Reviews & Comments of FantasyPros: Win your Fantasy League chrome extension

From November 13th, 2020 to December 22nd, 2022, 76% user give 5-star rating, 12% user give 4-star rating, 9% user give 3-star rating, 1% user give 2-star rating, 2% user give 1-star rating. for FantasyPros: Win your Fantasy League chrome extension.

Reviews of fantasypros: win your fantasy league:

Joey Berliner December 22nd, 2022
Joey Berliner

Amazing tool to get your optimal lineups set easily.

Sacre Katana December 11th, 2022
Sacre Katana

Invaluable tool for winning!

SEAN CORCORAN December 1st, 2022

It incorporates seamlessely in all my leagues in ESPN, CBS & YAHOO. Highly receommend

Steve Wilkinson November 25th, 2022
Steve Wilkinson

love it. It catches when a player is out and recommends a replacement.

Dan Houston November 13th, 2022
Dan Houston

I play in an ESPN fantasy league, and this extension is a great complement to your main pages. It is unobtrusive, simply providing alternative information cards on each player most of the time. Then, when making changes to your roster, it pops up in the corner to provide helpful information.

Mike Stoops November 12th, 2022
Mike Stoops

Very helpful!

Tanner November 2nd, 2022

100% must have! Helps me set my lineups with ease using FantasyPros projections compared to ESPN/Yahoo/etc.

Steve Mikula October 30th, 2022
Steve Mikula

It makes managing my fantasy team so much easier, it is awesome!

Derek Fivel October 23rd, 2022
Derek Fivel

its pretty spot on. allows me to choose to listen to the rankings of wjho i trust, and not just ADP OR ECR. Just wish there were more experts

Luis Molina October 23rd, 2022
Luis Molina

Love it

Jayson Gerbec October 19th, 2022
Jayson Gerbec

Great during the season but crashed during my draft and was super disappointing.

Al Gambetta October 16th, 2022
Al Gambetta

Did not work in ESPN fantasy draft 2022. however doing mock drafts and saving each draft position best possible out come helped immensely! between ESPN recommendations and Fantasy Pro recommendations Fantasy Pro is much better!

Nick Bradshaw October 15th, 2022
Nick Bradshaw


Cory Olenick October 12th, 2022
Cory Olenick

Works well most of the time. Couple minor issues w/ Sleeper keep it from getting all 5 stars. Great product though.!!

Hayden Wallace October 5th, 2022
Hayden Wallace

Love it. well worth the price

Jeff Straits October 5th, 2022
Jeff Straits

It works great on chrome with CBS and ESPN! Love it!

Clark Speer October 5th, 2022
Clark Speer

it works good with yahoo and espn

Weston Turner October 1st, 2022
Weston Turner

Hands down one of the best fantasy football tools ever created and absolutely essential for multi-league management and deep dark research across platforms so you can go full goblin mode on your opps.

Alan Wiles October 1st, 2022
Alan Wiles

Extension alleviates any stress that may be caused when you are in a cash league. One of the best perks to Purchasing the MVP package is Auto-Pilot. Out of site out of mind, hands free for the most part.

David Orms September 23rd, 2022
David Orms

Very helpful

Marcus Miller September 21st, 2022
Marcus Miller

One piece that is annoying and it is a UI fix more than anything else. If it is possible have the popup be bumped down so it can clear the banner of the websites so if not using the FP website to multi league able to access the other leagues inside say ESPN, Yahoo!, NFL....

Daniel Harris September 21st, 2022
Daniel Harris

Works flawlessly, makes managing multiple lineups an absolute breeze.

Devin September 19th, 2022


C H September 18th, 2022

Great extension for quickly setting lineups in all my leagues! No more scanning every player checkbox on MFL to make sure it's all right. And I love the experts % detail as well.

Mark McClouds September 18th, 2022
Mark McClouds

This is exactly what i needed. it help me on the Fly as well as getting detailed info.

