Reviews & Comments of FreshStart - Cross Browser Session Manager chrome extension

From April 2nd, 2013 to December 19th, 2022, 47% user give 5-star rating, 17% user give 4-star rating, 7% user give 3-star rating, 16% user give 2-star rating, 14% user give 1-star rating. for FreshStart - Cross Browser Session Manager chrome extension.

Reviews of freshstart - cross browser session manager:

Dave Vigliotti December 19th, 2022
Dave Vigliotti

It appears others are correct. Crash Recovery is no longer auto-saving tabs and FreshStart only appears to work if you are manually saving tabs. It was a great extension but development has died. Sorry for those who never knew the usefulness of this extension.

Akiles S. September 23rd, 2022
Akiles S.

As of Sep-2022 this app has ceased working and seemingly abandoned in the app store. Seems no updates are coming.. Pity this was a thorough and valid way to manage different browsing sessions and bookmark curation. It hasn't worked in Chrome and as others have mentioned, all the previous saved sessions and tabs are inaccessible within the app. Consider yourself lucky that Chrome > Bookmarks > FreshStart Sessions has a list of all the tabs that were saved in this app.

Mike Savad December 11th, 2021
Mike Savad

i had 200 tabs open, i closed it with another window open. problem was i lost all 200 tabs. and this thing couldn't restore it. luckily it had a list so i could click on each thing, but it loaded a black screen then crashed the browser.

John Gibbs September 2nd, 2021
John Gibbs

I've been using this session manager for many years and it's been great! However, I'd love for it to be updated to support restoring 'tab groups' which is a relatively new feature in Chrome. It restores all my tabs fine, but the tab groupings are not maintained.

Gerhard July 28th, 2021

Works great, Would like it to keep the chrome groups that was made on the saved session

B L June 30th, 2021

Awful. Crash recovery setting always turns off, so if you're not manually saving then you're f***ed.

Bethany Porter May 25th, 2021
Bethany Porter

You have to have the saved sessions inside "other bookmarks" if you try to move it your saves sessions will not appear in the extension anymore. I deleted other bookmarks thinking nothing was in there (because I don't put things there) and boom and my saved sessions gone nothing I can do. It made me scared all the sessions would just disappear without my permission so I don't want to use this extension anymore and will be looking for a better one.

Vitaliy Sverdlov May 25th, 2021
Vitaliy Sverdlov

Fantastic extension! I've been using it for years. It's so convenient to switch between various projects and private windows. Furthermore, saved me many times with CrashRecovery when I closed something accidentally and forgot about that. Thanks to the developers.

Jeff State March 22nd, 2021
Jeff State

It's been 6 years since last updated, but FreshStart still does its job as one of the first reliable session management Chrome extensions. However, this extension does not support restoring Tab Groups. Restoring sessions, without Tab Groups, result in disorganized tabs. These restored tabs then need manual color and name reclassification into their respective Tab Groups. Google has listed the Tab Group API as working since Chrome v89: A reliable tab management extension, such as FreshStart, would benefit greatly from being the first of its class to implement Chrome Tab Groups API. Everything else with this extension, works great, so this is a 5* review as soon as Tab Group restoration is implemented.

Pat MySecret March 11th, 2021
Pat MySecret

Worked at first, but quickly stopped working.. don't know why

Blackindigo7 December 28th, 2020

Works great, exactly as advertised though id love an option to mass delete sessions from within the extension but there is a workaround. Go to bookmarks and open the Freshstart session folder, hold CTRL (or equivalent for mac) and click on all the sessions you want to delete.

Виталий Свердлов October 14th, 2020
Виталий Свердлов

Wonderful extension! It helps organize working and personal tab groups, switch between computers and several times rescued a lot of hours by Crash Recovery feature. Thanks to developers!

