Reviews & Comments of Volume Master chrome extension

From December 2nd, 2022 to March 12th, 2023, 92% user give 5-star rating, 7% user give 4-star rating, 2% user give 3-star rating, 0% user give 2-star rating. for Volume Master chrome extension.

Reviews of volume master:

Gianna March 12th, 2023


uncommon unsense March 11th, 2023
uncommon unsense

Light weight, good, doesn't hijack your default broswer search engine like several other similar ones do

mif March 11th, 2023

IT IS INSANELY USEFUL AND EASY TO USE, whenever ive classess, sometimes it is too loud, and idk how to slow it down on extension, ill just slow it down, really convenient and fast. Im loving the heck out of this seriously, ive been using for years now, great extension, and suprisingly the audio quality will only when u go 700percent plus plus, which is SUPER LOUD, I LOVE IT SO MUCH <3

Brock Adkins March 11th, 2023
Brock Adkins

i can hear now

Studio “GoldGamer” Gold March 11th, 2023
Studio “GoldGamer” Gold

5/5 or 10/10. When ever i need to hear something but cant, its always working

Legae Toy Mokgatlhane March 11th, 2023
Legae Toy Mokgatlhane


md.nasir uddin mamun March 11th, 2023
md.nasir uddin mamun


Melshawn Vaz March 11th, 2023
Melshawn Vaz

Absolutely the best out there

Julián Baquero March 10th, 2023
Julián Baquero

Great work

Susan Hayes March 10th, 2023
Susan Hayes

I give it 6 out of 5 Stars so good with PC & laptop with pathetically dead speakers

Zedet YT March 10th, 2023
Zedet YT

Extremely useful for sites that are obnoxiously loud and don't have a volume, my only problem with it is having to turn down the volume every time which is fine except when you go to a site and the audio starts immediately and blares in your ear, so my only suggestion would be to make it so that you can make the volume stay at what you put it at the last time you turned it down or up. that's if Google's rules allow you to do so.

Aaliyah Gill March 10th, 2023
Aaliyah Gill

its 10/10 recommend it

Kenneth Lim March 10th, 2023
Kenneth Lim


Rok Tull March 10th, 2023
Rok Tull


Parth Srivastava March 10th, 2023
Parth Srivastava

very useful

hayden gorby March 10th, 2023
hayden gorby

i can listen to music that are earraping

keivon veley March 10th, 2023
keivon veley

very useful

Rahul Jaiswal March 10th, 2023
Rahul Jaiswal

It doesn't work for live videos unless connected to ac power, it totally cracks the audio for live videos and changes the audio tone, it is the same issue for all volume booster, but it works fine for non-live videos.

Aditya Goyal March 10th, 2023
Aditya Goyal

don't use it much , but when i do it comes in really handy

Solo Mon March 10th, 2023
Solo Mon

the best sound enhancer one can ever get ... loved it 5 star

Kelvin Palapala March 9th, 2023
Kelvin Palapala

the best ever

UsernameChanged March 9th, 2023

This is one of my most used adblockers because of how good it is. Amazing for music and just stuff thats way to quiet. The only issue is the fullscreen youtube which you can fix by clicking f11.

Elizabeth Ishmael March 9th, 2023
Elizabeth Ishmael

Very helpful when you are trying to play something with audio so low that regular app or system audio can't amplify enough. Easy to use.

safetycake March 9th, 2023

great extension

Herberts Markūns March 9th, 2023
Herberts Markūns

Its great

ASOBI March 9th, 2023

It works as intended and it has great features. The problem is that whenever I adjust the volume, videos cannot go fullscreen. This has been happening for several months now and it's a bad thing that it hasn't been fixed yet.

Abdullah Al Pavel March 9th, 2023
Abdullah Al Pavel

Great Great Great Extension. Volume Master is a King of Sound Booster.

BinBoy19 March 9th, 2023

Works like a charm, combined with another volume booster for MAXIMUM POTENTIAL, annoys all my friends!

Daennardvitar March 9th, 2023

Found from Kreekcraft, Turns out very helpful.

Jhon The March 9th, 2023
Jhon The

awosome tool thanks

dfgyuegefugdsiy duvbdubvdjbv March 9th, 2023
dfgyuegefugdsiy duvbdubvdjbv

Really usefull

Angel March 9th, 2023

It GoOd

Home Account March 8th, 2023
Home Account

Amazing extension. Annoys my sister like a charm.

Salah - Thridios March 8th, 2023
Salah - Thridios

great extension

Nick Louis March 8th, 2023
Nick Louis

This extension works amazing! You don't really realize what your speakers are truly capable of until you use this, the developer does an amazing job at maintaining it! Truly amazing!

Nash fallon March 8th, 2023
Nash fallon


Mega8it Thug March 8th, 2023
Mega8it Thug

Extension is so simple, and it works magnificently! EQ bar for sound system would be excellent!

BORIS Zafirov March 8th, 2023
BORIS Zafirov


Madame Money March 8th, 2023
Madame Money

Works well !

Anurag Vardhan March 8th, 2023
Anurag Vardhan

Comes in clutch when I wanna watch one of those videos with trash audio

Davin Garciga March 8th, 2023
Davin Garciga

very nice

Darren Mccluskey March 8th, 2023
Darren Mccluskey

Fantastic, Best volume extension by far.

Mursa (MURSA) March 8th, 2023
Mursa (MURSA)

Easy to use and its free!

