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From June 16th, 2019 to December 30th, 2022, 42% user give 5-star rating, 24% user give 4-star rating, 10% user give 3-star rating, 9% user give 2-star rating, 16% user give 1-star rating. for Fatkun Batch Download Image chrome extension.

Reviews of fatkun batch download image:

Kono December 30th, 2022

It was good at first, but since an update a few months ago the files being saved aren't numbered like before and they are jumbled in order when saving a group of images. Since I have been downloading the same thing since using it for a year, it was a blatant change that messed up the extension and made it nearly useless to me to just save each image one by one since I can at least keep the order that way.

Michael Hawk November 27th, 2022
Michael Hawk

Developer has ruined it, just like many other applications do. WHY ARE IMAGES BEING SAVED INTO SEPARATE FOLDERS? Remove update, this application is now useless. No folders. Remove folders.

xiong Da November 20th, 2022
xiong Da


hunter hu November 19th, 2022
hunter hu

very good extension for multiple images downloading. recommend it!

Sebastian Pop October 22nd, 2022
Sebastian Pop

It's great but it's quite annoying to have the extension page open every time I double click. Can you give us the option to disable that?

Grenadier 1812 September 28th, 2022
Grenadier 1812


Rob Short September 19th, 2022
Rob Short

The latest rev doesn't work. No images are present for the current tab that's full of images. It needs some work.

hp wifiid2 August 16th, 2022
hp wifiid2

instagram no longer using this

Anonymous A. July 22nd, 2022
Anonymous A.

Downloads small preview images, and not the actual images themselves. Poor bulk image downloader. 2/5

Erin Gurnett July 14th, 2022
Erin Gurnett

This extension only downloads a small number of Pinterest pins from a board. Cannot is good faith recommend something which does not function as advertised.

Praveen Ram May 28th, 2022
Praveen Ram

The Extension is great, but noticed on some of the websites like, the images were getting downloaded twice. even though the remove duplicates option was checked on the settings page. Please fix it issue.

Ahmed Aljuboori May 23rd, 2022
Ahmed Aljuboori


Molnar Gabor May 3rd, 2022
Molnar Gabor

Works perfectly! Recommend. Improvement idea: button to close all tabs from where image was downloaded from.

Loc Vu April 18th, 2022
Loc Vu

Absolutely useful and amazing

Nina March 21st, 2022

Well. It works. But I needed something to download pictures in batch from yupoo albums. Fatkun loads list of pictures on page, but all they are with error (means yupoo know that I'm using some batch-tool). So, I'm finally gave up to find something for yupoo downloading. Fatkun has yupoo in list of sites to work with, but unfortunately it doesn't download pictures

Isidro Lam March 16th, 2022
Isidro Lam

It does a very good and clean job. I would like this extension to be able to set or create a custom subfolder in the default download folder for each batch download. Just a textbox where we can type the desired folder name before download.

Reckless Abandon Gaming February 22nd, 2022
Reckless Abandon Gaming

No longer works...

DIMDIMSAF February 11th, 2022

hi... I'd love to use this extension... but I've got some problems. when I click twice on Instagram photos (i usually open in my pc) your extension pop up in a new tab...please fix this, or give me a solution... thank you

Nicky Gwak February 8th, 2022
Nicky Gwak

Why the folder is not being created as per the original site ?

tri buicang January 13th, 2022
tri buicang

It always works when I need it.

Richard Stacho January 7th, 2022
Richard Stacho

Is there any way to download to jpg only not just to jfif. (How do i change the extension to whatever i need)

MD Riaz uddin December 17th, 2021
MD Riaz uddin

the best

Coronaa December 13th, 2021

They updated the extension to force people on the newer version that takes away the ability to follow links to download full resolution images. Which was the main reason I used this and now with that gone the extension sucks.

Sergey Davydov November 19th, 2021
Sergey Davydov

Very useful who works with images!

m.m November 19th, 2021

The first extension out of about 5 that i have tried that actually downloaded every single image on the website i wanted. the other ones would only download like 25% of them. this is good stuff.

