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Dueling Book Unlock
Unlocks all card mechanics in Dueling Book
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What is Dueling Book Unlock?

Dueling Book Unlock is a fun chrome extension. it's a free extension , it has 97 active users since released its first version, it earns an average rating of 5.00 from 1 rated user, last update is 13 days ago.

What’s new in version 5.2?


This will unlock card mechanics in Dueling Book ( https://duelingbook.com ) that are not available otherwise

Pressing the extension's button will optionally allow you to unlock these things:

1. Play a loud sound whenever Pot of Greed or "Sky Striker Mobilize - Engage!" are played ( with 3 spells in GY )
2. Censor out every female card ( useful for streamers and myself )
3. Play the Master Duel sound whenever you draw a forbidden, limited or semi-limited card. If the format is not custom, it will only play if the card is ban-listed on either TCG or OCG
4. Play Kaiba DSOD Duel Links theme ( 3000 LP will start triggering the victory sound )

=== List of Effects that generate mechanics ===

1. This card can attack from your Pendulum Scale
2. This card can attack during your opponent's battle phase
3. This card can attack while in face-up Defense Position
4. You can Set this card from your hand to your Spell
5. each player swaps the cards in their graveyard with the cards in their deck
6. swap the cards in your graveyard with the cards in your deck
7. Shuffle this card face-up into your opponent's Deck
8. Shuffle 1 "Archetype" card face-up into your opponent's Deck.
9. Shuffle 1 "Archetype" monster face-up into your opponent's Deck.
10. pay half your LP
11. Special Summon 1 "Gorz Token"
12. Special Summon 4 "Named Tokens"
13. Special Summon as many "Named Tokens" (Stats Here!!!) as possible
14. Excavate the top 5 cards
15. Excavate the top card of
16. Add this card to your Extra Deck face-up

16 is to sneak non-pendulums to the ED face-up

Unlocked Card Mechanics:

1. Setting an extra deck monster face down to the field.
2. Face down link monsters ( to face down an opponent's link monster, ask for control of it and flip it, then give control back )
3. Flipping decks with Convulsion of Nature effects.
4. Banishing a random Extra Deck card face up ( similar to Cynet Storm )
5. Banish random card from extra deck face down ( Pot of Extravegence )
6. Adding cards to your opponent's hand.
7. Setting Spells & Traps to your field as a monster ( Magical Hats )
8. Stay Revealed ( Lord of Heavenly Prison )
9. Move card to your deck face up
10. In the lifepoint gain and loss, you can use addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Multiplication must be done with "*", and division must be done with "/"
11. Pot of Prosperity and Eater of Millions can banish the first x cards in your extra deck. Basically the first cards are the cards closer to the left during deck building. This ignores their new locations if they returned to the extra deck, it only checks relative to deck building
12. Reminder for Sinister Serpent collection from GY.
13. Ability to banish cards in opponent's banish zone and GY face-down. Because of a bug, to banish a banished card face-down, it will fall to the GY, and then get banished.
14. Sound whenever siding is done. This is to allow you to AFK while waiting for opponent to side.
15. Logging your opponent's hand whenever you view it with Trap Dustshoot.
16. "Declare Victory" button for Exodia The Forbidden One.
17. "Move" allows you to move cards to your field spell.
18. Tokens can be shuffled to your deck, your deck face-up, your opponent's deck, your opponent's deck face-up, banished.
If you excavate cards from your deck, consider banishing a token to create a seperator. You can also errata mystic mine to shuffle 2 feather dusters to your opponent's deck from outside your deck.


Example: /search Pot of Greed

/search <card name> --> Adds a card from deck to hand ( /add is taken )
/send <card name> --> Mills a card from deck to GY ( /mill is taken )
/ban <card name> --> Banishes a card from deck ( /banish is taken )
/atk <card name> --> Special Summons a card from deck (works on S&T)
/def <card name> --> Special Summons a card from deck (works on S&T)
/st <card name> --> Places a card from deck to S&T zone (works on monsters)
/snipe --> Deprecated. Right click face-down to snipe it or its friends.
/gy --> Checks your GY and opponent's, so you can silently peek at GYs. ( Your opponent won't see you type this )
/ld --> Checks every Light and Dark monster in your GY. ( Your opponent won't see you type this )
/help --> Every Dueling Book command. ( Your opponent won't see you type this )
/help2 --> Every Dueling Book Unlock command. ( Your opponent won't see you type this )
/ex 5 --> Excavate the top 5 cards of your deck to your extra deck, face-up ( Your opponent won't see you type this )
/excavate 5 --> Excavate the top 5 cards of your deck to your extra deck, face-up ( Your opponent won't see you type this )
/unext --> Deprecated. Right click banish pile to unexcavate cards.
/unexb --> Deprecated. Right click banish pile to unexcavate cards.
/unexg --> Deprecated. Right click banish pile to unexcavate cards.

Other card effects can be unlocked by renaming a card's text above.

Change log:

Initial release that doesn't work.

initial working release.

some extra features

pressing the extension's icon will allow playing a sound when Pot of Greed is activated.

bug fix related to Pot of Greed sound when playing Sky Striker Mobilize - Engage!

