Reviews & Comments of Chrono Download Manager chrome extension

From June 7th, 2022 to April 3rd, 2023, 74% user give 5-star rating, 13% user give 4-star rating, 4% user give 3-star rating, 3% user give 2-star rating, 6% user give 1-star rating. for Chrono Download Manager chrome extension.

Reviews of chrono download manager:

Sinaw DeweX April 3rd, 2023
Sinaw DeweX


iGMYT April 2nd, 2023

Makes it very easy to download large lists of documents quickly.

Felipe Ricker April 1st, 2023
Felipe Ricker

Its good

BaoThong Nguyen March 27th, 2023
BaoThong Nguyen

Well, this extension is all about management. It can't accelerate your download, but it's more convenient to organize your download after all.

LaNaia Holly March 27th, 2023
LaNaia Holly


Carlos Lacson March 25th, 2023
Carlos Lacson

Handy extension to have if you're managing multiple downloads.

Design FestEx March 21st, 2023
Design FestEx

Very Useful

Micheal Star March 16th, 2023
Micheal Star

Been using this for years and it's one of the best download managers available. Downloads are almost always faster with Chrono than without it, it's extremely easy to use and the gui is efficient and practical. Would rate it 10 stars if I could.

CHUNBAO LI March 15th, 2023

It's very easy to use and no need to download another download tools.

Surya Pratap March 15th, 2023
Surya Pratap

Loved it

Tom March 10th, 2023

So much worse than the managers in the old days. And after x downloads it keeps wanting to verify it's settings by downloading a txt file. Very annoying. Also to much effort to open the containing folder. Also, what's up with it not remembering 'last downloaded location' even though that option is applied..?

I Wayan Aries Darmawan (YB0CBO) March 7th, 2023
I Wayan Aries Darmawan (YB0CBO)


Dominik Goralczyk March 6th, 2023
Dominik Goralczyk

Easily one of my most used and most important extensions. Great job devs!

Rezwan Ibna Nasir March 6th, 2023
Rezwan Ibna Nasir

Best extension for file or software download... I love it

March 5th, 2023

simply great

Arandi Mwicha March 5th, 2023
Arandi Mwicha

the best so far

Admin Account March 1st, 2023
Admin Account


Natalie Mitchell March 1st, 2023
Natalie Mitchell

Makes downloading large files much easier.

Farhad Faryan February 27th, 2023
Farhad Faryan

A very good downloader.

Sobhan Behzadipour February 23rd, 2023
Sobhan Behzadipour

every time i leave my laptop to download it failes "Netweork Error" :/

Lucas LeCompte February 22nd, 2023
Lucas LeCompte

best downloader there is

Arjchariya Jarupanth February 22nd, 2023
Arjchariya Jarupanth


Charles Kim February 21st, 2023
Charles Kim


Jacek Wloczka February 21st, 2023
Jacek Wloczka

I'm using it for a very long time, and I'm so delighted. It is fast and easy to use. At this moment, I can't find anything better than this extension. So it is the best.

Barrister Felix ugwu February 21st, 2023
Barrister Felix ugwu

very nice app for downloading anything

Thaoufik ul Nayem February 21st, 2023
Thaoufik ul Nayem


Parsa Areyaee February 21st, 2023
Parsa Areyaee

it is slow

Mohamed Anwar February 21st, 2023
Mohamed Anwar

Best DL manager and most helpful extension.

setiawan setya February 18th, 2023
setiawan setya

nice extension

Dea Bagus Sulaeman February 17th, 2023
Dea Bagus Sulaeman

good plugin, i like it

ttl ld February 17th, 2023
ttl ld


eleanor mcgair February 16th, 2023
eleanor mcgair

Excellent and so easy to use .

Massoud Daman February 15th, 2023
Massoud Daman


majid hakan February 13th, 2023
majid hakan


Salman sk February 12th, 2023
Salman sk

its the best download manger than others, works well and its download speed is fantastic.

Ted Green February 10th, 2023
Ted Green

A dl manager that actually works, and works well. Needed this for my new mini office setup on wireless with my raspberry pi, and debain based OS...

