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From June 11th, 2021 to December 10th, 2022, 65% user give 5-star rating, 5% user give 4-star rating, 8% user give 3-star rating, 7% user give 2-star rating, 15% user give 1-star rating. for Avast Online Security & Privacy chrome extension.

Reviews of avast online security & privacy:

Christopher Davis December 10th, 2022
Christopher Davis

If figured out Avast is tracking and selling data to advertisers. I have uBlock Origin installed and I was randomly getting a popup warning about advertising tracking no matter what site I'm on. At first I didn't know what was causing it. When I disable the Avast extension this it warning stops.

Marley Hellerstein November 28th, 2022
Marley Hellerstein

along with total ad blocker and guardio, which i use along with avast, this extension is really nice in the realm of free security extensions! highly reccomend

Tom Storcz November 20th, 2022
Tom Storcz

Avast seems to be blocking my AD BLOCK and I have 4 Avast acounts and have been thinking about leaving them and start using Norton if this continues.

Joshua November 16th, 2022


Spiralz “dspiralz5” Lmao October 21st, 2022
Spiralz “dspiralz5” Lmao

Where did tracking protection go? It's a shame that half of the features are behind a paywall. Might as well just make the extension a list of links you can visit to opt-out of popular advertisers.

DA H September 25th, 2022

the anti tracking feature is now behind a paywall rendering this extension pretty much useless

Joseph Mervyn Imutan September 17th, 2022
Joseph Mervyn Imutan

The anti-tracking feature is no longer free for Windows 11. Avast tells you to upgrade to Avast One.

Akotski1338 January 23rd, 2021

this extension used to show other people's rating of a website and it would allow me to know if a website ive never visited before is trustworthy. now all it does is block trackers. i dont know if someone bought avast or whatever but it recently became a piece of garbage

Evelyn Alvarez June 4th, 2022
Evelyn Alvarez

It looks like an advertisement for Avast One (which is good for a cellphone), and offers a free download. But, the download is for windows or mac and I'm on a chromebook so I can't use it. A couple of pop up ads came thru and that never happened before. It does let me know if I'm being tracked. If you block 3rd party cookies it won't let you opt out of some tracking. It let me block all but one.

John Doe May 31st, 2022
John Doe

Nice extension, works well. I've particularly enjoyed the (until recently) free anti-tracking feature! I am of course, writing this review since they now demand payment for this service. I have some sarcastic remarks I'd like to make, but for now I will hold my tongue and offer some help to any other users who recently noticed this. If you go find where Chrome stores extensions and determine which folder holds this one, it seems 22.3.143_0 was added today (May 31, 2022). If Chrome hasn't deleted the previous version, you may be able to reinstate it. Good luck! Now, I suppose I could just … not be a cheapskate, and buy Avast One Premium like it says to but... no. I find it funny they renamed the extension "Avast Online Security *and Privacy*" only to now remove the best (and quite a long-standing) privacy feature. I really want to rant about it, but this review is too long already.

plasma 8321 May 31st, 2022
plasma 8321

This and avasts anti virus used to be good. But they're just getting more and more greedy. The anti virus is pretty much just adware now, and we cant even block trackers anymore with this extension

Nikita Kokoriev March 31st, 2022
Nikita Kokoriev

Unfortunately, the checker generates false positive alerts, which can lower the user's trust rating for sites that do not have these problems. I think that such situations are unacceptable for a company of this level. Upd:The problem was quickly solved within a day.

蔡克文 March 3rd, 2022

Cloudflare is considered as a virus since today...what the hell? cannot access dashbaord

Kia February 22nd, 2022

Won't let me remove it.

KCNITJ VIDEOEBOOKS February 21st, 2022


Surya S Mulloth February 19th, 2022
Surya S Mulloth

unable to open

Nikola Sarajlic February 16th, 2022
Nikola Sarajlic

Great extension. I have trusted Avast for 10 years. Hasn't let me down, yet.

Anjan Lohar December 14th, 2021
Anjan Lohar

Ony one word for it. It's GREAT.

Tanvir Mohammed Akif December 5th, 2021
Tanvir Mohammed Akif

Please remove the errors popping on the Chrome Devtools / Console Tab ...

Muhammad Qasim December 2nd, 2021
Muhammad Qasim

when I enable the Avast extension in my google chrome its shows a lot of errors in my chrome console. which do create a panic condition during development and debugging.

Lynx Ng December 1st, 2021
Lynx Ng

Keeps popping up 3rd party ad tracking notice when I expressedly opted out. Says toggling a switch will opt out of future ones but new ones are still added. And this is within 3rd day from switching that option. Can't trust an extension like this to secure browsing.