Jose Leal September 28th, 2020
Jose Leal

Needs a responsive GUI. If not all is rendered then the part non rendered is never available even with scroll. Horizontally. needs search

Bogac Ozgen September 21st, 2020
Bogac Ozgen

I have been using this extension for years. This time I installed it on Microsoft Edge and voila, all my saved sessions were available. I had been loving this extension but now it proved to be GRRRREAT

Ralf Stephan August 29th, 2020
Ralf Stephan

Today my data was no longer accessible, the small window did no longer open when clicking on the icon. Even when it did, there was no automatic save (I configured it), but when done by hand, at least that worked. Needed is also an option to enlarge that small window, especially on large screens it is near impossible to use.

Chris Idema April 14th, 2020
Chris Idema

Good concept. Serious flaws. Every time I open a session it loads all pages at the same time slowing down my computer and internet. I have a fast computer and fast internet connection, but loading dozens of tabs at the same time is too much, Another flaw is the fact that saving a session you have to type in the name, it will pick the wrong name automatically. You can see many duplicate sessions with the same name. You have to save manually, because autosave only does its job once every minute max.

Dan Filatov April 14th, 2020
Dan Filatov

Crash recovery constantly turning off, but when it's on, no sessions saved anyway.

Raphy Livneh February 3rd, 2020
Raphy Livneh

Overall I like this extension and I use it more than a year now. I have over 100 sessions saved with it many of which consist of more than one window. I add up tabs to a certain session save it with the current date stamp and delete the old session. The only thing I'm missing is cross browser functionality and specifically to Firefox. As many have pointed out - this feature is missing. I'm an old fan of Firefox and now that it's back with speed and exceptional privacy protection I wanted to migrate ... problem. I could edit the imported bookmarks on Firefox but it would take too long. Notepadd++ won't help neither. Stuck. Pitty. I'll probably migrate and spend the time but then I'm never going to use FreshStart again for the trouble it caused me. Suggestion - Maybe you would like make FreshStart a kind of Open Source extension and have it a true cross browser solution. THIS would be great. Anyway - Thank you for all your effort !!!

Rodica Cnobloch December 19th, 2019
Rodica Cnobloch

was working well until it didn't and I lost all the saved sessions for the last 3 years. Wrote a message for the developer, but did not get a message back for the past 2 months. Gave up. good luck to others!

Paolo Congia December 13th, 2019
Paolo Congia

absolutely exceptional. thank you very much

Fuyuno Hinotori December 6th, 2019
Fuyuno Hinotori

the only thing i use this extension for is off by default: the crash recovery feature. when chrome updates, or even the extension itself, it switches back to off without telling me or asking if i want it on again by default. fix it please! at least add a feature to recognise what setting it was set to in the last session! i keep constantly losing dozens of tabs because of this!

Raymond Pavlov November 14th, 2017
Raymond Pavlov

Not really a "Cross Browser" tool. It only works with chrome. Would be great to have a firefox version. Besides from that though, this is an excellent session manager extension and is very useful since chrome has absolutely horrible session management which FreshStart rectifies. Only thing that concerns me is the lack of updates, but the extension continues to work (as of writing this). I have since switched to Session Buddy since (IMO) it has a better interface, although one thing it does lack is cloud syncing (storing session tabs in Bookmarks) which FreshStart does have. So, if cloud syncing is what you need, then FreshStart is the way to go. Other alternatives (there are a LOT of these): Toby for Chrome (or Toby Mini... I wouldn't trust a service that requires you to log into an external account), Tab Wrangler, Tabs Outliner, OneTab, Infinite Tabs Manager, Folderwise Bookmarks, TabHamster, Flowbar... Other useful extensions to use in combination with FreshStart: Tab Manager Plus

Carbon Copy August 1st, 2019
Carbon Copy

This has been a life saver so many times I can no longer count them. It has never failed to save my sessions and after each of numerous browser crashes restore my tabs. The built in tab restore feature fails most of the time which is why I went looking for this. What a great extension with lots of additional features to help you organize your sessions.