Abid Imran February 9th, 2023
Abid Imran

It's a wonderful tool to download multiple links

Daniel Wedul February 6th, 2023
Daniel Wedul

Doesn't have the ability to resume a download that failed (e.g. due to drop in network).

keewee23 February 6th, 2023

Please make dark mode like firefox, white is bright.

Roadie Turbo February 4th, 2023
Roadie Turbo

okay. while I do like this thing, I do have my nitpick about it too: you're standard (no extension no nothing.) chrome downloader lets you pick and choose where your files are going to. unless I'm missing something, this doesn't do that. it has a bug where it'll automatically select whatever folder you have as the default folder and nothing else, which is not okay. I like saving stuff with the regular browser because I have the versatility to put files where I want them to go and (again, unless I'm missing something.) I can't do that with this extension. in fact it seems to override the system dialogue in favour of it's own confirmation when you're doing long queues and goes back to what your default is, which means you're not pulled to the last place you saved to (even tho the option is supposed to be there and I have it ticked.) it gravitates you straight back to the "Default Folder"

Astra Velious February 3rd, 2023
Astra Velious

It does exactly what I need it to do, nothing more and nothing less, love it.

sepehr dayari (S3CRO_TIME) February 1st, 2023
sepehr dayari (S3CRO_TIME)

that awesome plug-in thanks for this

Pierre Perrichon February 1st, 2023
Pierre Perrichon

really good. A major improvement to the chromium download system.

Gwen C. January 31st, 2023
Gwen C.

Very useful and much appreciated! I love to watch a status wheel go BRRRRR

Starrieins “Spewieiws” Locian January 31st, 2023
Starrieins “Spewieiws” Locian

Cool and GOOD.

fastroCH August 12th, 2017

Best Download Manager I know (Chrome/Mac). Many Options, easy to use and stable.

Try me January 22nd, 2023
Try me

easy to use

Peyton Rather January 20th, 2023
Peyton Rather

Best chrome download manager I have found so far for use on Windows. My only complaint would be that the user interface looks a little dated -- I would love to see it updated to be more in line visually with the likes of Windows 11 or macOS Ventura. Overall great!!

mehdi samanipour January 19th, 2023
mehdi samanipour


M M RAHMAN January 18th, 2023


Lance Leber January 17th, 2023
Lance Leber

Always works. what's not to like

Quan Nguyen Anh January 17th, 2023
Quan Nguyen Anh

very useful extension

Raheel Mulla March 31st, 2022
Raheel Mulla

One of the most useful chrome extensions out there, seriously can't function without it :)

Chien Tran January 15th, 2023
Chien Tran

Good. This app help me very much

Richard Kevin January 15th, 2023
Richard Kevin

This is a great download manager works as well as IDM Paid version and this is FREE! Love this extension does what it says and it does it well. Thanks!

Thomas Ackley January 15th, 2023
Thomas Ackley

Excellent. Very dependable. Doews what it's supposed to do virtually every time.

Carlos Gomez January 14th, 2023
Carlos Gomez

It's great!

Garvit Pandia January 13th, 2023
Garvit Pandia

Works great

Colin M January 12th, 2023
Colin M

Works as advertised. No complaints.

Nezbert Gurupira January 12th, 2023
Nezbert Gurupira

its good

Purya January 11th, 2023

does the job

dusk September 8th, 2018

is good

beyin cevel December 11th, 2021
beyin cevel


Duy Tung Nguyen September 7th, 2021
Duy Tung Nguyen

It's great!

Department of Helmand Education January 7th, 2023
Department of Helmand Education


Bohdan Galaida January 6th, 2023
Bohdan Galaida

It's very comfort and fast. Thank you for doing what google could't.

Google User January 6th, 2023
Google User

Doesn't work for me.

Sen Young January 4th, 2023
Sen Young

It is helpful to manage the download documents, but sometimes it does not work

Jin Chao January 3rd, 2023
Jin Chao


王俊 January 3rd, 2023

brilliant tool

Siam Haq December 29th, 2022
Siam Haq


Mohammad Amin Ghanbari December 27th, 2022
Mohammad Amin Ghanbari

Easy to use and fast!

