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From December 3rd, 2018 to February 23rd, 2023, 31% user give 5-star rating, 10% user give 4-star rating, 10% user give 3-star rating, 13% user give 2-star rating, 35% user give 1-star rating. for SuperSorter chrome extension.

Reviews of supersorter:

Grue Turtle February 23rd, 2023
Grue Turtle

Used to be great. No longer merges folders or removes duplicates within a folder, which were its two killer features.

Donna H. February 4th, 2023
Donna H.

2/4/24 Years back I know I could right click my bookmarks and it had an option to sort alphabetically but I can't find that anymore, I just installed SuperSorter and I had no issues. Right as it installed it sorted everything instantly. I have so many bookmarks and folders so doing this by hand was a pain. Sometimes doing it myself I'd accidentally drop a folder in another folder. Then I had to go back in that folder and drag it back out. Gawd, this extension saves me so much time!! Thank you for being so kind to share this with us.

Omar Permenter January 8th, 2023
Omar Permenter

Just like the previous users below mentioned, its asking for browsing history. But on top of that since the update it no longer sorts. automatic sorting was turned off by the update and even after turning it back on it still isnt sorting my bookmarks. never had an issue with the extension until this recent update however so once the browsing history thing and the auto sorting is fixed ill update to a 5 star review Edit, update 1.0.1 removed the need for browser history, and the auto sorting no longer working was fixed by removing and then re-adding the extension Edit 1/24/23: No matter what i do the auto sorting no longer works since the update that asked to view browser history. when i first install the extension it will do it unprompted (auto sort is off by default). then it wont ever sort again regardless of it being set on or off Edit 1/29/23: So i figured out why the sorting wasnt working. during the recent updates having "Ignore the Bookmarks Bar when sorting" on makes it so it no longer sorts the other bookmarks folder or folders within as well and that is why it would no longer sort. Before the recent updates this was not the case. It would ignore the bookmarks bar and everything else would still be sorted Edit 1/30/23: Update 1.0.5 fixed the issue

Gustavo January 26th, 2023

Simple, right on the spot and it just works! I'm using it for years and right now (26-jan-2023) everything is working flawlessly. Thanks, Richard for the amazing job done here.

R January 5th, 2023

Was 5 stars until I saw the new permissions request to read my browsing history with no explanation as to why. It's a bookmark sorting extension, why are you wanting to read my history? Removing until the history permission is removed. 2023-01-18: Author fixed the permissions concern, switching rating back to 5 stars. Thanks Richard!

Steve Magruder January 5th, 2023
Steve Magruder

Works great! I had previously rated it down due to a permission that shouldn't have been required, but that has been fixed. Thanks!

Danny Rios January 14th, 2023
Danny Rios

hands down the best tool for this purpose. plays nice with my bookmark syncing. i like this one better than sprucemarks too.

Nathan Maxwell January 5th, 2023
Nathan Maxwell

See updated responses below, indirectly reporting feedback from the developer regarding the permission request for browser history. I have re-installed the extension without issue. SuperSorter is back.

Keith Hough January 9th, 2023
Keith Hough

This is no longer sorting bookmarks as of the 1.0.1 update. Please fix. This extension has otherwise been great for years, thank you!

Phil Z January 7th, 2023
Phil Z

I'm temporarily disabling this extension until it doesn't 'read browsing history'

Jason Skowronek January 5th, 2023
Jason Skowronek

Long time user, also concerned with, "Read your browsing history" addition. It sounds like it's also news to the developer and he has a fix. Always good to reach out to those who spend their own time running projects like this on rather than down-voting without confirming the situation. Great, FREE extension.

John Prior January 5th, 2023
John Prior

Why "Read Browing History???" You don't need my browsing history to sort bookmarks!! DELETE.

MrElectrifyer Shocker January 5th, 2023
MrElectrifyer Shocker

Been utilizing it for years since I used Chrome, and continued to utilize it since I moved to Edgium. Used to be a silent yet very reliable tool for keeping my hundreds of books always organized. Now, the dev has ruined it by implementing browser history tracking in the extension, which is clearly not required for it to function. Would have gladly donated if a simple notification is all that was shown, notifying of the donation button added to the settings page. Alas, time to uninstall it and find something else for organizing my bookmarks.

