should have bought an Android tablet instead.

Jennifer Boyd (Magicnanners) July 14th, 2022
Jennifer Boyd (Magicnanners)

Don't be fooled, this extension still works! You just need to download the Windows 7/8 version of the iCloud for Windows program and not the Windows Store version. The extension hasn't been updated in a long time and as such it doesn't know to look for the Windows Store version.

Frddhhc July 1st, 2022

doesn't sync properly

Levi (REDACTED) June 19th, 2022

Broken, doesn't work for me on Chrome, Firefox or Edge. I know it officially doesn't support Edge, but it should since it's basically Chrome now.

Josh brinton June 9th, 2022
Josh brinton

Keeps creating duplicate bookmarks, keeps pulling old folders and bookmarks and adding them back when they've been deleted. Used to work fine, for months, but the past few days it's wrecked havoc on all of my bookmarks, and deleted some that I cannot recover. Please fix it.

Cheung Hong Chan June 4th, 2022
Cheung Hong Chan

can u please design a verion for chrome on mac? Safari works really bad on macos but better than chrome on ios. Therefore I use chrome on mac and safari on ios, but there is no way to sync the bookmarks.

Josh Plummer May 31st, 2022
Josh Plummer

No longer works. 2022

Abraham Long May 25th, 2022
Abraham Long

Really atrocious

Tarek Ali October 14th, 2013
Tarek Ali

It does not work anymore and it has no version of Edge browser based on chromium

D May 3rd, 2022

Never works properly.. instead of doing a simple extension it needs the buggy icloud for windows then add the very bad implemented two factor authentication.. and voila.. 1 star

Nate McCallister April 27th, 2022
Nate McCallister

Broken plugin. Sync is very inconsistent. Seems to be now way to get it to manually sync beside toggling sync on and off in the iCloud for Windows settings. When I add a new bookmark to a folder my folder organization is shuffled to a seemingly random order. It's not alphabetical or most recent, they all just get jumbled and will get re-jumbled every time I try and manually reorder them. The only way to keep it from doing this is to never add a new bookmark.

Martha Contreras April 24th, 2022
Martha Contreras

Now for some reason, it has duplicate everything on every single lap or PC I have when it sued to work perfectly... not sure what the hell happened but no more, can't use it until it gets fixed otherwise I will spend eternity deleting everything

J B March 10th, 2022

Not syncing properly... Creates endless duplicate bookmarks... Borderlining on completely useless...

T. F. March 4th, 2022
T. F.

not working

Ryan Smith January 7th, 2022
Ryan Smith

There's a bug creating thousands of duplicate bookmarks, absolutely avoid it until there is an update.

Douglas Crabb January 24th, 2022
Douglas Crabb

I would give it zero... but I can't. It doesn't work. I don't think I need to add more. I wouldn't need the Chrome aspect if Safari loaded all of my essential pages - which it doesn't.

Lee Golding January 20th, 2022
Lee Golding

Completely wipes my carefully collected bookmarks that are critical to my business and finances. This has happened multiple times over the years. Apple, this is completely UNACCEPTABLE.

Jing “Norie” Cheng December 29th, 2021
Jing “Norie” Cheng

I added a bookmark in my safari browser, opened my Chrome, see it's there, my safari browser thinks I added a bookmark in Chrome, added another one. There goes the infinite loop. I ended up with thousands of same bookmarks in both safari and chrome. Good job whoever wrote this addson.

Cheryl Beck December 19th, 2021
Cheryl Beck

So far so good

Tony Leung December 16th, 2021
Tony Leung

Can't sync chrome and safari

Will Caldwell December 9th, 2021
Will Caldwell

Doesn't work. Every time i attempt to set it up, it tells me to download icloud for windows ( which i already have set up)

Chris McMahon November 2nd, 2021
Chris McMahon

As others have pointed out, this is broken. I've spent several hours trying to fix it, including on the phone with Apple Support. In my case, iCloud for Chrome creates hundred of duplicated bookmarks. Sometimes it will pick one or two bookmarks and duplicate them hundreds of times. Sometimes it will pick hundreds of bookmarks and duplicate them once, ignoring folder nesting and location. The first case is easier to fix as a hundred copies of the same thing is easy to spot. However hundreds of different bookmarks randomly placed in your bookmark folder make it impossible to find anything and is MUCH harder to fix. This extension appears to have been abandoned by Apple.

