Reviews & Comments of EverSync - Sync bookmarks, backup favorites chrome extension

From February 13th, 2020 to February 25th, 2023, 46% user give 5-star rating, 10% user give 4-star rating, 9% user give 3-star rating, 7% user give 2-star rating, 28% user give 1-star rating. for EverSync - Sync bookmarks, backup favorites chrome extension.

Reviews of eversync - sync bookmarks, backup favorites:

Ebrahim Elhadidy February 25th, 2023
Ebrahim Elhadidy

The extension doesn't show you where your local backup is, and after installing windows I thought I could restore from server backups, only to found out that server backups are for premium user. The extension developers want you to pay to restore your backup.

ChuckandDave SmithWilson February 23rd, 2023
ChuckandDave SmithWilson

NO CUSTOMER SUPPORT!! I have been trying for weeks to contact ANYONE with regards to this extension and syncing speeddials. I paid for the premium version so I could always have my dials backed up and sync'd between computers but now it doesn't work!! I've used speeddial for years and loved it. Never had a problem until now. I would not recommend at this point for anyone.

Carlos Planas, Jr. (CPLANAS1985) February 18th, 2023
Carlos Planas, Jr. (CPLANAS1985)

It's OK... But trying to write to server can be difficult at times... Also, custom images disappear after restoring dials...

Rob M February 17th, 2023
Rob M

Sync in Google Chrome is FIXED! (At least for me...) So, back to 5 stars for me. They're the only way to sync between Chrome and Firefox left that I know of. (It would be nice if they actually updated their iOS app, though.)

Shaptarshi Joarder February 12th, 2023
Shaptarshi Joarder

Excellent stuff. Would be even more convenient if it came to Firefox for Android as well, but still great nonetheless. : )

eswno February 8th, 2023

It worked well, but doesn't work recently. I uploaded about 1000 dials to cloud, but it only downloads about 400 of them to other computers. Tried to uninstall and reinstall it several times and didn't solve the issue. No customer support.

twm March 30th, 2018

Not working as of Jan 2023 update. Tested also another chromium based browser - same result. Firefox addon still works.

Todd Reed February 3rd, 2023
Todd Reed

Works well for the long term. Well conceived and executed.

Michael D. Weaver January 17th, 2023
Michael D. Weaver

Excellent bookmark sync. Very pleased.

RoxMeNot 2 January 17th, 2023
RoxMeNot 2

Just awful. I have dials on one machine, I just want them on another. It shouldn't be so hard. Help says to just click the "Download" button. This does nothing.

Tom Trabue January 11th, 2023
Tom Trabue

Fantastic! Works just as described for me.

Graham Cox December 19th, 2022
Graham Cox

The 10th December update has broken it. I realised after attempting to install it in a new browser. When I click on the Eversync icon, a blank white box appears, with no option to login. It doesn't appear to have caused issues to existing installations. Please fix.

