Reviews & Comments of Tampermonkey BETA chrome extension

From November 5th, 2017 to February 4th, 2023, 84% user give 5-star rating, 8% user give 4-star rating, 3% user give 3-star rating, 6% user give 1-star rating. for Tampermonkey BETA chrome extension.

Reviews of tampermonkey beta:

marc ms February 4th, 2023
marc ms

Very good extension.

楚萌余(苦茶被骗没) January 31st, 2023


Kemabuy Imam January 19th, 2023
Kemabuy Imam

BoBo Bohemian January 4th, 2023
BoBo Bohemian

good tools.

Ochieng Batista December 21st, 2022
Ochieng Batista

just simple and good. Easy to leran and use....hahahaha just that

VINOD PATEL November 26th, 2022


xox Jia November 6th, 2022
xox Jia

A very good extension

William Feely October 14th, 2022
William Feely

Developer is asking for 5-star reviews on the tampermonkey website. Extension is no longer open source.

Isaac Daniel Ramos Chavez September 17th, 2022
Isaac Daniel Ramos Chavez

Great extension

Dario_the2nd May 12th, 2022

Extremly good extension

chan max March 24th, 2022
chan max


Michael OBrien March 22nd, 2022
Michael OBrien

TM is one of the best tools for internet surfing and getting just a little more than the average surfer

shi thomas March 15th, 2022
shi thomas


Muhammad Yushua Khan یوشع March 14th, 2022
Muhammad Yushua Khan یوشع

The Extension is so infinite times good.Just it should update the thing from which it is blocked by other just keeps refreshing the page when the extension is enabled.It should create a force of the system so that all websites can't block this extension.

Sanath Fernando February 19th, 2022
Sanath Fernando

good work

K. L. February 13th, 2022
K. L.

As a mac user, I have been unable to add any scripts in tampermonkey nor tampermonkey beta. In the utilities section and under the Zip subsection, there is only one button instead of the two that should appear. The button is "Export" and it downloads an empty zip file. Furthermore, the function "Automatic syntax check max size" is uneditable under the advanced config mode in the sense that the text box next to it does not appear. These abnormalities renders tampermonkey unusable. Please publish a fix soon.

Mohammad Fasiul Alam November 15th, 2021
Mohammad Fasiul Alam

i love it

dave yerr October 14th, 2021
dave yerr

wuv u sm hihi

Robert Rollins October 6th, 2021
Robert Rollins


Linda Lagrosse October 4th, 2021
Linda Lagrosse

very good

Augustine Whymer September 10th, 2021
Augustine Whymer

It's an awesome platform

Yname Tname September 8th, 2021
Yname Tname

Very good

Jason J September 2nd, 2021
Jason J

I Cant intsall it can somebody tell me???

Zahra Gholami May 30th, 2021
Zahra Gholami

سیگنالی که برای خرید و فروش نشون میده خیلی خوبه.

Brad Cozine May 2nd, 2021
Brad Cozine

I love this extension.... but PLEASE stop harassing me to restart my browser for every little update that's released! :)

Ryan Szewczyk April 6th, 2021
Ryan Szewczyk

Excited and hopeful that i've finally found an app that will help me to perfect coding and programming, anything from this "Digital Age"

fadhel 3 February 21st, 2021
fadhel 3

good I Like it

Ramachandra Murthy February 18th, 2021
Ramachandra Murthy


luxury gaming February 15th, 2021
luxury gaming

i think am-am lovinng it (;

Tetsuya Ichikawa December 29th, 2020
Tetsuya Ichikawa

woooooo love it

paula jarrell December 12th, 2020
paula jarrell

love tampermonkey

victorzimmer83 November 13th, 2020

I don't need this recently added Tampermonkey menu string with scripts settings in the page's right-click context menu. Make an option in extension settings to disable this.

Rev. FriGiN GooN BS MD (Jay) September 10th, 2020
Rev. FriGiN GooN BS MD (Jay)

works great, does what its supposed to do effortlessly, but might be somewhat confusing for new users to stuff like this.

Omar Hroub August 1st, 2020
Omar Hroub

no work

Faustino Tukas July 19th, 2020
Faustino Tukas

Great Extension for developers

Marcin Metkowski July 18th, 2020
Marcin Metkowski

very useful and authentic; developer automatically recognized for his capability in computer engineering and is sharing his development with the option of making a contribution if you feel that the site provides you the services which are desired.

Waiiha April 2nd, 2020

i know it works but i try to use it on roblox and it does not work because it says Please download a supported tampermonkey version! and it makes me press ok but it automatically gets me off roblox but it works because 2 seconds before i press ok when im going there is a little sign and it says id i have a thing that lets me join anyone anyways good but i cant use it

allmighty Asian March 6th, 2020
allmighty Asian

I'm unable to remove installed scripts. I've tried both directly deleting and selection option but nothing happened

李腾 March 4th, 2020

Many ppl recommend it. Should be great

Lqstly_x February 20th, 2020

i can hack with it very nice

Diana Calinici February 6th, 2020
Diana Calinici

they asked nicely so here you go

info5152 Group January 26th, 2020
info5152 Group


Jordan Anderson January 10th, 2020
Jordan Anderson

➖ ◻ ❌ GOOGLE ↗ 404 that's an error. Requested Rating was not found on this server

Cuifen Ni December 29th, 2019
Cuifen Ni


Muhammad Saeed December 5th, 2019
Muhammad Saeed

The Tempermonkey is very helpful tool to enhance your productivity. Awful extension.