StaticNoob March 7th, 2023

Its really useful

Mojtaba Safvat March 7th, 2023
Mojtaba Safvat


Ashiqujjaman Munna March 7th, 2023
Ashiqujjaman Munna

So much useful! recommend it 100%

spencer harrison March 7th, 2023
spencer harrison


Toshib Fast Food March 7th, 2023
Toshib Fast Food


Md. Ruhul Amin Khan March 7th, 2023
Md. Ruhul Amin Khan

It's very user friendly and recommended for use.

Muhammad Zeeshan March 7th, 2023
Muhammad Zeeshan

Its so helpful ... best extension :)

J Malones March 7th, 2023
J Malones

this chrome extension is amazing. when you want to destroy your speaker. put the volume at 600%. you really won't regret it. Thanks to the developer of this extension. love it

Ali July 30th, 2021


Abdallah Elhakim March 7th, 2023
Abdallah Elhakim

does the job perfectly with 0 clutter and minimal effort. Great app!

Pringles man March 6th, 2023
Pringles man

I like the app but i miss when you could make the volume more specific

Krystel Cortez March 6th, 2023
Krystel Cortez

It does the job, love it

Arnav Bhaskar March 6th, 2023
Arnav Bhaskar


George Silva March 6th, 2023
George Silva

Great for any and all volume needs. Features add an awesome layer of customization without muddying the user experience

Carter Jackson March 6th, 2023
Carter Jackson

It was awesome and I really enjoyed it.

Chaz Barbarita March 6th, 2023
Chaz Barbarita

Phenomenal. Does exactly as it says. & Dark Mode?? Incredibly useful. Thank you friend. <3

Caleb March 6th, 2023

(thumbs up)

Tobi Walker March 6th, 2023
Tobi Walker

I watch a lot of live trials and sometimes the courtrooms have terrible sound. This extension makes it possible to hear what's going on. I only wish I could add it to my phone!

TinOwl March 6th, 2023

fine, lot of clutter

Christian Gomez March 6th, 2023
Christian Gomez

very good extension

Parker H March 6th, 2023
Parker H

not bad

Aye Pirates March 6th, 2023
Aye Pirates

Good. No ads or nothing. Actually good extension.

Gabe March 6th, 2023

the best chrome extension

??? March 6th, 2023

very useful :) thank you to whoever created this

Z House March 6th, 2023
Z House

borders on perfect, to be honest. if only browsers let you go fullscreen with a video when the volume was adjusted by the plugin, but that's the only flaw I can think of, and it's a very minor one, and it's not one that a plugin dev could do anything about.

Rajeeb February 16th, 2023

One of the best, minimal, user friendly chrome extension!

risefar March 6th, 2023

Never gives me issues like others, great extension.

R Viggy March 6th, 2023
R Viggy

Love this extension. I've found nothing to match and easy to use.

elektroza March 6th, 2023

Does what it says, you can change volume from 0-600%, or 0-800% if you donate. Very good extension!

Don Warshaw March 6th, 2023
Don Warshaw

The best I have found so far, actually performs as claimed,

I MAX March 6th, 2023

It serves its purpose very well.

m l March 6th, 2023
m l

this extension is really good. i'm very happy to have downloaded it to my browser. and, it's free. who doesn't like free?

Parker Isaacson March 6th, 2023
Parker Isaacson

One of the best extensions I've used

Joe Miserendino March 6th, 2023
Joe Miserendino


Mohamed El Agha March 6th, 2023
Mohamed El Agha

very good app

RidingATractor March 6th, 2023

Love it so much

Lilah Song March 6th, 2023
Lilah Song

love this app like you wouldnt believe

buddha 999 March 6th, 2023
buddha 999


Vinnide Vinci Media March 6th, 2023
Vinnide Vinci Media

A very good extention indeed.

Viral Chaudhari March 6th, 2023
Viral Chaudhari


trick johnes March 6th, 2023
trick johnes

useful and eficient

Luka Mezurnishvili March 6th, 2023
Luka Mezurnishvili


Frederick Marshall March 6th, 2023
Frederick Marshall

I'm hearing challenged. This extension changed my PC audio experience to enjoyable - WOW!

David Darling March 6th, 2023
David Darling

Great product. I use it everyday and would recommend it to anyone.

J P Sundharam March 6th, 2023
J P Sundharam

Really good! Very easy to use... very intuitive. Does what it states.

Anay Mahamuni March 6th, 2023
Anay Mahamuni

good no bs

Blazing Marauder March 6th, 2023
Blazing Marauder

Efficient tool, no BS, signs of ads or targeted personalised data collection in the future.

Ala Hadji March 6th, 2023
Ala Hadji

great tool

Den Drobiazko June 28th, 2022
Den Drobiazko

Useful, neat, constantly updated plugin. Recommend!

Annie M March 6th, 2023
Annie M

its handy for a bit extra sound with no hassles,thanks

Aahed Alhamamy March 6th, 2023
Aahed Alhamamy

very good tool saved me in critical events .thank you for it

Muhammad Rizwan March 6th, 2023
Muhammad Rizwan

nice extention

mitul lal March 6th, 2023
mitul lal

does the job pretty well , simple and also has dark theme, very good

amazing Tube March 6th, 2023
amazing Tube


DA HOLL March 6th, 2023

works great

Joseph Fong March 6th, 2023
Joseph Fong

very useful for too soft tabs, wish there was a version for too soft apps

Alex K. March 6th, 2023
Alex K.

It just works.

