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From November 28th, 2018 to April 10th, 2023, 53% user give 5-star rating, 23% user give 4-star rating, 12% user give 3-star rating, 8% user give 2-star rating, 5% user give 1-star rating. for Imagus chrome extension.

Reviews of imagus:

Ali Bin Shoaib April 10th, 2023
Ali Bin Shoaib

good extention

Quoc Huy March 3rd, 2023
Quoc Huy

Cảm mơn chị Tuyết Team leader của team Traffic đã giới thiệu cho em cái tool này

Try Trust January 1st, 2023
Try Trust

I have not seen any other extension that works like Imagus and thanks to the comments and reviews written, I recently figured that it was not working on few sites. However after updating the sieves its working amazing. I believe that nothing can replace it any better than IMAGUS........ Thank you Developer a huge Shout out to you !!!!!

Prashant Negi January 20th, 2022
Prashant Negi

not working with Instagram anymore. It just keeps spinning.

Jon Pham November 13th, 2022
Jon Pham

Just found this when my imagus wasnt working for Instagram. I may have found a full replacement now.

Mishat hasan November 5th, 2022
Mishat hasan

Hi, Can I view google image thumbnails/previews bigger with this extension? Not talking about hover zoom. thanks.

Riaz Ali October 31st, 2022
Riaz Ali

Holy macaroni, I got Google Images working 100%, along with every other website... Instructions - (I skipped step #2, kept my existing settings and still worked)

V J October 26th, 2022

It was 5* until yesterday. Not sure what changed, but it stopped working.

Zachary Brosch October 16th, 2022
Zachary Brosch


Govinda Parasrampuria September 5th, 2022
Govinda Parasrampuria

Must have! Love it <3

Katie Willems September 4th, 2022
Katie Willems

No longer works on Google images.

Fabian Rizq Nandaru June 11th, 2018
Fabian Rizq Nandaru

Doesn't work on Google anymore. can only load Thumbnail not full size anymore

X W June 13th, 2022

Works on less and less sites. Today, it was working on any page on Twitter that wasn't my main feed. Switching to another extension, I guess.

Jonathan Krone June 7th, 2022
Jonathan Krone

Love the extension! Works almost everywhere, and is honestly one of my go-to recommendations for a productivity tool. One piece of feedback: I think animations were recently added for scaling the image popup's size when moving between images. In my opinion, the animation should be much faster. It's slow enough to get in the way of my viewing the image. Cheers, J

E. P. July 25th, 2021
E. P.

Обновленные фильтры, в т.ч. очень много для зоны RU - ищите в группе Imagus на Reddit или в поисковиках "группа Imagus на Ру-Борд" (больше информации, чаще обновляются). Updated sieves search in the Imagus group on Reddit (English) or in the search engines "Imagus group on Ru-Board" (mostly in Russian).

Ben S May 1st, 2022
Ben S

It gave me a malware

João Serra April 8th, 2022
João Serra

It could use some tweaks as seems that animated images wont play when zoomed, and some images with too high resolution compromise the experience of navigation, maybe should have a maximum size

Wanlop Lertmongkol October 24th, 2021
Wanlop Lertmongkol

Cannot use it on instagram anymore.

Matt Cheung January 26th, 2022
Matt Cheung

It stopped working on Instagram recently. Does anyone know any good alternatives other than Hover Zoom+?

Shakeim Peoples January 22nd, 2022
Shakeim Peoples

Please fix this for Instagram.

Meena Bassem January 21st, 2022
Meena Bassem

Love it, but stopped showing on instagram recently

blue January 21st, 2022

stopped working on instagram. please fix it.

Cael Collum December 28th, 2021
Cael Collum

Love this extension! Please keep it alive!

j a s m i n e December 2nd, 2021
j a s m i n e

essential. in love with this extension and very very useful and convenient.

Bil McArthur November 26th, 2021
Bil McArthur

Does nothing.

GXF Andre October 29th, 2021
GXF Andre

Shows same picture even though I'm hovering over a completely different one.

Rafale EG September 13th, 2021
Rafale EG

Please updating this

April M August 24th, 2014
April M

I hear the developers have stopped updating this. On various websites like Reddit, image links don't load slideshows or the full picture anymore, sometimes thumbnails load photos but that's it. I just wish, if this software is to be abandoned to get worse and worse until it stops working, at least make it opensource so people who want to improve it can!