Vryali January 5th, 2023

Same as others, new permission with no explanation in the notes (They cover tab permission, but not why it'd need history, which as others have said seems very odd). Rated it 1 star (after using it for years) and tryin' something else, sadly.

Galaxy Walker January 5th, 2023
Galaxy Walker

What the hell this extension started to require "Read your browsing history"?! This doesn't make any sense for sorting bookmarks which are xml files. Very unhappy. I have disabled this extension and I smelled something fishy.

Ron K January 5th, 2023
Ron K

I have been so pleased with this extension until now. Really disappointed with this latest update. The new permission to see browsing history makes no sense. What does browsing history have to do with bookmarks??? Worse, there is absolutely no mention of this requirement nor the reason for it in the latest release notes. Without any explanation/transparency, I can only assume the purpose of this permission is to track users' browsing behavior. Given the new permission in relation to the purpose of the extension, I can so no good reason to continue using it. Uninstalling it immediately. If the permission to read browser history is removed, I would consider reinstalling it.

Vincent Colombo January 5th, 2023
Vincent Colombo

This extension was always one of the first I installed when installing Chrome on a new computer. Today, I was informed that the extension was updated to require browsing history access. I will be uninstalling this extension and won't be using it again unless the developer removes this requirement.

Andy Hong January 5th, 2023
Andy Hong

I switched to SuperSorter after Sprucemarks started requiring a Patreon payment to work. I loved Sprucemarks, but I didn't want to sign up for a Patreon account. SuperSorter was a fantastic replacement... until v1.0.0 started requiring the permission to "Read your browsing history." I'm guessing this requirement was added so that SuperSorter can check whether Chrome's Bookmarks Manager is open in one of the tabs. Regardless, I wasn't fond of giving SuperSorter this permission. I uninstalled SuperSorter, and while I was searching for yet another sorting extension, I discovered that Sprucemarks no longer requires a Patreon account. Therefore, I'm back on Sprucemarks, and I just donated a couple bubble teas to the developer of Sprucemarks using PayPal, without having to sign up with Patreon.

Daniel Pietersen January 5th, 2023
Daniel Pietersen

Used to love this extension but now it asks for browser history permission? Hope that's a mistake but I'll be removing this until there's a change.

January 5th, 2023

why does it need to read my browsing history? uninstalling...

Rich Jenkins January 5th, 2023
Rich Jenkins

Used for years but uninstalling because the last update requires the "Read your browsing history" permission. There's no good reason a bookmark sorter needs this information so the developer is lying when they say "The publisher has disclosed that it will not collect or use your data". Clearly our internet usage is now for sale by a plugin that organises your bookmarks.

Jack Liu January 5th, 2023
Jack Liu

Does the job. However, since Jan 2023 (version 1.0.0), the extension requires permission *** Read your browsing history ***. Unsure why access to browsing history is mandatory to sort BOOKMARKS.... hrm..... Otherwise, no complaints.

Dylan Chau January 5th, 2023
Dylan Chau

Literally so good. I had a bunch of duplicates a while ago and it let me remove them all. Idk what people are saying about it not sorting bookmarks in folders. It does for me.

Dirko December 27th, 2022

Great Ext guys but for the love of gods could you please set 'Ignore Bookmarks Bar' to ON by default on a new install!! I know you want people to see their bookmarks getting sorted straight away but I guarantee, 95% of people have their bookmarks bar set how they like it and have a LOT of bookmarks! Please switch it on and this extension would be perfect. Cheers

Jeffrey Johnson November 24th, 2022
Jeffrey Johnson

Doesn't sort bookmarks. Only sorts the folder names and the bookmarks on the bookmarks bar not the bookmarks in those folders.

R Bross November 16th, 2022
R Bross

I've been using this for years, but now it simply doesn't work. I have it ignore the bookmarks bar, but now it doesn't sort any bookmarks in folders either.

Allon Wong November 1st, 2022
Allon Wong

stupid! How comes you arrange my bookmarks without even my confirmation? By default? what a bloody stupid app!