Jephph not Jeff February 28th, 2023
Jephph not Jeff

way better than other boosters

haniibah johnson February 28th, 2023
haniibah johnson

It works really good

Hoover Alex Garcia-Guzman February 27th, 2023
Hoover Alex Garcia-Guzman

It Works!!!

joe fart nugget February 27th, 2023
joe fart nugget

did exactly what i wanted it to do

Kaleb Mitchell February 27th, 2023
Kaleb Mitchell

work as advertised

Steve Ochoa February 27th, 2023
Steve Ochoa

acc works

Synapse February 27th, 2023

10/10. Very simple and helpful.

shane ward February 27th, 2023
shane ward

works great glad to have it

Nour Ashoush February 27th, 2023
Nour Ashoush

Exactly as advertised. Very easy and simplistic to use.

seif hazem February 27th, 2023
seif hazem

Does the job perfectly.

Dana Sugu February 27th, 2023
Dana Sugu


Aman February 27th, 2023

just awesome

Namira Rizque Abotz February 27th, 2023
Namira Rizque Abotz

Good as advertised!

· Antiquity · February 27th, 2023
· Antiquity ·

Love itt, but the bass starts to sound vibraty if I put it too loud, but still good since it can help you adjust your volume more. :D

Giang Xuan February 26th, 2023
Giang Xuan

Very good

LaunchedKnot777 February 26th, 2023

Works as advertised.

Dana Waldrop Hudson February 26th, 2023
Dana Waldrop Hudson

Thank you so much for this wonderful extension. It has helped so much with my problems on my Chromebook.

SandraUniverse February 26th, 2023

Just awesome extension! Love it. This is that kind app that you have to have, ya know :)

Md Akram Khan February 26th, 2023
Md Akram Khan

it's a wonderful

Audrey Rose Ramirez February 26th, 2023
Audrey Rose Ramirez

Its kinda glitching

Blazing Phoenix20 February 25th, 2023
Blazing Phoenix20

Simple. Easy. Working. What more do you need?

f1sh February 25th, 2023

24000th review

Derli Lima February 25th, 2023
Derli Lima

Perfeito!!! Obrigado...

liam wylie February 25th, 2023
liam wylie

I was the 24,000th review but i liked the extention

Alexandros February 25th, 2023


Parth Soni February 25th, 2023
Parth Soni

hat's off very usable app

Ghassen ben hadid February 25th, 2023
Ghassen ben hadid

the only problem with this extension is that it changes the voice sound when decreasing and increasing the sound again

ayesa roshon choudhury February 25th, 2023
ayesa roshon choudhury

My Laptop Is Sound Problem Because My Laptop Sound Low,I use It And It run Good

Nat Fadare February 24th, 2023
Nat Fadare


Diane Shears February 24th, 2023
Diane Shears

Does the job well. I use it every day. Highly recommended!

fox red February 24th, 2023
fox red

its the best for annoying ppl

Kimchi Jam February 24th, 2023
Kimchi Jam

it just allows you to change the volume on tabs, what else more do you want

Scarlett Sharma February 24th, 2023
Scarlett Sharma

the extension is pretty good, but it increases the bass heavily and the song sounds weird.. nonetheless, it works great!

Š Å H Ï Ļ February 24th, 2023

This Extension is good....but when i rise volume upto 550+ the voice is little cracking which dissapointed me?

Ashlyn Garrett February 24th, 2023
Ashlyn Garrett

i loved it this is the BEST you have to get it ASAP

ShadowEdge YT February 23rd, 2023
ShadowEdge YT

This thing can even drown out a car radio! 11/10!

Gohar Raza February 23rd, 2023
Gohar Raza

I was going to change laptop speakers due to low sound but suddenly saw this extension this is a life saver extension???

Jake Tran February 23rd, 2023
Jake Tran


Shakil Alam February 23rd, 2023
Shakil Alam

joss from bd

Aiman November 23rd, 2022


Karam D. February 23rd, 2023
Karam D.

It's great, thanks for making this extension.

Jeff Sisson February 23rd, 2023
Jeff Sisson

volume awsome

craig foot February 23rd, 2023
craig foot

I found it so helpful being on a laptop and not being able to hear many things with the sound that I had on it With this app crystal Clear nice and loud beautiful couldn't ask for much more

Power Isknowledge February 23rd, 2023
Power Isknowledge


Patrik Juřena February 22nd, 2023
Patrik Juřena

Using it all the time so i dont have to squeeze my ears with headphones

Kiwi Kim February 22nd, 2023
Kiwi Kim

Brillant, Love it. Thankyou

ky moore February 22nd, 2023
ky moore

it does boost the volume but it starts to get distorted and is kinda hard to under stand some times. but overall it is a good extenstion

Tarrakas the Great February 22nd, 2023
Tarrakas the Great

Best extension for chrome by far.

KariAnn Krutz February 22nd, 2023
KariAnn Krutz

This Has got to be the world's BEST kept secrets for PERFECT sound..... Thanks for bringing some sunshine back to me. I've been missing my old back yard with my headphones + iTunes. Honestly.... thanks

William Knox (Bill) February 22nd, 2023
William Knox (Bill)


Dwividplayz February 22nd, 2023

respect from the world king

Faridul Alam February 21st, 2023
Faridul Alam


Jakob West February 21st, 2023
Jakob West

Great extension! Only issue is when you have it on for too long, volume on the tab seems to lag behind. Example: If you watch a video and its on 200% at 0:35 the guy might say something funny but the audio will play the funny thing at 0:37. lags behind a little, but I really only use it for music so not to much of an issue. Definately recommend!