Justin Casey September 16th, 2022
Justin Casey


Bill R056 September 15th, 2022
Bill R056

good advice when you need it!

James Peerbolte September 15th, 2022
James Peerbolte

Awesome way to get info right in your leagues interface... Nice addition to the tools!

Isaac Rosen September 15th, 2022
Isaac Rosen

Extremely helpful in tight spots

Chris Mulcahy September 15th, 2022
Chris Mulcahy

Quality and helpful!

J Grills September 10th, 2022
J Grills

Great to see the options next to my ESPN lineups. And the draft sync is great. Wish I could narrow it down to ECRs that I like or by date (and maybe one can and I don't know how), but still, overall, it's a great help to managing my teams.

Michael Lemke September 8th, 2022
Michael Lemke

Awesome extension, but wished it completely supported Fantrax.

Lee Madison September 8th, 2022
Lee Madison

It is super convienient.

Brian Ford September 8th, 2022
Brian Ford

it used to work fine - but when i turned it off in the offseason for dynasty roster management and turne dit back on again, it's all funky now

John Ulsh September 8th, 2022
John Ulsh

Works great!

Patrick Tierney September 7th, 2022
Patrick Tierney

Only real down mark against it is that it doesn't support fantrax. Otherwise, it's a very useful app for managing my ESPN team.

Matt September 5th, 2022

Did not work in ESPN fantasy draft 2022.

Doug Quick September 5th, 2022
Doug Quick

I just used this extension to assist me with of my ESPN drafts!! It performed flawlessly and offered great options during the draft!!! FantasyPros is awesome!!

doob0972 September 3rd, 2022

Awesome! Have had no issues so far (knock on wood) compared to last season. I also can open multiple browsers for the same draft room to see multiple views at the same time without switching different functions. Pair it or connect an HDMI cable to your TV and you have an awesome draft board!

Terrence Bacon September 1st, 2022
Terrence Bacon

Doesn't work in ESPN draft. Had two leagues and it failed twice!

Brian Shea August 29th, 2022
Brian Shea

love the stats and all the #'s

Chris Adams July 16th, 2022
Chris Adams

Does not work in ESPN drafts. Edit: Yeesh, I was so wrong.

Dan Leedy December 22nd, 2021
Dan Leedy

Let's just say I was mid tier a couple years back! However, after discovering Fantasy Pro's.. I had the edge I needed! With the tools that Fantasy Pro's provided, I become my own "Pro" (trade mark by Ricky Bobby) and started feeling confident on making my decisions w/ what tools were given to me... Not relying on "The Answers". -That Just Happened!!

Sherwin Bajao December 9th, 2021
Sherwin Bajao

Helps me with my fantasy.

Eric Ralls December 8th, 2021
Eric Ralls

Good extension

Aman Chawla November 29th, 2021
Aman Chawla

Great to have the support directly on the fantasy platform. Sometimes doesn't pop up as expected (hence 4 out of 5) but is almost always a seamless addition and well worth it.

Travis Hodges November 22nd, 2021
Travis Hodges

extension is decent but it did not work as promised during my ESPN draft

Amy Sutton November 17th, 2021
Amy Sutton

Love it! It works perfectly everytime!

Timothy Gress November 14th, 2021
Timothy Gress

Giving it a 4 out of 5 because it periodically has problems making start/sit and FA acquisition recommendations for Sleeper leagues. I get it, Sleeper makes changes to their platform and then Chrome extension developers have to respond to these changes in order for the product to work properly. For the most part the developers do a good job keeping up with Sleeper's changes but sometimes it takes them a couple weeks to do it and the product is basically useless until they catch-up. Other than that it's a decent way to get advice for your lineups and FAs. I also like to use it each Sunday morning to double check that I haven't missed a player ruled out of a game that might be in one of my lineups, which is critical especially if you have multiple leagues you play in. I'd recommend the product for sure!!

Randy G October 24th, 2021
Randy G

This app is absolutely fantastic! Love everything about it. If you play in multiple fantasy leagues, especially across multiple platforms (e.g., Yahoo!, ESPN, etc.), this app is incredibly useful. Well worth it.