Tristram Brenner October 29th, 2021
Tristram Brenner

the older version did what I needed it to do - follow thumbnail links to download the full resolution photos. The new version doesn't work like this. :(

Lost_in the_Code (lost_inthe_code) October 25th, 2021
Lost_in the_Code (lost_inthe_code)

Needs more English localization. ContextMenu is in other language. Constantly getting tabs for translation. I'm probably not using it to its fullest potential because of not being able to read much of the words also... is it something i'm doing wrong or do i HAVE to load the entire page first in order for it to pick out all the files? this is time consuming. otherwise, good product

Man Lil October 13th, 2021
Man Lil

Unlike the old ver the new one keeps cutting the folder name short please make this an option also love it almost perfect

Mindy Mason September 9th, 2021
Mindy Mason

it WAS great to begin with. I have deleted it, reinstalled it and eventually it buggers up. It was the best, past tense. Something has changed in its operation.

Gareth March 14th, 2021

you should add "download from all tabs" feature on this extension.

Tom August 16th, 2021

自动建立目录保存,失效了啊?有一段时间了~~ PS:原来是和AIX Downloader(Picture/Video/Music)冲突,谢谢楼下的回复。

GuatMin Neoh July 31st, 2021
GuatMin Neoh


David Battistoli July 7th, 2021
David Battistoli

This is TRULY great, and saves me A LOT of time trying to download images from different tabs, but I CANNOT get the "RENAME" to work. In my case, I * Have a series of tabs open which all have one image each * Do "Download All Tabs" * View all of the preview images and click "Select All" * Enter "pic_{NO001}.{EXT}" in the box for Rename (and have it turned "on" with the slider to the right and the color blue) * Click "Download" All images download, but always with their original filenames -- if anyone has any ideas, please let me know! FYI: I'm using Google Chrome 91.0.4472.124 (Official Build) (64-bit). Update to my previous review: The inability to "Rename" was caused by the browser add-on for Malwarebytes; as soon as it is (temporarily) disabled, it works fine. Also -- like others -- i ran into the problem that it wants to download each tab's image(s) to a separate folder, which was easily changed by going to Settings -> Save Directory -> Fixed Directory. FIVE STARS!!! ;-)

Kushantha Silva June 28th, 2021
Kushantha Silva

great app <3

Paradox Reload June 6th, 2021
Paradox Reload

Vital extension that I use frequently. If you get problems with it not saving tabs as folders try disabling some other extensions. Image Downloader caused some kind of conflict for me that caused this issue, once this was disabled Fatkun Batch Download Image worked perfectly again.

Jonathan Hu May 28th, 2021
Jonathan Hu

Well done! If you can add file size in addition to dimensions that would be incredible. Great job on this extension.

Raul Lopez December 12th, 2019
Raul Lopez

classic mode always work for me but the new mode never and sadly i cant change it any more

sodlock May 10th, 2021

It's great but somehow it downloads pictures into download folder instead of its url folder. I set the directory as page title in option but nothing changed.

Suranga Gooneratne April 22nd, 2021
Suranga Gooneratne

Be careful when using !! Opens random tabs when the extension is enabled. Hijacks the browsers !!!

Uya Lee March 18th, 2021
Uya Lee

Works Well

Lee T March 17th, 2021
Lee T

not work for google images searching results

El Mort March 12th, 2021
El Mort

Great but the rename function stopped working so i have to manually rename the chapters 1,2,3 and etc. Which is annoying.

Iosif Gagyi Palffy February 3rd, 2021
Iosif Gagyi Palffy

It seems to be working as intended, it downloads images found on a website, but i needed one to download images that thumbnails link to and it cannot do that, also for some images it reports the wrong resolution, like 2388x3500 for a 150x150 thumbnail, but it also somehow knows this because when i raise the resolution filter to let's say 400 that image disappears from the list. There is pretty much no image you cannot download using Chrome's Inspect feature, but this is definitely faster and easier to use, so i'll keep it.