Piotr Obst May 30th, 2019
Piotr Obst

Crash recovery isn't saving every 5 min. In fact it is not saving continuously at all.

Hao Yin December 26th, 2018
Hao Yin

After install this extension, it deletes all my favorites and replaces with a blank FreshStart Sessions folder without notification or warnings...

Konrád Lőrinczi October 9th, 2018
Konrád Lőrinczi

I like it, but would be fine to have the tab list of a window collapsible, expandable. Also Collapse all, Expand all buttons would be useful!

Sorin Acela September 30th, 2018
Sorin Acela

Deceiving. I found it kinda restored a previous session, but lost all the history of individual tabs. Meaning on each tab there was no more option to click to go back or forward,

Arpeggio Blues August 17th, 2018
Arpeggio Blues

Much better than the others.. it can at least be edited.. the other do not allow editing and managing of the tabs in the windows.. this one does.. good job..

Luke Mason June 5th, 2018
Luke Mason

This crash recovery does not work. Every time it crashed on me, I check the extension and crash recovery has turned itself off and theres no tabs to restore. This makes it therefore useless. You can save a session fine, and restore that, but without a proper crash recovery what is the point.

gnucon May 2nd, 2018

keeps turning off crash recovery, useless when in need

Peter Møller March 19th, 2018
Peter Møller

If you could group sessions into folders and move sessions up and down the list it would be just perfect. That being said the fact that the sessions are saved as bookmarks is genius. My bookmarks are backed up to the "Google Cloud" and I don't have to worry about my information getting lost when my computer dies and I have to get new one.

High Castle March 5th, 2018
High Castle


Michael Byrnes March 1st, 2018
Michael Byrnes

This works most of the time, but sometimes when Chrome crashes the bookmark lists in the Crash Recovery feature are erased. Sometimes recently saved sessions disappear when Chrome is restarted.

John L. Reed October 26th, 2017
John L. Reed

The best.THANK YOU!

Jon Baldry October 11th, 2017
Jon Baldry

This would have been a 5 star review as I've been using Freshstart for some time now and it's made life a lot easier allowing me to group tabs for common subjects and open them all at once when researching various subjects. However, as of today it wont work anymore. Every time I try to open a group of tabs with it it crashes and seems to have been disabled in Chrome. Does anyone have any ideas as to why this is or what the fix is if indeed there is one? Update - Never mind, a reboot of the PC seems to have sorted it for now so it's now a full 5 stars again.

Ka bi September 3rd, 2017
Ka bi

agressively insta opened my saved 500 tabs without any confirmation and my pc hangs for minutes...

Sahir Khan July 11th, 2017
Sahir Khan

this app doesnt track pointer movements which causes problems while clicking anywhere inside the extension

Geoffrey Hancock July 10th, 2017
Geoffrey Hancock

Works great, makes saving bookmarks for many tabs easy. Syncs just fine. Onæy problem I have had is when I had a computer where the Chrome sync was disabled, and then reenabled, for some reason it chose to update my bookmarks with the older copy from the computers that had sync enabled. Wish it had chosen to keep the most recent copy.

Sebastian Żebrowski June 24th, 2017
Sebastian Żebrowski

Too bad is abandon. :(

Justin Ajmal June 12th, 2017
Justin Ajmal

Nice and Great Work :)

The Good Rev Bad Andy Arr April 23rd, 2017
The Good Rev Bad Andy Arr

I dont usually give 5 stars, ever, but this thing is perfect. *BIG* It ACTUALLY remembers the correct order the tabs were in correctly!! Can easily choose what windows/tabs you want (and edit them later).

Yosh Mantinband March 20th, 2017
Yosh Mantinband

Love it. Has saved me many times with its Crash Recovery feature. Very useful.