Math in life point gain/loss window.

The 4 deck searching commands and /snipe

/ban command

Bug fix

Eater of Millions can banish the first 5 cards of your extra deck, and every card in your extra deck.
Pot of Prosperity can banish the first 3/6 cards of your extra deck.
Reminder for Sinister Serpent collection from GY.

Sound whenever siding is complete.
Ability to banish opponent's cards face-down, if those cards are in their GY or banish zone.

Paying half LP.
Removed extra "To hand" button.
Prompt to log your opponent's hand after you view it.

Special summon several tokens at once.

Extension option to censor every official female card ( Thank you Yugioh Wikipedia )
Extension option to play the Kaiba DSOD Duel Links theme during duels ( may have slight bugs, I don't care this is for me :) )
Renamed extra deck options of banishing randomly to make it saner.

Option in extension ( default ON ) that makes a sound whenever you draw a limited or semi limited card in your draw phase. If the card is in GOAT format, it will only use TCG or OCG banlist. If the card is custom, it'll work flawlessly. If a card is in both TCG or OCG, it will play the sound if the card is limited in either of them.

Bug fix regarding the Kaiba theme.
Summoning animation for Exodia.
Ability to move any card to field spell with "Move", allowing you to 

Cards show their level in their card text ( I hope you like it because for now it's not possible to disable )
Pressing a card's preview will move you to the card's URL. This works for non-customs too.

Bug fix for drawing a limited card.

Excavating cards for Adamancipators and Pot of Duality. Excavated cards are sent to the extra deck face-up.
Mobile support fix regarding uploading custom cards ( I do not guarantee you can play a game with mobile support... )
Token manipulation, including shuffling them to your deck, your deck face-up, and your opponent's deck face-up, your opponent deck, banishing tokens. This is to either allow adding cards from outside your deck similar to duel link skills, differentiating excavated cards in the banish zone, or to shuffle a player to their deck:

Absolute horrible bug fix for massive lag spikes. Very sorry for that.

Added more music.
NSFW content is automatically blacked out instead of having "opacity" censorship on it. To stop this, simply enable "Always reveal NSFW" in your profile settings.
Added an Evolve card artwork, made for custom cards with "This card is an Evolve Monster" in their effects.
/st, /gy and /ld commands.

More music
Card text to add a non-pendulum to the Extra Deck, face-up.
Removed special token options ( Dueling Book owner disabled them by force )
Exodia victory declaration banishes face-down set cards to prevent leaking private knowledge.
Some private card text asked for me to make, changing the card visually:
(This card is an Evolve Monster)
(This card is a Token)
At the start of the Duel, flip this card over
this card is DREAM-Attribute

Made /help2 not visible to opponent.

Added "Browse Cards" to main screen menu ( offline card browser )

Icon that shows where Infinite Impermanence was activated in. Pressing the icon will remove it. "End Turn" being pressed will remove it.

Fixed notification regarding whenever someone joins your duel, 
Added title editor to show how many people joined your duel.
New /ex and /excavate commands which excavate cards to the extra deck from top deck.

PSCT for making your whole deck enable parasite paracide effects, but you cannot add cards to opponent's hand to prevent huge list.

/unext, /unexb, /unexg to unexcavate cards that were excavated with /ex or with excavate button to top deck, bottom deck and GY respectively.
Fixed horrible bug where taking control of a set monster would make you unable to use its buttons.

Added /unexg to /help2

Bug fix that prevented /help2 from working

New commands, /find and /card ( they do the same ) to search a card by name.

/find now lets you find a card by abbreviation ( /find MST, /find DPE )

Card pool by clipboard!!!

PSCT highlighting!!!

PSCT highlighting works on URLs.

PSCT bug fix, Fiber Jar support. Exchange of the spirit bug fix

You can now flip your banished cards.

Excavating to ED is scrapped due to Dueling Book update breaking it, but it excavates to Banish pile instead and still remembers the cards for /unext/b/g

Critical bug fix. This is due to the intrusive nature of the extension. When Dueling Book adds a new card feature ( "Attach from GY" ) the extension refuses to acknowledge it, and if your opponent uses it you won't see it on your screen.

Massive update involving End Phase GY reminder ( albion-like cards, copy his PSCT to apply it to your customs )
Option to enable Master Duel sounds for many boss monsters.

More custom MD sound for boss monsters.

More custom MD sound for boss monsters, and bug fix about the sounds not playing.

Right click face-downs to snipe them. Right click banish pile after /ex6 to unexcavate.
Kaiba Gameboy music.
Fixed audio related bug.

Right clicking lets you silently check GYs
Visible cards that are set ( Sanguine & Conquistador GY effects ) remain visible for you to see.            

How to install Dueling Book Unlock?

You could download the latest version crx file or older version files and install it.

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Technical Features:

  • Latest Version: 5.2
  • Requirements: Windows Chrome, Mac Chrome
  • License: Free
  • Latest update: Friday, March 17th, 2023
  • Author: eyal28214

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