Reviews & Comments of Bookmarks HotList chrome extension

From July 19th, 2017 to April 16th, 2021, 50% user give 5-star rating, 25% user give 4-star rating, 25% user give 2-star rating. for Bookmarks HotList chrome extension.

Reviews of bookmarks hotlist:

nexisn1 _4_Htpc April 16th, 2021
nexisn1 _4_Htpc

Very good!!! but i can't edit bookmarks while i pushed the Bookmarks HotList icon.

Korban Lehman January 29th, 2018
Korban Lehman

Almost perfect. It would be nice to be able to add custom icons for sites (some sites don't supply an icon, and I've got several white boxes I have to scroll over to see using the tile view), custom tile sizes, and custom key shortcuts (so I could use y for youtube, etc). All in all, this is light, fast, and a great extension.

Rob Langevoort January 3rd, 2018
Rob Langevoort

This extension has replaced App Launcher Customizer by Carlos Jeurissen. I wish I had found it sooner. This extension is very easy to configure, runs fast, and so far I have found it to be flawless. Thanks Mythical 5th!

David Austin July 19th, 2017
David Austin

This could have been awesome. I've been looking for an extension that would view only certain bookmarks and this was almost it. The problem? It doesn't show sub-folders.