Can February 21st, 2021

Full zoom activation with right mouse button no longer working Other than that, great extension Edit: It is fixed now, thank you

Chauncey Biggums March 25th, 2021
Chauncey Biggums

My favorite extension. Just one problem, it seems that the Full Zoom on the Long Press for right click has stopped working. Otherwise, no complaints

Mike T March 8th, 2021
Mike T

I'm rewriting my review because this extensions seems abandoned. No updates since April 2020, which doesn't seem TOO bad but when you look here and at the subreddit, you can see many problems people have been having for months with no fixes in sight. I'm looking for an alternative extension.

Jonathan February 25th, 2021

Really good, but I wish I could have the option to disable imagus on a site by right clicking rather than opening the extension settings

Axton J Cranston February 15th, 2021
Axton J Cranston

This is great but why are the reviews so low for the MS Edge extension?

Brad Hebert January 25th, 2021
Brad Hebert

I like it, but it conflicts with videos in Reddit RES. Videos uploaded to Reddit will not play with Imagus enabled.

Ryan Reynolds January 3rd, 2021
Ryan Reynolds

Love it. I don't know how people browse the internet without this. It changes the game.

境零度 January 3rd, 2021

As nice as underrated Hope to see it get even better with time

Robin Denis December 26th, 2020
Robin Denis

I love it but it lacks the ability to easily exclude website from the menu. It's a bit annoying to have to go to the options, and starts entering weird characters to exclude specific domains. It would be awesome to simply have an option "disable on this domain", when you click on the extension icon.

Sandra Mukhan December 15th, 2020
Sandra Mukhan

I've tried them all and this one is the best. I've been using it for a few years and never had complaints.

赵力玺 December 7th, 2020

awesome! the most dope plugin I've ever use

M C November 23rd, 2020

So helpful and ubiquitous! Works 98% of the time which is better than the 80% most other sites give, plus multi-layer photo grabbing is great.

Jhay Macqk October 21st, 2020
Jhay Macqk

needs an update specifically for new layout of facebook UI and Instagram

dumber10 October 21st, 2020

Stopped working in new facebook layout. Is there a bug or something??

Apekiller July 31st, 2016

Crashes the tab you're on while hovering over certain images. And sometimes even the BROWSER. Happens pretty often. Recently it also started opening white images instead of the correct ones. Also cannot update sieve, nothing happens. WHEN WILL YOU FIX THIS?? EDIT: Shortcut keys aren't working anymore. Like Z for example. EDIT 2020: Now it corrupts google images search page. It keeps selecting text.

Tushar Faroque August 26th, 2020
Tushar Faroque

Using it for so many years. Such and handy and useful app. But with the new Facebook interface(will be permanent from September) it sometime works and other times does not work. Can you please look into the issue. Appreciate the support you guys give into this addon :)

Narendran Gopalakrishnan August 25th, 2020
Narendran Gopalakrishnan

Works correctly mostly. For thumbnails of, suggested also installing Stylus to modify the images' CSS - the following works as of today: .d7hoq { z-index: 100 !important; } .RD0gLb { z-index: 100 !important; }

' Lestat ' August 23rd, 2020
' Lestat '

I love this extension and I'd love to have it on Microsoft Edge.

Bas van der Veeken August 20th, 2020
Bas van der Veeken

I really like it, but there is one thing is really don't like, I hate it, it makes YouTube really unusably slow, really. So I added "!" to the Grants screen. I found this because DevTools gave a lot of "mouseover" etc. 'validation' errors.

Leonardo Montemayor August 19th, 2020
Leonardo Montemayor

Super useful

iRokr August 8th, 2020

I love this extension, but for some reason, when I use it on an album and I'm scrolling, it skips an image and moves 2 at a time. I'm not sure why that is. It used to be possible to fix by moving the mouse away from the thumbnail or right clicking anywhere on the page and going back, but now I just have to use the keyboard. Not sure what happened, or if there's a way to fix it. :/

MrBungle222 August 1st, 2020

Been using a it for years especially on reddit, quick and easy.