Red Boii October 19th, 2019
Red Boii

I mean it asked me nicely to do this so, yeah.

Grant Williams September 6th, 2019
Grant Williams

Need to get the support forum back up and running. Editor is currently very sluggish after the 4.9.5971 update.

Mark Chesser August 6th, 2019
Mark Chesser


Syfullah Sadir July 2nd, 2019
Syfullah Sadir

very good

吕阳 May 28th, 2019


Alexbro May 27th, 2019


Eureka CHEN May 26th, 2019
Eureka CHEN


HR J May 22nd, 2019


tie-jun Chen May 17th, 2019
tie-jun Chen


leo lee May 16th, 2019
leo lee


Anp Kit May 16th, 2019
Anp Kit

ddddddd that's fxxking good!

Bobby Rapp May 15th, 2019
Bobby Rapp

it is great and so easy

Manuel Monteiro April 15th, 2018
Manuel Monteiro

deixou de funcionar :(

guojun mao May 10th, 2019
guojun mao


Pedro Cordeiro May 7th, 2019
Pedro Cordeiro

Gosto bastante

qi dang May 7th, 2019
qi dang

it is a smart tools.i like it.

YuKrai Prime April 26th, 2019
YuKrai Prime

Does NOT work on Version 76.0.3777.0 (Official Build) canary (64-bit)

A Google User March 29th, 2019
A Google User


Deborah Simone Osborne March 22nd, 2019
Deborah Simone Osborne

5 stars !!!

Michael Kharitonov March 4th, 2019
Michael Kharitonov

Annoying interface. When no updates found on manual check, it shows two notifications + same two messages in settings. No search for available userscripts for current website. No links to GitHub bug tracker at homepage, contribute only has donate section, no report bugs section.

Hassan Elmansy February 25th, 2019
Hassan Elmansy

Really, it makes my live easier.

A Google User February 23rd, 2019
A Google User

would need a walkthrough

kim Levy February 7th, 2019
kim Levy

very awesome...will enjoy my use.

humma ali September 14th, 2018
humma ali


Kalyan Taka August 28th, 2018
Kalyan Taka

best extension

Quang Nguyễn August 24th, 2018
Quang Nguyễn

nice nice nice nice

Zany Gaming July 25th, 2018
Zany Gaming

is online video converter a safe source? good app btw!

MERDEKA CELL July 19th, 2018


Herbert harrison morales July 7th, 2018
Herbert harrison morales

very nice


v good

Kiran Rajpurohit June 29th, 2018
Kiran Rajpurohit


Aldona Ramoskiene June 8th, 2018
Aldona Ramoskiene


Live for Technology May 30th, 2018
Live for Technology

Hands-down the #1 used extension. Cannot even imagine the Internet without my scripts and how reliably TM handles them!

Victor Condino (Vic) May 24th, 2018
Victor Condino (Vic)

Last night a chrome extension saved my life. Thanks, Tampermonkey!

Anthovince Kong May 22nd, 2018
Anthovince Kong

The convenience and freedom hand of god.

Gabriel Ntihemuka May 16th, 2018
Gabriel Ntihemuka

really Helpful

Jack Nagiev May 7th, 2018
Jack Nagiev

One of the best extensions!

burentugs burnee April 28th, 2018
burentugs burnee

this niv=ce hack

सफर April 10th, 2018


Ren Nguyen April 8th, 2018
Ren Nguyen


Raudhah M March 27th, 2018
Raudhah M


Fazlrehman Khan March 6th, 2018
Fazlrehman Khan


Maliyah Jackson March 6th, 2018
Maliyah Jackson

this works really well

Dr Satish Mahajan February 28th, 2018
Dr Satish Mahajan


Anime Time February 23rd, 2018
Anime Time


Candane Gaja December 8th, 2017
Candane Gaja

i like it verry usefull

Dave Land February 16th, 2018
Dave Land

No Chrome installation is incomplete without it. Take control of your Web. Make pages work the way _you_ want them to. Web designers: Preview new site or app features before your developers have written a line of code.

G.58 Designer February 9th, 2018
G.58 Designer

i like it

Stephen Robinson January 20th, 2018
Stephen Robinson

Works with Kingdom of camelot scripts. Very helpful.

bonjie montaflor June 5th, 2017
bonjie montaflor

a very cool 'helper' online

Yvette December 30th, 2017

very helpful. Cuts my time by 50%

Fikadu Bisrat (Feka) December 17th, 2017
Fikadu Bisrat (Feka)

simple elegant

Matt Meyer December 9th, 2017
Matt Meyer

There is a ton of ads make sure you get ad killer plus so you will not be at dangerous websites

suphanat chaowalitchaikul December 4th, 2017
suphanat chaowalitchaikul


Yissa Salaudeen November 30th, 2017
Yissa Salaudeen

exceptionally fantastic!

NEETESH BANJARA November 29th, 2017

love it

zwart wit November 22nd, 2017
zwart wit

best there is

Vanna Smith November 18th, 2017
Vanna Smith

Tampermonkey kicksa$$ and takes names this an Awesome app check them out <3

sanji bhandari November 9th, 2017
sanji bhandari


ali zindin November 5th, 2017
ali zindin