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From March 13th, 2017 to January 10th, 2023, 66% user give 5-star rating, 7% user give 4-star rating, 9% user give 3-star rating, 4% user give 2-star rating, 14% user give 1-star rating. for Download All Images chrome extension.

Reviews of download all images:

Hosein Mohamady January 10th, 2023
Hosein Mohamady

really, it was a life saver! It saved me a lot of times.

Edward Beauchamp November 8th, 2022
Edward Beauchamp

Downloaded this as I needed to grab all the images in a gallery on a website (list of text links to img files in the page). It only managed to detect half the images (all were working/resolved fine so not sure what the issue was there). I ran it, it downloaded the half it detected. So, not much help there. Worse still - what I didn't realise until I refreshed the page, was it has also now DELETED all the images in the directory. So now I have half of the images, and one annoyed friend who I was trying to grab these for. AVOID this plugin.

KCLASS November 4th, 2022

i was saving images that i had previously uploaded to a website. this extension did save the images, but also deleted them off of the website without my permission. i could not find any warnings about this feature (bug?), but it's unacceptable. i nearly lost very important data that was attached to the deleted images.

Royal Republican July 26th, 2022
Royal Republican

works fine, i wish there were a keybind to download without having to open the extension then pressing gallery and then you can download also would be great if the extension would save a cache so if you want can download from different urls all at once.

boltzmann April 8th, 2022

perfect, love it

Sreekanth Sree April 5th, 2022
Sreekanth Sree


Teddy E March 25th, 2022
Teddy E

ABSOLUTLY HORRIBLE!! I'm a user who needed to mass download images from my characters galleries and somehow this extension hacked my toyhouse and deleted my entire gallery for one of my characters and I never got the HD versions of my images and it only saved low-quality thumbnails of my images with watermarks on them. DO NOT USE THIS EXTENSION IF YOU'RE COMING FROM TOYHOU.SE.

AR FAISAL March 8th, 2022

This Extention is very useful.saveing lots of time.Thanks

liya Hagos February 21st, 2022
liya Hagos

Doesn't work

Abdullah Miraz February 2nd, 2022
Abdullah Miraz

this extension is so underrated. better than other ones, just need to know how to use properly

Walter Schwarz February 2nd, 2022
Walter Schwarz

Brilliant! Has a lot of options to control the image search. The deep search is what makes this way better then all the rest of the image download extensions. The only downside is that it can be quite slow to download large number of images. Because it has to parse all images via JavaScript I guess. But there is no way around it I think. Chrome extensions can only do so much.

lower nower January 20th, 2022
lower nower


Jason Wong December 24th, 2021
Jason Wong

The customization is awesome: being able to exclude images of a certain size avoids a lot of noisy results like background and banner images, and icons. This was the only extension that allowed me to drill down deep into a tricky website and get the images that I needed.

Ryan Reed December 4th, 2021
Ryan Reed

Awesome for scraping images off of a site when you want to make quick work of it.

javad_ 90b November 26th, 2021
javad_ 90b

Excellent work Thanks

wer asd November 16th, 2021
wer asd

This extension works very well. The only problem is that many sites will interpret the rapid downloading as a DDOS attack and ban the user. This could be solved by adding an option to have a brief random wait between each download to look more like a human downloading images manually.

Juan Villarreal November 13th, 2021
Juan Villarreal

Even if I've only used it once so far, it has great options and is really fast and simple Love it!

Arlette H. November 2nd, 2021
Arlette H.

It used to work really well, but now it just won't save the images I used to be able to save on the web pages. No idea why, it just doesn't want to save them anymore.

Sojib Belal November 2nd, 2021
Sojib Belal

Good Features

Danny Wong October 29th, 2021
Danny Wong

Loved it! All options in one place with lots of screening function without having to click all over different places. GUI is excellent for those who desire simple interface with technical functions.

J Jones October 18th, 2021
J Jones

Works well on Firefox, often fails on Chrome On Chrome - you have to reload the page if you want the extension to work. Otherwise It counts up the images and when you click save, it does nothing.

Nazeer Ahmed September 21st, 2021
Nazeer Ahmed

Excellent, Love the app. Does the job very well.