John Edwards August 2nd, 2014
John Edwards

This is so cool to be able to Save my stuff from FireFox on one computer and then bring it into Chrome on another and Edge on another and have everything sync'ed! And it keeps everything merged and Sync'd. I see reports of problems with sync which is probably a lack of adequate document perusal, I've used this since like 2010 or something and never had a problem with sync, other than being locked out of premium and Chrome and Edge no longer supporting Windows-7 Ultimate x64 SP-2. (Just ProductKeysOnline dot com, recommended) Thank you so much. I see no beta matters to report. Want 2023 to be the year I can afford to go full Lifetime Premium, such a good deal. If Win7ult64 support continues. My Systems and LAN are way to custom to switch over. I've written my own code, patches for the OS, scripts that handle everything and have a full set of tremendous software for them. Too entrenched I guess you'd say. Just click on the Blue Button in the Toolbar and follow directions. I just sync'ed no problemo. Are ya'll logged into your Google Account and everything? Now for Bookmarks it's a little trickier not much, just goto EverHelper and do a Local Backup not to the Server; That's all. Else {Uninstall and reinstall. Read the docs. Call support. Go Premium. Good luck. This should do it; (Click [Everhelper Account] after Clicking the Blue Toolbar Button, or goto it from Speed-Dial settings. Pardon my caps and prog typos sometimes, I use Camel Notation a lot. Obviously[code a lot];) } But while you're at EverHelper, be sure to check your Bookmarks TRASH bin and empty it so it doesn't eat up your storage allotment. Poke around in the Bookmarks Client Section and keep everything right. Don't exceed your storage, could be it, was for me. Emptying the trash brought it back down, way down. So everything is fine and dandy. htpps:// is where you can manage your bookmarks, sort them out, move them to another folder, delete them. In Bulk! Open Them, add them, Copy them to FTP-Speed-Dial there. Click on the Speed-Dial Button up top to switch over and Manage that the same way. Now to do the Backup of Bookmarks and Dials to your Computer or Server, go to Speed Dial Global Options, with the Gear Icon, on your Speed-Dial Home Page (docked control box upper right of your Home Page) and Click the Blue Button, it may be Green. Then you'll see the Graphic Interface for the Backup to Local Options and everything like that there. (in the extension, which is way safe and very cool.) Alternate route mentioned above, click the Blue Button in the Chrome/Edge/Mozilla Taskbar and then click [ Everhelper Account ] button.

DA CA WA December 19th, 2022

Was great. It now appears to be broken. When trying to load it via FVD speed dial, all I get is a flash on the screen and no accessible options. Shame, as it was a great program.

Christopher McBride December 15th, 2022
Christopher McBride

Absolute trash. It doesn't sync when I ask it to and instead tells me to install another plugin. Probably just a scam to steal data. Don't do it.

HotGates July 31st, 2017

Does the pro version sync automatically now? I had pro version and it stopped working now I have the standard.

Johnny Popular December 14th, 2022
Johnny Popular

Works well until the issues with sync. Right now backup isn't working. I am unable to upload or merge dials to server. I checked and my dials had been deleted, all content within the group folders gone. Not the most reliable app.

Dave “Dath” Atherton December 4th, 2022
Dave “Dath” Atherton

We have been using Speed dial for years. Great interface for us older users that more and more rely on visuals to be productive.

Just Saying November 23rd, 2022
Just Saying

I have been using this extension for several years and have been very happy with it. Saves me time and keeps my most important bookmarks organized. Also am able to customize the layout, font, size, etc. Does have a learning curve for using it and still haven't figured out how to update my email.

kfirf November 14th, 2022

I was signed out, my password isn't recognized, tried the restore password, got the link but can't press on reset password button (tried to reset from different browsers)

James Gresley September 29th, 2022
James Gresley

Alife saver win a windows world.

September 22nd, 2022

The extension does not work in the Opera browser, as I cannot log in. There is no technical support to speak of. Eversync is sheer thievery.

Per Holmes September 10th, 2022
Per Holmes

I've used this for about 4 years, and in the last 2 years, it keeps signing out randomly on every device. Problem is, it takes you a while to realize, so your bookmarks get constantly desynced. And then when you resync with a clean download/upload, you lose things that you only discover later that you've lost. I think it's time for me to drop this and find something else.

K L September 5th, 2022

it doesn't work, they cheat us

Donald Espeut August 27th, 2022
Donald Espeut

Zero help from you.

James Paterson (CanuckJ) August 20th, 2022
James Paterson (CanuckJ)

It does its job and does it fine. However, it's constantly signing me out on both Chrome and Edge, and every few launches I need to sign back in. The UI is also atrocious and very, very badly designed, like someone's high school project, but they don't have the knowledge to be taking any tech courses.

Gary Lindquist August 11th, 2022
Gary Lindquist

Sync gui is inconsistent. Sometimes it gives me option to over-write the server version; sometimes no such option. Navigating the extension app is inconsistent.