Nicola Teglas October 27th, 2021
Nicola Teglas

doesn't sync properly. duplicates and won't organized

Tyler M October 22nd, 2021
Tyler M

Yeah, I realized that a lot of what I have been dealing with is the same others have mentioned. One day my bookmarks just basically up and vanished from my folder organization system and now I have to re-organize them. It's such a pain as I have a PC, Mac, iPad, and iPhone. So it was initially useful for my computer to get bookmarks from across each direction. However, i'm going to have to disable this feature if it does this again.

Sam Jones October 2nd, 2021
Sam Jones

iCloud desktop tells me to download the extension (but opens a blank webpage) and icloud bookmarks extension (which i already had added) tells me to download icloud desktop app smh

Jeff Rosen October 1st, 2021
Jeff Rosen

Doesn't work with MacOS...

Amanda Harlass September 26th, 2021
Amanda Harlass

It doesn't recognize that I have iCloud for Windows installed. iCloud for Windows tells me I need to install the extension, the extension tells me I need to install iCloud for Windows. Dumb.

Emily Law September 15th, 2021
Emily Law

It doesnt work as it was before anymore, my years of neatly organised bookmarks are a mess now thanks to this extension...

Makis Abrikidis September 13th, 2021
Makis Abrikidis

It doesn't sync my passwords from my iPhone to PC and vice versa... v2.1.2

James White September 11th, 2021
James White

This extension keeps telling me to download iCloud, then iCloud tells me to get the bookmark extension.. it's a constant loop

Laìcurè Levìarè September 4th, 2021
Laìcurè Levìarè

It was working before the new password manager update. Now, it's not! Firefox and Chrome both doesn't work! The only way to sync now is through Internet Explorer, which sucks because it sorts your bookmarks alphabetically! I did this on iTunes so I don't need to install both iCloud on Microsoft Store and this extension!

Paul Burney September 8th, 2021
Paul Burney

Do not use!! it has destroyed years worth of bookmarks on all my computers - i have lost everything!!!!

براء عيدو September 6th, 2021
براء عيدو

Import and export option please... makes us adding passwords to iPhone

Daniel Bochenski August 31st, 2021
Daniel Bochenski

DO NOT INSTALL. Removed all my bookmarks from Chrome, Edge and Safari on iOS. No warning. What a garbage extension.

Alex Loayza August 31st, 2021
Alex Loayza

No longer works the way it should. Recently got a new PC. Downloaded iCloud to my desktop. When you have iCloud open, you can check off what things you want to sync. But when I tried to sync my Chrome bookmarks, I got a message saying I needed to enable the iCloud bookmarks extension. ok. Do that, but when I click on the iCloud bookmarks settings on my Chrome browser, it says I need to download iCloud to my computer??? It makes no sense. So basically, iCloud on my PC doesn't recognize that I have the browser extension enabled, and the iCloud bookmarks extension thinks I don't have iCloud on my computer. So it's completely useless. The bizarre thing is, is that everything is working as it should on my old PC. So I'm not sure why it's doing this.

thomasthebear August 13th, 2021

Absolutely Trash! The way it's described is that you'd keep your Chrome Bookmarks updated to mirror the Bookmarks on iOS, yet it's the exact opposite. The extension gives no warning nor a verification pop-up of any sort to indicate what it's about to do, which is delete all the bookmarks and favorites on your iPhone/iPad and replace them with the ones you've got stored in Chrome. Deleted all of my Bookmarks and Favorites versus just putting them in a separate folder, or better yet...It could have added everything from Chrome to a seperate folder on iOS, essentially just adding the Desktop Bookmarks to what was already there on iOS... Absolutely astounding that Apple can't specify anything in these situations.