Mahmoud Metwally February 21st, 2023
Mahmoud Metwally

Really Useful Extension

Rehman khan February 21st, 2023
Rehman khan

Loved it

FLARED February 21st, 2023

Awesome extension no need of speakers with this

Arnold Karacsony February 21st, 2023
Arnold Karacsony

Best extension outta there!

Vladyslav Troitskyi February 21st, 2023
Vladyslav Troitskyi

Awesome extension!

Arthur Lambey February 21st, 2023
Arthur Lambey

It always gets the job done and always work on every website!

lizzywonderss February 20th, 2023

i love this extension its so good you should actually get it

Nakshatra B Nambiar February 20th, 2023
Nakshatra B Nambiar

A blessing tbh

Lucas February 20th, 2023

It's Great

Merri Williams February 20th, 2023
Merri Williams

Works Smooth. No problems whatsoever! Even full screen! Thanks!!!!

James VanRysseghem February 20th, 2023
James VanRysseghem

While the volume aspect works, it seems to break the Fullscreen functionality of video players, which is a dealbreaker for my use case. EDIT: Found a workaround. Pressing the fullscreen button and then F11 will work.

Derek Chen February 20th, 2023
Derek Chen

Works really well, up to a 600% boost. No ads, no popups, nothing. Just a really good extension I'll be donating to soon!

Smilling Sylvia Helton February 20th, 2023
Smilling Sylvia Helton

I am rather hard of hearing, NOW I CAN hear all. Bottom of my heart, THANK YOU!

sai nath February 20th, 2023
sai nath


A B February 20th, 2023

Added it to Chrome and now videos have no sound at all. Am I doing something wrong? It doesn't work.

Danni Ward February 19th, 2023
Danni Ward

My sanity is rescued and restored!! Highly (and gladly) recommend this extension. I was frustrated by a double whammy: zero!nada!zilch! for media control from MS Win(any ver), unless, of course, you run their media player. (I'ma just gonna be leaving that right there - 'nuf said - lolz ;) Then we add my vid streaming site which has a policy of squelching sound site wide and calling it 'volume leveling'. lol. And so . . . With the Win's "volume mixer" (hahaha . .. smhl) at 10, ear buds in place, "system sounds" at 1 (or ear drums are toast with a 'ding'), etc, etc, and I still had to hit replay for a 10(or 20, 30) second count . . over n over . . n over . . again, for missed dialogue . . . Well, ya, ..uhm, k - lol. I know you get the ideal. A show of 2h was a guaranteed 4h-4.5h exercise in patience, and usually a deep self introspection of how interested I was in viewing . . Volume Master has elegantly and discreetly returned volume control to me, and with only two clicks from my mouse.

Spy Hawk22 February 19th, 2023
Spy Hawk22

very useful extension. thank you.

john cena February 19th, 2023
john cena

I loved it, it is really helpful

Yasir Bhai 11 FF February 19th, 2023
Yasir Bhai 11 FF

Good One yaar

TURBO February 19th, 2023

very usefull

Darius Pranay February 19th, 2023
Darius Pranay

One of my most commonly used extensions, my speakers are terrible so these really help out a ton!

Dennis Graham February 18th, 2023
Dennis Graham

Hands of the BEST extensions. It's deceptively useful and one of the FEW extensions I keep running. If I could tip them, I would.

Marble Soccer February 18th, 2023
Marble Soccer

This extension is probably my favorite extension. I would recommend this.

Erin Lynn February 18th, 2023
Erin Lynn

had to delete and redownload over and over again bc it would remove my sound but otherwise it works well

Ed Powell February 18th, 2023
Ed Powell

Luv this volume booster... Works great! Particularly like how you can adjust the volume for each opened page (set higher on one, lower on another). Highly recommend it!

Nawab Khan February 18th, 2023
Nawab Khan

Really Useful Extension You Must Try It...

Ralph February 17th, 2023

Awesome extension for those trying to get the most out of their speakers.

Jordan Vu February 17th, 2023
Jordan Vu

Awesome extension for those trying to get the most out of their speakers.

MieYT February 17th, 2023

i can't watch movie in full screen but works well ^^

GLaDOS [ ] February 17th, 2023
GLaDOS [ ]

This works really well, highly recommend it.

Abdul Barz February 17th, 2023
Abdul Barz

It's SUPER USEFUL and very easy to use!

Kyriarchia February 17th, 2023

Amazing Extension! Super useful! Love It.

austin nuffer February 17th, 2023
austin nuffer

love this extention but i am too young to pay :( i would love to though

ObjectPlus February 17th, 2023

It works great

Flordeliza Mahilum February 17th, 2023
Flordeliza Mahilum

just perfect. thank you

Hardaat Singh Baath February 17th, 2023
Hardaat Singh Baath

I honestly just love it, can increase the volume of songs on speaker to a level that I couldn't earlier

Devin Yasas February 17th, 2023
Devin Yasas

No BS! Just perfect

Evan Pawley February 17th, 2023
Evan Pawley


Jackson Young February 16th, 2023
Jackson Young

Like it, but still to prove.

Utku Berken Tekinsoy February 16th, 2023
Utku Berken Tekinsoy

An awesome easy-to-use sound booster. Thank you bro!

budaman February 16th, 2023

It works great, but I believe that it overdrives the little speakers in my Samsung Chromebook at 1/2 power and beyond, the speakers voice many times become garbled. But it does what it is supposed to do.