A Tonkin October 13th, 2022
A Tonkin

Have been searching for something, anything, that might be an aid to managing Chrome Bookmarks, to complement the inbuilt Bookmark Manager. There's an awful lot of time wasting nonsense around, all claiming to be time savers yet appear to either do nothing, or leave you in a bigger mess than when you started. "SuperSorter", however, is a long overdue breath of fresh air on being a useful tool that just works. Doesn't promise too much, but what it does promise it appears to do perfectly. Unique, in my five or more years looking for Chrome Bookmark tools.

Skewbee Deaux August 16th, 2022
Skewbee Deaux

Nice bookmark time-saver.

Zeus August 9th, 2022

Very useful, thanks!!

Z P August 3rd, 2022

it doesn't hurt if you explain a little how to use this thing!!! it doesn't do anything for me. it doesn't open any window or sth to allow me to do the sorting!!! I click on it and it just shows: busy...done! no need to say, nothing is done! nothing has changed in my chrome! completely useless

Tony Sodari July 21st, 2022
Tony Sodari

'Merge neighbouring folders that have the same name' + 'Delete empty folders' + 'Treat HTTP and HTTPS as equivalent when comparing bookmarks' + 'Identify duplicates by URL only (ignore titles)' + 'Delete duplicates within the same folder when sorting' makes this. If duplicate folders don't seem top getting merged, make sure chrome didn't put a space at the end of the name on one of them. My bookmarks and their organization basically serve to manage customer accounts, so this extension has been critical to my work flow for years.

Nathan Laird July 13th, 2022
Nathan Laird

Works well! Love it. Would like the option to exclude a folder. I make a bookmark list "to do" which is nice to follow chronologically, ie in the order I added them Overall, saves a ton of time and hassle by auto-sorting thousands of bookmarks. Thanks for developing and releasing this!

Anirudha Gupta June 19th, 2022
Anirudha Gupta

I have multiple copy of bookmarks. I fixed this issue with this extensions. thanks

Ananstracated May 13th, 2022

I have used this for years, and as it get's updates, it gets worse. I have two bookmarks, with the same name and different URLs, and yet, it says they are duplicates, which is not correct. I had a review on here before, but it seems to have been deleted. Good thing, I found two other bookmarks sorters, and duplicate finders that work better on here.

art May 13th, 2022

So far it's good. The auto sort works with a bit delay. The manual sort works too. The extension doesn't automatically sort after it is installed, which is nice because you have time to adjust how it works before starting to sort bookmarks.

J P April 11th, 2022

Just doesn't work, maybe because it's Brave browser, used to work fine, but doesn't sort anything any longer. I've tried removing and adding it back, tried to figure out what Brave is doing with it, but can't seem to figure out what's wrong with this extension. Shame, it was my favorite and my goto for managing bookmarks (why is this a thing with browser makers, and they can't just make bookmarks sort without an extension?). Worse, I had to reinstall it to leave a review, now going to remove it again...

Hostentroff Mei February 28th, 2022
Hostentroff Mei

Excellent - No BS App - Fast and Lethal - Backup before you engage this baby -

Dave Strong January 16th, 2022
Dave Strong

SuperSorter REVERSE ORDER (HAS STOPPED WORKING). I've been using this extension for a long time, but sometimes I need to find my most recent bookmarks within a specific folder. The REVERSE ORDER option has stopped working, so I'm uninstalling for now (I may go back and check this later to see if it's BEEN FIXED)

Pat MySecret October 25th, 2021
Pat MySecret

Instantly messed my bookmark settings

Frank Skare October 21st, 2021
Frank Skare

I use this extension all the time, it works great. Thanks for building it.

Roy Luardo October 13th, 2021
Roy Luardo

Yeah you sorted them alright but how to get back?

Dream Guy March 2nd, 2018
Dream Guy

Using Chromium Version 93.0.4577.63 on Linux Mint and this - much needed - extension works great.

Aishwarya Sonar September 29th, 2021
Aishwarya Sonar

Doesn't do anything. Useless extension!

