Buff Utility chrome extension

Version: 2.2.2
Buff Utility
Adds cosmetic functionality to buff.163.com
4.76 Based on 17 user rates

What is Buff Utility?

Buff Utility is a dark mode extension for chrome. it's a free extension and is featured in Accessibility, it has 6,000+ active users since released its first version, it earns an average rating of 4.76 from 17 rated user, last update is 351 days ago.

What’s new in version 2.2.2?

                Adds small cosmetic functionality to buff.163.com, such as currency conversion and additional information on various pages.

GitHub: https://github.com/PenguiniVogel/BuffUtility
Discord: https://discord.gg/yeYuuKZxbP

- Share links were adjusted to the new format across the extension
Buff just had to change them :/
- Reintroduction to Require Request Settings! Woho!
They were previously removed, and are now coming back, better :)
- New Setting: Allow Extension Requests
Enable the Settings that require requests, this requires confirmation, multiple times, that we don't take responsibility for these.
- New Setting: Fetch item price history
This will add a price history to the header of item pages (Thanks to Rums ♥)
- New Setting: Show Souvenir Teams
Utilize the attributes field in market listings and favorites to display the teams of a souvenir package. (Thanks Rums ♥)
- New Sub-Setting System: Modules
Allows disabled entire modules from the extension, helps to more easily prevent conflicting extensions (mostly for PSE)

- New listing option "Detail" to open the Detail View
- Find on Market has been fixed
- Tooltips were largely improved to explain what's behind them

- buy-order scrolling
- Sell Order Merge Listings is back
- Remove and Remove all return on Sell Order Merge
- Hiding Account information returns on Web

- Find Similar has been added
This features automatically fills filters such as float range and sticker filters to find "similar" items to the one being viewed
- Listing date is now shown on listings
Exactly what is says, we now display how long an item has been listed for, the listing date is preserved as long as the skin is not listed at a different price
- BuyOrder Calculator
Ever get tired of having to offer 10% on a bargain using a calculator? Well no more! The bargain popup now supports a built-in "calculator" to give you the ability to quick and easy just offer 10%
- Color Scheme bugs were fixed
- Price Drop didn't work on favorites
- Trade Records now get conversion and other features as well

PSE has been migrated into BuffUtility
Yes that's right, the terrible sister extension has been integrated directly into BuffUtility now (but now way better)!
Transferred features include:
- Calculate BuyOrder Summary
Shows the buy order summary, total per buy order, max buy order you can place, and how much has been placed.
- BuyOrder Cancel Confirmation
Hate accidentally cancelling a buy order? Well no more! Now you get asked... once.
- Steam Graph - Show Years
Display the year in the Steam Median Sales graph.
- Steam Graph - Show Volume
Display the volume as additional series in the Steam Median Sales graph.
- Add "View on Buff"
Add a quick button to open the buff.163 sale page for the specified item.

- Fixed a Visual bug that occurred due to the last change, I apologize.

- Other games are converted again, correctly now
- The grayscale filter gets removed, so the site is not an eyesore

- Extension Settings have migrated
Settings are now available under extension options, as they properly should be, and no longer under the User Center
- Adjust Popular Tab
Thanks to Rums, the Popular tab has received some love in the form of supporting the feature set of other tabs, such as Share, !gen/!gengl and currency conversion
- Adjust Shop
Another addition by Rums, the Shop page now also receives the feature set as available in other views, currency conversion, !gen/!gengl and share link
- Adjust Market Currency
Change the display market currency from RMB to the one selected in BuffUtility, as previously BuffUtility has overriden this behavior and only displayed RMB
- Adjust Share
The share view on PC had non functional ability to buy and bargain, this issue has been resolved, and the buttons were replaced with a functionality to find the listing on the market from the share view
- Allow Bulk buy
Enables the ability to bulk buy items on the web version of Buff on PC
- Format Currency
Format currency, e.g display thousands, and help readability
- Performance has been addressed
Previously, BuffUtility would load a 10MB heap at every page navigation, being the schema data, this has been refactored to the background process, so while you browse Buff, it will only be loaded once, and then stay in memory until it becomes inactive

2.1.6 (Emergency Patch): 
- Fixed CurrencyHelper caching conversion rates before current ones were loaded (bad!)
- New experimental settings:
 -* Favourite Bargain, ever wanted to bargain on favourites easily? now you can! Currently does not check if item can be bargained!!!
 -* Adjust Popular Tab, added some features to the popular tab, like share and copy gen/gengl thanks to GoDrums.
 -* Currency Fetch Notification, will notify you when BuffUtility updated rates, can be turned off, will happen once a day usually.

- Schema update to accommodate new items
- Currency rates now updated more often, automatically!
- CSS adjustments for custom Theme
- Added force reload newest, see the settings for more information!

- Schema update to accommodate new major items

- Dark Mode!
  -* To elaborate, not just dark mode, you can define your own color scheme too!
- Sticker options were expanded to accommodate for the new combination types

- New Setting: Listing options
- New Setting: Show float-bar
- Share and !gen/!gengl now visible on favorites
- Share now visible on the sale page
- Buy / Bargain get colored dark red if you cannot afford with the current balance
- Chinese Support was extended, !gen/!gengl now visible on listings
- The way sticker search was saved was adjusted to not be overridden when browsing items with no sticker slots

- Gloves now generate !gengl
- M9 Knifes !gen resulted in receiving the regular Bayonet
- Schema was updated to include Dreams & Nightmares

- Ability to save custom sticker search across skins
- Match on floatdb

- Added !gen to items
- Added "Share" to items, this opens the mobile share link
- Default Sticker Search

- Settings weren't loaded or saved properly
- Some items from other games caused massive errors            

How to install Buff Utility?

You could download the latest version crx file or older version files and install it.

Preview of Buff Utility

Technical Features:

  • Latest Version: 2.2.2
  • Requirements: Windows Chrome, Mac Chrome
  • License: Free
  • Latest update: Wednesday, March 15th, 2023
  • Author: MePenguini

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Reviews of buff utility:

Amine November 14th, 2022

nice extension , just i hope you add currency applied to market like from RMB to USD cause all the time it's stays at RMB .

plasticninjaguy November 2nd, 2022

Provided this hasn't stolen my api key, this is a super underrated extension.

Futeish April 29th, 2022

never going back to vanilla buff

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