Tampermonkey Editors chrome extension

Version: 1.0.1
Tampermonkey Editors
Online editor support for Tampermonkey's userscripts
4.50 Based on 2 user rates

What is Tampermonkey Editors?

Tampermonkey Editors is a tampermonkey extension for chrome. it's a free extension , it has 2,000+ active users since released its first version, it earns an average rating of 4.50 from 2 rated user, last update is 370 days ago.

What’s new in version 1.0.1?

                This extension allows users of the Tampermonkey extension to edit their userscripts at vscode.dev
Simply click at the extension's icon in the menu bar.

At the moment Tampermonkey BETA 4.19.6176+ is required (the stable version will follow)
You can get the BETA version from here:


What is working:
 * List scripts grouped by namespace within a folder containing the script, a storage file and required scripts
 * Editing userscripts, userscript storage and required scripts
 * Editor warns on resource modification in background

What is not working (aka TODO list):
 * File and folder search
 * Global content search
 * Creating new scripts
 * Deleting scripts
 * Filter by enabled state
 * Showing new scripts created in background
 * Configuration of the used folder structure
 * Tampermonkey ESLint configuration mapped to .eslintrc file            

How to install Tampermonkey Editors?

You could download the latest version crx file or older version files and install it.

Preview of Tampermonkey Editors

Technical Features:

  • Latest Version: 1.0.1
  • Requirements: Windows Chrome, Mac Chrome
  • License: Free
  • Latest update: Friday, December 2nd, 2022
  • Author: Jan Biniok

Tampermonkey Editors Available languages:



Reviews of tampermonkey editors:

UselessScreen April 13th, 2023

Very useful! Sometimes I like to code a user script to add functionality or fix something on a website that is bothering me, and this extension is excellent because VScode is great. It is so much better than the default tampermonkey editor. Overall, amazing extension; extremely helpful.

Ruben Romanov (UnrealGamesRBX) February 4th, 2023
Ruben Romanov (UnrealGamesRBX)

not bad useful if your like a programmer or hacker

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