Cheyenne Perkins November 30th, 2021
Cheyenne Perkins

It doesn't even work anymore for my computer and i don't know why

S Khan November 17th, 2021
S Khan

Tis deserves a ten-star review (if that was possible)! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ I have never had a problem with it. I love the fact that, unlike other online privacy and security extensions, You do not need to pay for it. I have another extension, WOT, that has a maximum of only three rackers blocked if you don't have Premium. Moreover, they keep sending me emails encouraging me to buy their premium subscription. Another great feature of this extension is the guides/privacy advisors. They help me optimize my settings on websites to ensure my security and privacy. Last of all, the most beautiful thing about this extension is the pop-up that appears whenever I enter an unsafe site, along with the badge next to sites in the search page. (Also, I have downloaded the antivirus app, and it is amazing!)

Dominik Adrian Grzywak November 11th, 2021
Dominik Adrian Grzywak

With the ability to vote on the website being removed, the extension became less useful. There's a lot of malicious websites Avast marks as OK, and there's no possibility to report it through the extension.

Lxwis TheCoolxst November 4th, 2021
Lxwis TheCoolxst

Nice. Best protection.

Chocolate Smarties October 27th, 2021
Chocolate Smarties

It work really cleanly and it always gave me the option to block the viruses and always told me how many were blocked or not. Thanks for the great addon and it will always be good

Little Star October 27th, 2021
Little Star

I loved this software but since the update it says everything is safe so if I click on the website I get a virus thinking the website is safe.

Allen of Black Steel October 27th, 2021
Allen of Black Steel

The latest version I can't get used to it. man I missed my previous version. previous version I know that green icon means safe, fainted color means unkown, orange means this website is not trusted, red means dangers. but news version I see oranges and I have no idea what is going on.

Bill Naylor October 26th, 2021
Bill Naylor

I love Avast in general and this extension in particular. If you use Avast Antivirus on your PC, there's a Boot Time scan that checks your drives before Windows starts - gets at rootkits and registry issues. Really, really good. I've been using it for years. Even my elderly dad doesn't get viruses. Anybody using McAfee is a target.....Avast takes good care of you.....

AiraFayieee (Fay) October 26th, 2021
AiraFayieee (Fay)

Thank you avast for keeping me safe from those viruses in my computer

Tajus & Ponnu Creatives April 8th, 2021
Tajus & Ponnu Creatives

Fast,responsive online security by Avast,amazing! very well managing no interruption

Abhinav Maviti October 23rd, 2021
Abhinav Maviti

very nice

Specter October 23rd, 2021

This is the best extension ever and it tells me if things are safe or not. Thanks to this, I can search safer.

Jan “Emerson” Corwin October 21st, 2021
Jan “Emerson” Corwin

It is that good.

Rudrak Pal October 20th, 2021
Rudrak Pal

very good

Nascar Le Gamer September 17th, 2021
Nascar Le Gamer


Devansh Sai Rithikesh October 15th, 2021
Devansh Sai Rithikesh

nice browser anti virus extension

Shiela Mae Ladiero October 14th, 2021
Shiela Mae Ladiero

safe and secured, recommended for those who are looking for protected browsing.

Raul Tocdaan October 13th, 2021
Raul Tocdaan

Best security online recommended

Cooldude714Pro October 9th, 2021

its really great1

Mark Joseph Sancho October 7th, 2021
Mark Joseph Sancho


Liam October 3rd, 2021

this is extension keeps me safe from dangerous website

Yohanes Johnson October 1st, 2021
Yohanes Johnson

Fast,responsive online security by Avast,amazing!

Andrew Milo September 30th, 2021
Andrew Milo

it's wiping the settings from a crypto website i use for trading, causing the extension i've paid for to keep getting unregistered. I added the website to the exceptions list in the application, and also changed the extension settings so a click is required for avast to access the website. An hour later an avast sidebar appears while i'm using the website asking if I trust the website, plus some other boxes that appeared greyed out. I click the thumbs up, then i noticed the extension had automatically reactivated. When i changed the settings required a click to enable, Avast's memory usage dropped from 640mb to 177mb. I will be looking at different antivirus software soon, this one is too intrusive.

