Reviews & Comments of Save to Google Drive chrome extension

From April 13th, 2021 to February 24th, 2023, 8% user give 5-star rating, 11% user give 4-star rating, 15% user give 3-star rating, 9% user give 2-star rating, 56% user give 1-star rating. for Save to Google Drive chrome extension.

Reviews of save to google drive:

Michael Harmon February 24th, 2023
Michael Harmon

FINALLY!!! After years of being broken and showing that MAX_CAPTURE error the extension works again. I don't know if it works on all settings but I can verify that I have the following options checked: Save to Folder: My Drive Save Page As: Google Document Misc.: (checked) Convert saved link to Google editor format

Jem TheWire February 18th, 2023
Jem TheWire

Doesn't work in Edge as you cannot enter your Google email address. But works well in Chrome (as expected). If someone knows how to get it to work in Edge, please let me know. Thx.

Joshua Omote February 12th, 2023
Joshua Omote

Solid extension for our use case. I think this app could be broken down and have more refined detail such as saving a whole page into a screenshot, sending files to one massive shared drive, having a preview feature before confirming saving an image, etc. But overall, pretty solid.

No Way February 3rd, 2023
No Way

None of this works. It does nothing but add an icon. Maybe it just doesn't work with PDFs, but I can't imagine what else someone would want to save to Google Drive, so... it's worthless. Maybe it works if you want to save cat gifs.

Cody Bachert January 27th, 2023
Cody Bachert

Broken, same issue as all others

Subha Nair January 21st, 2023
Subha Nair

This is a useful tool. Thanks for making it. Cons: 1. It saves only 1 page. If the email is long, there is no way to save an email fully in pdf. Hopefully you will be able to fix this. Thanks.

Tigran Sargsyan January 17th, 2023
Tigran Sargsyan

Doesn't allow you to choose a folder in Drive where to save a particular object.

Mandi Perkins January 16th, 2023
Mandi Perkins

I have this extension downloaded, but the option to save anything to Google Drive does not come up under any circumstances (Print, right click, etc.)

Jim Searle January 7th, 2023
Jim Searle

Still broken, please fix! Image capture failed (This request exceeds the MAX_CAPTURE_VISIBLE_TAB_CALLS_PER_SECOND quota.)

Steven Plutte December 16th, 2022
Steven Plutte

Doesn't work and hasn't for quite a while AND it's a Google authored extension with the "Featured" badge. What a joke.

Jason B December 10th, 2022
Jason B

Stopped working months ago. Always gives the following error: "Image capture failed (This request exceeds the MAX_CAPTURE_VISIBLE_TAB_CALLS_PER_SECOND quota.) " No fix or workaround as far as I can tell.

Pete Stevens November 30th, 2022
Pete Stevens

Doesn't work. Tried it on several web pages and it always gives the error message, "mage capture failed (This request exceeds the MAX_CAPTURE_VISIBLE_TAB_CALLS_PER_SECOND quota.)"

Radical Solutions November 28th, 2022
Radical Solutions

This extension is useless - it only saves pages in grayscale, doesn't give options for page layout or size, doesn't let me choose where in Drive to save, and only seems to offer PNG format. However this used to work for people, it definitely doesn't anymore.

Connor M November 13th, 2022
Connor M

Used to have to download multiple PDFs locally to my machine, rename them, upload them to drive and then delete them locally for my school work. This saved me so much time! 5/5

MyBoiSima October 31st, 2022

Doesn't work at all. Can't even sign in.

David Casas Pozuelos October 31st, 2022
David Casas Pozuelos

Please, add the option to save the files with the original doc name. I have 10 docs with the same name untitled.pdf! Thanks for your effort!

Mike Schiller October 20th, 2022
Mike Schiller

Broken. Needs to be updated by Google because Google changed how Chrome works over a year ago.

Nicole Ahmed October 18th, 2022
Nicole Ahmed

Updated 18/10/22 - does save pdfs of web pages to my drive, but no option to specify which folder or alter pdf. Original review: Not working for me on Windows 10 and Chrome106.0.5249.119 (Official Build) (64-bit) No errors - just doesn't do anything Disabled

Sumeet Mahendra September 27th, 2022
Sumeet Mahendra

This Save to Google Drive chrome extension isn't working at all. Please check 1000s of bad reviews at As we all getting this error. Image capture failed (This request exceeds the MAX_CAPTURE_VISIBLE_TAB_CALLS_PER_SECOND quota.) Screenshot:

Crypto God September 27th, 2022
Crypto God

This chrome extension isn't working at all. Getting this error. Image capture failed (This request exceeds the MAX_CAPTURE_VISIBLE_TAB_CALLS_PER_SECOND quota.)