Bryce Adams March 16th, 2017
Bryce Adams

Initially got this for Chrome crash recovery because Chrome sometimes crashes but won't open up all the tabs in the last session. Now I use it mainly for being able to carry on where I left off on any computer connected to the internet - true hot-desking! So many other productivity benefits come with it too including being able to have a Chrome window with just the tabs relevant to a particular client and being able to bring up all the tabs in one hit by selecting the client's name form the list! I can't imagine life without it now! Sometimes it can be slow to sync but i'm not sure where the issue lies - it may not be with Freshstart.

Erwin George December 6th, 2016
Erwin George

The extension is okay. The only thing I think is missing is the ability to save the search history from the tabs. The only search history it saves is the one from the page that was saved. All this extension does is save the pages from the tabs. It does not save the search history from the tabs. In which case, I would not even call this a session manager. Instead, all it is is just another bookmark manager. I was really hyped up about this extension and I was really looking forward to using this, believing that it would be like Session Manager from Firefox (link: and be able to save sessions on Close or when the computer shuts down abruptly. But then I found out that Session Manager does the same thing AND that it actually saves the search history from the tabs and adds it back to the Back and Forward buttons. Thus, this FreshStart is not a true session manager, but again, it is just another bookmark manager. Until the developers manage to make it save the search history from the tabs and add it back to the Back and Forward buttons, I think I will just stick with Firefox with now. And until the devs change it like Session Manager in Firefox, I think for now it should be named "FreshStart - Cross Browser Bookmark Manager", because that's really what it is and to say it is a session manager is very misleading. Very disappointing. Edit: I think I know why this extension won't and probably won't ever save tab history. I was googling "chrome session manager tab history" and found this: Apparently, "due to Chrome limitations, extensions cannot restore the history of reopened tabs." Overall, this extension is OK, if you just wanna save the windows/tabs/pages, but I need a real session manager, not a bookmark manager.

Matt McDowall August 14th, 2016
Matt McDowall

Great session manager. I use manually saved sessions all the time to save groups of pages that I'm using for research, etc. I love the ease of adding tabs to (or removing tabs from) a saved session. I also routinely rely on the crash recovery, either for actual crashes or for when my kids accidentally close all my windows or anything like that. Both the session saver and the crash recovery work perfectly for me, across multiple computers and three different operating systems. Seamless.

The Trash July 10th, 2014
The Trash

sorry, reduced to 4/5 stars and with a really STUBID issue about this one: if you press ctrl+shift+d then you can actually bookmark all the tabs in an window, so, ANY REASON IN PARTICULAR YOU MAKE THIS DEFAULT BEHAVIOR OF THIS EXTENSION ?!? and not (THIS IS WHY I INSTALLED THIS EXTENSION) all windows and all tabs (as it should) and it did happened to me to not pay enough attention, therefore TO LOSE WORK !!!! in sort: PLEASE MAKE DEFAULT CHECK ALL WINDOWS AND ALL TABS ! (and NOT only current window, we don't need your extension to save that !) thank you

Raj Saraf (Insurance Bonanza) November 28th, 2015
Raj Saraf (Insurance Bonanza)

Great tool... extremely helpful & useful utility... I have used it on 3 different computers with Vista, Win 7 & Win 10. The auto save function never works. Looks like the publisher has actually abandoned this, they don't to ever make an attempt to improve it. Last update was in Dec. 2012, 3 years back. A wise user will NEVER start depending/counting on this FREE utility. It can be turned off anytime & you will have nobody to help you.

William Burton November 21st, 2015
William Burton

I notice that recently it is failing to restore most of my tabs, either in my primary profile session or my alternate profile session. I have it set to save every 5 minutes. FreshStart appears to save only at the last time you had a graceful exit and nothing thereafter.

Voitek Pendrak October 26th, 2015
Voitek Pendrak

Works just great for me.