Varuch Jittijarunglarp August 9th, 2022
Varuch Jittijarunglarp


T. F. July 30th, 2022
T. F.

works great!

valluva raj July 9th, 2022
valluva raj

It is compelling to buy pro. If you not upgrade to pro, the speed dials, the most item, what you made pack up will not be restored. Only minimum number of speed dial alone will be restored. It should make it clear by the author that only pro will work.

Guðjón Hólm Sigurðsson July 5th, 2022
Guðjón Hólm Sigurðsson

This extension worked well in the beginnig, but after a while I was forced to install another one to be able to keep using it, so I removed it :(

Michael Vintean July 2nd, 2022
Michael Vintean


Phyllis Bennett June 26th, 2022
Phyllis Bennett

I have been using this app for several years and I absolutely love it!!!

aari Shwani June 21st, 2022
aari Shwani

Great App for saving all your favourite bookmarks and to carry it with you on all your devices. Simple, easy and customisable. highly recommended.

Nutanix SE June 8th, 2022
Nutanix SE

Exactly what I needed! TY!

Robert Timms June 8th, 2022
Robert Timms


Vergil Slade May 14th, 2022
Vergil Slade

The cool thing of this it was for free user the server sync to do quick and easy the backups, but now is gone

Carmen Lopez May 1st, 2022
Carmen Lopez

fantastic extension

Danny Carlton March 28th, 2022
Danny Carlton

Worked fine at first, then the plugin stopped working. It worked long enough to create a similar folder structure across all my compute3rs and browsers. Now it really doesn't serve much of any function at all since the browser plugins refuse to connect to my account.

Aatif Iqbal March 4th, 2022
Aatif Iqbal

Doesn't work in Chrome anymore

Sherif Aliti February 10th, 2022
Sherif Aliti

Didnt sync mine dials 3 stars only for dev effort!

Byron Johnston January 29th, 2022
Byron Johnston

I've been paying a monthly fee that was supposed to allow me to back up to the server. New computer, trying to restore, even after logging in, I'm being told I need a pro account. I've been paying them for over a year for nothing! Crooks!!!

Wes Humphrey January 25th, 2022
Wes Humphrey

Works better than expected. I like it !!!

Michał Szymulański January 19th, 2022
Michał Szymulański

I used it only for syncing bookmarks across browsers. Since they started requiring to install yet another extension for this to work I it became too much of a hassle to bloat in the browser.

Bobbie Michelle Dixon January 3rd, 2022
Bobbie Michelle Dixon

Love it! Been using it in all my work. Small 'learning curve', but worth it.

John Baker December 18th, 2021
John Baker

No, thank you. I want no part of an add-on I have to create an account to use. Uninstalling.

Johnny Nasello December 12th, 2021
Johnny Nasello

This extension doesn't work like it used to. The options that are supposed to enable me to sync do not appear as shown in the instructions.

Steven Kerns December 4th, 2021
Steven Kerns

Something is deleting my bookmarks. I assume it's this, but I can't be sure because there's no log to tell me what's deleting them. I'll start with 750 bookmarks, and then an hour later, I'll have 250 bookmarks. I don't know that Eversync is the problem, but if it's not, I don't know what is.

Charles W Jansen II (Chuckamania) November 23rd, 2021
Charles W Jansen II (Chuckamania)

Google Chrome is the worst browser. Mozilla is dead to me because they disabled Speed Dial without warning. I'm using a real browser in MS EDGE.

Buddy Bird November 15th, 2021
Buddy Bird

i loved this app, used it constantly, it was simple easy and fast. Since the changes it is so complicated I can't figure out how to sync, or make changes. You went from a great app to terrible.