Jacob Prenosil February 16th, 2023
Jacob Prenosil

I love it

Faiyaz Faran February 16th, 2023
Faiyaz Faran

love it

James Galano February 16th, 2023
James Galano

it helps put videos with bass boosted volumes that you cant put lower and it can make site with low volumes higher

TheTruthIsThatImDumb February 16th, 2023

Beautiful. It increased volume on sites I that I couldn't increase the volume of a movie/video to a audible enough sound which helps a lot, especially during my movie times. I suggest you get this extension if you need extra or lower volume rates.

Shivam Raj February 16th, 2023
Shivam Raj

loved it

Amaresh Singh February 16th, 2023
Amaresh Singh

Love it improves audio ?

enio 1414 February 5th, 2023
enio 1414

I love this extension. I hope there is more updates in the future and this is the most useful pinned extension I have.

Navaneeth Krishnan February 4th, 2023
Navaneeth Krishnan

Never thought I get this much volume from my old speakers.The volume from my speakers were actually never enough.This is just a life saver :) And also this doesn't effect the audio clarity.

John Vankal February 4th, 2023
John Vankal

Great, but what is anoying is every time i restart the browser, it always need to set the volume manually again, is there a way to keep the adjusted volume even after restarting it.

Mandeep Singh Rawat February 4th, 2023
Mandeep Singh Rawat

dear team, i have suggestion for you which is regrading volume booster. Please provide an option of audio boost because sometime it just burst my ears. Just give us an option like dark and light mode. It's very helpful because whenever i use instagram and youtube shorts i just got pain in my ears. There are lost of websites which don't have volume option. Thanks for this extension. It's very helpful.

SYCS_314_GAUTAM MEHTA February 4th, 2023

It helps a lot

Kassie February 4th, 2023

absolute fire

weifeng yuan February 4th, 2023
weifeng yuan

good job ,man

Mahaveer Prasad Gupta February 4th, 2023
Mahaveer Prasad Gupta


Stacy Lee February 4th, 2023
Stacy Lee

It works! Thank you!

Blass Fernando Dominguez Zuniga February 4th, 2023
Blass Fernando Dominguez Zuniga

exceptional between other extensions that can barely help

RAGUIGUE ZOUBAIR February 4th, 2023


guestoda gamer February 4th, 2023
guestoda gamer

literally the best extension in store for something like this

Novendra Surya February 4th, 2023
Novendra Surya

Loved it

Nour Gazarin February 3rd, 2023
Nour Gazarin

So great!

Nicole John February 3rd, 2023
Nicole John

Works so well I was very surprised how well it works!

s f February 3rd, 2023
s f

Frankly, this should be a built-in feature. It's that vital.

sovil arora February 3rd, 2023
sovil arora


Ronalyn Oliveros February 3rd, 2023
Ronalyn Oliveros

very useful

Minnie February 3rd, 2023

The extension is helpful and straightforward, that's it

Talib Ali Hashmi February 3rd, 2023
Talib Ali Hashmi

extremely usefull than many other extensions

Aayaan Ahmed February 3rd, 2023
Aayaan Ahmed


gdbgdbgdb gvfzsdvzsfgsdffg February 3rd, 2023
gdbgdbgdb gvfzsdvzsfgsdffg

i love this extension it gave me permanent ear damage 10/10

ayat zaman January 29th, 2023
ayat zaman


Spooky Pvp February 2nd, 2023
Spooky Pvp

good for non speaker

Ethan M. February 2nd, 2023
Ethan M.

Screw other extensions, this is THE best volume control extension ever.

Siddharth Gulati February 2nd, 2023
Siddharth Gulati

The best app.

Huji Fa February 2nd, 2023
Huji Fa

very usefully

Andrew Sarikakakis February 2nd, 2023
Andrew Sarikakakis

A perfect app doing exactly what you want

Joshua Ong February 2nd, 2023
Joshua Ong

Exceptionally simple - You can use the slider to lower and increase the volume per window - Amazing.

Nikhil Verma February 2nd, 2023
Nikhil Verma

Very handy.... just one more update where you can pop it out so that u dont have to select this from extensions again again

Dee February 2nd, 2023


Maria Maria February 1st, 2023
Maria Maria

Absolutely amazing! it really works, wow just wow!!!

adan Soque February 1st, 2023
adan Soque

the best WOW so good i love it

Sophia Murphy February 1st, 2023
Sophia Murphy

It's really good! Listening to music with this is so much better. I 200% recommend this, it's honestly so good! Some bad things are that other people can hear through the headphones, and it is loud enough to bust a headphone, but some good things are: It sounds good, it's good for a large audience watching from the device, It does sound a bit low quality tho, but still 5 star! amazing!

Erbini February 1st, 2023

its just perfect simple and useful

Khaled AlYoussef February 1st, 2023
Khaled AlYoussef

you need more volume? get this!

Antoine Royal February 1st, 2023
Antoine Royal

simple yet powerful

Ojas Taneja February 1st, 2023
Ojas Taneja

exilent use this

charlene Arline January 31st, 2023
charlene Arline

This chrome extension is the best. I didn't think it was possible to get the sound louder than the computer sound, but it does! It amplifies it tremedously. For someone that is hearing impaired, as myself, this is awesome!

Pascal Rutgers January 31st, 2023
Pascal Rutgers

Nice *****

Agnes Simeon January 31st, 2023
Agnes Simeon

it helped the audio for movies on you tube, thanks

Max West August 19th, 2021
Max West

I don't see why it needs universal access to all data on a page. It would seem it should only need access to media players and their volume control methods. That aside, it works great.