Matin Haddad December 27th, 2022
Matin Haddad


Star Citizen December 22nd, 2022
Star Citizen

Claims can save to multiple folder locations which it cannot

sami ullah December 22nd, 2022
sami ullah

I love it This app can help very much.

Lyle Long December 21st, 2022
Lyle Long

Useful options, but causes high resource usage and slows chrome to a crawl, making it unusable

Chris Holmes December 19th, 2022
Chris Holmes

Great UI, very simple and conveys all information needed

Ethan L December 18th, 2022
Ethan L

Its a great alternative to my previous download manager.

LXRENZO December 17th, 2022

tnx for make it

Appu December 17th, 2022


Dastnegar Parseh December 12th, 2022
Dastnegar Parseh

Wonderfull. Thanks a lot.

Aman Ahmed December 12th, 2022
Aman Ahmed


Shantnu Bhattachaviya December 10th, 2022
Shantnu Bhattachaviya

Good and fast, I love it

Chill'n Smash December 9th, 2022
Chill'n Smash

It actually utilizes multiple threads to increase download speeds. I really appreciate whoever developed this extension.

Lawrence Khago December 9th, 2022
Lawrence Khago

slow at downloads as f****

Chalitha Nishanath December 8th, 2022
Chalitha Nishanath

Whenever you get a network issue for a second, all the downloads are gone! You'll have to start all from zero.

C December 6th, 2022

Does NOT work with Videos

Joel White December 3rd, 2022
Joel White

super helpful and easy pleasant interface

edmond December 1st, 2022

Handy to use !!

Misael Joel Vera November 30th, 2022
Misael Joel Vera

Very fast and convenient. I like this extension!

A O AJIBADE OUSCA AOA November 25th, 2022

This is a wonder find.. the extension works seamlessly with the Chrome browser and the PC.. after installation I had to stumble to locate it for use, however once that was sussed out it became a lovely breeze.. the developer needs to sort out that little snag.. but.. this is SUPER EFFECIENT ..

Elias November 24th, 2022

A good download manager

Max November 23rd, 2022

great! works great

Will Sheppard November 23rd, 2022
Will Sheppard

Perfect extension because it both intercepts AND queues downloads. All the other download managers either intercept or queue but fail to do both

דוד דאדון November 22nd, 2022
דוד דאדון

Great tool!

Adam Moores November 21st, 2022
Adam Moores

Half decent, nothing to write home about. Did the job for the most part but is missing alot of basic capabillities. Had to restart alot of big downloads when my connection kept flaking out - i.e 450mb of 500mb dl'ed, then connection crashes, when i see connection falking out i pause download but still fails to restart from last point and whole DL had to be restarted this happened IDK how many times however app is still a big improvement to built in downloader on Chrome (i just realised Chrome sucks aswell.. Firefox FTW guys.. no joke..)

Arnold Miezis November 19th, 2022
Arnold Miezis

Effective and efficient

Yuyu Zhao November 17th, 2022
Yuyu Zhao

Useful extension. Excellent.

Bug Cache November 16th, 2022
Bug Cache

please add option to download instantly without going to check box, just simple double click

Demetrio M. November 16th, 2022
Demetrio M.

Excellent extension for Chrome, finally I can manage my file downloads and I can know what are their sources (urls)

Chris Prabhu November 12th, 2022
Chris Prabhu

very useful. UI could be better.

Victor Wang November 12th, 2022
Victor Wang

A great tool! Saved me a lot of work.

Lovania Lilia November 10th, 2022
Lovania Lilia

useful af i tell ya

Leander Gouws November 8th, 2022
Leander Gouws

Works as intended. Totally satisfied

Nic Denney November 8th, 2022
Nic Denney

works well for me

Gilbert Visperas November 4th, 2022
Gilbert Visperas

Very Nice

saurabh Damor November 2nd, 2022
saurabh Damor


abid qasmi November 1st, 2022
abid qasmi

godd experience

Sumya Baatar November 1st, 2022
Sumya Baatar


jie HUANG November 1st, 2022

it very handy to use

Mahdi Salek October 17th, 2022
Mahdi Salek

It's Awesome

Izaan Shafique October 26th, 2022
Izaan Shafique

For me, it was faster than Free Download Manager, IDM and other Download Managers, loved it! Would totally recommend to my friends and family. Thank you dear devs for making this amazing extension ❤❤