Lubor Vrabel November 1st, 2021
Lubor Vrabel

Auto Sync doesn't work properly. I use 4 browsers and 3 computers. I use Brave for personal stuff. Edge and Firefox for work-related things and also Chrome. I have two desktop computers and one laptop. While in the beginning it worked, after a while I realized that in Firefox, Brave and Chrome I had many 10s of copies of all bookmarks. Interestingly in Edge I only had one copy. Fortunately there is an option to manually over write all server data so I uploaded the single copy to server from Edge and downloaded the single copy to other browsers. In theory EverSync exactly what I need, same it doesn't deliver. I will still try to use it in manual mode

LAURO BOZZA October 18th, 2021


Jeion Rahman Asif October 2nd, 2021
Jeion Rahman Asif

GOOD one

Hiren Loong September 26th, 2021
Hiren Loong

Cross Platform, It is useful for me . THX

Kevin Borg (KiwiKev) September 12th, 2021
Kevin Borg (KiwiKev)

I have been using Speed Dial and the Eversync option for several years now and I don't understand the negatives reviews for such an awesome ext. It saves sooo much time, and not only that, can you imagine having to scroll thru 125o+ bookmarks to find yr favourite sites or yr most important sites that you actually rely on every day, each time you want to revisit them every day, it would drive me mad. I remember those days of either having to use bookmarks or having to retype the website address each and every time, and if that was the case today I think I would give up browsing. I have many many Speed Dial Groups, some with hundreds of Speed Dials in them and having the ability to right click on a website page you want to remember and revisit, add it to yr account in less than a second, to me this is a game changer, but please remember this is only my opinion for my uses. I am able to Back Up all my Firefox and Chrome Speed Dials and Bookmarks locally to my drive and also to the server for very Secure and Safe keeping, and on top of that I can sync all of them between both Firefox and Chrome quickly and easily. When I want to tidy up my Speed Dials and I do that regularly, I just log in to my Everhelper account, move and delete what I want to in 1 location and then with just a few clicks of the mouse sync them all again between both browsers, and I'm fully updated again. I mean seriously what is there not to like about this and if you don't want the Online Server Back Ups, don't use them, just use the whole extension which is Free for both browsers. So I have No complaints at all and It has been working flawlessly for all these years and to be honest I am so glad that they have a Server version online because I have lost my computer twice in the last 2 years alone and without everhelper & eversync to restore my Speed Dials it would of been an absolute nightmare in Time and Energy to try to first remember and then locate every single website in my speed dial list and set it up again. So in my case I am more than happy and eager to give you 5 Stars out of 5 without hesitation and thank you for such an awesome, efficient, fast, safe, secure app that works every day without fail and I am more than happy and willing to be a client of yours for life...period! ;) Cheers Kevin Borg Auckland | New Zealand

John Smith August 23rd, 2021
John Smith

The extension requires you to pay for uploading bookmarks to a cloud. Had I known that before downloading it, I wouldn't have downloaded it.

William Ryan (wpryan) July 23rd, 2021
William Ryan (wpryan)

Last week I would have given it 5 stars. Somehow with the Edge browser, the synchronization button doesn't work anymore. After pressing it, it shows a message that says I should log in, and then loads a page that says I'm already logged in, but still does not allow synchronization.

da bao July 1st, 2021
da bao

very well in mac edge and chrome.

Christopher F June 29th, 2021
Christopher F


Richard Fennimore June 19th, 2021
Richard Fennimore

Google has sync with Chrome, but I think EverSync does a better job.

Dennis C June 2nd, 2021
Dennis C


Ehsan Siahtiri May 26th, 2021
Ehsan Siahtiri


Paul Villafane Sr May 22nd, 2021
Paul Villafane Sr

Worked seamlessly first time I used it! Wish all apps worked like this.

Mark Savill May 21st, 2021
Mark Savill

Very fast in Chrome, fantastic job. A lot slower with a large database in Firefox--but still works well--just needs patience when syncing.

s bhuiyan May 20th, 2021
s bhuiyan

good bookmark site, interface could be more professional and there should be an option to backup bookmarks in chosen directory. The app preserves local backup in its chosen path.