Dr Luxxanna July 4th, 2020
Dr Luxxanna

Thanks for your great work! I found its video preview has been not working with for months. I would highly appreciate it if you could fix this issue

Uriá Fassina April 15th, 2020
Uriá Fassina

Hands down, best hover image extension. I've tested a lot of these extensions and Imagus is definitely the faster one. Any improvements would be just for cosmetic stuff.

Latis Lynn Perkins April 14th, 2020
Latis Lynn Perkins

Literally a must, I have no idea how I managed browsing the internet my whole life without this. The fact that you can see images by simply hovering over image links makes Reddit about a trillion times better, not to mention how useful it is for Twitter, Facebook, etc!

Smupon Who April 6th, 2020
Smupon Who

thanks for this

Sean Campbell October 29th, 2018
Sean Campbell

This is an amazing extension you need in your life. It completely changes how you browse most websites, because most websites have images. No more squinting, no more hoping the image will let you see its full res version if you click somewhere and wait for pages to load, no more extra tabs just to see an image. Just mouse over it and it even works with images albums most of the time, you can scroll through them right there. I've used it for years and have gotten several of my friends to use it. This is an undoubtedly essential extension.

Magic Mushies March 8th, 2020
Magic Mushies

Perfect program, when chrome updates takes about 1-5 days for an update however it will still work just with bugs.

MyOther Channel March 3rd, 2020
MyOther Channel

Doesn't work at all for videos and for most of the images on tumblr...also not working on google images fine on facebook though...definitely needs a fix

John Paulson February 25th, 2020
John Paulson

I love this. But it recently stopped working :((

Gareth February 13th, 2020

it's great!

Night Visitor February 19th, 2020
Night Visitor

Working just fine for a couple of years, now all pics of google search are shown in small size or not shown at all also stop working on a lot of websites.

Victoria February 17th, 2020

TOO BAD IT DOESN'T WORK ANYMORE. And allowing automatic downloads DOES NOT fix anything, contrary to what the creator said. It used to be an extremely useful extension. I suggest, Michael EK, you invest some time into finding a solution before an alternative extension crops up and steals your user base.

W Butler February 10th, 2020
W Butler

Used this for years & loved it, but now it no longer works on Chrome Images, which is my main area of use. So disappointed, as I can not find anything similar. After waiting for a fix for months, I am going to remove it.

Steven M. February 6th, 2020
Steven M.

Stopped working correctly for me. On hover the full sized image would pop up... Now, an exact same image to the images place holder size will pop up (some times nothing), making this extension pointless. Tried clearing cache and reinstalling.

Ya February 2nd, 2020

Doesnt work on the thumbnail results frrom google image search.!!

John Derbish January 30th, 2020
John Derbish

This is a good extension and does what it says it does. The biggest problem is you can't choose sites to disable it on, only what sites to enable it on, meaning if I want it to work on every other site I go to but not Amazon, instead of just putting Amazon as a site to ignore, I instead have to add dozens of other sites for the extension to run on.

Tiberiu Corneliu April 7th, 2016
Tiberiu Corneliu

It is a very good extension!

Subhash Chand Verma January 10th, 2020
Subhash Chand Verma

Useful application

Steven D January 8th, 2020
Steven D

Normally works fine, recently zoom for Google images is limited. Small photo appears no matter resolution of photo mouse hovers over. There is no way to contact Imagus, I searched and there is apparently no one developing the app who replies to reddit posts. Its disappointing that the best app for zoom in Chrome when there's issue there's no one to respond. I keep searching for alternatives, none work in Chrome like this one.

Lord X December 20th, 2019
Lord X

Have been using it for years and love it. But lately hasn't been working as well, mainly on google images.

mostafa م December 11th, 2019
mostafa م

how can I enable it on

Hill December 11th, 2019

better than hover zoom + by a mile. its sieve system is updated frequently so your fav site always work with imagus.

Marcus December 8th, 2019

It doesn't work on Facebook anymore.

Vedant S. October 25th, 2019
Vedant S.

I used to use this extension everyday. But why does this new update require all these new, frankly unnecessary permissions? Disabled for now. Please fix.

Terifiel October 15th, 2019

Fantastic extension that I get use out of every hour. It's already superb, but if I could make a feature request, can we have shortcuts to "freeze" the image in place so we can mouse-over it for right clicking? Additionally can we have a shortcut to copy the full view of the image to our clipboard?