Katharine Bayer September 27th, 2021
Katharine Bayer

I don't mind the results, but I wish I had options before it rearranged every folder and everything within every folder without notice. I clicked once on the icon to see how it works, but it just got to work and said "busy" until done. I was not given any option to say go head or cancel or decide how I wanted them sorted. It basically alphabetized every folder and bookmark within every folder -- even the ones I didn't want touched because I had them listed in order of importance to my work.

Lance Tay July 21st, 2021
Lance Tay

cannot sort by date

Jan Battin July 13th, 2021
Jan Battin

The concept can't be beat, but it doesn't work correctly. I've tried multiple times but my bookmarks always end up screwed up. This will duplicate multiple folders of the same folder. Takes another extension to fix it. Really disappointed.

William Rolison (Will) May 7th, 2021
William Rolison (Will)

FYI, does NOT work with Microsoft Edge Version 90.0.818.56. In fact, it causes Edge to crash. And pushing the button does nothing. Says it sorted, but did nothing. Just FYI.

Scott Albiston April 30th, 2021
Scott Albiston

So awesome. Installed the extension, and wham! All bookmarks sorted as I wished. Nice!

Byron Jenkins January 19th, 2021
Byron Jenkins

It WAS ok, but now it DOES NOT WORK anymore. Real shame as it has been useful.

Leo King January 18th, 2021
Leo King

It's sad, this extension was great at first, and it worked perfectly ... now it doesn't. I don't know what's changed. But pressing buttons doesn't sort bookmarks any more. I'd really love it if you could fix this. It used to work great!

John Jacob JinglehimerSchmidt January 5th, 2021
John Jacob JinglehimerSchmidt

When I first installed this extension I thought it was really useful. Then I saw the "auto sort" and thought awesome. Now to be honest .... I haven't been paying attention to my bookmarks lately but one thing that I have noticed is that bookmarks do not appear to be sorted anymore. Been playing and playing and playing and playing .... No luck. Can go into the bookmarks mgr and sort to my hearts contents .... My fingers are giving the finger to my head though, you know ..i... I'm thinking that this extension needs to have a maintenance session. Let's get this puppy working ..... Year 2020 <-- just incase it takes a millennium or two to get something done.

Kenneth Leitch December 21st, 2020
Kenneth Leitch

Doesn't work

Neill Dumont December 1st, 2020
Neill Dumont

Linux Mint 20 MATE Chrome 87.0.4280.66 (64-bit) SuperSorter 0.5.3 I can get to the SuperSorter Options page, but there doesn't seem to be any way to explicitly save settings. I tried assuming they were saved when I left the page but that didn't retain the setting either. Also, when I press the "Find all duplicates now" button, it seems to gain focus without anything else happening and then the button loses focus after a few seconds. Nothing else happens. I'd REALLY like to have my bookmarks automatically sorted so if I could find out what's going on, I'd appreciate it. It's a wonderfully-promising extension.

I am Dew March 3rd, 2018
I am Dew

I liked it, but I won't use it. I can't save this extension's options. Info: I'm on Linux Mint 20.

Sabarudin Hashim (Saba) November 20th, 2020
Sabarudin Hashim (Saba)

I wish i discovered this sooner. Now that i started using it, I can't imagine using Chrome without it. Great job guys!

Eli Morris November 18th, 2020
Eli Morris

At some point chrome had duplicated dozens of critical folders, containing hundreds of duplicate links.... and this program wonderfully merged and sorted everything in just seconds! No lie, I was a bit concerned when it didn't work at first, but after allowing it to sort the bookmark bar (parent folder for everything), I was so pleased. If you can't get it working, be sure to check the bookmark bar option so it sees everything :)

Simon Williams November 15th, 2020
Simon Williams

It does not work at all. Waste of time

Dmitry Dubovoy November 11th, 2020
Dmitry Dubovoy

It is not working. Not sorting anything.

Danielle Trader November 5th, 2020
Danielle Trader

Did nothing at all whatsoever

Benjamin Pang October 21st, 2020
Benjamin Pang

Used to work well, but now it's not sorting.

Mark Ward October 13th, 2020
Mark Ward

It used to work fine but it won't even sort the bookmarks alphabetically anymore.