Tarliu Tudor September 24th, 2015
Tarliu Tudor

are you THIS STUPID FOR REAL ?!?!?!?!?!? really, AND I MEAN ****REALLY**** how can you justify "saving"session put by default ONLY ON CURRENT WINDOW ?!?!?!? why I'm so start up and why I scream about it ? ... be cuz YOU CAN DO THAT WITH CTRL+SHIFT+D, so, YOU DON'T NEED SOME EXTENSION TO PUT IN BOOKMARKS ALL TABS FROM A WINDOW therefore, (and IT DID HAPPENED TO ME) IF YOU DON'T PAY ATTENTION YOU CAN LOSE YOUR WHOLE WORK FIX THIS SHEET !!!!!

Riaz Ali September 13th, 2015
Riaz Ali

Seems to work after my first crash after install. I hope this addon only saves when it detects changes, it's an efficient method that 'Tab Backup & Recovery' used, but that addon stopped working with the recent Google Canary chrome versions.

Amanpreet Singh August 20th, 2015
Amanpreet Singh

Very Nice App easy to use but should support overwrite session with same name with current tab set.

Debashish Mitra July 8th, 2015
Debashish Mitra

Fantastic session management application. Best user experience compared to other available session manager applications (work done in minimum number of clicks as compared to other session managers). I found it to be better than the most popular session manager application - namely SessionBuddy

Patrick Collins April 30th, 2015
Patrick Collins

Doesn't save pinned tabs as being pinned. It unpins them.

Vlad Ovchinnikov April 22nd, 2015
Vlad Ovchinnikov

Can not overwrite an existing session with current tabs set

Sophie F April 2nd, 2015
Sophie F

This doesn't backup your sessions in a timely manner. I had it set to do so every 5 minutes, and yet the last snapshot is from 2 days ago! Setting the threshold lower seems to do nothing. The tab-saving feature is nice, but the session saver is broken. Look elsewhere for a better one.

Karen Zagorski March 10th, 2015
Karen Zagorski

must have, amazing and life saver extension.

Gary Culliss March 4th, 2015
Gary Culliss

Crash recovery was nearly 3 weeks old when I needed it. So much for saving every 5 minutes!

Heather January 24th, 2015

This has definitely saved my bacon a few times, but it's also made me angry by not automatically selecting all windows. It's for sessions, not for individual windows, so it should auto click "all windows." I believe I've lost some things because of that oversight. Sometimes I barely get to save a session before Chrome freaks out, and that ticker box is overlooked in a quick save.

Bonny Piggov January 2nd, 2015
Bonny Piggov

Simply the best!

Abhishek Athankar December 14th, 2014
Abhishek Athankar

Best feature - Save sessions such that it can be recovered even if chrome ior even OS is reinstalled. (Actually it saves sessions in bookmarks (freshstartbookmarks) and we all know bookmarks are sync to google account so whenever you reinstall chrome in your OS and login with your google account, you get your bookmarks and then install this extension which automatically see this freshstartbookmarks and by this way you get your session even after you reinstall chrome or OS)

amikkwe October 25th, 2014

One of the best extensions ever!!! It syncs with google chrome so it doesn't matter what OS or machine I am on, all my saved sessions are right there. I never have to worry about re-installing an OS and loosing my sessions or having to back them up, when I sign into Chrome the first time there they are. Wonderful work!

Kire Trajkov September 2nd, 2014
Kire Trajkov


Ravi Lucas August 29th, 2014
Ravi Lucas

Ever feel like you're getting lost between too many webpages, open tabs, and PDFs?? In the middle of a lit. review and I have 3 or 4 Chrome pages up and 65+ tabs and PDFs spread out between them. I was drowning in them because I was worried I would loose them if I didn't bookmark them properly. But who really wants 65+ bookmarks on student engagement hanging around?! This joint is the real deal - I can finally save and name a group of tabs (in order) and open them back up when I actually need to read and use them. A++

Etay Gudai August 24th, 2014
Etay Gudai

Simply awesome. For any chrome lover / Developers etc .... Thank you Dear for developing this.

Jessica Richardson August 7th, 2014
Jessica Richardson

Crash recovery isn't enabled by default so this is useless until you discover and fix this. Session Buddy can be installed and forgotten until you need it and THEN it does what you need without requiring setup or loosing sessions first.