Second Life Around August 10th, 2019
Second Life Around

Is anyone else using this with Opera GX or even a different browser, but noticed that for the last day or so it appears to no longer function while on YouTube?

Jonathan Summers September 29th, 2019
Jonathan Summers

It's been great for a long time. The only extension that zooms YouTube thumbnails. But, now it's even struggling to show most of the images on Google Image Search.

mostafa September 20th, 2019

1) How can I disable it on media?? Please Add an option to can disable it on media. 2) Let us change the "Save" shortcut key. 3) Add a shortcut key to can enable it immediately. For example I put the delay time to 3 second. but some times I need to force zoom by click a key.

Mohsin Hamid September 14th, 2019
Mohsin Hamid

Works most of the time

footytang September 14th, 2019

Love the extension but the only flaw I can find is when running it on Opera, it doesn't work on Google Images. It works on 95% of all other websites but that is a real bummer when you are just doing a quick image search and have to run through Yahoo Images or something similar instead. Any feedback or solutions would be much appreciated, thanks.

Gadfly Su September 7th, 2019
Gadfly Su

A must-have extension for Chrome.

Serule Blue August 14th, 2019
Serule Blue

Extremely useful and convenient. Easy to configure so it's disabled on specific sites, too. All around, excellent!

Yames24 May 9th, 2018

great extension, can't browse reddit without it chrome changed how autoplay works, but if you go to "chrome://flags/#autoplay-policy" without quotations, and change autoplay policy to no user gesture is required, the extension will work as before, so no more having to press space to start gifs and videos EDIT: Chrome 76 has removed the autoplay policy flag, but appears to have replaced it. The autoplay flag was necessary for fixing the white boxes that appear instead of the video on sites like reddit. This appears to have been replaced with a new flag as of Chrome 76. Go here, and switch it to enabled: chrome://flags/#user-activation-v2 (Credit to /u/rydare on the imagus subreddit for finding this)

Timothy “Tim” Sherman July 31st, 2019
Timothy “Tim” Sherman

got this because the mouseover popup image viewer userscript is abandoned, and im so glad i found this because its 100x better than that script ever was

Ajmal July 27th, 2019

Exactly what i need

Aaron Jones July 22nd, 2019
Aaron Jones

For the most part it still works great but slowly it's been loosing support on sites and is due for a update. Otherwise it does what it says it does perfectly and 9 out of 10 times you will able to do it.

Kailey Worthington July 20th, 2019
Kailey Worthington

Thank you so much, I've been looking for an extension like this since Twitter's new layout made it so much more inconvenient to look at any post. The extensive customization and functionality really helps.

John Alexander July 11th, 2019
John Alexander

It's great. However it doesn't load certain images; e.g. embedded FB profiles. Also i'd like to see more settings that I can tweak.

caabi July 10th, 2019

awesome extension

Han Solo June 22nd, 2019
Han Solo

Absolutely amazing.

Smiley In Charlotte June 16th, 2019
Smiley In Charlotte

Does the job.... Love it!

Alex White June 9th, 2019
Alex White

I've been using this extension for years and it's incredibly handy! I must use it at least 10+ times a day and usually much more.

Roger Chiang May 23rd, 2019
Roger Chiang

can work on twitter with new image scheme

27 LEE May 9th, 2019
27 LEE

when only have 1 pic, it doesnt work

Alan Westenbroek May 1st, 2019
Alan Westenbroek

Man this was THE most useful extension ever. I use it literally hundreds of times every day. A few months ago it quit working on eBay, and I just grumbled about it and went on. Now it's stopped working with v.reddit, and that just kills it for me. I'd like to think they'll fix it, but eBay has been broken for six months so it doesn't seem likely. Hopefully someone else will make a similar one. Such a shame. I'd gladly fork over money for a working version of this.

Cristi M November 6th, 2016
Cristi M

Since Chrome v74, some .gif on reddit are extremely small.