Bruce Krymow September 20th, 2021
Bruce Krymow

Did not save all of the images on the page. I don't know why everyone is saying it is great, it completely refuses to download many of the images on the page, or it just can't download image on a page framed within a page.

Martin Russo September 11th, 2021
Martin Russo

Useless. Downloads thumbnails, not the full image

Lee Sin September 10th, 2021
Lee Sin

It was much better than what i expected to be honest<3 loved it...

Arun M July 22nd, 2021
Arun M

Does what it says, tried couple of similar extensions this one worked perfectly while rest failed, sure deserves better rating.

Joaquín Pereyra July 18th, 2021
Joaquín Pereyra

It's the only extension that actually detected every single image I was trying to download so I'll give it 3 stars for that but sadly for some reason it wont let me download them, it might be because I'm trying to download 300+ images, if someone knows how to fix this please tell me.

Ax. Adarsh Pawar June 22nd, 2021
Ax. Adarsh Pawar

works perfectly

MaruF MiR May 25th, 2021
MaruF MiR

Guy's I Really Loved this Extension But Recently It Doesn't Show Linked Pictures, Background scripts, and CSS files,Please Solve This Soon!

M. Qtipƺ April 2nd, 2021
M. Qtipƺ

Sorry, no number of obscure technical options do anything for me if the "save" button is permanently grayed out. It shouldn't take a great deal of headscratching to download a bunch of images off a page, but this extension manages to make it difficult to understand and impossible to accomplish.

Garagga Garagga March 13th, 2021
Garagga Garagga


安安 February 24th, 2021

I love it!

james McDonald February 3rd, 2021
james McDonald

This tool is very versatile, has so many options and generally the best that I used till now (I used 6 other tools for image download to be precise and high rated one). Using this tool, you do not need to load the image to save it, but it fetches the image from the thumbnail or other sources in the page. This feature is much time saving and main advantage over other image saving tools that I used. To top it off, it offers an arsenal of variety options to narrow down the images you want to grab.

Michael Jan January 24th, 2021
Michael Jan

This is the best image downloader I've ever came across, and I've tried many!

Erfan Kazemi January 14th, 2021
Erfan Kazemi

where is downloaded images??!!

Odin Borson November 27th, 2020
Odin Borson

Didn't work. Clicking the extension button opens a useless interface that you can't even click on. Attempting to click on it clicks through to the page and closes the interface.

Karl Kemp November 15th, 2020
Karl Kemp

I tried about two dozen of these extensions. This is the one that worked as I exected.

Ethan Ross October 15th, 2020
Ethan Ross

Very neat piece of software, I found it extremely useful and easy to find the filters I needed.

J. Scotty Emerle-Sifuentes October 2nd, 2020
J. Scotty Emerle-Sifuentes

Garbage, did not work, says it finds images but all action buttons are disabled, any button that isn't just goes to this chrome extension page. useless bs.

leabstrong September 24th, 2020

Worked fast and flawlessly + had some nice options.

Jasey Dee August 20th, 2020
Jasey Dee


Hosa April 4th, 2020

1. Cannot detect images in saved offline html files 2. is not capable of detecting images generated from scripts

n ascentt February 6th, 2020
n ascentt

This seems to be the best extension of this type. It doesn't spam you with tons of ads everywhere. It grabs everything, it offers plenty of options but defaults work great, and it puts everything in a zip so you dont have to click the save button a million times.

denilson qts December 15th, 2019
denilson qts

great tool!!!

Rachel Phillips November 24th, 2019
Rachel Phillips

perfecto!!! great for getting pintrest images is good view size

Attix Ltd October 22nd, 2019
Attix Ltd

Very useful, Thanks

Jeff Kang October 12th, 2019
Jeff Kang

I tried to use this to download all the inline images of a Gmail e-mail. Unfortunately, unless I'm doing something wrong, the file size was different. I'm still looking for an alternative to Outlook's File > Save as > HTML to extract the images.

Veronica Almonte September 11th, 2019
Veronica Almonte

I use it often, great tool!

Louis Abramowski July 16th, 2019
Louis Abramowski

Things went well on the first download, but on the exact same page and site with different results, the plugin is failing. Everything goes well and displays an alert like "downloading 263 images" but only ends up downloading one file in a zip. It seems there's a bit of an issue on subsequent uses in the same session.