Kris Kurnia September 29th, 2021
Kris Kurnia

I've been using this extension for years, and never had a problem. I'm using Avast antivirus for my PC for about 16 years and since using Avast, my computer has never had a virus. Please make this extension compatible with brave browser too. For other users, please remember, this extension is the first layer of protection, but you need an antivirus installed on your PC as the second layer and the strongest protection. And if there is a warning of a dangerous site, do not continue to visit that site.

rachit joshi September 29th, 2021
rachit joshi


LEE September 23rd, 2021

Before you think I'm a paid reviewer nor an employee. I have been Avast since 2011 and I have to say as a former Norton and McAfee user Avast has never failed me and neither has this extension. I've had this extension for over 6 years and has not yet failed me and I hope it never does so, who ever is the developer of this extension keep up the good work and please don't make me look bad.

Nadege September 19th, 2021

I have been using Free Avast for years now and never had any virus nor other issues on both my computers. Highly recommend it!

Eric Johnson September 15th, 2021
Eric Johnson

I've been using Avast for years now, and even with the free version I've been able to get my PC fixed from any kind of virus attack. I now use the premium version and have not had one single virus for the years I've been using it. Also, it uses much less resources than any antivirus I've had in the past. Thanks for being there!

scribblescrabble YT September 14th, 2021
scribblescrabble YT

good at defending me from bad websites!

hunterlize September 11th, 2021

Very good, It has helped a lot in diverting me away from strange sites disguised as good.

Northern sky (Ruvi) September 11th, 2021
Northern sky (Ruvi)

i have been using avast almost 10 years so far ... best and smooth... never been attacked .. great... installing both virus guard and the browser plugin gives you the best experience

Amy Perez September 9th, 2021
Amy Perez


Teng Yap September 6th, 2021
Teng Yap

Can filter unsafe websites directly and block tracking cookies, I like it

Sreshthya Bhattacharjee September 6th, 2021
Sreshthya Bhattacharjee

Its Good. The app is good. But the extension has some issues please fix those

Exporos International August 30th, 2021
Exporos International

Perhaps this is a good extension, but I didn't ask for it to install, and it's persisted for over 2 years. This extension automatically installs itself, along with Avast SafePrice, every single time I install Chrome (or any other Chromium-based browser). I never installed either of them, and I can't find the source. They're not attached to any of my Google accounts and, after uninstalling them, I can find no trace of them inside my computer. Yet, launch a new Chrome profile (even after an uninstallation and re-installation), and there they are again, both Avast extensions installed, fresh as a daisy! Neither Google nor Avast have been able to understand the issue, let alone help me with this.

Suancbespe “Hotpotatowe” August 27th, 2021
Suancbespe “Hotpotatowe”


G O August 27th, 2021

This company Avast is shady, it gives bad reviews of other search engines but gives great reviews of it's own search engine ( through it's search extension, which it forced on me during the install. It is very anti competitive. AVG (, and Zone Alarm ( did the same thing. They give other search engines false bad reviews through their products to help get users to use their shady products. If a business does shady business like that can you really trust them to protect you? Not at all. Shame on Google for not removing them from the Google store.

- August 25th, 2021

Avast Online Security collects the following: *Location: For example: region, IP address, GPS coordinates, or information about things near the user’s device. *Web history: The list of web pages a user has visited, as well as associated data such as page title and time of visit. *User activity: For example: network monitoring, clicks, mouse position, scroll, or keystroke logging. *Website content: For example: text, images, sounds, videos, or hyperlinks. CHECK "Privacy practices" above.


Good at keeping you safe

Tom John August 22nd, 2021
Tom John


Grzegorz Wlodarczyk August 19th, 2021
Grzegorz Wlodarczyk

so many here complaining about connectivity that makes me wonder how much spyware is actually being blocked by Avast to slow it down :) clean your system boys so you antivirus dont have to block most of your traffic. And also that is a perfect example of clueless instaling best antivirus Avast, so than to disable it as like continue trojans use in illegal sources programs from "free" sites :D


That is good extension i give 5 starts.

HomeSAI -PC August 16th, 2021


Jahidul Islam August 15th, 2021
Jahidul Islam

very bad for browser

B. C. August 14th, 2021
B. C.

Extension is great. Note to others who are having problems... you need to have a premium subscription for it to work properly. Otherwise its not really an extension, lol. Highly recomended.

NADIR GUEDDOUD August 11th, 2021

This Extension is Great it protects you from suspicious Websites and Malware also it detects tracking system on a website which makes it Great Extension for online Security it also Op out from ads based on your personal interests I really Recommend Downloading this extension on your browser but that bad thing about this extension that it don't give that much of details about a specific website I hope they update it as soon as possible !?

BennY Blubman August 6th, 2021
BennY Blubman

The only thing it detected as a virus was a website giving it a low rating. Also the app won't let me uninstall it.