Christopher Brannan October 23rd, 2021
Christopher Brannan

Works great

David Rask September 8th, 2019
David Rask

There are no experts that can call a game. Overall I am disappointed with the extension because I constantly have to clear cache in order for it to work properly. there seems to be a delay with sync and that needs fixing

Vulcan 900 October 16th, 2021
Vulcan 900

It's pretty good but could be better. If it has a lineup suggestion that I don't wish to follow I can't bypass it to just have the player cards added to ESPN (fantasy football). My biggest gripe about it. Also would like to be able to move the popup around the screen if need be, can't.

Kyle Rutledge October 14th, 2021
Kyle Rutledge

works for me. although I do think I should start Mattison this week

Alex Hayes October 13th, 2021
Alex Hayes

I would rate this app higher than my wife but a little less than my kids. Definitely one of the top 3 things in my life.

Dillon Padgett October 13th, 2021
Dillon Padgett

I'm a big fan of Fantasy Pros and this extension works great! It gives me relevant suggestions on lineup changes and even recommends pickups when you are looking at the waiver! A+

Jason Harper October 8th, 2021
Jason Harper

So far it has worked great. not necessarily got me the wins though.

Kevin “KG” Gaither October 7th, 2021
Kevin “KG” Gaither

Works excellent on my Mac mini. Love the extra data that I get when looking at players to pick up on waivers

Keith Thurston October 3rd, 2021
Keith Thurston

Great extension to quickly check on players.

Terry Wayne October 2nd, 2021
Terry Wayne

Works exactly like you'd expect it to, I've found it forces me to do a bit more research when I'm in my ESPN league and about to make a move the extension is right there with a list of other options I should consider. I still find myself going to the FP website to do more extended research, but this extension is often the catalyst. Highly recommended!

Chris Sidebottom October 1st, 2021
Chris Sidebottom

The app + browser site + extension all have really nice functionality. There are definitely some QoL upgrades I'd like to see, and navigation between FantasyPros and whatever fantasy platform (ESPN, Yahoo, etc) could be cleaned up. But all in all, FantasyPros has been phenomenal for allowing a casual football fan to compete in Leagues with my football-loving meatball friends.

Michael Miller September 30th, 2021
Michael Miller

I have used many sites and this one has quickly become a favorite! Here is it to helping me win a title again!

John N September 25th, 2021
John N

Fantastic extension. Does a great job helping you with lineup decisions and everything else.

Scott Findley September 25th, 2021
Scott Findley

I hate fantasy football but love the extension. I was suckered into joining my friends league to replace a mutual friend who died. I'm not a football fan and don't like fantasy football. I decided that if I'm going to have to play I might as well beat them. Downloaded this and got the six months free through a partner (won money using the lineup generated by fantasypros as well). This plugin and the site have let me beat them weekly in the fantasy football league that I know nothing about and don't even care about. If they sucker me into it next year I'm confident I'll come in first again. The extension is flawless and lets me set my lineup each week in seconds and made my draft effortless.

Josh Davis September 24th, 2021
Josh Davis

Works very well is confusing at the beginning but you have to get used to it, totally worth it. Could have quicker loading times on the phone app but its pretty phenomenal and has me on to my way to a 3 peat since using it.

Brett Frankel September 23rd, 2021
Brett Frankel

It does everything it's supposed to so I only have myself to blame if I lose.

Patrick Smith September 23rd, 2021
Patrick Smith


Hans Shearer September 22nd, 2021
Hans Shearer

loving the way this extension interacts with other websites

Chris McCleary September 22nd, 2021
Chris McCleary

I would love it if I can configure my Experts for the extension! I don't have a use for Overall ECR.

seamus kelahan September 20th, 2021
seamus kelahan

a little quirky to set up with some leagues, but overall very good.