Ahmed Yassen October 24th, 2022
Ahmed Yassen

It's Like a Free Version of IDM

Gence Nointeli January 30th, 2018
Gence Nointeli


Mr MSD October 22nd, 2022


ding2 talk4 October 19th, 2022
ding2 talk4


October 18th, 2022

A good download manager, easy to use and manage

Johnny from Costaleads October 15th, 2022
Johnny from Costaleads

does the job.

RE- IAM October 13th, 2022

exactly what i was looking for and more.

Diego Resnik October 12th, 2022
Diego Resnik

Great tool!

Some On October 12th, 2022
Some On

great work and I hope it grabs streaming videos too in near future (saving as mp4) this will be fifth star

Darrin Kretschmann October 10th, 2022
Darrin Kretschmann

Useful extension, works well, no issues.

Stan Page October 4th, 2022
Stan Page

Longtime favorite of mine. Be sure to configure your options carefully and it will be your friend

santhunaidu vkk October 2nd, 2022
santhunaidu vkk

it downloads the file faster

Rose McClain October 1st, 2022
Rose McClain

This seems to work really good.It's very hsandy.

Ahmed Tork September 29th, 2022
Ahmed Tork


Martin Daodao September 28th, 2022
Martin Daodao

what amazing

Darongkorn Kuenkaew September 28th, 2022
Darongkorn Kuenkaew

It's chang name of downloaded file

Shailesh Gaikwad September 28th, 2022
Shailesh Gaikwad

Very Helpful, Thank you

失明の刈り取 September 25th, 2022

It's a pretty complete download manager. It has a neat UI and a understandable UX. Except for those icons. You could add a more mature icon design, the rest is perfect.

No One September 24th, 2022
No One

Very very good download manager

Shawn Mcclary September 24th, 2022
Shawn Mcclary

its what im looking for the only problem i have with it is that files dont go to the last location which can be very annoying not sure if im doing something wrong with that. looked through the settings and turned the option off and back on but no change.

jinyang li September 24th, 2022
jinyang li

非常非常好用 真的太爱了

Jiovanni Salvacion October 21st, 2015
Jiovanni Salvacion

Amazing performance

Naveen Rao September 13th, 2022
Naveen Rao

Fantastic addon for Chrome for medium wear and heavy users

Alaa E.Kotp September 12th, 2022
Alaa E.Kotp

very good ext

Ricky Chan September 10th, 2022
Ricky Chan

Amazing extension!!

Burn Lit (Burnlit) September 8th, 2022
Burn Lit (Burnlit)

HAHA this is exactly what I needed! Downloads just like Firefox, with the bottom download bar removed and now an icon. I love it!

Jojo Chi April 30th, 2015
Jojo Chi

Life saver

Alireza Khezri September 3rd, 2022
Alireza Khezri


Cørról Mïtchêll September 1st, 2022
Cørról Mïtchêll

Literally best extension.

Sonet mark September 1st, 2022
Sonet mark

Sorry, my downloads always fail or most of the time. Do not keep the part broken file to continue - NO start from ZERO always. Much better the result with Chrome built in simple download. This useless - nearly

CR Solarice September 1st, 2022
CR Solarice

Sorry, my downloads always fail when using under Brave Version 1.42.88 Chromium: 104.0.5112.81 (Official Build) (64-bit) or any other version that I've tried. I can workaround by using the system dialog and then downloads will usually complete. Otherwise I do have the opinion that its a great interface and with some work it could be a great manager. Some settings are a little complicated but I prefer having as many control options as possible so that isn't a detrimental thing for me. (My issues could actually be a problem with my system so I feel that I should stop short by blaming this completely on this authors work.) I can tell that he has placed a great deal of effort into this project so I will try it under a fresh installation and see how it goes. The only thing that I feel could be improved upon are the icons and interface; they are a little cartoonish and believe it could have a more "professional" look, i.e. technical appearance (smaller icons without the ballooning fuzzy look, etc. All said I think its a good all all around project and the author should continue to improve it. I'm a picky user but not for the sake of just putting people down who do these projects. So no disrespect intended. Best regards and keep up the good work.

knowledge's brightness August 25th, 2022
knowledge's brightness

very nice , but need to developed by putting color to the tasks

Sally Underwood August 24th, 2022
Sally Underwood

Excelent - does what it says it will do!