Heather K August 5th, 2021
Heather K

it does not work.

Andy Zhou June 29th, 2021
Andy Zhou


Ed West June 23rd, 2021
Ed West

This extension has caused a lot of problems. It has created duplicate bookmarks and other bookmarks have disappeared leaving empty folders. Some bookmarks have been removed from their folders and placed elsewhere. Some folders have also been converted to bookmarks using a URL taken at random from another bookmark. It has created a mess which is going to take ages to sort out

Martin “Vila” June 11th, 2021
Martin “Vila”

Sometimes it works. Sometimes it doesnt. This has caused me so much grief. I would recommend using only Win/Android or only Mac/iOS. This was not worth it - it just doesnt work, like magic.

Julio E Vega May 27th, 2021
Julio E Vega

Do not use this extension! it will duplicate alll your bookmarks! I ended up with 3277 duplicate bookmarks. Extension doesn't work.

Joshua O May 26th, 2021
Joshua O

It worked with the regular non-Windows Store version of the app but not the Windows Store version. The reason why I rated it this way is because the Windows Store version is the only officially supported method for Windows 10, yet it doesn't work.

Schio Alves April 30th, 2021
Schio Alves

What is the point in blocking it from working on Linux, chromeOS and macOS? It won't force me to use Safari on mac, it will just make me NOT USE Safari ion iOS.

Timmy Fuller April 10th, 2021
Timmy Fuller

Can't sync chrome and safari on mac

Blackbi Karik April 6th, 2021
Blackbi Karik

stupid Apple, all this extension does is put a button to download icloud app on Windows

murray wilson March 29th, 2021
murray wilson

ruined everything now my bookmarks all overlap and make no sense at all and i cant undo it im so mad right now why would it not just add a simple folder icloud bookmarks not just combine them at random all my favorites are messed half don't even show up now on my phone and on my pc there all out of order this was the worst mistake I've made in years DO NOT BOTHER WITH THIS ITS GOING TO MAKE EVERYTHING WORSE

Mr Balki February 19th, 2021
Mr Balki

Doesnt work, cant believe this is Apple and Microsoft...

James Cook February 10th, 2021
James Cook

This feature causes my disk activity to go up to 100% for hours. I figured out it was this extension through Windows Task Manager and turned it off through Chrome Extensions. After I turned it off, I am now seeing Explorer windows every minute or so for my phone storage, so I suppose I will need to uninstall it entirely. A really bad fail from Apple.

Bruce Martel February 2nd, 2021
Bruce Martel

Terrible. Doesn't work. Doesn't even show up. Typical Apple mumbo jumbo that accomplishes nothing.

Jordan Murray February 2nd, 2021
Jordan Murray

Great idea in concept but what about Chrome users on Macs??? To lock this down to windows users only is ridiculous.

Martin Zanolli January 23rd, 2021
Martin Zanolli

Issues syncing. Seems it doesn't work at all. After it created many duplicates of tabs I deactivated it.

Brennen Dwyer January 3rd, 2021
Brennen Dwyer

Ive now got about 4000 bookmarks and counting with a mass duplication bug with no way to remove them from iCloud so my iPhone is a hot mess! Argggggggg dont download!!

Rich Forer December 26th, 2020
Rich Forer

i find it useless. I downloaded it, but it does nothing. Every time I open it it asks me to download it even though it hs alrady been downloaded. It has zero value and is a wasteof time.

Robert Barnes (nshore74) December 24th, 2020
Robert Barnes (nshore74)

Download this app if you need your bookmarks to triple in quantity and not let you delete the excess as it automatically re-adds the ones that you delete. Oh esp if you don;t want it to sync with your other devices, which it does well at not doing as well. The only way to delete the excess bookmarks is to delete this extension. Done!

Alex Lee December 9th, 2020
Alex Lee

Doesn't work. Just keeps saying to enable it even though it is already connected.