Jeff K October 13th, 2020
Jeff K

Stopped working once. Removed and added again and it's working great.

Fried M. Khan October 6th, 2020
Fried M. Khan

Works great !

Hiro Kuo October 6th, 2020
Hiro Kuo

Love it, but failed to work on Edge Chromium after the update maybe?

John Taber October 5th, 2020
John Taber

Does not work at all for me. :( The folders are not getting sorted.

Shmuel September 8th, 2020

just clicked on it right after I installed it and it ruined my sorting, I installed it for deleting dupes, for god sake way do you do something without asking / confirming /explaining

benjamin957957 September 2nd, 2020

Used to be good but after an options update there seems to be an issue where options don't save after closing the tab.

Hank A September 1st, 2020
Hank A

Page does not scroll. Unable to see to select any dupe bookmarks.

Mago September 1st, 2020

Great work, fella. Google don't half miss the obvious sometimes!

LR Chand August 31st, 2020
LR Chand

Recent Version is not working. It won't sort using Auto or Manually. It's a great extension when it works.

Marty Sullivan August 24th, 2020
Marty Sullivan

Worked great at first. Now does not sort in AUTO or MANUAL mode.

Jeffrey Bolden August 23rd, 2020
Jeffrey Bolden

Does what it is supposed to. I should mention I'm seeing lots of reviews that it did nothing. One of the defaults is bad "ignore bookmark bar". Since most of your bookmarks will be associated with your bar that's likely why people are saying it does nothing. If you flip that default it does what it is supposed to. The automated features are nice. The cross folder is time consuming but really allows you to clean up. If you are reading this review I suspect this tool will meet your needs.

Dennis Boone August 20th, 2020
Dennis Boone

Horrible! Does not do what it should do. Results of my sort were random and you can't undo if you don't like the results.

Secretary RCProbus August 16th, 2020
Secretary RCProbus

It's a pity that the icon disappeared as soon as I clicked the X on the help dialog

Derek L January 6th, 2014
Derek L

UPDATE: Unfortunately the extension has stopped working on chrome 84. Used to be excellent. Hope it gets updated. Excellent! It sorted all my 10200 bookmarks quick and easy. Love the option to ignore the Bookmarks bar as this would be a problem otherwise. On the other hand... it often freezes the browser if its set to auto. So I just use it manually for now. Can you make an option to auto-sort only at shutdown (much like Xmarks does)?

Shivaram Khadka August 13th, 2020
Shivaram Khadka


Nick Ko August 10th, 2020
Nick Ko

doesnt work

Andrew Calvin August 10th, 2020
Andrew Calvin

Very useful tool. Thank you, Mr Developer!. There was a bug for a week in August 2020, but fixed.

Peter Tomasi August 9th, 2020
Peter Tomasi

Not working actually, Chrome Option Hardware Acceleration is not fixing it. Please fix the bug soon.

Ronnie Campagna August 6th, 2020
Ronnie Campagna

I have solved the problem (or a temporary work around) If your bookmarks are not sorted it will work when "Use hardware acceleration when available" is enabled If your bookmarks are already sorted the app doesn't do anything

Pete Turner August 7th, 2020
Pete Turner

Previously this was a great extension. Unfortunately it doesn't work anymore.

Vitor Correia August 4th, 2020
Vitor Correia

With the latest August 2020 updated, it stopped working. Tried in both Chrome and MS Edge.

Han Solo July 10th, 2020
Han Solo

Click on the icon. "Done" appears. Order remains the SAME. I set it to "auto". I wait. And wait. And wait. For it to complete whatever it is supposed to do. Order remains the SAME. Useless.

Richard Trinkner April 10th, 2020
Richard Trinkner

Doesn't work on Chrome Version 81.0.4044.92 (Official Build) (64-bit) on Linux. It seems to install OK, but it doesn't do anything when it sorts, either manually or on auto.

Richard Lloyd (K3tonan) April 7th, 2020
Richard Lloyd (K3tonan)

Having a hard time between 3 and 4 stars. I am confused on how it sorts. I use ~ a folder name. However instead of placing it at the beginning it puts it at the end after by folder called Xbox Wishilist, Xbox, ~ If I use the built-in sorter under Bookmark manger it places it at the beginning.