Aaron Zick May 9th, 2021
Aaron Zick

AVOID THIS EXTENSION AT ALL COSTS - A few weeks ago I handed in my work laptop which I'd been predominantly using the past few months. When I tried to sync my bookmarks on my personal computer, I found that it lost all bookmarks I'd saved in 2021. Extremely frustrating... Literally just now, I was exploring alternatives to Eversync. I reorganized my bookmarks in Chrome and THANKFULLY exported them... after checking out some other extensions, out of curiosity pushed the sync button from the FVD extension. It ONE HUNDRED PERCENT completely ERASED some of my bookmark folders!! I thought I was crazy, but I was able to compare the backups I'd downloaded minutes before to what the app synced, and numerous subfolders had their contents erased. Absolutely unacceptable, it's one thing to not sync your bookmarks and another entirely to ACTIVELY ERASE THEM. Ludacris

Akshay Gundewar May 1st, 2021
Akshay Gundewar

lately not able to login into the snycronizer. Nothing happens on clicking the login button on the pop-up

CthulhuSaves March 7th, 2021

EDITED. I previously wrote a scathing rebuke. I'm now retracting that and setting the record straight. I have no idea what happened a month ago. When attempting to sync my FVD Speed Dials the action was rejected, and I was directed to now pay for a Premium account, with only locally saved dials as an option for backup/restore. No more free server access. Naturally, I screamed bloody murder. However, today I clicked the Sync button (no idea why; just on a lark, I suppose), and damned if everything was back to the way it used to be. Everything I previously experienced was too specific and detailed (eg. it explicitly stated these things) to be a glitch, so if this wasn't intentional, I'd suspect a disgruntled coder or something (the "we were hacked" scenario is kinda old these days, plus they never claimed such, nor do their comments imply they were even aware of what I was talking about). So, a concerning situation, to be sure, but at least everything seems back to normal. I still think the Pro account is a bit pricey, and the descriptions in the side-by-side banners advertising each show server access as a Pro item, but that aside, this has still got to be one of the most useful pairs of extensions, --Eversync and FVD Speed Dial--, of all time. Definitely a couple of must-haves.

Brian Zarth March 11th, 2021
Brian Zarth

I Used to have 1000 bookmarks all neatly organised. I installed Eversync so i could sync them to my other PC's. I clicked on Start Synchronisation, 2 seconds later ALL OF THEM WERE DELETED. AVOID THIS LIKE THE PLAGUE!!!!

stan cardwell February 8th, 2021
stan cardwell

I love the extension. I give it one star for ZERO support. I want to change my email log-in. Can't be done in account settings. Ask for that feature so I don't have to spend hours (and ours) re-creating my speed dials. crickets chirping . . . is anyone manning the telephones? I'll gladly change my miniscule rating if someone would acknowledge my contact question.

Daniel Chancey February 3rd, 2021
Daniel Chancey

clockwork so swell

Mark Pheorize January 27th, 2021
Mark Pheorize

I sent you a bug report for just about a month ago as a Premium user, but did not receive any confirmation that you'd receive it or any response on the issue itself. All I wanted was to synchronise my bookmarks between Chromium and Firefox, but instead your app created a lot of duplicate folders and then just put tens of thousands of bookmarks in the Trash folder. For me to be able to retrieve these bookmarks, I had to sign up for your premium plan, as the basic plan had a limit on the number of bookmarks I had... The auto backup feature was not of any sort of help at all, as the first auto backup wasn't performed until about 2 months into my usage of EverSync. So overall a complete waste of time and especially money, as I had to spend money to rectify a problem that _you_ had caused in the first run. I have bookmarks saved from at least 13 years back, so for you to just come in and mess it all up with no way of fixing it, even after paying you, and then not even replying to my bug report is the worst customer support of the worst app I've ever had the misfortune of using. Kind Regards

Simo Pelle January 17th, 2021
Simo Pelle

Awesome extension! It solved me so many problems... And it always behaves as expected. Waiting for the Microsoft Edge version (for now I installed it from Chrome Web Store and it works properly)

Hubert Carson January 2nd, 2021
Hubert Carson

Great. I can easily sync bookmarks between Chrome and Firefox.

