Eazybe: Powering Whatsapp for Work with AI chrome extension

Version: 3.0.41
Eazybe: Powering Whatsapp for Work with AI
Organize Chats, Chatgpt based AI Replies, Quick Replies, CRM Integrations, Schedule Messages inside Whatsapp
4.64 Based on 156 user rates

What is Eazybe: Powering Whatsapp for Work with AI?

Eazybe: Powering Whatsapp for Work with AI is a chat extension for chrome. also, it is notifications extension and whatsapp extension. it's a free extension and is featured in Productivity, it has 8,000+ active users since released its first version, it earns an average rating of 4.64 from 156 rated user, last update is 319 days ago.

What’s new in version 3.0.41?

                Customers, colleagues, vendors, plus friends and family all clutter your WhatsApp inbox
You need to keep things in order on WhatsApp as you scale your business and use AI to reply to their Messages. 

Try Eazybe Extension. 
?Prioritize chats. Reduce clutter. Never miss a follow-up.
?Use Chat-gpt to Automaticall Reply to Messages using Eazybe AI
?Make WhatsApp your No.1 Productivity Tool!
?Approved by Google security audit 

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? Look Smart!
Unlike WA Web Plus for WhatsApp™, WhatsWeb, WAToolkit, Cooby, Vepaar - CRM, Tuvis and other WhatsApp Chrome extensions. At Eazybe we offer mind blowing features: 

✓ Want to chat but don’t want to save the number? Now send messages to unsaved numbers!
✓ Hard to find important chats? Sort and find them by just clicking on the label!
✓ Typing same messages again for new customers? Save and send from Quick Replies!
✓ Forgotten about talking with a client? Set easy follow-ups, we’ll remind you!
✓ Adding notes in another app? Save notes for customer info right into follow-ups!
✓ Want to get CRM leads in WhatsApp? Find them easily right into WhatsApp Web!

What Eazybe doesn't do:
✗ Any type of bulk/automated messaging
✗ Auto-responses or any type of automated engagement (i.e chatbot)
✗ WhatsApp calls using desktop
✗ Messaging through a single (company) number
We're completely following WhatsApp's terms of use (see: https://www.WhatsApp.com/legal/)!

‣ Automatically sorted tabs under Unread, Groups labels.
‣ Create your own labels and add chats to them.
‣ Send a message without saving the number on your phone. 
‣ Save quick replies with attachments to send them when needed.
‣ Set follow-ups with notes, email ids, amount, to remind you - in every chat.
‣ See your reminders and notifications sorted by date to plan your day.

❤️ Reviews
EazyBe is trusted by over 8000+ professionals around the World. Here’s what some of our users have said:
“We needed to manage sales and help desk on WhatsApp, with personalized chats, and we tried all extensions like WA Web Plus, Cooby, WA Free Sender, WA CRM, Vepaar - CRM, NizerChats, Blueticks, and others. All great solutions but EazyBe is top-of-class and more than fits the bill.”

? CRM - Customer Relationship Management
‣ A Better and Faster Way to Manage Customers Than a CRM
‣ Ditch the CRM and establish communication workflows in seconds within WhatsApp.
‣ Organize your inbox with custom tabs, schedule events in a few clicks, share conversations, and set follow-up reminders., the effortless CRM!


Eazybe Offers Integrations with: 

1. Google Calendar
2. Google Tasks
3. Google Drive
4. Google Sheets
5. Hubspot
6. Custom Webhooks

? EazyBe is used by thousands of companies for:
✓ CRM Integration with Hubspot, Google Sheets, Zoho etc. 
✓ Shared Labels & Tabs
✓ Sort Chats 
✓ Help Desk CRM
✓ Sales CRM
✓ To-do list
✓ Marketing
✓ Project management
✓ Customer onboarding
✓ Software development
✓ Recruiting
✓ Remote work
✓ Solo
✓ Create your own workflow

✉️ Contact Us
Have any queries? Feature requests? Feedback? 
Please feel free to email [email protected]

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✨ Highest Star Rating in our Class.
? Only Featured Extension for Whatsapp for Work

?Privacy Policy
All messages are end-to-end encrypted. We take privacy very seriously. We DO NOT collect or store your chat data in any shape or form. Your chat data does not leave your computer.


- We are not part of WhatsApp Inc. This is an independent productivity Chrome extension that works on the WhatsApp desktop (or WhatsApp Web). 
- Please do not use this against WhatsApp policies. Always follow their policies.
- We don't endorse spamming or bulk messaging.  Use this tool responsibly. 
- WhatsApp is the trademark of WhatsApp Inc.

Rated as the Best extension for anyone who wants smart features on WhatsApp Messenger, for salespeople, sales teams, unlike WhatsApp desktop app!
The only WhatsApp sender extension you’ll need to increase productivity and manage WhatsApp web notifications!
You can do all of this without having any tech infrastructure or technical knowledge.
Effortless. Isn’t it?
Once you install, you can book a demo with us and we will explain to you all the features and also help you in implementing EazyBe for your business.
Install and start now for Free  ✌?            

How to install Eazybe: Powering Whatsapp for Work with AI?

You could download the latest version crx file or older version files and install it.

Preview of Eazybe: Powering Whatsapp for Work with AI

Technical Features:

  • Latest Version: 3.0.41
  • Requirements: Windows Chrome, Mac Chrome
  • License: Free
  • Latest update: Sunday, April 16th, 2023
  • Author: Eazybe.com

Eazybe: Powering Whatsapp for Work with AI Available languages:

English, español, português (Portugal), हिन्दी.


Reviews of eazybe: powering whatsapp for work with ai:

Onkar private HBN April 21st, 2023
Onkar private HBN

these guys managed to save my business thanks you with the quick reply with video features

Pilot Study April 10th, 2023
Pilot Study

The automatic functionality of tags such as "Need Reply" and "Awaiting Reply" is not currently working. These tags will only appear in the message list after they have been manually added. (WhatsUp+ for WhatsApp™ Web is way better and perfect solution for this) Additionally, access to key features such as Settings, Analytics, and Integration is restricted until a company has been created. However, creating a company is a Pro feature that only provides seven days of access. I'm attempting to understand why this is the case.

Suraj r March 30th, 2023
Suraj r

Very easy to use and light weight

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