George March 31st, 2019

I've been going back and forth between Imagus and Hover Zoom+. These are two extensions that do pretty much the same thing. But they have differences between them and after the comparison I've compiled a list of differences between the two that will hopefully help you make your decision on which one you want to keep. Here they are: Imagus PROS * Nice caption design * Image/video size in caption * Captions the links correctly - example Instagram, shows not the title of the link, but the actual post. And plays Instagram videos (Hover Zoom+ shows the link title as a caption often times instead of the post and does not play videos from Instagram) * Imagus seems to have more support for videos (even though as mentioned it would not play audio for me on Reddit videos), it plays links with, Hover Zoom+ does not. CONS * Annoying red border around for videos and gifs * No timestamp on videos and gifs (Hover Zoom+ gives you this) * Cannot preview twitter (Hover Zoom+ can, kinda) * Does not play sound on all videos (Reddit for example) * No drop-shadow behind image - Probably possible using CSS, but I haven't been able to do it (I have border set to 0) * Sometimes does not handle the enlargement of image/video properly - moves it around on top of the cursor. Let's say you have selected the preview to show always on the side of the cursor. Hover Zoom+ does this better. When you have selected the preview to show on the side, it will always show on the side and will just get smaller or larger as you move your cursor (Use all available space option will be OFF on Imagus and the same way Extend zoomed images below the mouse cursor will be OFF in Hover Zoom+). Imagus seems to work with some sites but with it does not seem to do this. Cannot preview YouTube videos - This is a huge negative. Hover Zoom+ not only plays YouTube videos, but you know those little suggestion thumbnails at the end of YouTube videos, once the video is over? Hover Zoom+ previews those as well (and shows their time). Hover Zoom+ PROS * Timestamp on videos and gifs * Nice black background (probably possible on Imagus, but need to mess with CSS) * Nice drop shadow behind image (probably possible on Imagus, but need to mess with CSS) * Previews twitter (kinda... just shows profile pictures sometimes instead of the image) * Plays sound on more videos (Reddit for example) * Previews YouTube - This is big and Imagus cannot do this. Hover Zoom+ not only previews YouTube videos, but you know when the video is over and there are other suggestions at the end? It previews those thumbnails too. Very useful. CONS * Caption design is not as good as Imagus * Cannot have 0px border around images/videos (caption would also vanish because it's embedded inside the border, rather than the way Imagus does it) * No caption on videos sometimes * Does not show Image/Video size in caption (Imagus does) * Does not preview captions properly sometimes. Example: Instagram, Imagus actually shows you the post AND plays the video from Instagram. Hover Zoom+ cannot * Imagus seems to have more support for videos (even though as mentioned it would not play audio for me on Reddit videos), it plays links with, Hover Zoom+ does not. These are the differences I've noticed so far. I'm sure there are more but these applied to my use cases the most. Which one do I prefer? Hover Zoom+ because it previews YouTube.

Dan Kroll March 24th, 2019
Dan Kroll

Stopped working on facebook.

A Google User March 15th, 2019
A Google User


Linh Bui February 21st, 2019
Linh Bui

Extension was broken on eBay for me, but I found the fix! The issue is that all eBay images for all Imagus users are fetched using the same API account (the extension author's API account), and there's a limit of 5000 requests per account per day. So as Imague became more popular, we all hit that limit quickly. The solution is simply to sign up for your own eBay API account (, go into the extension settings, go to the eBay sieve, and replace the author's app ID (LL-imagus-PRD-5c230b90b-5cc7e98b) with your own app ID. Now Imagus works perfectly for me again. I missed it so much!

R McK February 19th, 2019

I am a bit of a chrome-extension junkie. I have dozens that I use, but none that I use more frequently than this. This is my all-time favorite plugin. Occasionally it has its problems... For example, there are times when it won't load images despite working for those same images minutes earlier. Despite those problems, this is an amazing plugin. Thank you for all your hard work!

Alex Brown February 13th, 2019
Alex Brown

Love the extension, I've been using it for years. It's the first thing I download on new browsers/fresh installs after I get an adblocker. It makes any multimedia-rich site infinitely more enjoyable and I spend less time clicking around as a result.

Sebastian Pini January 25th, 2019
Sebastian Pini

Still one of my favorite extensions. I use this everyday and it makes my internet life so much more pleasant.

Paul Dowsett November 30th, 2018
Paul Dowsett

The shortcuts interfere with some websites. For instance, on youtube, Shift+p should return to the previous video, but instead it opens the Imagus preferences. (note: on youtube, press "?" to see all its other shortcuts)

joost00555 November 28th, 2018

Just stopped working for gfycat gifs, which is really annoying.