David Wilhite April 6th, 2020
David Wilhite

Eliminated duplicates and duplicate folders and sorted everything alphabetically. Very fast and worked perfectly...

Deuce Bigalow March 25th, 2020
Deuce Bigalow

Works fine--but I wish the developer would allow us to sort bookmark subfolders without sorting the main bookmark folder.

Ashton “Ashtonesia” NW February 22nd, 2020
Ashton “Ashtonesia” NW

This junk doesn't work.

Milan Shah February 22nd, 2020
Milan Shah

I installed this extension to remove duplicate bookmarks but it sorted all of my bookmarks and made it even worse.

Paul Wiltshire February 19th, 2020
Paul Wiltshire

Unfortunately doesn't work - whether I set to 'auto' sort or carry out a manual sort, nothing happens

uTubeStalker DotCom January 23rd, 2020
uTubeStalker DotCom

I have about 60,000 links with folders. If i'm within the browser links and i click on it, it will finish sorting in seconds.. but i'm not sure what it did. i will jump from one directory and then back to see if there was any changes. none, and it did not remove the duplicates, even though i checked off in settings to delete duplicates and remove empty folders. i've tried refreshing and closing down browser and then reloading it to see if it did anything. Been a big disappointment for me. Testing for a week. Uninstalled

Linda Muth January 16th, 2020
Linda Muth

It doesn't work. Period.

Angela Huber January 9th, 2020
Angela Huber

Finally a fast & easy and no more duplicate bookmarks! YAY! Every time I would need to re-download the Google browser(s) Chrome or Torch (when Torch was still up to date) using a new (at least new to me) laptop or desktop it always adds a duplicate of each bookmark. By the time I used this, I had 4 of each bookmark, folder & sub-folders. I've tried other bookmark cleaners that I couldn't use because they were slow & slowed everything down. I waited over an hour & had to delete/remove the app/extension, Until i used this one that took seconds to find & delete ALL the duplicates. Thank You so much for this extension & minimizing my bookmarks :)

Boyan Molina January 6th, 2020
Boyan Molina

doesn't work at all, does nothing!

Jason Robinson January 5th, 2020
Jason Robinson

Not sorting in Chrome 79

Jason R December 31st, 2019
Jason R

Worked well.

Tim Marsh December 31st, 2019
Tim Marsh

Deleted my duplicates perfectly. Very easy to use. Of course I created a backup of my bookmarks first, but thankfully didn't need it.

rd f December 14th, 2019
rd f

It did what I've been wanting for a long time. It sorted my favorites in alphabetical order, including the sub-folders, and it merged and got rid of duplicates.

Isaac Elbaz November 17th, 2019
Isaac Elbaz

Works great! Thanks!

Jacqui Thompson October 19th, 2019
Jacqui Thompson

This didn't do anything!!

Yusuf Rashid September 12th, 2019
Yusuf Rashid

It doesn't work. Nothing happens when I click on the icon. Even from the options too, nothing appears. WASTE!

JM Clavijo August 29th, 2019
JM Clavijo

It was great when it worked, but it's broken now. This was a great extension, but it hasn't been updated of fixed in many years and it doesn't seem to work anymore. I used to have a 5 star rating on it, but it needs some work now. Don't bother installing it at this point, there is a better add on.

Stephen S August 19th, 2019
Stephen S

Doesn't sort anything with the current version of Chrome.

Yukon Cornelius August 11th, 2019
Yukon Cornelius

Besides alphabetizing my bookmarks, I can't see how this is useful. I can have 2 bookmarks with different title text but identical URL's, and it won't clean nor ask about them. I can have 2 bookmarks with same title text, but the URL's differ by a trailing "/", and it won't clean nor ask about them. I can have 2 bookmarks with 1 as http:// and another https://, and it doesn't clean nor ask about them. What's the point if it only knows how to find the most unlikeliest of problems (bookmarks in multiple folders)?

Ivan Lapitski June 28th, 2019
Ivan Lapitski

great for removing duplicate bookmarks. option select all but first\last is exact what i needed. Thanks a lot

Geert Vancompernolle June 15th, 2019
Geert Vancompernolle

Doesn't seem to find duplicates???

