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Version: 1.1.11
Group Doorman
Group Doorman extracts members' answers from your Facebook group and pushes to a Google Spreadsheet
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What is Group Doorman?

Group Doorman is a dark mode extension for chrome. also, it is facebook extension. it's a free extension and is featured in Productivity, it has 92 active users since released its first version, it earns an average rating of 4.17 from 6 rated user, last update is 91 days ago.

What’s new in version 1.1.11?

                When you have a Facebook group, you usually set up 3 questions that you want people to answer before they can join. But the problem is that once you approve member requests, those answers disappear immediately because Facebook doesn't save them. As a result, you must manually copy/pasting all the answers beforehand. This is not only inconvenient and time-consuming but also very error-prone. Especially if you have a large group.

GroupDoorman automates this with a single click. It approves members and sends their responses to a Google Spreadsheet.
GroupDoorman also automates email follow-up using autoresponder integrations: it finds the email address among the answers and creates a contact in the email marketing software.
Furthermore, GroupDoorman checks if the email address actually exists on the mail server in order to avoid bounces. If you send a lot of emails to recipients who don't exist, your bounce rate will rise and you'll end up in the spam folder. This is not a problem you want to have.

- Collect members' answers with or without approval.
- Google Spreadsheets integration.
- Ability to approve by criteria (Answered ALL questions, Join Facebook Date, Agreed To Rules, etc).
- Members' approval by Autorun Schedule.
- Direct email autoresponder integrations.
- Email address verification (it checks if email exists on the mail server).


[1.1.11] 2022-11-10
- Fixed getting groups that you manage.

[1.1.10] 2022-10-16
- Fixed collecting group members.

[1.1.9] 2022-10-13
- Fixed getting groups that you manage.

[1.1.8] 2022-04-11
- Fixed duplicated records in google sheets
- Fixed regressions caused by FB layout changes: approving only one by one and picking up the wrong email and answers

[1.1.7] 2022-04-08
- Re-implemented the algorithm for getting groups that you manage.

[1.1.6] 2022-03-09
- Added OrderBy criteria
- Added timeout to wait for the members container

[1.1.5] 2022-02-02
- Check if isFbRootRendered on page load

[1.1.4] 2022-01-21
- Fixed members approval according to the new Facebook layout changes
- Use the right user index when making copy of google spreadsheet

[1.1.3] 2021-12-30
- Support changed criteria for public groups
- Fixed get groups you manage

[1.1.2] 2021-11-17
- Added Questionnaire On First Post / Comment support for public groups
- Display group name as a link in manage group

[1.1.1] 2021-09-23
- Adjusted according to the new Facebook layout changes
- Added reset password link

[1.1.0] 2021-09-06
- Added Ontraport integration
- It now verifies that the email address is not only valid but really exists before sending to an autoresponder

[1.0.19] 2021-08-27
- Added new Facebook UI support
- Show the progress widget without delay
- Optimized icon for Dark mode or Dark theme

[1.0.18] 2021-08-15
- Fixed issue when approving members (unable to get get scrolling container error)

[1.0.17] 2021-08-09
- Fixed regression when obtaining answers
- Use make a copy URL for spreadsheet
- Improved first run page
- Load member requests from API

[1.0.16] 2021-08-08
- Fixed regression when approving members (unable to get get scrolling container error)

[1.0.15] 2021-07-15
- Fixed an error when getting groups you manage

[1.0.14] 2021-05-31
- Fixed a bug when getting groups on the first launch

[1.0.13] 2021-05-29
- Added support of private profiles

[1.0.12] 2021-05-26
- Fixed regressions caused by FB layout changes
- Added 10 filter criteria: Request Age, Gender, Join Facebook Date, Agreed to the rules, Has profile picture, Profile Type and other.
- Added batch limit which defines how many requests to process per run.

[1.0.11] 2021-04-23
- Fixed regressions caused by FB layout changes
- Integrated Matomo            

How to install Group Doorman?

You could download the latest version crx file or older version files and install it.

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Technical Features:

  • Latest Version: 1.1.11
  • Requirements: Windows Chrome, Mac Chrome
  • License: Free
  • Latest update: Thursday, November 10th, 2022
  • Author: dpoddubny

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Reviews of group doorman:

Matthew Elvey December 12th, 2022
Matthew Elvey

Pricing is $299/lifetime or $149/year or $15/month, after a 2 week free trial. So likely only useful (after 2 weeks) if you run groups for profit, which I don't. I just run a fan group for a charity/nonprofit.

Linda Binns January 4th, 2022
Linda Binns

This tool is essential for anyone who runs a FB group. It's such a time-saver, and Dmitrii is very helpful and patient if you have any questions. Such a valuable tool!

Milán Szőcs November 19th, 2021
Milán Szőcs

Guess it's only me, but I can't connect a spreadsheet to it. Even when it's set to public

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