Photoshop Art February 6th, 2016
Photoshop Art

Why you remove free backup to account? Edit: now is ok. 4 stars ?

Mehedi Islam Ripon December 10th, 2020
Mehedi Islam Ripon

this extension was working fine after installation, but after a few hours it dropped automatic sync. totally disappointed.

William Francis Leo December 6th, 2020
William Francis Leo

best one

D. A. Hall November 22nd, 2020
D. A. Hall

A great way to sync across different browsers. Also, my favorite feature is actually the duplicates works well.

Νίκος Μπολιώτης November 22nd, 2020
Νίκος Μπολιώτης


Duke Mihajlovic November 20th, 2020
Duke Mihajlovic

great software, and their support is great.

Rajesh S November 20th, 2020
Rajesh S

Using this more than 2 yrs,now from the last 2 days its continously showing the HOW TO USE TOUR DIALOGUE. Uninstalled and reinstalled but nothing fixed,other than losing my old speed dials backup. Going to say goodbye!

olegtf November 19th, 2020

Don't touch if its aint broken. Features must be optional - not mandatory. I need to see my dials, regardless of your perception of the world. If I'll ever need to hide 'em I'll figure out how to create codes locks etc. Remove that stupid undying popup and return my dials on the screen. There's lots of alternatives on the market. And I am looking for one right now.

Judy Dollarhide November 17th, 2020
Judy Dollarhide

I love this, exceptional!!!

Kushagra Kasbi November 12th, 2020
Kushagra Kasbi

Works nicely! The bookmark sync works perfectly.

benjamin957957 November 9th, 2020

Very good extension to protect from losing bookmarks.

MD B November 6th, 2020

This is the first time I've used this extension but it is AWESOME!! Five stars isn't enough!!

Axel Lafortune October 25th, 2020
Axel Lafortune

Finally a way to auto sync favourites between chrome and brave browser, thank you!

John Tomlinson October 19th, 2020
John Tomlinson

I have just moved browsers and tried to restore my settings but am unable to log back into my account because you apart from my user name and password to use capture program which is producing unreadable numbers and letters. After 5 attempts I have given up. Will not bother with you again.

Terence Peter Skeffington October 14th, 2020
Terence Peter Skeffington

It does the job - good

Diana Moura Queiroz October 13th, 2020
Diana Moura Queiroz

Been using it for years and I like it.

Osman Soykut October 1st, 2020
Osman Soykut

love it, love it. only ONE wish item: allow sharing or embedding a folder of bookmarks via a url. right now the everhelper app stays on one url address only.

Jon Green (Calendar) September 29th, 2020
Jon Green (Calendar)

I use Opera, which provides a Chrome emulation for extensions. Having saved my bookmarks from Opera on another machine, I can see the bookmarks correctly stored at the server at, but when I force a refresh (overwrite local from server) on this one, everything in the toolbar past the first folder has the correct name, but a mish-mash of completely incorrect URLs. Some items that should be folders are single links. Others that should be single links are folders that may or may not have the right contents. It's a complete mess. DO NOT risk using this with Opera! I have absolutely no idea how to restore my toolbar to sanity, short of deleting this extension and copying the bookmarks databases from Opera on the other machine onto this one.

Zachary Zink September 23rd, 2020
Zachary Zink

Works great as a replacement solution since XMarks went belly up.

Juku Eja August 25th, 2020
Juku Eja

so far so good...almost 3 years since my 1st use..and over 5 months this year installed this app on all my browser home and office...full package fvd sync + fvd speeddial + everhelper

Michael “Bo” Driscoll August 20th, 2020
Michael “Bo” Driscoll

I installed this on my Chrome and Firefox browser to keep my bookmarks synced between the two, and withing a week at least a third or more of my bookmarks were deleted. I cannot discourage using this extension enough until they figure out their issues. I'm just happy I had another computer I hadn't turned on in a couple weeks I could restore my bookmarks from its Chrome. Otherwise I'd be forced to pay these people $5 for access to backups they made.