Jake Burnett September 26th, 2022
Jake Burnett

It's been over a year and yet this extension still doesn't work. What gives, Google?

Joe Gabbard September 26th, 2022
Joe Gabbard

Damn program does not work, says "Image capture failed (This request exceeds the MAX_CAPTURE_VISIBLE_TAB_CALLS_PER_SECOND quota.)"

Chathuranga Liyanagama September 23rd, 2022
Chathuranga Liyanagama

god damn it! does not work

Maura Cyrus September 20th, 2022
Maura Cyrus

Does not work. Only gives "Image capture failed (This request exceeds the MAX_CAPTURE_VISIBLE_TAB_CALLS_PER_SECOND quota.)"

Azizi Yahya September 15th, 2022
Azizi Yahya

less annoying Saving Animation, please

Adeel Siddiqi September 6th, 2022
Adeel Siddiqi

It works well for me. However, it converts anything I save to black and white. How do I fix this?

S. Panther September 5th, 2022
S. Panther

Like most reviews now, it doesn't work. Can't even screenshot a basic website.

Cheshire Cad September 3rd, 2022
Cheshire Cad

A 7.5GB file was "too large", despite me having 15+GB available. That's... kinda the reason why I needed this in the first place.

Spencer Mathews August 25th, 2022
Spencer Mathews

Would be nice if it worked. If only Google could afford to pay some developers to do things like maintain its products.

Jeff Serio August 17th, 2022
Jeff Serio

didnt work

Brittany Francis August 11th, 2022
Brittany Francis

Doesn't work

Carlos Daniel August 10th, 2022
Carlos Daniel

doesn't work. fix it.

Carlos Pita August 9th, 2022
Carlos Pita

Broken: Image capture failed (This request exceeds the MAX_CAPTURE_VISIBLE_TAB_CALLS_PER_SECOND quota.)

Jax Carroll August 4th, 2022
Jax Carroll

Doesn't work. Screen flashes like something happens. But nothing is saved because there is no destination folder set. Clicking the option for changing the destination folder gives an error "403. That’s an error. We're sorry, but you do not have access to this page. That’s all we know."

alekss April 6th, 2022

It is Buggy and this thing even didn't work for me - Page size is not supported: 1424x0 Or It just didn't save files in drive at all and have just to download file and then upload to drive manually

Frog Boi July 16th, 2022
Frog Boi

Worked well when my window was minimized, but when window was full screen it would switch my window to my desktop window, and I would have to go back into chrome. It didn't crash chrome, but just caused an inconvenience.

Chris Sherlock July 14th, 2022
Chris Sherlock

This extension used to work quite well. I've had it on my laptop for a long time, although I haven't always used it. Today, I needed to save a couple of pages and tried to use it. Didn't work. This is the message I got: Image capture failed (This request exceeds the MAX_CAPTURE_VISIBLE_TAB_CALLS_PER_SECOND quota.) I see from reading previous reviews that I'm not alone in getting this error. Since I don't have time to research a solution--if there even is one--or tweak a buggy extension, I'll just be deleting this.

Mike Garofolo June 27th, 2022
Mike Garofolo

Hot trash. Doesn't even work a little bit.

Mouse Scarbrow July 15th, 2019
Mouse Scarbrow

Works perfectly, except for the odd glitch. Also, once I chose a specific GDrive folder to save to, I was unable to revert my settings back to saving in My Drive - I had to reinstall the extension to fix it. Edit: Two years later, it doesn't work. It started with an error on some sites about maxing-out tab-something-or-others, and now it just refuses to work entirely, giving "You must authorize Save to Google Drive." Edit 2: All else works fine, yet we still have, "This request exceeds the MAX_CAPTURE_VISIBLE_TAB_CALLS_PER_SECOND quota."

