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What is ScriptSafe?

ScriptSafe is a website blocker extension for chrome. also, it is browser fingerprinting extension and canvas blocker extension and fingerprint extension. it's a free extension and is featured in Productivity, it has 100,000+ active users since released its first version, it earns an average rating of 3.90 from 1,710 rated user, last update is 2002 days ago.

What’s new in version

                v1.0.9.3 - Tuesday, December 12, 2017
- Added ability to temporarily disable ScriptSafe for a set time via the panel (useful if buying something online)
- Added ability to selectively allow Browser Plugins Enumeration
- Added ability to randomize user agents: on every request or every x minutes
- Minor panel tweaks
- Minor user agent fix
- Updated unwanted content providers list

Past Releases:

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An extension that gives users control of the web and more secure browsing while emphasizing simplicity and intuitiveness:

-whitelisting/blacklisting functionality and granular control
-protection against fingerprinting (e.g. canvas)
-protect against WebRTC leaks
-automatic auto-syncing of settings AND whitelist/blacklists across your devices (via Google Sync)
-actually speeds up browsing because it blocks a lot of unwanted content from being downloaded
-remove <SCRIPT>, <OBJECT>, <EMBED>, <IFRAME>, <FRAME>, <APPLET>, <AUDIO>, <VIDEO>, <NOSCRIPT>, and <IMG> elements, as well as webbugs
-block unwanted content (MVPS HOSTS, hpHOSTS (ad / tracking servers only), Peter Lowe's HOSTS Project,, and DNS-BH – Malware Domain Blocklist are integrated!)
-block click-through referrer data
-spoof referrer/user-agent/timezone data
-block unwanted cookies
-"intuitive" icon that changes based on whether or not a page is whitelisted/blacklisted/bypassed
-shows number of blocked/removed items in toolbar
-shows blocked/allowed items in tab details popup (along with item type)
-bulk import domains into whitelist and blacklist
-option to temporarily allow a page/temporarily allow all blocked items
-choose the default mode (Block All or Allow All)
-option to preserve same-domain elements
-option to disable automatic refresh of pages after whitelisting/blacklisting/temp. bypassing a page
-support for IPv6 addresses

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Enjoy :) If you are bilingual/multilingual (english + other language), and are interested in helping translate ScriptSafe, please see:

-Andrew Y. (creator of Decreased Productivity for Chrome)            

How to install ScriptSafe?

You could download the latest version crx file or older version files and install it.

Preview of ScriptSafe

Technical Features:

  • Latest Version:
  • Requirements: Windows Chrome, Mac Chrome
  • License: Free
  • Latest update: Tuesday, December 12th, 2017
  • Author: andryou

ScriptSafe Available languages:

Deutsch, English, English (UK), English (United States), Français, Nederlands, español, italiano, latviešu, magyar, polski, română, svenska, čeština, русский, 中文 (简体), 中文 (繁體), 日本語, 한국어.


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  • How could i get help if there is something wrong with scriptsafe chrome extension?

    You could find more help information from scriptsafe support page.

  • How could i contact the developer of scriptsafe chrome extension?

    You could send emails to publisher, or check publisher's website.

  • What are the required permissions for extensions?

    • http://*/*
    • https://*/*
    • tabs
    • unlimitedStorage
    • webRequest
    • webRequestBlocking
    • storage
    • notifications
    • privacy
    • contextMenus

    More about manifest_file of scriptsafe.

  • How could i report abuse of scriptsafe chrome extension?

    You could click to report abuse of scriptsafe.

Reviews of scriptsafe:

Chris G March 30th, 2022
Chris G

Overall very good compliment to uBlock Origin for blocking as/malware domains.

NCSGeek March 17th, 2022

Love this as a noscript solution. Recently the extension icon is stuck as the grey one though, which makes me think it's disabled.

Nilesh Nehate January 15th, 2022
Nilesh Nehate

my cpu use 100%

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