Roberto Lopez July 29th, 2020
Roberto Lopez

Works like a charm. Some duplications, sometimes, buut minimum

Kumar Kumar July 19th, 2020
Kumar Kumar

Updating my rating. Thanks for the quick response nimbusweb/eversync team. Because of browser sync setting duplicate bookmarks were being generated.

InGamingNews July 17th, 2020

Thank you for a great plugin, Pass no heed on the moaners and idiots! :)

Joe Blazek November 28th, 2019
Joe Blazek

only ONE star! Wasted good idea. I wanted to restore my FVD speed dials on new device,. Omg! I never had to jump through so many hoops!! The best I can see is that you have to pay to restore.?? I mean, I get it. They have to make money, but $5 a month?? Seems a bit much when the average person probably won't need to restore that many times.. I still haven't gotten it to restore, 07/10/2020. For example, I downloaded chrome on my new device. I logged in to chrome, and in a minute, every thing was exactly how it appears on my windows tablet. it should be that simple. ? . . . . . not so with this failure. I'm out.

pg green July 9th, 2020
pg green

Couldn't even login

JAY PARK June 26th, 2020

it's the best book mark sync extension i've ever used. it works on Firefox, Chrome both very well

NIRMALYA ROY June 25th, 2020


Andres Gonzalez June 23rd, 2020
Andres Gonzalez

It works as advertised... beautiful. However remember to turn off account bookmark/favorites sync on Chrome and Edge, otherwise the bookmarks begin to duplicate every day...

A P April 16th, 2020

Misleading. Says you need this extension for something and then it says you need a pro account once you do. Everything has a catch these days and it's getting EXHAUSTING!!!!!!

Glorfindel April 11th, 2020

It used to work fine but suddenly I am unable to backup my bookmarks and dials, the options are hidden for some reason (you can see the tabs for a split second) and this has happened in two different browsers, now it is useless and I am using a better alternative.

niko strasek April 7th, 2020
niko strasek


Bradley Smith April 3rd, 2020
Bradley Smith

im looking for a replacement to Xmarks i feel there trying to have to many options just to sync browsers i would relay just like a bookmark sync between browser and that is it

Drew Ferguson April 2nd, 2020
Drew Ferguson

Just what I have been searching for - synchronises across Chromes, Firefoxes and Opera Little in the way of themes and looks are somewhat antique but functionality is just perfect!

Julius Sinlao March 31st, 2020
Julius Sinlao

I use EverSync to synchronize browser bookmarks mainly in Chrome between home, work, tablet, phone devices. Excellent app, works flawlessly among multiple platforms (Linux, Windows, Android browsers).

Tal Shahaf March 25th, 2020
Tal Shahaf

זה באמת עובד

Arun Prabhakaran P March 16th, 2020
Arun Prabhakaran P

Good one

Arun P March 16th, 2020
Arun P


michael psaro March 5th, 2020
michael psaro


Julian Gen March 3rd, 2020
Julian Gen

Eversync not working. Not able to sync, upload, download with any browser. Created new account still same. Everything goes to trash. Used to work great.

qiuxiao mu March 1st, 2020
qiuxiao mu

I hope you still read reviews.. looks like the extension failed after latest chrome update as I can't sync bookmarks in chrome anymore but in firefox it was all fine.

Judy Abernathy February 21st, 2020
Judy Abernathy

Make sure you have a backup on your hard drive!! Lost most of my bookmarks and then when I tried to restore, it said that was only for the professional version.

Alexei Bondarenko February 13th, 2020
Alexei Bondarenko

Hi, what happened to FVDSpeedDial?