Justin Green January 25th, 2021
Justin Green

Amazing! Works perfectly, thank you!

Aussy Graphics Studios January 12th, 2021
Aussy Graphics Studios

Love at first site

Demo Sebastian December 21st, 2020
Demo Sebastian

There is an issues while downloading instagram post images, when the post contains multiple images, it's highly likely to be missing images

starmiinor November 1st, 2020

Works well, the Instagram Smart Script is impressive compared to the other extensions but one problem it being that it doesn't download Instagram posts with multiple images which is a bummer. Also it doesn't seem to be in English

Frank Kleinschmidt October 22nd, 2020
Frank Kleinschmidt

Brilliant for Pinterest downloads - thank so much!

Prashant Negi October 5th, 2020
Prashant Negi

used to be good, but now the downloaded images are of low quality. For example, I downloaded an image from someones "gumroad" profile, it was of 150kb and was of lower quality but when i downloaded the same image from Internet Download Manager, the downloaded image was of 600kb and best quality, the color & details were perfect. Hopefully this will be fixed in a future update.

Mark E September 30th, 2020
Mark E

Context menu is in Chinese characters even though session is in English. Otherwise excellent.

Ewan Yang September 29th, 2020
Ewan Yang

Nice extension for downloading loads of pictures. Thanks.

zhang sulin August 27th, 2020
zhang sulin

最近出现了一个现象 每当我下载一张图片 都会弹出这张图片的窗口 这样我下载多张图片的时候 就很多窗口 能不能点击下载之后不要弹出图片?

Fajar Maulana July 23rd, 2020
Fajar Maulana

when i download pict why format html? can u fix that?

Alex Stuart July 23rd, 2020
Alex Stuart

Beware! Fatkun Batch Download Image was inserting a google analytics tracking code into my store listings out of nowhere.

Herlambang Jati Wicaksana July 20th, 2020
Herlambang Jati Wicaksana

like this app, but how to batch download instagram image?

longhore Wu July 13th, 2020
longhore Wu

已经用了好几年了 很好用 但是有一个问题,他会导致新的一层灰色不可用,比如有的页面点击‘上传’弹出的新的页面会变成灰色 不可以做任何操作。已经在多台电脑复现过了。有劳抽时间修复下

Prob_io July 9th, 2020

Been looking for an app like this, nice to know there are still decent chances. Very useful and doesn't generate html error files instead of images.

Penny Foriathotts April 11th, 2020
Penny Foriathotts

Doesn't see linked images. Can't use it.

xuyifkj xiuyiub April 3rd, 2020
xuyifkj xiuyiub

Horrible piece of garbage. It saves everything as a TMP extension file random letters and numbers for a filename. Can't be viewed unless you manually convert every single image's extension to JPG. Totally useless application and no help or information why or how to fix this problem. Fatkun, more like Fatkunt.

bord key April 3rd, 2020
bord key

Nimbus Screenshot 会和本插件冲突,导致无法重命名,望诸君知悉 Nimbus Screenshot has conflict with this extension, better to know that

TheRabbitOne April 2nd, 2020

All I wanted was to download images from google search. it worked, but this program showed only extra small images. Then I tried filtered my image search to large size, but the result didn't change. so this add-on pretty much didn't help me at all. it doesn't download the original big images. Edit: I changed to 3 star because I discover the drag and drop function to resolve my problem. I guess that at least increases some efficiency.

Kevin March 26th, 2020

Be careful of this extension. All their web traffic re-directs to .cn domains so who knows what information they are collecting and their association to the CCP. This extension IS MALWARE for your browser. It's why it redirects people to random websites when you are using it. This extension is coming from developers out of China and all their FAQ's re-direct to .CN domains. This app is sketchy and should be removed from the marketplace. DO NOT USE THIS APP, IT IS SPYWARE

Reynard Baillou (reycaribe) March 14th, 2020
Reynard Baillou (reycaribe)

Good for many sites but not for the one I'm most interested in. Pinterest.

