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From November 9th, 2013 to November 9th, 2013, 100% user give 5-star rating. for YouTube™ Playlist Share - cindy chrome extension.

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Kathy Ahlering November 8th, 2013
Kathy Ahlering

I have *NO* idea what the he** the developer says in their description and help pages, but when I realized what it could do... WOW!!! 1. Install "cindy" in Chrome. (It feels odd referring to an extension as a person, but it probably means something else in Japanese. :) 2. Open a video in YouTube. "Cindy" will be there on the right, with some entries already added. 3. To remove those Japanese videos, click the red (x) at the end of the entry. 4. Add that video you are in. 5. Go to another video and add that one. 6. Choose a third video and add it, as well. 7. Now, click on the first entry in the Cindy list, and it will go there and play. 8. As soon as video 1 ends, video 2 appears and starts playing... Cindy is also there. 9. You can change the order of play by grabbing the video name in Cindy and moving it. 10. If you have a group of friends at a bar, you can create a jukebox with just a laptop and a set of speakers... everyone can use their smartphones to join the channel and add their choices. If you do this, name the channel something long and oddball, like 8FriendsAtTheMainStreetPub, so it doesn't get picked up by mistake by another Cindy share. 11. You can watch movies on Youtube with a sick friend 300 miles away, and IM comments to each other while the movie plays. EXCELLENT IDEA!!! Thank you developer!