Ken Jordan August 6th, 2014
Ken Jordan

Worked well. I have one sort of major issue though. However, I'm not sure if the author did this intentionally or not. The use case is I have a saved session from a day before. I've been doing some separate browsing with that session closed. I open a new window where I would like to restore the session. I open the session, but the session is restored in my previous window. This is unexpected but livable until I notice that all the other tabs I had open are closed. This to me makes this app not good. Once fixed this will be an awesome extension.

Alejandro Cerro August 5th, 2014
Alejandro Cerro

I use this extension all the time when I'm doing research for school. That way I don't have a ton of bookmarks I'll only need once.

Brian Bessire May 22nd, 2014
Brian Bessire

I love this extension -- it's saved me a few major headache sessions -- but I haven't needed it in several months. Chrome (on both my Mac and my PC) hasn't crashed to the point where I couldn't restore the previous session or use Control+Shift+T repeatedly at startup to restore the previously open tabs, one by one. So I'm going to take the risk and uninstall it. You've served me well, FreshStart, but I think Chrome's growing pains of losing your entire previous session are probably history (terrible pun intended, of course).

arvee caballes May 8th, 2014
arvee caballes

nice browser

Charles Lee February 6th, 2014
Charles Lee

This is an awesome lifesaver. Saves you from the horrible circumstance of chrome crashing and losing all your tabs.

Bro Rat January 22nd, 2014
Bro Rat

Really nice combination of automation and manual saves. Within 24-hr. of installing it, FreshStart saved me ! Indispensible. The DataRat

migisha boyd January 20th, 2014
migisha boyd

The best dang plugin! How do you live without it/??? :D It even does screenshots of the autosave sessions. #nuffsaid God bless you guys!

Arpit Garg January 13th, 2014
Arpit Garg

UI is not good but it supports synchronization and for this reason only i give thumbs up.

Nathan Alan October 2nd, 2013
Nathan Alan

I am not a developer - YOU CANNOT LIVE WITHOUT THIS EXTENSION! FreshStart can recover from every sort of crash. Windows freeze, blue screen of death, Chrome Update, did you know that if Chrome version updates after your session of Chrome crashes, your tabs don't restore next session? Yes it's true! But not with FreshStart. If your settings are correct, Crash Recovery knows every time you open and close a tab, and keeps the most recent configuration, and several past tab configurations in it's memory, so you can always recover from a crash. I use 150-350 tabs in 2 windows at a time, and Crash Recovery remembers which tabs in which window in exact order they are located.

Austin August 2nd, 2012

love it but you guys should add skins so we can change the appearance (texture and color) also an option to save the bookmarks to the bookmarks bar instead of "other bookmarks" because I don't use that folder anyway.

Waylander huehue November 22nd, 2013
Waylander huehue

Im just loving it. It is simple, straightforward and helps you most and best than any other session manager, especially when it has the option to restore multiple windows with multiple tabs in it. THIS just this made me gave it 5 stars.

Tobias Schmidbauer November 16th, 2013
Tobias Schmidbauer

Using it for crash recovery only, which works very well. Haven't found any other extension that can do this!

Emma Mays November 13th, 2013
Emma Mays

Nice - but forces you to open saved tabs to a new window.. I'd really like an option to add them to the current window

A.M. Tollios October 28th, 2013
A.M. Tollios

This is one of my favorite extensions. I have things going back to early 2012 and it's amazing that I can find something I was working on a year ago and start right where I left off. (as long as the websites I saved are still around...)

Cory Mckinnon October 15th, 2013
Cory Mckinnon

I pin a certain amount of my tabs for every tab group I make. When I bring up a tab group though the pin information is not saved/loaded. Anyway to save pinned tabs and have them show as pins when a tab group is loaded?