Artur Perzyna June 25th, 2022
Artur Perzyna

It is useful when works. Trying to capture whole page to .PNG (wish there was .JPG option). But having this error instead: Image capture failed (This request exceeds the MAX_CAPTURE_VISIBLE_TAB_CALLS_PER_SECOND quota.) Please fix.

Nelly David June 15th, 2022
Nelly David

I have been using it for years and it has never disappointed me when it comes to downloading my files and saving images, with GOOGLE DRIVE, you are sure that your documents and images are safe for future use. The only disadvantage is that if you don't name your files you cannot differentiate them from the others.

Michael McDonagh April 27th, 2022
Michael McDonagh

Doesn't capture images of a page longer than 2 scrolls.

Señor Lee September 8th, 2021
Señor Lee

It will not save the whole page, just the visible part. Image capture failed (This request exceeds the MAX_CAPTURE_VISIBLE_TAB_CALLS_PER_SECOND quota.)

hyphen point April 1st, 2022
hyphen point

Google, please stop disabling useful functions, adding inessential features to youtube or just stop changing the things that work. Sincerly - an annoyed user

Navid Rahbar March 29th, 2022
Navid Rahbar

Filesize limit hurts

Judah Stevenson March 26th, 2022
Judah Stevenson

Complete garbage. Will not save as any other format but .png no matter what you configure in the options settings.

Bruno Déry March 16th, 2022
Bruno Déry

Does Not Work! It seemed like a great tool to integrate into my google products, but not working at all. I simply get an error notification (in MS Edge): "you must authorize save to google drive" error. With no easy explanations how to resolve this error. I looked into the extension options but did not find anything. So sadly, it's another FAIL, Google!! I'm starting to really consider avoiding Google products, getting fed up of all these hiccups that never get solved...

Scott Adams March 13th, 2022
Scott Adams

Does not work. Only saves a PNG of the top 20% of the email-- no matter which options you choose. Typical free garbage form Google.

Zaki Jääskeläinen March 13th, 2022
Zaki Jääskeläinen

Google broke their own extension. I am getting this message on all pages that are longer than a couple of screen-fulls: Image capture failed (This request exceeds the MAX_CAPTURE_VISIBLE_TAB_CALLS_PER_SECOND quota.)

Dainius Mažuika March 7th, 2022
Dainius Mažuika

Would be perfect, but it does not work, I get MAX_CAPTURE_VISIBLE_TAB_CALLS_PER_SECOND quata exceeded error on entire page capture to png.

Connor Clark February 24th, 2022
Connor Clark

Getting a error message "Image capture failed (This request exceeds the MAX_CAPTURE_VISIBLE_TAB_CALLS_PER_SECOND quota.)"

Will Sheppard February 21st, 2022
Will Sheppard

It doesn't work for me. The page scrolls and a new window appears with an error message: > Image capture failed (This request exceeds the MAX_CAPTURE_VISIBLE_TAB_CALLS_PER_SECOND quota.)

Prottoy Rahman February 18th, 2022
Prottoy Rahman

I used to use it, worked nice. But now it's just showing "Image capture failed (This request exceeds the MAX_CAPTURE_VISIBLE_TAB_CALLS_PER_SECOND quota.)", and is practically useless.

Scott Pele February 16th, 2022
Scott Pele

Doesn't save links. It tries to take a pdf of the webpage and save that, but fails half the time.

dragon king February 8th, 2022
dragon king

is there a way to save files larger than 70MB using this extension? I'm trying to save anime episodes that average between 80-150 MB

Timothy Heap February 4th, 2022
Timothy Heap

Literally cannot find any sense in which this works at all. Stubbornly pops up a notification to tell me I need to authorise it ... but with no method to do so. Ironically, the only reason I was trying to use it was to save an XML file and edit it by had to work around Google's hideously broken XPath implementation in Google Sheets. Even the "Send feedback" button on the extension's options page goes to the wrong place...

Abner Vadil January 31st, 2022
Abner Vadil

This extension used to allow me to save to a Google Drive account that was different from the account associated with my Chrome profile. Now, I cannot get it to behave this way anymore. I can only save it to the Google account associated with my Chrome profile. Before, I was able to use the Chrome profile associated with my personal Google account, login to my school Google account in the same browser, and save documents from Canvas to my school Google Drive.

