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Version: 0.27
The extension adds a handy list of notes that synchronizes with Google Bookmarks. A text selected on a web-page can be saved in the…
4.26 Based on 329 user rates

What is LinkedNotes?

LinkedNotes is a blogging chrome extension. it's a free extension , it has 9,000+ active users since released its first version, it earns an average rating of 4.26 from 329 rated user, last update is 4142 days ago.

What’s new in version 0.27?

                You can copy selected text to your notes in two clicks (Opera like).
Sync your notes between computers. Also you can use this extension as simple notebook (notepad), and store you notes locally only.

Version 0.27:
 Fix scrolling to selected not in list

Version 0.26:
 Manifest v2 
 Fix bug when all notes deleted after sync not logged-in google bookmarks
 Fix bug when after adding new note selection cannot be changed
 Fix bug with localization context Menu
 Decrease height of popup to fit into netbook screen

Version 0.25:
 Update to jquery 1.5.2

Version 0.24:
  Bugfix error: Click to another note in list after editing note text will cause note overwriting.

Version 0.23:
  Button "Reset last synchronization date" in options allows to sync without removing last deleted notes. Only merge.

Version 0.22:
  Keep tabulation chars in notes during syncronization.

Version 0.21:
  Now also possible add a page address to notes, when "Context menu for links" enabled in options.  

Version 0.20:
  You can enable context menu for links in options.
  Now you can prevent insertion of note title. Just separate title from note body by "|" char. Title length limited by 50 chars.

Version 0.19:
  You can open links from note text. Just set cursor inside link and click right mouse button. If url is valid then you can see "Open" menu item.

Version 0.18:
  Copy note with links from webpage with frames fixed.
  Some additional information about syncronization added to extension icon.

Version 0.17:
  Now filter button clear quick search box when it not empty.
  Some fixes of notes titles in list.

Version 0.16:
  You can enable saving links. Go to options and check "Copy links for objects".

Version 0.15:
  Duplicate notes with link that contain # fixed.
  Button to filter notes by current page.

Version 0.14:
  Current page's notes count indicator
  Auto syncronization option (interval 10 minutes)

Version 0.12:
  Fix quick search

Version 0.11:
  New context menu command "Insert Note" allows insert note to editable text box. (don't try new command on this site, google blocks all scripts in extensions gallery)

Version 0.10:
  Sometimes "Sync" button shows progress but nothing happens. Now you will be redirected to login page.
  New command in context menu of note to change font size (for more accessibility).

Version 0.9:
  Quick search
  Some changes in UI

Version 0.8:
  Synchronization with Google Bookmarks
  Small fixes in layout.
  Improved usability.

Version 0.6:
  Context menu for notes list changed because old one sometimes have been closed without command execution.
  Code refactoring.

Version 0.5: 
  Base functions.            

How to install LinkedNotes?

You could download the latest version crx file or older version files and install it.

Preview of LinkedNotes

Technical Features:

  • Latest Version: 0.27
  • Requirements: Windows Chrome, Mac Chrome
  • License: Free
  • Latest update: Saturday, August 4th, 2012
  • Author: Pavel Kolmogorov

LinkedNotes Available languages:

English, русский.


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  • How could i get help if there is something wrong with linkednotes chrome extension?

    You could find more help information from linkednotes support page.

  • How could i contact the developer of linkednotes chrome extension?

    You could send emails to publisher, or check publisher's website.

  • What are the required permissions for extensions?

    • contextMenus
    • tabs
    • unlimited_storage
    • http://*/
    • https://*/

    More about manifest_file of linkednotes.

  • How could i report abuse of linkednotes chrome extension?

    You could click to report abuse of linkednotes.

Reviews of linkednotes:

Zheny Carson June 16th, 2021
Zheny Carson

doesn't insert notes on creator studio :(

Christoffer Brobäck April 9th, 2021
Christoffer Brobäck

doesn't seem to work anymore v.v

Saber Naeemi May 24th, 2018
Saber Naeemi

The sync option no longer works. Please update it. Thank you.

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