Lari Lima June 12th, 2019
Lari Lima

Very helpful and easy to use. I recomend it!

Ahmad Ismail May 14th, 2019
Ahmad Ismail


Donna Caissie May 10th, 2019
Donna Caissie

Yet another Chrome extension that doesn't work. In the last 10 minutes I've installed four Chrome extensions that purport to allow me to alphabetize my bookmarks. None of the extensions I installed worked including this one.

Tyler Durden April 26th, 2019
Tyler Durden

it is no longer merging folders or deleting empty folders with latest version of chrome v74

Pablo Hernandez April 21st, 2019
Pablo Hernandez

É bom mas, a opção "remover pastas vazias" deveria vir desmarcada por padrão. A extensão removeu minhas pastas vazias e eu não queria que elas tivessem sido removidas.

Harvey Andruss April 16th, 2019
Harvey Andruss

I had many critical bookmarks. I had duplicate files and folders from going between chrome and firefox. I was in dire need of trimming, but saving the good ones. Long story, short. I forgot to back up the most recent set, I ran the program and what I hit the delete all but the last one thinking that there would be at least one copy left. This is a great feature on paper, but not in practice. Entire contents of single folders were deleted. I mean I had one folder with all my important stuff for each day. It was wiped completely. Not duplicates, ever. So that was weird. Other duplicates were deleted fine. But there were odd single folders with nothing in it, at all, and no duplicates anywhere. So I had a backup from several months back and manually imported and managed it using the Google built in manager. Beware, peeps!

Ricardo Ribeiro March 23rd, 2019
Ricardo Ribeiro

At this moment, with the latest Chrome version, it doesn't seems to work at all.

M K March 10th, 2019

It shows duplicates and pretends to remove them. but they are still there!

ABeth Ludlow March 6th, 2019
ABeth Ludlow

I rarely leave a review but I will for this app. I had somehow managed to get certain bookmarks in my toolbar repeated hundreds of times. I was so annoying. Every time I went through for ages deleting them they always came back. The same bookmark over and over. This app immediately and simply got rid of them all and cleaned everything up in an instant. So easy! It also didn't bug me to leave a rating, which I appreciate, although I would have. It just makes me all the more happy to leave one that I wasn't harrassed to do so. This is a must have app if you use bookmarks at all. Thanks!

Stepheninleeds Stepheninleeds March 2nd, 2019
Stepheninleeds Stepheninleeds

Not a bad app. Does what it says. It would be nice if you could choose to ignore folders or bookmarks from the search. Other than that I would says it is a good app.

moi lois February 15th, 2019
moi lois

I can not sort sub folder it does not sorted them

Hawk Tomas January 18th, 2019
Hawk Tomas

"Can not find any duplicates" I easily have 300+ duplicates due to importing a folder of off an old computer, before saving, oops. CAN'T FIND ANY DUPLICATES?! Garbage.

George Harlin (FuzoCam) January 3rd, 2019
George Harlin (FuzoCam)

I have had no issues with this app except it doesn't always sort new folders immediately, even with auto turned on. Other than that it has been great! totally has helped me keep my bookmarks organized.

D Morris December 31st, 2018
D Morris

"No Duplicates Found"? What about the 20 in the first folder I open?

Light Majesty December 22nd, 2018
Light Majesty

Just straight up did nothing. Tried clicking things, nothing happened. Visible duplicates I placed there solely to test it, just sitting there right next to each other. Did nada. Not one thing.

Fat Albert December 9th, 2018
Fat Albert

Feature request: Add a feature that would save the manual clickign of choosing what bookmark to save while keeping the file structure. So for example, make it automated that IF [TWO] DUPLICATES, save BOOKMARK in [FOLDER], [DELETE] bookmark in [FOLDER]. It would cut the manual clickign between the bookmarks I have in "Bookmarks Bar" folder and a folder {Bookmarks Bar , From Google Chrome <Bookmarks Bar" lol.

Lokman Afandy December 3rd, 2018
Lokman Afandy

nice bookmark sort and Delete duplicate bookmarks.