Saad Ahmmed January 27th, 2022
Saad Ahmmed

Stopped working !! now it gives error "Image capture failed (This request exceeds the MAX_CAPTURE_VISIBLE_TAB_CALLS_PER_SECOND quota.)" otherwise it was a great extension.

Mattias Dreger January 17th, 2022
Mattias Dreger

I like this extension.. but why is it always printing black and white?? All my other print options work fine. Strange bug.

Anthony Spallone - Arctic Grey January 7th, 2022
Anthony Spallone - Arctic Grey

It used to work great, I loved this extension. However, now, every time I try to use it I get this error: Image capture failed (This request exceeds the MAX_CAPTURE_VISIBLE_TAB_CALLS_PER_SECOND quota.)

Melvin Abraham January 1st, 2022
Melvin Abraham

Can't save to a specific folder. Files always go to the root of my Google Drive.

Chuck Batson December 16th, 2021
Chuck Batson

There is an undocumented file size limit. This makes it useless for my need.

Harmen de Jong December 5th, 2021
Harmen de Jong

Says it can save a link to a website, but it can't. It just takes a screenshot, even after I explicitly select the option to safe as html code. This renders the app useless, because if I want to save a screenshot to the drive, I can just take a screenshot and upload that. The point is adding links to the drive. It's insane to me that I would need an extension for that in the first place. Why not allow users to add a link to a drive? Any half-decent filesharing app does that.

RJ November 13th, 2021

Not Working!

Jeff Axelrod November 13th, 2021
Jeff Axelrod

Totally broken extension; options are all ignored.

Patty Hodapp November 2nd, 2021
Patty Hodapp

UGH, been using this extension for years and it has worked well, now all of a sudden I get the error: Image capture failed (This request exceeds the MAX_CAPTURE_VISIBLE_TAB_CALLS_PER_SECOND quota.) I'm not sure why it won't work and no forums are really addressing this. Please help! Been relying on this for work.

Andrew Calvin November 1st, 2021
Andrew Calvin

It just doesn't work. Image capture failed (This request exceeds the MAX_CAPTURE_VISIBLE_TAB_CALLS_PER_SECOND quota.)

Karl Niebuhr October 24th, 2021
Karl Niebuhr

Simple but effective, the only extension I found that lets me use my cloud storage for free

Aaron Isotton October 13th, 2021
Aaron Isotton

It works but it's extremely bare bones. You can only save things to one folder that you have set in the settings (i.e. you can't save something to a different place, unlike e.g. saving an attachment from gmail or similar).

Paul Chapman October 10th, 2021
Paul Chapman

Doesn't work, I just get the error Image capture failed (This request exceeds the MAX_CAPTURE_VISIBLE_TAB_CALLS_PER_SECOND quota.) Like, why? It used to work fine.

Edu “Printesa” Pintilie July 5th, 2021
Edu “Printesa” Pintilie


Dan Cross October 6th, 2021
Dan Cross

Doesn't work! MAX_CAPTURE_VISIBLE_TAB_CALLS_PER_SECOND every time you try and capture a web page.

Malachi Davis October 3rd, 2021
Malachi Davis

Can't choose a destination folder (Error 400 when option is selected) and I can't change the google account it saves to like I have been able to for some time now.

Rafael Oliveira September 30th, 2021
Rafael Oliveira

Message error: "400: The server cannot process the request because it is malformed. It should not be retried. That’s all we know."

Olivier Saier September 30th, 2021
Olivier Saier

Haven't tested all the pages in the web but the first ones I wanted to save failed, very poor: Image of entire page fails with "Image capture failed (This request exceeds the MAX_CAPTURE_VISIBLE_TAB_CALLS_PER_SECOND quota.)" Google Document won't work, progress bar remaining at 0% forever HTML and MHT are a bit useless, can't be properly open in Drive, or perhaps after spending hours looking for 3rd party drive plugins.

Alma Materna September 21st, 2021
Alma Materna

When I try to change the destination folder in the options, it results in the 400 error. I have all cookies allowed in Chrome settings and deleted the existing Drive cookies but it still doesn't work. Please help! Without this option this extension is not very useful.

Chase Martin September 8th, 2021
Chase Martin

And it's fixed. Yay! ?

I PL September 8th, 2021

Image capture failed (This request exceeds the MAX_CAPTURE_VISIBLE_TAB_CALLS_PER_SECOND quota.) -- -- on every webpage -- "save page as" is set to Image of entire page (png)

scott sargent September 8th, 2021
scott sargent

Very sad this is broken; I hope it gets fixed soon.