Ron Cecconi September 19th, 2021
Ron Cecconi

Works great for me on my Windows 10 desktop

Matthew Kennis September 18th, 2021
Matthew Kennis

very helpful

Zeusy Zeus September 18th, 2021
Zeusy Zeus

Could be a lot better, very buggy along with most of their tools. They're the only ones doing this so it's decent but could be light years better with better software engineers.

Jared Conger September 16th, 2021
Jared Conger

Most of the time the extension works fine (though I haven't loved the optimal lineup suggestions yet). I wish I could drag the box around the open tab so that it doesn't block portions of my screen. Occasionally, it doesn't load and hangs up the web page, but a quick refresh fixes that right up (connection/bandwidth). For baseball, it has yet to load for me (does it work for MLB fantasy?). Download and use it like it is going out of style!

Jerry Grula September 15th, 2021
Jerry Grula

I'm a veteran player and this extension is a bunch of help!

Bryan Bigler September 15th, 2021
Bryan Bigler

It's so good it almost feels like cheating ;)

Brantley Gusler September 15th, 2021
Brantley Gusler

A+ Extension

Ey Yo Rob September 15th, 2021
Ey Yo Rob

Amazing! All that needs to be said.

Tom Toth September 10th, 2021
Tom Toth

Terrific app, terrific integration (particularly with ESPN) -- very well thought out and by itself makes the subscription worthwhile.

Vince Samuels September 9th, 2021
Vince Samuels

love it three years running no problems at all

James Willis September 9th, 2021
James Willis


Jeff Deutsch September 6th, 2021
Jeff Deutsch

Worked great for mocks until the actual draft came up and I couldn't figure out how to use the Draft Assistant. Not the best UX.

Jason Freeberg September 5th, 2021
Jason Freeberg

Doesn't work for ESPN. Their blog article about this extension is hilarious... "Go to the settings and allow the extension access to every part of your browser" .... no thanks?

Geo M September 2nd, 2021
Geo M

Draft Assistant and Draft Wizard are great tools. All you have to do is sync your league following the instructions they provide. My drafts went smooth and are rated #1. We shall see once the season gets underway. If you use FP tools and your own knowledge you will have a very successful draft.

Brad Whitehead September 2nd, 2021
Brad Whitehead

Love it! Worth it completely

Austin Waldron September 1st, 2021
Austin Waldron

Great extension for quick stats and update

Christian Beaver August 30th, 2021
Christian Beaver

works great

Eric Hohimer August 23rd, 2021
Eric Hohimer

Its good

William Maguire August 23rd, 2021
William Maguire

Having issues with players cards when logged in to and at the same time. Option to add fantasypros player cards does not appear.

Michael Bonaventura August 11th, 2021
Michael Bonaventura

Used to work it doesn't at all. I have to manually get it to show up every time.

Robert Heckendorf July 14th, 2021
Robert Heckendorf

I love this! Instantly lets me know if I'm improving my roster! As I'm always searching the waiver wire looking for players, Fantasy Pros rankings and comments are right there!

Josh Beebe May 15th, 2021
Josh Beebe

Extension is not working on my 2009 Mac, not sure how to fix it.

Justin Osness December 26th, 2020
Justin Osness

Works like a charm. Adds depth to whatever platform you log into via Chrome.

Jmcale Mge December 23rd, 2020
Jmcale Mge


Chris Carrillo December 11th, 2020
Chris Carrillo


Ryan Saucier December 5th, 2020
Ryan Saucier

Love the plug in but the ratings aren't that great, they are weighted too heavy for preseason rankings

David S December 3rd, 2020
David S

Great tool for fantasy league!

Michael Wright November 28th, 2020
Michael Wright

Works great once I did the Chrome thing that causes third party extensions not to work sometimes. Ask support if you're having issues, it's a simple fix.

Charles Wray November 19th, 2020
Charles Wray

This thing is a life saver.

Brian Banks November 16th, 2020
Brian Banks

Great research tool and analyzer!

Ari Salzberg November 13th, 2020
Ari Salzberg

great stuff