Iosif Gagyi Palffy July 11th, 2019
Iosif Gagyi Palffy

The detection process is very slow, like 10-100 maybe even 1000 times slower than anything else i tried and it was only 1 layer deep, BUT it does do a more thorough job and finds files that others don't, not sure how useful that is, it's very rare when my usual methods don't work. The filtering and/or reporting is only half way working, for example setting the size to min 500px tall and wide still includes files 180x240 in size (even after rescanning), the same with File size, setting it to 40.000 (~40kB) skips files 80KB in size, but not ones 56KB, or 72KB... etc, it's weird. Saving is also weird, nothing from the save dialog seems to be working, the name of that zip file is random, it has nothing to do with anything, not time of download, not the URL you downloaded from, nothing, even though it's supposed to be [title] - [date] [time].zip, and in the preview it seems to do it properly, but when you actually save it's random, also instead of saving all images into a dedicated folder for them (like Video DownloadHelper does) it saves them into a zip file, why ? it's better than saving 1 by 1 i suppose, like most extensions. I was hoping to download image sets with this that don't link straight to the image but the full size image on a new page, and this can kinda do that, really slowly, but the filtering does not work well enough, so instead of 15 images it found 506, so i'm better off downloading them 1 by 1.

R McK May 17th, 2019

This is a very powerful, well-written extension. It's not for people who want a "plug and play" option, like any more powerful functionality, it requires time to learn. The only problem is that I use another extension for this purpose because this does not save its setting. Therefore, upon each use, you are forced to reconfigure the settings. For rare usage, that's fine -- if you use this with any frequency, better to find a tool that saves its preferences between use.

Mohammad Jafar Mashhadi April 11th, 2019
Mohammad Jafar Mashhadi

Can't handle embeded images (src="data:image/png,base64...")

A Google User March 22nd, 2019
A Google User

i tried a lot of these extensions and for me this one works as expected in all the scenarios, good job. Somebody know if is possible to CHANGE THE DEFAULT OPTIONS? I need to change it in every single page i use it. Thanks

MC MH February 18th, 2019

Perfect. Just perfect. Thank you for this awesome extension.

Joshua Chandra February 15th, 2019
Joshua Chandra

It worked incredibly well for me with no problems!

Alexa Tilbrook February 3rd, 2019
Alexa Tilbrook

Wow. Works like a charm. Also available on GitHub? A BIG plus! I am so stoked that this actually works. And... select what you need, not suck down everything, I like that. Big kudos to the developer.

Live Long & Prosper January 29th, 2019
Live Long & Prosper

Works beautifully. Lots of options, great dialog window. Enable the Save dialog near the bottom for more options on where/how to save all the images.

Andre Vidal November 16th, 2018
Andre Vidal

I installed a bunch of extensions to scrape all the images, this one pulled images not even on the visible portions of the website. E.g. CSS Image sprites... Recommended.

Swamy Varada September 16th, 2018
Swamy Varada

Works like champ!

ELECTROHAXZ September 11th, 2018

I got this extension to use on a single website that another chrome addon couldn't download, this one didn't work either, if it works on some websites that's good, the interface is nice, but the fact is, it didn't work for me, so it's no good.

Leo Staley August 8th, 2018
Leo Staley

I've tried about 25 extensions, and this is the only one that effectively lets me download beyond thumbnails. 5 stars

Cai Feng July 13th, 2018
Cai Feng


Do 8 4 Alfie July 1st, 2018
Do 8 4 Alfie

highly recommended very neat extention good job1

sn harden June 19th, 2018
sn harden

It does exactly what I need. PERFECT!

Flaviu-Cristian Navratil June 11th, 2018
Flaviu-Cristian Navratil

Works like a charm! Exactly what I needed. I used it to open .txt and .yaml files to bulk download from links and it works perfectly.

ali hoseiny May 24th, 2018
ali hoseiny

mmm ooof


i really loved this extension , it really made my work quite easy . thankyou developer

Thomas Ly November 17th, 2017
Thomas Ly

love it , use from fire fox to chrome

yogesh kumar March 19th, 2017
yogesh kumar

love it

Hoàng Davier March 13th, 2017
Hoàng Davier

perfect, love it