Aidan Rolfe September 8th, 2021
Aidan Rolfe

New update broke it. Says I must authorize. I have no idea where to do it, the information isn't anywhere online, there's no option for that, i've tried all settings and back again, i've removed and re-added to chrome. Forget it. This is dead.

Celia Kuo September 8th, 2021
Celia Kuo

My extension can't work, keep popping up the massage of " You must authorise save to google drive". How to authorise it ?

Ashley Basson September 8th, 2021
Ashley Basson

In our office we use this feature every day, the whole day. Suddenly today we are unable to use it. Whatever you guys did, please undo it. But for this, I would have rated it with 5 stars.

Abhi Bhatnagar September 8th, 2021
Abhi Bhatnagar

Getting error 403 on clicking on destination folder option. Please help. I was using this extension daily

Starlytte September 7th, 2021

I loved this extension and used it every day, all day. Then it suddenly stopped working about 3 hours ago. I've tried uninstalling, clearing cache, reinstalling. All I keep getting is a message that says I do not have access to that page and/or you must authorize.

Melanie Delman September 7th, 2021
Melanie Delman

A very useful extension until now. Latest update 2.3.3, which just updated today 9/7/2021 appears to have induced a problem. It now says "'you must authorize save to google drive'". Tried removing and reinstalling extension. Tried exiting chrome and bringing it back up. Tried signing in and out of my account in Chrome. Tried rebooting machine. No luck.

Cade Moss September 7th, 2021
Cade Moss

Only a four star because it's been so useful for me, but now it keeps giving me a pop up that says 'you must authorize save to google drive' and I have! No idea what that means or how to fix that. It's been a real useful extension for me for saving my own files to drive fast and easily, but it won't work for me anymore it seems so that's Frustrating.

Zoran M August 31st, 2021
Zoran M

Image capture failed (This request exceeds the MAX_CAPTURE_VISIBLE_TAB_CALLS_PER_SECOND quota.) Upload failure: Unspecified error (404) So why not tell what and how I can save?

Steven Passenier August 29th, 2021
Steven Passenier

I liked this tool , sadly it is broken since Chrome 92 > Image capture failed (This request exceeds the MAX_CAPTURE_VISIBLE_TAB_CALLS_PER_SECOND quota.)

Arash ace August 24th, 2021
Arash ace

pls make something useful, this is so disappointing, i expect something much more practical, i love google drive.

Floor August 17th, 2021

When I save a document on Gmail I get to option to decide the exact location where the document will go, but in this extension I cant. Did anyone encounter this problem? Its annoying to have to go back to drive to adjust the location :(

Yvonne Gibbs August 16th, 2021
Yvonne Gibbs

Was working a treat - now all I get is an error message about exceeding the max capture rate

Sergio Vazquez II August 15th, 2021
Sergio Vazquez II

Fails miserably when attempting to save to a Shared Drive - "Upload failure: Unspecified error (404)"

Ward Christman July 28th, 2021
Ward Christman

Been using it for years and love it! In past week it no longer works, giving this error - any suggestions? Image capture failed (This request exceeds the MAX_CAPTURE_VISIBLE_TAB_CALLS_PER_SECOND quota.)

Cody Wiesner July 8th, 2021
Cody Wiesner

This *would* have been a great app. It consistently does what it's made to do. Unfortunately, I can't find any way to change accounts, so you better be sure the account you want to save files to is the one you want to use forever. There's no dropdown box or option to switch accounts that I could find anywhere. I even removed the app and installed it again, but it remembered that I signed in.

Cormac Dullaghan July 3rd, 2021
Cormac Dullaghan

For people complaining about the web pages being saved as PNG... you can change in the options to save it as HTML or other formats. What I would like to know if what the max file size limitation is please? I've bought 2TB of Google Drive storage and yet it seems to fail every time I request it to save any files of various sizes. Example error alert: Download failure: Source too large (4724 MB). Download failure: Source too large (137854 MB). 3 stars as the simplicity is a nice idea, but the fact it's unusable in my use case.