Bryan January 31st, 2023


Social Ammar January 30th, 2023
Social Ammar

better than other extensions. Thanks for the quality

Rakesh Singh January 30th, 2023
Rakesh Singh

very useful extension

Gookle geek January 30th, 2023
Gookle geek

amazing stuff but when I use this extension I cant go full screen while watching a video.

Jaden Krischnan January 30th, 2023
Jaden Krischnan

Thank god my comp vol has been louder now i can hear my classmates speaking in the online class Thank you for making this GOOD JOB!

DJREDZ784 January 30th, 2023

thank you

Bill Pilgrim January 30th, 2023
Bill Pilgrim

Has made a big difference for me being hard of hearing.

SpivSpirit January 29th, 2023

This is a must-have function. Deserves all the praises.

TrulyPurple January 29th, 2023

I love it except it wont boost my audio

BaBaBlack_ Sheep January 29th, 2023
BaBaBlack_ Sheep

its works well

Ronantherobot January 29th, 2023

I only have had it four 2 hours but it already is one of the best things I have downloaded

Roberta Gordon January 29th, 2023
Roberta Gordon

I love being able to turn my music up louder than I need to. It's the best way to do get the house work done. Even though I'm pretty sure I've blown my speakers, the first day I got my laptop.....lmao oops, my bad. roflmao AWESOME APP!!!!

9ivi ZeldaX January 28th, 2023
9ivi ZeldaX


Leon Zieber January 28th, 2023
Leon Zieber


Toaster The Roaster January 28th, 2023
Toaster The Roaster

it was bloody amazing

William Bonnell November 18th, 2022
William Bonnell

really good and easy to use

Shaylee Scott January 28th, 2023
Shaylee Scott

I love this. I can use this to watch whatever while Im at school with friends, and we can hear very well. 10/10 DEFINITELY RECOMMEND!

Rem H. January 28th, 2023
Rem H.


Zuhayr Khan' January 27th, 2023
Zuhayr Khan'

Very good

Saeid Akbari September 18th, 2021
Saeid Akbari

Does the job and does it well! I tried a couple of other extensions and they distort the sound.

Coco January 27th, 2023

fantastic extension, a must have for video players that have no volume bar

Taehl January 27th, 2023

Indispensable for all those Youtubers who are incapable of speaking above mumble. The only problem is, using Volume Master on some other sites prevents you from clicking the "fullscreen" button on videos. :(

MABANG, FAHATMAH January 27th, 2023

This is good. This has been making my online studies easier. If I want to improve something, that is when a video is boosted, the sound won't get like distorted. Though this is really awesome extension.

Camila Macarena Díaz Torres January 27th, 2023
Camila Macarena Díaz Torres

Very good so far!

Trap Morphi January 27th, 2023
Trap Morphi


Georg Harutunian January 27th, 2023
Georg Harutunian

needs an improvement - the change of volume should apply to all open tabs as well as to future tabs. so you don't have to do it separately every time for each tab

Marzio Magni January 26th, 2023
Marzio Magni


Adarsh SK January 26th, 2023
Adarsh SK

Good, it works!

Abhishek Kateja January 26th, 2023
Abhishek Kateja

No bugs, No ads Good Volume extension!

This One January 26th, 2023
This One

Simple and easy! Great extension for students and those who work from home and have multiple tabs running.

The Real (Chickenfryz) January 26th, 2023
The Real (Chickenfryz)

Lit dude, great for muting individual tabs that dont want to be muted ;3 (school) no lag and can BOOST vibes

J3rredsWorkAcc Email January 26th, 2023
J3rredsWorkAcc Email

This Extension contains no ads and is bug free (at least from what I can tell.) This works very well and is exceptionally great for running a tab in the back and watching YouTube.

casey burns January 26th, 2023
casey burns

Works just as advertised. No ads and free makes this 5 stars easily.

January 26th, 2023

Love it!!!!

Gamer Eyosyas January 26th, 2023
Gamer Eyosyas

Loved it now that I can watch With extra Voice

Gary Fisher January 26th, 2023
Gary Fisher

Easy to install and use, the Volume Master extension gives me the ability to compensate for website audio that's recorded at too low a level for comfortable listening. With Volume Master I can increase (or, if I like, decrease) a page's audio from a fraction of its recorded level up to several times what I'd hear without this extension. I use it frequently on podcasts, online videos, streaming sites and more.

Ansh Watane January 25th, 2023
Ansh Watane


Saquib Khan January 25th, 2023
Saquib Khan

Really amazing.

Pierce JM Matorre January 25th, 2023
Pierce JM Matorre

Perfect! just perfect

notsuyash January 25th, 2023


Power Down Media January 25th, 2023
Power Down Media

Great extension! It really works! Now I can bump up the volume on sites where the sound tends to be low...

Mahmoud Bamian January 25th, 2023
Mahmoud Bamian

Works the way it says it does

Le Unique January 25th, 2023
Le Unique


Ben 10 Animations January 25th, 2023
Ben 10 Animations

just amazing

The Ark January 25th, 2023
The Ark

very usefull for watching vedio

Liberty Jensen January 25th, 2023
Liberty Jensen

Ah yes, the extension I use in the school cafeteria while hearing the audio bug to hell. Beautiful.

Assassin Duck January 24th, 2023
Assassin Duck

Its a really great extension. The only thing i've found is that sound sometimes starts to stutter if i use the extension to change a tabs volume. This is while using a bluetooth headset, if that helps.

