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From May 11th, 2017 to November 21st, 2022, 61% user give 5-star rating, 10% user give 4-star rating, 6% user give 2-star rating, 23% user give 1-star rating. for Bookmark Manager chrome extension.

Reviews of bookmark manager:

Justin Cram November 21st, 2022
Justin Cram

There are definitely better alternate is this does not delete duplicates doesn't also merge empty folders similar name folders it doesn't do lots of things you would think his basic it's basically a simplified HTML interface to your bookmarks list search mainly to collect your historical Records who knows what they're selling or where they're reselling that info to I do not recommend it nope

Robert Fathers November 7th, 2022
Robert Fathers

i don't usuaully write reviews, but i liked this, super simple and easy to use

Martin Ozga July 22nd, 2022
Martin Ozga

It doesn't delete any duplicates or empty folders. Scan works, but when I tried to delete, it won't do a thing.

Burhanuddin Somesar June 30th, 2022
Burhanuddin Somesar

Works very well! It removed my 100s of duplicated Bookmarks and saved a ton of time! Thanks!!!

Bill Seward June 27th, 2022
Bill Seward

Installs, but doesn't seem to work. No icon to invoke it. Removed.

James Freeman May 2nd, 2022
James Freeman

I reinstalled my broswer, then there are like hundreads of duplicate bookmarks I have no idea why, so I try this extension, and this can scan all of duplicate bookmarks and delete them in the same fold for me. Very useful, highly recomended!

Sandeep Kumar April 24th, 2022
Sandeep Kumar

great for organizing bookmarks pages.

Pat MySecret March 7th, 2022
Pat MySecret

3/22 It is neither intuitive nor well-structured. You make a folder and you don't know where it goes (It goes under a folder that you name under the extension default folder "Aggregated Bookmarks") You can't click into your existing Bookmark Folders to place new bookmarks. Clicking the View Bookmark button will show your bookmarks like a tease, but you can't place the bookmark while in that operation. If you need to clean duplicates, save sessions, or sort by keyword, choose an extension meant for those purposes that is better constructed and isn't confusing.


does ythis extension work in other browsers?

Ali Ahmed December 6th, 2021
Ali Ahmed

Was looking for a way to organize large number of bookmarks 50k plus this was the only thing that really helped.

Tokuro Yamashiro December 22nd, 2020
Tokuro Yamashiro

This is the only extension that would let me delete, and stay deleted, contents of "other bookmarks".

Maher Aurelius November 13th, 2020
Maher Aurelius

it does not do anything different than the browsers bookmark manager

Phoebe Tweddle September 15th, 2020
Phoebe Tweddle

This really is so helpful, thank you for helping me organise my hundreds of bookmarks!

Robert Clark August 7th, 2020
Robert Clark

Seemed to clean up my massive amounts of duplicate bookmarks, Thanks!

Jonathan Bibi March 7th, 2020
Jonathan Bibi

I had so many bookmarks and it's annoying to remove them One-By-One so I found this extension and I removed all the useless bookmarks I had in one click and I really recommend it to anyone who wants to remove their extensions in a much easier way or if anyone wants to manage them,

Patrick Barnum December 27th, 2019
Patrick Barnum

My bookmarks were scattered and a mess. This is the third bookmark manager I tried and the first one I really liked. Simple and easy to use. Great tool!

Todd Gleason July 13th, 2019
Todd Gleason

The move functionality would be so much better if you could select matches, showing the folder paths of potential source and destination, and choose which to actually move.

Mike Rowave June 5th, 2018
Mike Rowave

OK, wow, I take back my earlier poor review. I now realize it's actually a lifesaver, and can be used to clean out the duplicates that keep propagating (which I think I may have finally fixed, btw). For example, I have multiple folders, some with nested subfolders. So like, a top level folder called "letters" (this is an example only, for simplicity sake), with (example) folders A, B, C (etc), and a top level folder called "numbers", with folders 1, 2, 3(etc). The problem was that I'd get multiple copies of "Letters" and it's contents under "Letters", and other copies within those, like Russian dolls that reproduce like Tribbles. And likewise with "Numbers" and every other folder. What made it worse is that some nested copies had more links in them than others, so I couldn't just delete all but one copy. I had no way of knowing which copy was a complete set, if any. Here's what to do: (1) Copy all the contents of each nested "Letters" folder (subfolders and all), up into the top level "Letters". Leaving one top level "Letters" with multiple A, B and C subfolders in it, and also all the links (and duplicate copies) that belong in the top level folder itself. (2) Delete all the (now empty) nested copies of "Letters". (3) In this app, click Organise > Manage > Clean > OK (4) You will find that all the duplicate links have been removed, and that all your "A" links will be in one "A" folder, and likewise with your B's etc. Note: The full/good folders will usually be the ones listed first. (5) Lastly, start from the bottom of your list and right click each folder to verify that it's empty and click delete. Note: The program says it will delete duplicate folders, but that doesn't seem to work. Maybe I'm doing it wrong.

Victor Villacis February 13th, 2019
Victor Villacis

This app works great in managing hundreds of bookmarks. Note: You have to move all your bookmarks into the "Aggregated Bookmarks" folder the extension creates. Its power lies in the Organise feature. Once in there, the search keyword searches that "word" provided though the URL only, you then specify the name of a destination folder. The duplicate feature seems to work for only duplicates in the same folder. This extension def helped me.

Empathy Heals October 7th, 2018
Empathy Heals

I am honestly not sure what it does. It's not intuitive, there is no clear explanation about what to expect when clicking on some options. Then some options that are supposedly clear do not work; deleting duplicate URLs being one of them. Please fix...

Patrick Callahan September 24th, 2018
Patrick Callahan

I like it, but remove duplicates did not work for me. It found both duplicate bookmarks and folders, but clicking the button to remove them brings up a dialog. If you click Ok on the dialog, nothing happens.

Marcel Welman September 19th, 2018
Marcel Welman

had over 160000 bookmarks, and tried a view extensions, this one sorted my dups out and helped me massively!

pa bur August 13th, 2018
pa bur

AWful. Used to be able to just click on Bookmark Manager and I could see all my folders etc and know where I wanted it to go. NOW, I click the star to save a bookmark and up pops this very inefficient blue box thing that doesn't help me at all. Go back to how it was before!!!

D Searles June 5th, 2018
D Searles

So far it's great. Xmarks has gone away, this works well. Chrome Manager Pro - Google Web Store - no charge

lewell lewell May 7th, 2018
lewell lewell

very useful in identifying duplicate bookmark and duplicate folder name

Milind Ranka December 13th, 2017
Milind Ranka

The clean functionality does not work. Please remove its mention.

Rnjai Lamba November 11th, 2017
Rnjai Lamba

reliable and smart bookmark manager...

karan bhatia June 20th, 2017
karan bhatia

The ability to save sessions is great!

Aditya Tomer May 18th, 2017
Aditya Tomer

Highly useful extension. On a bookmark spree.

sweta sharrma May 12th, 2017
sweta sharrma

Loved it.. Helpful for people like me.. :)

tushar aggarwal May 11th, 2017
tushar aggarwal

great feature of adding sessions