Eissa Zarifi August 23rd, 2022
Eissa Zarifi

Very weak

Zeek August 21st, 2022

Great extension

YS August 19th, 2022


Ian Muzz August 19th, 2022
Ian Muzz

Does as it says in the name, and does it well, so well I get my downloads where I want them. Take all the hard work of downloading away,

秋秋 August 18th, 2022

I like your extension

Ezekiel Ibrahim February 27th, 2019
Ezekiel Ibrahim

Like it very much and is easy to use, thanks

Lynne Cartwright August 17th, 2022
Lynne Cartwright

Great download manager. Easy to use.

Joel Meeks August 17th, 2022
Joel Meeks

great download manager

Murilo Honorio August 17th, 2022
Murilo Honorio


Kumar Saurabh August 16th, 2022
Kumar Saurabh

Love it

Loxsy Laiwoi August 14th, 2022
Loxsy Laiwoi

Aweasome app download best

George Chaloupka August 12th, 2022
George Chaloupka

Works as described and alerts to failures. Thank you

Jakub Kamecki August 12th, 2022
Jakub Kamecki

does what it says on the tin

Maryam Abtahi August 11th, 2022
Maryam Abtahi

so many fail downloads

:D August 11th, 2022

Doesn't download batch files correctly.

Alvin Mugambi August 11th, 2022
Alvin Mugambi

Definitely gets the job done.

Amit August 10th, 2022

The download speed sometimes fluctuates.

Karsten August 9th, 2022

Chrono Download is a perfect add-on that does the job, but I wished there is a dark mode for the download manager. This should have been a given and already added to the app a long time ago.

Mohd Zulhazmi Z.A August 7th, 2022
Mohd Zulhazmi Z.A

Love it. REally useful. Didnt care about UI as long as functioning as wanted.

Olaf Reitmaier August 3rd, 2022
Olaf Reitmaier

Pretty nice. Better than the default Google Chrome one.

Hadi Kurniawan August 1st, 2022
Hadi Kurniawan

lumayan nih, cukup stabil ya pas download

Maryan Duritan August 1st, 2022
Maryan Duritan

Functional! ???

Ni Phoe August 1st, 2022
Ni Phoe

Great! Please add "RENAME"

joshua nyatefe July 31st, 2022
joshua nyatefe

works to my satisfaction

Chris Fowler July 21st, 2022
Chris Fowler

Simple and easy. Does exactly what I need it to do so it's an easy 5 stars for me.

Sidumo Lukhele July 21st, 2022
Sidumo Lukhele

Most useful tool

Non July 15th, 2022

How about what if that website start download from about:blank page. I would like too have these features too - turn off Chrono specific website - remember location folder by files type - total files size or percent of progression (fixed text layout of download progress) *on main page

Ben Asare July 12th, 2022
Ben Asare

it is the best dowload manager extension I have used. work can be done on resuming capabilities.

Jahim Sankoh June 17th, 2022
Jahim Sankoh

It's the best download manager extension i've ever used

Irina Klimova June 16th, 2022
Irina Klimova

Thank you! I like your extension very much

Cameron M June 14th, 2022
Cameron M

This download manager is alright. It gets the job done.

Jake Hanson June 14th, 2022
Jake Hanson

very usable

Rick Barnes June 11th, 2022
Rick Barnes

Needs Dark Mode

Dejan Petrovic June 8th, 2022
Dejan Petrovic

Simple and its working

Max Kimble June 7th, 2022
Max Kimble

I have had many, many failed downloads on Chrome with the download manager. Almost never happens with Firefox. If Firefox does have issues I can restart the dl most of the time, that has never worked for me in Chrome DL manager.