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From December 27th, 2018 to September 6th, 2021, 60% user give 5-star rating, 33% user give 4-star rating, 7% user give 3-star rating. for SmartAdblock chrome extension.

Reviews of smartadblock:

Eric Ketzer (Nietzschescode) August 10th, 2021
Eric Ketzer (Nietzschescode)

I love it. It is indeed lightweight as it promised. The best lightweight adblocker. (Edit. Unfortunately I have to deactivate it and activate another adblock while I am on youtube, because it fails to block the video ads on youtube or it half blocks the video ads on youtube making the real video under lagging like crazy. So overall that is great except on youtube.)

Arthas Menethil March 23rd, 2021
Arthas Menethil

it worked tnx

Jorian Grey January 3rd, 2020
Jorian Grey

Works for Putlockers and the like. Better than ABP but I still use both lol.

Joel Sewell July 15th, 2019
Joel Sewell

Works well with more toxic sites... doesn't seem to block ads on YouTube though! Epic fail.

Frank DeNunzio May 15th, 2019
Frank DeNunzio

Seems like a good blocker for users that want to install and forget. I suggest you provide more info about what is blocked for advanced users who may wish to use complementary privacy extensions.

Timothy Elliott April 11th, 2019
Timothy Elliott

Great Ad blocker, no fuss no mess just works like it developers advertised it will do! Keep up to good work with this extension.

Malam Gusta March 25th, 2019
Malam Gusta

i haven't been through with this adblock yet but been using this with and it keeps detecting my open in new tab as popup and block it. It also detect rapidvideo links as popup and block them too. Not so smart if it can only block ads on page. EDIT: I was on Chrome. When clicking with middle mouse button, i ask me wether it's a popup or not. Most of the time it will open the new link in the same tab and make me leave the current page. It's a known thing without AdBlock becoz it will basically redirect you to a popup page and then open the new tab that you wanted together. But it does not happen with UBlock Origin. But with UBlock Origin, detected me for using an adblocker and gave me a ban.

Arya Putra February 15th, 2019
Arya Putra

Ok, I have used this extension for some time now. All I can say it that you don't have to think about anything. They, the developers will handle everything from their bat cave. If one thing I want to see from SmartAdBlock is that it be an open source extension, so that any other developers around the world can examine its codes. Also, if I can whitelist some sites, that would be nice too. Kudos to all of you that have developed this.

Martin Kirekchiev (turb1te) March 10th, 2019
Martin Kirekchiev (turb1te)

Please, add feature to view what is blocked. Not only numbers. And we can see the built-in filters and with the ability to turn them off or on.

Omer Reznik January 28th, 2019
Omer Reznik

Causes serious performance deterioration on Gmail, otherwise works perfect

Russ Martin January 27th, 2019
Russ Martin

I tried two of the most popular ones that work just fine. But, somehow, the one that used the most got deleted when a system restored my computer. Then I discovered this one at the bottom of the pile with a big "S" that I thought I would try. I have been using it for a couple months, now I like it the best.

F F January 22nd, 2019

Good but doesn't block anything on :(

Karol Darvaš January 17th, 2019
Karol Darvaš

PROS: -A very good adblocker that blocks GDPR notices -blocks ads -removes notifications about disabling adblock -fast support on, just report any bug and they will solve it asap. CONS: -this adblock extension doesn't have to work well with some extensions. In my case, it was a ScriptSafe extension... -not possible to block frames

Toby Cook January 6th, 2019
Toby Cook

Great product. Stops pop ups, GDPR notices, cookies, adverts and anti-adblock notices. if you find a website that doesn't work - contact the developers and they will fix it. It's the best app around. Would recommend!

Lawton Sack December 27th, 2018
Lawton Sack

This is an excellent Ad Blocker. The developers are very fast in responding to any and all issues and they are often corrected within 15-30 minutes. I have been an uBlock Origin user for many years, but I have completely swapped over to SmartAdblock full-time.