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A complete research solution – Search and save papers online. Annotate PDFs directly on Chrome. Cite papers on Google Docs.
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What is wizdom.ai?

wizdom.ai is a pdf extension for chrome. also, it is docs extension and pdf downloader extension. it's a free extension and is featured in Productivity, it has 30,000+ active users since released its first version, it earns an average rating of 3.98 from 55 rated user, last update is 425 days ago.

What’s new in version

                Annotate and download PDFs while reading online via interactive PDF reader.

Collect article references from 100 million papers by leading publishers, Cite them and generate bibliography in over 7,000 citation styles in Google Docs.

wizdom.ai supports hundreds of publisher websites including CrossRef and Taylor & Francis.

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How to install wizdom.ai?

You could download the latest version crx file or older version files and install it.

Preview of wizdom.ai

Technical Features:

  • Latest Version:
  • Requirements: Windows Chrome, Mac Chrome
  • License: Free
  • Latest update: Friday, March 31st, 2023
  • Author: wizdom.ai

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  • How could i get help if there is something wrong with wizdom.ai chrome extension?

    You could find more help information from wizdom.ai support page.

  • How could i contact the developer of wizdom.ai chrome extension?

    You could send emails to publisher, or check publisher's website.

  • What privacy data wizdom.ai chrome extension collect?

    • Personally identifiable information
    • Authentication information
    • Website content

  • What are the required permissions for extensions?

    • https://*/*
    • http://*/*

    More about manifest_file of wizdom.ai.

  • How could i report abuse of wizdom.ai chrome extension?

    You could click to report abuse of wizdom.ai.

Reviews of wizdom.ai:

Tu Hu March 2nd, 2021
Tu Hu

Frankly, the idea is good but the chrome extension is very bad. The extension always shows "Please wait while we fetch your wizdom.ai library data." Then require me to sign in. Then showing the message agin. So, I give up.

Narayani Prasad kar July 7th, 2020
Narayani Prasad kar

Loved it. All my wishes came true. I was looking for something like it. I am using it and hope it will improve day by day. Thanks for creating something like this. I found more doi. link in this than endnotes. As I am from resource poor developing country, and cant afford to buy a new laptop, windows, office and newer versions of endnotes every 5-7 years, now I can forget microsoft word, endnotes, windows and Air. I am liking this free cloud work. Now I don't carry my laptop from home to office but just work from cloud everywhere.

Aamir Shah March 27th, 2020
Aamir Shah

very handy addon to have, highly recommended

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