Marock's corner January 24th, 2023
Marock's corner

just amazing

Templar January 24th, 2023

Just Awesome!

Akram January 24th, 2023

Perfecto ?

Ahmed Fayek January 24th, 2023
Ahmed Fayek

It does the job simply

Ţuţu Alexe January 24th, 2023
Ţuţu Alexe


Jamie Motes January 24th, 2023
Jamie Motes

I really like that this extension makes the webpages louder since im hard of hearing in one ear. Great App!

nick c January 24th, 2023
nick c

So helpful!!

Mata'afa “NoticedByMany” Porter January 23rd, 2023
Mata'afa “NoticedByMany” Porter

It works and its great

Edd Ed January 23rd, 2023
Edd Ed

helps so much

gianna delio January 22nd, 2023
gianna delio

amazing extension

Stephanie Kasper January 22nd, 2023
Stephanie Kasper

Wow I LOVED it!! Amazing app for all my audio! Perfect for listening to voices on security cameras and streaming services. Also great for all apps, the sound was clear and easy to understand. This app made things so much easier for me! I'm so glad I found this app, it is definitely worth giving trying, you'll be glad you did! : ) None of my sounds were distorted on any web page or app. Looking forward to more apps from you, Peta Sittek! Thank you so much!!!

Dr. Jack Overcasher, Sr. December 12th, 2022
Dr. Jack Overcasher, Sr.

Honestly this is probably one of the simplest, no-hassle, sound-amplifier Apps in the Chrome Web Store. It has a simple and easy to understand user-interface and it actually works without all the intrusive sponsor ads. Help the guy out if you agree with my review and make a small donation to the developer of the app.

Cristobal Andrade S. December 12th, 2022
Cristobal Andrade S.

It's a no brainer, just add it! The best extension to increase the volume. I was tired of the poof volume of my laptop speakers. This was the solution. Just install the extension and you are good to go. No more low volume in your PC or Laptop.

LiLu Ljubica Bunibarovska Zivkovic December 12th, 2022
LiLu Ljubica Bunibarovska Zivkovic

Great extension! Just to add: -and I am loyal for years now :)

Omar Marwan Khozrom December 12th, 2022
Omar Marwan Khozrom


Leonardo Bonilla December 12th, 2022
Leonardo Bonilla

Easy to use and effective

CH SUBHAN December 12th, 2022

i love this.

John Lake December 11th, 2022
John Lake

so helpful!

EphGee December 11th, 2022

Simple, yet elegant little tool. People mentioned noticing minor "glitches" when playing heavy bass, but that's probably just your speaker not being able to handle the signal it's being sent; This (usually) happens more often with smaller speakers.

ALLKING November 17th, 2022

Eh its ok

mandanaismoi December 11th, 2022

poggers :D

Феодосия Стефан December 11th, 2022
Феодосия Стефан

Perfect for boosting music quality and quiet videos!

K N (Kanami_dc) December 11th, 2022
K N (Kanami_dc)

it works Unlike 90% of the others who claim to work and dont

Stacey Kendi December 11th, 2022
Stacey Kendi

Works unlike most extensions that claim to. It increased my volume up to approximately 30% of my normal volume. Good work.

Louis Bourgault du Coudray December 10th, 2022
Louis Bourgault du Coudray

Simple, and good. Get it now.

Adree Ellis December 10th, 2022
Adree Ellis

Its good to use and works well! It can get glitchy sometimes with songs with more bass, but for the most part works really great! For sure one of the better volume enhancers out there, I 100% reccomend.

Dog_Blog52 December 10th, 2022

It was really good but when you turn it up it starts to sound glitchy and you cant hear the bass properly but one of the best ones ive found so far!

Abel Ma December 10th, 2022
Abel Ma

This extension literally turns you laptop into a speaker

Anastassia Boquet December 10th, 2022
Anastassia Boquet

I got this laptop Lenovo idealpad. great laptop only issue is its so freakin low the sound on here beyond trash. I legit have to carry around a speaker to make it loud. I was messing around on chrome and Saw this and was like DOUBT ITS GOING TO WORK but what do i have to lose. AND ARE U KIDDING ME IDK how yall did this but THANK YOU SO MUCH. AND ITS LOUD LOUD its like yall upgraded my speakers what is this magiccc

Michael Pickens (FlipFlopsNSocks) December 10th, 2022
Michael Pickens (FlipFlopsNSocks)


donald burdin December 10th, 2022
donald burdin

great extension... perfect

Aditya Chauhan December 10th, 2022
Aditya Chauhan

absolutely bonkers!

Benjamin Hudson December 10th, 2022
Benjamin Hudson


Igor Nekrasov December 10th, 2022
Igor Nekrasov

love the earrape in my ear

Fxith Plug December 10th, 2022
Fxith Plug

Works exceptional

Ilai Orenstein December 10th, 2022
Ilai Orenstein

It works with anything I've tried and it's awesome I absolutely love it and highly recommended you try it for yourself.

Demarcus Robertson December 9th, 2022
Demarcus Robertson

its good for youtube

Zahir Pardo December 9th, 2022
Zahir Pardo

The best one of the top extensions I would add.

Abhinandan Ghosh December 9th, 2022
Abhinandan Ghosh


Geralt of Rivia December 9th, 2022
Geralt of Rivia

its an amazing extension all were missing in it is a volume mixer for bass and treble

Ryan Raj December 9th, 2022
Ryan Raj

The best extension for increasing your volume for listening to music?? ???