石兴路 February 26th, 2020

I like you so much

Chris Phillips February 26th, 2020
Chris Phillips

Love the extension. Unfortunately, the last update broke folder creation. It just dumps all the files into my download directory now. Doesn't work with new or old, and I've tried all settings. Take a look when you get a chance if you would. Thank you for the great work.

Sale fixes February 21st, 2020
Sale fixes

It is easy to download image from any tab

Rafael M. February 16th, 2020
Rafael M.

Adware? I have been wondering about this extension for a few months, it looks like it is causing the redirecting that some people have reported.

Taman Bunga February 9th, 2020
Taman Bunga

Now Fatkun can't download with high resolution images from google, pleae fix it

dave milburn December 14th, 2017
dave milburn

used to be mint, but has stopped working this week? is it the latest version of chrome that is incompatible?

Zeeshan Rafiq January 2nd, 2020
Zeeshan Rafiq

do not have an option to download images at differences sizes

Rin Y January 2nd, 2020
Rin Y

+ Could you kindly add an option to choose whether to convert WEBP images to JPG or PNG? Currently it seems to be random between the 2 extensions. I only wish to convert to .jpg since .png files take too much storage. ??? + I actually find the old Fatkun (v5.3.10) easier to use than the New Fatkun (especially Advanced Mode ?) Thank you so much and happy new year!! ???

W December 23rd, 2019

I was looking on this so long!!! Thanks aituxiu to created this awesome tool. Thank you so much!

Blue Chan December 2nd, 2019
Blue Chan

Even using the Old interface, something has changed and it no longer works on all the sites I used it on. Oddly enough instead of grabbing linked large image files, it keeps grabbing the thumbs instead even if I set a minimum 400x400 image size, it still grabs the thumbs and not the linked images. I find it also ends up grabbing the background image now. It did not do this behavior before. Did you even bother to check the linked image I created to show how much better your GUI could be?

Lorraine Wang November 28th, 2019
Lorraine Wang

so convenient, love it!

A&F Consulting November 18th, 2019
A&F Consulting

The only problem I have is that sometimes I will have dragged a huge amount of pictures into the app after lots of time and effort only to screw up and close its tab by mistake. When this happens, and it has more than a few times for me, all your work is lost. I have no way to reload the links into the app and all my work is gone. Back to square one, Too bad as I love the app and it works great otherwise.

Andrew Gillim November 15th, 2019
Andrew Gillim

Really awesome but just one thing. Is there any way you can make it to where it doesn't open a whole bunch of tabs at a time with wildcard function? So multiple pages will be loaded within api or whatnot

Perry F. Bruns November 10th, 2019
Perry F. Bruns

Installs malware according to Adwcleaner 7.4.2. Redirects to r.srvtrck sites. Please remove all Fatkun products from Chrome Extension Store until they correct, and consider charging them depending on their nation's laws.

Simon W0ng November 7th, 2019
Simon W0ng

后台京东标签页会被随机劫持到 ,经查询和“云图在线”为同一地址。有数起个案报告称之前有被劫持到tbyuantu.com相关域名,卸载fatkun插件后即告正常。同时,“云图在线”插件评论区有大量关于百度、京东域名被劫持的负面评论。 已卸载+举报滥用。

Jasper Aecil October 27th, 2019
Jasper Aecil

The best one so far

Rachel Phillips October 25th, 2019
Rachel Phillips

luv this , can capture the pinterest pins and website backgrounds

R Rowlands October 18th, 2019
R Rowlands

Does not create folders anymore for the images

Lane Brown October 14th, 2019
Lane Brown

This was a great tool, but the recent update came with odd changes that make no sense. Now, when you download images from multiple tabs, a new folder is created for each tab. So all the images are in different folders. This is madness. It was perfect before the update, because it allowed you to choose the download destination for all images.

Altium October 2nd, 2019

Doesn't seem to work, no images are in the download tab. Tried many things to scrape the images from google but nothing seems to work anymore. Did they change something recently?

temjen imsong September 24th, 2019
temjen imsong

Not yet perfected, but I am sure it is a work in progress. Already have saved TONS of time of mine. Highly recommended. Thank you Fatkun dev. Team for the great application.