Pakistani August 3rd, 2021

This extension is just amazing!!?? It saved me from a ton of online threats and saved my computer from virus-infected websutes. Highly recommend it

Michelle Leach-selmon July 30th, 2021
Michelle Leach-selmon

So far this has worked great on my refurbished laptop, i definitely would recommend it to other people

SREEHARI N July 30th, 2021


Shounak Gupta May 17th, 2021
Shounak Gupta

Place for this extention in my browser will be always there! I loved it, means I have given it 5 star rating. Is'nt this so cool and helpful, please reply me on my YouTube Channel Shounak Gupta, Which have 350+ subs

unkle richie July 22nd, 2021
unkle richie

Never had an issue with Avast. Works great.

General_Error “General_Error” July 21st, 2021
General_Error “General_Error”

I have used Avast for 3 or more years and it has protected me from worms and viruses and I like how you can remove the adds, it protects your IP from hackers and other people trying to access your account

Torrent Downloader July 20th, 2021
Torrent Downloader


Ashley Brown July 19th, 2021
Ashley Brown

Thanx guys and keep up the good work ;) never had any issues with avast for as long as I have used this application. Which is when keyboards was still yellow colored lol. First thing I do after a fresh install of windows is to install avast, everything else after that.

Hilo Protogen July 17th, 2020
Hilo Protogen

The realtime protection has saved me a bunch of times

Lachy Man July 16th, 2021
Lachy Man

I i have been using avast for a year and a half its awesome no complaints yet

Captain Kirk July 16th, 2021
Captain Kirk

It's a dream

Blake Wilson July 11th, 2021
Blake Wilson

Successfully blocked adware from being installed to my computer, great extension

Youssef Kamal July 10th, 2021
Youssef Kamal

Good extension

gerede dasein July 9th, 2021
gerede dasein

Avast works very well to help me maintain performance on my computer and scan for viruses. However, Avast does not respect its users' privacy the way one might hope (or might have been expecting). This is why my rating is not higher. For more information, see the article by Joseph Cox, "Leaked Documents Expose the Secretive Market for Your Web Browsing Data" (An Avast antivirus subsidiary sells 'Every search. Every click. Every buy. On every site.' Its clients have included Home Depot, Google, Microsoft, Pepsi, and McKinsey.) VICE (January 27, 2020)

Gavin Graham July 2nd, 2021
Gavin Graham

1 star for selling user data. It overall works fine.

Cuby Twist July 1st, 2021
Cuby Twist

Great app and even blocks ads on youtube

Qaim Khan June 28th, 2021
Qaim Khan

Avast is GREAT program from web security points of view. Now, I am safe from all kind of threat and I am working safely. Secondly, Avast is cheap and easy to use. After purchasing it, I found NO threat or ant third party watching my activities. I am much Thank Full to Avast. Take it and enjoy the world of internet safely.

ARMIN ALIZADEH June 25th, 2021


Tony Stark June 24th, 2021
Tony Stark

loving it for me it is very best protection software.. keep it up MAKE MORE IMPROVEMENT

Amal Ishantha Suwanda arachchi June 23rd, 2021
Amal Ishantha Suwanda arachchi

Very Good. Thanks

Simon Ngumi June 20th, 2021
Simon Ngumi

Great service in all the antivirus I've used

Sreya Anil June 18th, 2021
Sreya Anil

REALLY NOTHING TO SAY!!! Its too good, cant say anything

TECH YT June 18th, 2021


Flaky June 17th, 2021

just use malwarebytews

TheYolkExperience June 17th, 2021

Why are all the sites got a question mark/ the toolbar icon??? Sometimes it works then out of nowhere it just does this.

Lachlan Neumann June 7th, 2021
Lachlan Neumann

its great recommend it

Logan Wheeler (Reddie) June 16th, 2021
Logan Wheeler (Reddie)


John Kosiorek June 15th, 2021
John Kosiorek

I like this product. I have been using it for some time. It provides solid protection and is constantly updated and improved.

roblox fan March 11th, 2020
roblox fan

the settings is broken for this extension and the menu in the picture no longer works

Axxl TO (JGR) June 14th, 2021
Axxl TO (JGR)

The security features on this are awesome! Some companies would charge a STUPID amount, for a literal scam. Thanks to this free and easy to use service, I can stay safe, always knowing, that Avast Online Security will always have my back :D

PortalNotFound June 14th, 2021

amazing antivirus i cant believe this help me to find unsafe website keep going amazing.

ashlettes June 11th, 2021

Really love it! But on the app, i dont like how whenever i click "RESOLVE" it takes me to this subscription page, WHY NOT YOU RESOLVE IT?!