Always Fun December 9th, 2022
Always Fun

Nice!! Very helpful to blast music in class thanks :)

Dominik Ainslie December 9th, 2022
Dominik Ainslie

A very handy tool. Great stuff!

JasonHD December 8th, 2022

Good enough to get me to go out of my way to review it here.

Addiction December 8th, 2022

its nice, wish it was like 1000 plus but still good = D

Brett DeFazio December 8th, 2022
Brett DeFazio

Useful volume mixer for different tabs

Emad Masoud December 8th, 2022
Emad Masoud

Most functional volume booster

Prince2K5 December 8th, 2022

Works as it's supposed to. No complaints

GlookLike December 8th, 2022

Great app. Works like a charm.

billo hay December 8th, 2022
billo hay

lovely just lovely

Crazed Bee December 8th, 2022
Crazed Bee

I Tried it on opera and opera gx and they work fine on those. this is perfect if you are hard of hearing so yeah and it goes up to 600% percent! Amazing after all

shakila noorbakhsh December 8th, 2022
shakila noorbakhsh


manuga np December 8th, 2022
manuga np


Christopher Beech (Wembley0769 or Wembley) December 8th, 2022
Christopher Beech (Wembley0769 or Wembley)

the best and most functional volume booster I've ever had11 It blows all others out of the water! Top notch work guys I love it and will recomennd it to everyone I know!!

Yahya Faraz December 8th, 2022
Yahya Faraz

great extension but cannot watch full screen vids on youtube but works after a few videos

Pratham December 7th, 2022


Saeed Inamdar December 7th, 2022
Saeed Inamdar


Mohammad Tayseer December 7th, 2022
Mohammad Tayseer


Tracey Hall December 7th, 2022
Tracey Hall

Give it a try. I love it and it's exactly what I was looking for. If you need more volume than your computer or your speakers are capable of, install this app. And, best of all is that it's FREE!!!!

s0m30n3 December 7th, 2022

This is the most useful chrome extension i have evr seen. My laptop is so slow and laggy with VERY low speaker so this helped me a lot so thank you sooooo much. And whoever is reading this, i highly recommend you to use this extension and rate it a 5.

david doncic December 7th, 2022
david doncic

exactly what i need, perfect and simple UI

Prasad Joka December 7th, 2022
Prasad Joka

it is a very useful app to control volume.

PAULzar December 7th, 2022

really helped with the increasing the sound volume

Paris Dineen December 7th, 2022
Paris Dineen


Will Cammish December 7th, 2022
Will Cammish

tried multiple extensions only one that works so far

Bradley Summers February 1st, 2021
Bradley Summers

Mostly great extension but I'm pretty sure you can't fullscreen YouTube videos properly after modifying the volume of the tab the video is playing on.

Run1c December 6th, 2022

works well and free for people to use, recommended.

Kevin Yang December 6th, 2022
Kevin Yang

It really works you can't find something better than this.

jonathan contreras December 6th, 2022
jonathan contreras

Its just the best ngl

Rado December 6th, 2022

bro i love it

Mikey C December 6th, 2022
Mikey C


IKD NS December 6th, 2022

amazing is the only word to put it

Petya Ivanova December 6th, 2022
Petya Ivanova

I love it! It is very useful for me!

Aruna Kulasekara December 5th, 2022
Aruna Kulasekara

Highly recommended

MariaGuadalupe CurielMacDonald (OWNER) May 29th, 2018
MariaGuadalupe CurielMacDonald (OWNER)

Can not beat this! HOT!

Tim Conroy December 5th, 2022
Tim Conroy

The app works great on Chrome but DOESN'T WORK AT ALL ON MICROSOFT EDGE. Also, do have a volume booster for Amazon Fire Tablets. Chrome, Edge and Firefox do not have apps for fire. Fire tablets need a volume booster that works independently.

Ben Dover December 5th, 2022
Ben Dover

great job

clayton barksdale (SWAPPEDSOULLESS) December 5th, 2022
clayton barksdale (SWAPPEDSOULLESS)

This extension is great it not only boosts the volume but it also increases the bass and treble of my headphones

Victaella Humrich December 5th, 2022
Victaella Humrich

iconic volume on good quality headphones

brxki (brxki) December 5th, 2022
brxki (brxki)

very nice

Rally Jazz December 5th, 2022
Rally Jazz

It's really helpful for low quality audio, wonderful fr!

earnest gill December 5th, 2022
earnest gill

it works fine

Rohit Tripathi December 5th, 2022
Rohit Tripathi

Worked for me

Alsh December 5th, 2022

it works lel pretty good for bad headsets

nikola videnov December 4th, 2022
nikola videnov


Mystic Kloudz December 4th, 2022
Mystic Kloudz

best volume booster ever 100/10 used this back in school when they used to loan me the non loud headphones and this extension made them louder, and ever since then i used this extension for years! its one that i HAVE to have on my browser!!! <3 1000/10

kryztylle salvaleon December 4th, 2022
kryztylle salvaleon

probably the best volume booster i found and tested

hazenwastaken December 4th, 2022

realy good

personal account December 4th, 2022
personal account

i can use this anytime as well as having be able to use this on anything like tts but dosnt work well with quiet videos on headphones

Szymon Zalewski December 4th, 2022
Szymon Zalewski

works eggcelent!

Deanna Peterson December 4th, 2022
Deanna Peterson

It Works For YT and Other Apps

brenVR December 4th, 2022

Giga Extension

Andrei Glavce December 4th, 2022