HomeDecorHardware com September 19th, 2019
HomeDecorHardware com

Excellent product; saved me a ton of time!

Jeffrey Miller August 22nd, 2019
Jeffrey Miller

This program used to work great, but now it downloads each tab to a separate folder when I want all the tabs in a window downloaded to the same folder.

Udo Branco August 22nd, 2019
Udo Branco

Last update screw everything. I'm used to open imagens in multiple tabs as I'm browsing and then batch download them but now, a new folder is created per opened tab rather then stay all together in one folder. Hate this for obvious reason!

Bassem Elsedawy August 19th, 2019
Bassem Elsedawy

Very useful!!

nada mohamed August 17th, 2019
nada mohamed

the instagram account was include 111 photos but you only extracted 30 of them ,,, although i scrolled down to reach the end of the screen

xⓍ x May 26th, 2019
xⓍ x

EDIT: Ver 5.3.2 - This version looks much more appealing with the sleek and more user-friendly interface ❤ However, there are 3 things from the old Fatkun are better than the new version imo: 1. Advanced Mode: without this, Fatkun doesn't work on some sites 2. The title of the Fatkun tab: It used to be the same as the title of the tab you chose to collect images from. In the new Fatkun, it's now "chrome-extension://....../output/output.html". The old way would be much more readable imo. 3. There used to be spaces in the download folders' names and I had no problems with that. In the new version all spaces turn into underscores "_". I'd prefer keeping the old naming convention so that the already downloaded folders are consistent with the new ones. ----- Previous review: Works great and saved me tons of time. Thank you for making this ^^ Minus 1 star because: - in certain sites it captures duplicates or wrong order of images (e.g: - sometimes some downloaded images are corrupted but there's no alert so you have to double-check manually if downloads feel slow. And if you can, please add support for Piccoma Thank you <3

Isabelle August 14th, 2019

can we download all images to one files automatically? right now i still need to download all images one by one after all images are picked.

David Clements August 9th, 2019
David Clements

Great app for batch downloads but get a yellow box if I swipe a photo for single download how do I stop this from appearing?

Nguyễn Sam August 5th, 2019
Nguyễn Sam

you do an amazing work! Thanks

Ayy Lmao August 2nd, 2019
Ayy Lmao

Thumbnail parser rule doesn't seem to work when downloading image on page?

Marcos Piérola July 21st, 2019
Marcos Piérola

It worked perfectly with Pinterest the first time. Unfortunately, now it doesn´t load any images when I run the scan in boards with many images.

John Arne Birkeland July 14th, 2019
John Arne Birkeland

New version is broken. It will no longer scrap image url's, but instead only download the low resolution thumbnails.

Siana Zhou July 1st, 2019
Siana Zhou

I've been using this extension for years without problems, but I recently had to upgrade my computer, and since I've reinstalled a newer version of this extension, I've been having some issues. First off, the resolution slider was stuck at a ridiculously low maximum resolution for some reason, something like 300 pixels. I was able to sort of fix this by using the batch download function with an exceptionally high resolution image and manually dragging the sliders out to its proportions, but if I ever come across a higher resolution image that I wanted to download, I would need to repeat this process just for it to show up. Secondly and more importantly, this extension used to be able to grab images from links on a tab—e.g., if I was on a page with a bunch of thumbnails that all linked to high resolution versions of those images (and the link ended with an image extension like .gif or .png), I could just hit Alt-Z on that tab and the full size versions of those images would be included in the batch download. After some experimentation, it doesn't seem like it works that way anymore? Which honestly makes it mostly useless for me.

VINE KAGE June 25th, 2019

Best image down loader for me

刘建 June 21st, 2019

Nice tool. It will be great if add sort by file type. Thanks.

Stephen S June 20th, 2019
Stephen S

Great utility, thank you. There's a bug, In English your native language is showing. 再次感谢

Arpit Soni June 16th, 2019
Arpit Soni

What do I say for this guys. It saves your hours of work