Mr. Lance E Sloan (UMich) June 30th, 2021
Mr. Lance E Sloan (UMich)

Apparently after Google Cloud Print services were taken away and Chrome's "Save to Google Drive" feature for its print function were taken away with it, sometime later this extension brought that feature back to Chrome. ? However, when I use "Save to Google Drive" from Chrome's print function, the print preview shows all color on the page as grayscale! When the file is saved (PDF), opening it in Google drive reveals the colors as they should be. How misleading! I wasted a lot of time worrying about whether the resulting file was going to be in grayscale because of the preview. The other print options, like "Save as PDF" or "Generic Postscript Printer", show full color in their previews. It wasn't until I decided to go ahead and try printing with "Save to Google Drive" did I find that it printed correctly. It looks like a bug to me. Thanks for wasting my time, Google!

Akash Pratap Singh June 5th, 2021
Akash Pratap Singh

Not connecting to any account. Nothing happens when I click "change destination folder" in options. Obviously without authorisation no option of save to google drive is available on right click.

Francine Dominique Cang May 24th, 2021
Francine Dominique Cang

garbage extension, has a size limit

Mccayla Wallace May 20th, 2021
Mccayla Wallace

Can't save as pdf or choose which folder to save to. Better of printing to pdf and uploading it to drive

Jessica Colbert May 18th, 2021
Jessica Colbert

Only saves a screenshot of top half of email. If email scrolls multiple screens, it does not capture.

Sine Nomine May 17th, 2021
Sine Nomine

Doesn't work with my chosen Linux Distro, Manjaro

Morteza Mirmojarabian May 17th, 2021
Morteza Mirmojarabian

Bug report: Take a screenshot of You won't get an image of the entire page.

Sebastian Hahn (sinept) May 16th, 2021
Sebastian Hahn (sinept)

won't save large files. Pretty useless.

10A Mohamed Junaid Samiullah (Juni) May 15th, 2021
10A Mohamed Junaid Samiullah (Juni)

Not able to save YouTube videos to Google Drive, shows link invalid and not supported, otherwise the extension is cool

Ehsan Amini May 9th, 2021
Ehsan Amini

It does the job for me. It would have been really cool if it let you select the upload folder for each case separately. As it is now, you only get to designate a folder on the options page and the images will be saved in that folder. I would have given it 5 stars if it had this feature.

Scott Husted May 8th, 2021
Scott Husted

It's OK, but it's frustrating that you have to save a 'default' folder without the ability to select a folder prior to saving. Also, I can't figure out how to get the default folder it saves to back to my main drive folder without uninstalling and re-installing the extension. Once I change the default folder to something else, there is no way in the change folder configuration to get back to the primary directory.

1DS19EC034 Srikar May 8th, 2021
1DS19EC034 Srikar

Doesn't work on Edge. It keeps saying "You must authorize Save to Google Drive" but never says how.

Phil May 6th, 2021

== It's good for my purposes which is just downloading files from a webpage directly to Google Drive. I have no interest in the HTML > PDF feature that everyone else seems to be reviewing. HERE'S MY PROBLEM. The description states that you can download files "directly to Google Drive". This is not true. It routes the download through your connection. If you have a slow upload speed with your ISP and are looking for a way to 'instruct Google Drive to download file XYZ directly' to take your slow connection out of the loop, then this DOES NOT DO THAT. It's not direct. Your machine, and your connection sits in the middle of any transfer, with the website on one side and Google Drive on the other. To prove it, open Task Manager and select the "Performance" tab - [if you can't see the Performance tab, click the "More Details" button at the bottom]. You'll see on the left a column of items that looks similar to this: CPU Memory Disks WiFi / Ethernet / Network <-- click this GPU You'll see the Send and Receive speeds on the right. They fluctuate a little while you're not doing anything, that's normal. Now find a file download link on any site, right-click it, then select "Save to Google Drive". Watch those Send/Receive speeds now. Your connection will max out until the file is uploaded. It's a great extension, but the "Direct download" description just isn't true.

ThriftyTheo April 26th, 2021

Works great!

John Williams April 13th, 2021
John Williams

Very confusing interface. It's very picky about which links/files it lets you save and which not. Thought I'd finally saved a file to a specific folder but it wasn't there when I looked. I will remove this from Chrome and go back to the old method of using synched folders on my own PC. (This seems counter-intuitive though, to download then re-upload to a different part of the cloud.)