Hein Smit September 6th, 2013
Hein Smit

Due to a recent update I no longer have the option to restore a previous browsing sessions, used to be an option at the bottom of Chrome. I am quite glad to have found this app, for it allows you to save the current window's tabs, and you can save multiple sessions.

Lou Nisbet September 2nd, 2013
Lou Nisbet

Was 5 stars now it just crashes tried un-installing and re-installing. From Googling I suspect Google is at fault - it's too bad I've now lost access to hundreds of saved sessions

Ross Williford August 14th, 2013
Ross Williford

Excellent app. Useful time and again. I have never used the auto-save function, so I can't comment on that, but for someone like me, who regularly has 40+ tabs open, it can be a real lifesaver (for both my state of mind and my RAM) in periodically reducing the backlog of open tabs to a manageable level!

Xxaxx Fame August 5th, 2013
Xxaxx Fame

Now when click Options or the extension icon, it says Web Page not found. So, I've disabled it and most likely will uninstall it.

Andrew Wilder August 3rd, 2013
Andrew Wilder

Chrome's auto-restore functionality often doesn't work - FreshStart's "Crash Recovery" is a lifesaver!

Richard Lloyd (K3tonan) July 31st, 2013
Richard Lloyd (K3tonan)

While most of these features can be done manually through bookmark folders and bookmark all tabs it does not allow for some quick customization like un-checking tabs you don't want to include and exporting sessions (aka a single bookmark folder).

Rebecca Smith July 16th, 2013
Rebecca Smith

Hi I rate this plug in 5 out 5 but can i ask could you also make a Firefox plug in to as my Google chrome is buggy when i click on the tab it closes so i am forced to use Firefox but their no plugin for Firefox like your one so please help me out and make one.

Hemraj Chaudhari July 8th, 2013
Hemraj Chaudhari

Great better than session buddy

Brandon Zylstra June 28th, 2013
Brandon Zylstra

Extremely useful when it works, but all too often it fails. I click its icon and a small empty box appears without any interface visible.

Erfan Elahi June 18th, 2013
Erfan Elahi

it's simple and the best :-)

James Nigh March 29th, 2012
James Nigh

after some trial and error, i've noticed this extension acts on FB. in that, as long as it's loaded, if you're logged into FB more than 5 minutes, you can't post statuses - it gets FB into thinking you're not logged in anymore or something.

Tamilselvan Seetharaman June 5th, 2013
Tamilselvan Seetharaman

This app is a Life Saver! One small inconvenience I have seen is -- If you keep adding links to a folder from different sessions (windows), and if you try to open the folder at a later point it seems to open them in N-windows. It would be nice to have an option to speficy whether we want a folder to be opened on a single window or multiple seperate windows. Otherwise this app is a Gem.

Ty Chris Stinnett May 15th, 2013
Ty Chris Stinnett

Only times it saves is when I choose to save. The auto-save has never worked for me. I was hoping to use the crash recovery as sometimes chrome loses my tabs after re-opening.

Andy Gurr April 28th, 2011
Andy Gurr

Really useful for storing work in progress when you have many streams of work on the go e.g. "Shop SATA drive" "Tom's art homework research"

martian campos May 5th, 2013
martian campos


Angelica Barnes May 4th, 2013
Angelica Barnes

This app is amazing, I can name and restore windows and tabs on command!!! I can finally manage the 40 or so tabs I always have open. Cannot believe I'm just downloading

Russ Brown April 24th, 2013
Russ Brown


Jani “robsku Janegirl” Saksa April 10th, 2013
Jani “robsku Janegirl” Saksa

Excellent - especially the session recovery, since every browser with built-in crash recovery, except eLinks, has one time or another failed to properly restore session. Usually by starting like if you had closed all your tabs before exiting browser.

Yasin Abbas April 9th, 2013
Yasin Abbas

Always used. This should be a standard across all browsers!

Klemen Krnc April 2nd, 2013
Klemen Krnc

My favourite plugin for Chrome. Rly.