Richard Perry November 28th, 2020
Richard Perry

"Syncs" but it mangles all of my bookmarks.Then I have to redo ALL of my bookmarks, and it breaks them all again the next time I open Edge/Chrome.

Marek Omasta October 22nd, 2020
Marek Omasta

Would be great if we could send browser tabs using this extension, not having to rely on 3rd party services. I'm not installing Chrome on my iPhone.

David October 9th, 2020

Worked on first install but hasn't worked since.

Edward Holland October 3rd, 2020
Edward Holland

This extension is terrible. It started synching right away and pulled bookmarks from an old bookmarks file somewhere on my pc (I have no idea where) and added like 500 old bookmarks that I had deleted over the last year to both chrome and safari. I delete them and they just come right back. I Had to uninstall and spend 2 hours cleaning up my bookmarks on my desktop. Deleting them from chrome doesn't work because they just get added back from Safari and of course there is no windows version of Safari, so I get to edit all my Safari bookmarks on my iPhone. Do you have any idea what it's like editing 500 bookmarks on a screen that small? It sucks. This extension is trash and it should be removed from the webstore.

Luke Addison October 2nd, 2020
Luke Addison

Wasn't working for quite a while but just started working again..... now though I keep getting loads of duplicate bookmarks appearing. Very annoying! I really wish this would just work.

Noyusliza September 23rd, 2020

My iphone the bookmarks with latest IOS, stop sync with Chrome bookmarks, please assist

Ajay Makhecha September 19th, 2020
Ajay Makhecha

Stopped working!!!

Les Zani September 4th, 2020
Les Zani

Request Entity Too Large The requested resource /kb/index does not allow request data with GET requests, or the amount of data provided in the request exceeds the capacity limit. simply doesn't work anymore

Zhizhi Yang September 18th, 2020
Zhizhi Yang


Carmela Marcelo September 11th, 2020
Carmela Marcelo

I believe its no longer working, it kept asking me to download.

Matthew K. September 7th, 2020
Matthew K.

Whew! I downloaded before reading the reviews, something I've NEVER done before. (I was in a hurry). Then, right before I enabled it, I started reading.. OMG! uninstalled quickly! I just got all those thousands of bookmarks straightened out, took months it seems like. I don't need anything with even a 1% chance of screwing those up again... thanks guys! (and gals!)

Thomas Hauer September 5th, 2020
Thomas Hauer

Can't even install it on my Mac...

S Tang September 1st, 2020
S Tang

It simply doesn't work and never even starts. I installed 'iCloud for Windows' and it asked me to install 'icloud bookmark' to sync my chrome bookmarks. I found it and installed it to my chrome but after it installed, it says 'Download iCloud for Windows to use iCloud Bookmarks.' What a good circle!

HENRY S August 28th, 2020


Hunter “Hunter” Bomar August 19th, 2020
Hunter “Hunter” Bomar

Apple you're killing me. I so badly want to remain a fan of all things Apple, but you make it so hard by locking us in your bubble. I have 6 Apple devices and 1 PC, can you just make it so my PC is not some foreign creature. I just want it to sync to iCloud like all my other devices. Bookmark extension = broken for Chrome, iClouds Photos for windows = awful interface, no albums display at what so ever, just a mess of thousands of pictures in one folder with no sort of organization? Its like you want people to hate Apple. Just keep make good products and people will keep buying them, but force us to choose between Apple or not Apple.

Omer Demir August 17th, 2020
Omer Demir

not working any more

Kelly Holowatiuk August 16th, 2020
Kelly Holowatiuk

it is useful and handy, just a mouse click away thanks

Panda Bear August 7th, 2020
Panda Bear

Still is broken as of Friday, august 7th, 2020. what a shame

Eric Bartolome July 31st, 2020
Eric Bartolome

Works flawlessly. Currently syncing bookmarks between Chrome, Firefox and iOS without any problems whatsoever, and they sync instantly.

Jason Hughes July 29th, 2020
Jason Hughes

Unfortunately I can't even get bookmark syncing to work with Chrome unless I'm doing something really wrong. It's enabled in the iCloud Windows client but then the Chrome extension just puts me in a loop saying I need to log in to the iCloud client and back and forth. Syncing bookmarks is the primary reason I installed this extension and just wished the basic functionality would work.

Mike Sporrer July 26th, 2020
Mike Sporrer

sucks runs you in circles.

Sidd Rajput July 5th, 2020
Sidd Rajput

This extension causes an infinite loop of duplicate bookmarks! If you use multiple computers like I do and have Chrome running on more than one computer, this extension will cause an infinite loop of duplicate bookmarks appearing in all browsers including Chrome and Safari. I proved that it is caused by this extension by disabling it, and the duplicate bookmark problem went away.

Paul Kent June 25th, 2020
Paul Kent

I have tried multiple fixes to get this extension to do the job that it used to do until a few months ago and have had no success. After trawling through so many sites and forums and attempting so many suggested fixes I have to agree with many other reviewers that this extension is rubbish.

AppleDev April 15th, 2020

Its great. Always syncs my bookmarks in real time. Keep up the good work apple.

Mike October 1st, 2016

Doesn't work, I have it in chrome but iCloud in windows still asks me to download it and enable it, I do and then it asks me to download iCloud from windows store - I already have iCloud!

Chanel #2 April 6th, 2020
Chanel #2

It Doesnt work anymore.

Christine Lochrin April 5th, 2020
Christine Lochrin

Out of 50 reviews, I think I've counted 4 positives ones. REALLY !! I guess I'll have to find out for myself but it's not feeling very hopeful right now. I'm thinking "what have I done, I hope you's are all wrong!'

Christoph Snell April 3rd, 2020
Christoph Snell

duplicates 1000X my bookmarks no idea how to delete them all on iphone

Narek Bayanduryan March 30th, 2020
Narek Bayanduryan

Awful garbage. Completely destroyed my bookmarks, created duplicates, change the bookmarks bar completely. Buggy garbage shame.

Neil Young March 19th, 2020
Neil Young

I just want to organize the files in icloud storage. My iphone keeps telling me it's full but Apple doesn't offer anyway to get in to it and manage it. Apple is an absolutely rubbish Company. Trying to install an App to manage it from Microsoft and it suggests installing another App and Another and Another. Where will it end.

alrowadstar Clinic March 18th, 2020
alrowadstar Clinic


Martin Latal February 9th, 2020
Martin Latal

It just fails to sync. It has worked at the beginning, now no device including the iOS ones is getting the new updates. A big disappointment with Apple!

RadicalxEdward February 8th, 2020

Only works with IE, Firefox and Chrome (ie other browsers, even chromium based ones like Brave, though they can install the extension, icloud for windows won't share to them) It did pull my safari bookmarks into chrome, not sure how well it will sync over time, but based on other reviews i won't get my hopes up. Apple software support on windows isn't great. (same goes for Google software on ios/mac)

Curtix January 3rd, 2020

Has never worked properly since day one. The only thing this extension does reliably is completely destroy your bookmarks on both Safari and on Chrome by creating hundreds of duplicate entries and adding folders you never added. I have tried to use this extension many times and have managed to get it to work reliably for periods of time but it isn't worth the many times that I have consequently lost all my bookmarks.

Phantom Thief Irwin January 2nd, 2020
Phantom Thief Irwin

It does work and works great in fact. But one major issue with it is that it removes all the icons and so I cant tell what any tab is anymore at a glance. If they could rectify that Ill give it a high score.

Andy Speed January 2nd, 2020
Andy Speed

Utterly useless. Like many others have reported, it loves to constantly re-arrange and duplicate my bookamrks. I cleared them all, re-imported them, and it did the same again. Stay clear ans ave yourself the time.

Tupr Hasan November 29th, 2019
Tupr Hasan

yes help

Artyom Pozharov December 26th, 2019
Artyom Pozharov

You noted that this extension works with GNU/Linux, but why it's impossible? When I launch the app, I'll get the notification that this app is not compatible with my platform.