Speech Recognition Anywhere 365 chrome extension

Version: 1.7.4
Speech Recognition Anywhere 365
Use Voice Recognition to fill out forms and dictate email with speech to text. Control the Internet with custom voice commands!
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What is Speech Recognition Anywhere 365?

Speech Recognition Anywhere 365 is a documentation extension for chrome. also, it is speech extension and speech to text extension. it's a free extension and is featured in Productivity, it has 6,000+ active users since released its first version, it earns an average rating of 3.58 from 19 rated user, last update is 148 days ago.

What’s new in version 1.7.4?

                Speech Recognition Anywhere 365 - Subscription

With "Speech Recognition Anywhere" you can control the Internet with your voice. Use voice recognition to fill out forms and write documents on the web! Dictate emails with speech to text!

Speech Recognition Anywhere expands the capabilities of the Web Speech API in both Chrome and Edge, in order to allow users to control the Internet or to fill out documents and forms using their voice. A user can use simple voice commands to go to websites or to click on buttons and links. It also works with Google Docs, Microsoft Word online, Gmail, outlook.com and more. Medical professionals use it to fill out web based online medical records. Business professionals use it dictate letters and emails. Custom commands can be created by the user to allow the user to say shortcut phrases that print out a lot of text into a form.

NEW! Speech Recognition Anywhere now includes text to speech, custom voice commands and scripting. See seabreezecomputers.com/speech for more information.


* Browser extension for Chrome or Edge
* Choose between dozens of languages and dialects for speech recognition
* Dictate emails and online documents
* Fill in forms with your voice
* Go to the next or previous field with your voice
* Go to any web page with your voice
* Switch tabs and navigate webpages with your voice
* Scroll page up or down
* Click on links and buttons with your voice
* Cut, Copy, Paste, Clear, Highlight
* Say "Show labels" to see labels to buttons on a webpage
* Say "Play (name of artist or song)" to play music instantly
* Text to Speech (tts)
* Three custom voice commands
* Scripting


* Use Voice Activation Wake Up Phrase: (Examples: 'Ok Google', 'Computer', 'Alexa', 'Hey Siri', 'Hey Cortana')
* Start "Speech Recognition Anywhere" when Chrome starts (Always Listening)
* Start "Speech Recognition Anywhere" in the background
* Submit search fields automatically
* Pause "Speech Recognition Anywhere" if audio is playing in a tab
* Virtual Assistant Mode
* Prevent system from sleeping while "Speech Recognition Anywhere" is listening
* Prevent screen from sleeping while "Speech Recognition Anywhere" is listening
* Unlimited custom voice commands
* Auto Punctuation 
* Export/Import custom commands

NOTE: Extensions are not allowed to work on special chrome:// pages or edge:// pages or the Chrome Web Store or Edge Add-Ons website. Therefore, you will not be able to write a review directly at the Chrome Web Store using your voice. This is a restriction imposed by the browser. It is not a limitation of the extension.

TIP: If speech recognition is not working on a specific webpage then you can try (1) refresh the web page or (2) restart your computer. This will often fix the problem.

Disclaimer of Warranty: Sea Breeze Computers makes no warranties as to the performance of this product or service. This extension uses the Web Speech API built into some browsers (such as Google's Web Speech API or Microsoft Edge's Web Speech API) for speech recognition, therefore we cannot guarantee the quality or continued operation of the speech recognition service. 


By using this software you agree to the Terms of Use available at http://www.seabreezecomputers.com/speech/terms


1/10/2023 - Version 1.7.4
+ German: Google's Web Speech API stopped converting "komma" to "," for some reason. So now SRA will do the conversion itself.
+ Spanish: Changed Help and Support links to link to Spanish versions.

12/25/2022 - Version 1.7.3
+ Can now send extra commands to tabs opened in the background with url() action. Example:
Phrase: Google (.*?) 
Action: url(https://www.google.com/search?q=$1, Google, false); speak_element("[aria-level='3']")
+ More improvements for sentences that use the word "period".

12/10/2022 - Version 1.7.2
+ Added Hindi language commands and menus
+ replace_word() action now works better with words from other languages with letters that are not in the standard English or Latin alphabet. The word boundary is improved.
+ "Start in background" stopped working with Chrome update. Fixed.
+ Previously, in Chrome the word "period" would usually be replaced with "." but now there are more instances where it will stay "period" such as in the sentence: "It was a brief period of time."
+ Added css: font-size: 1em.

10/13/2022 - Version 1.7.1 
+ Bug Fix that started in version 1.7.0: The extension icon would not start SRA because of error: "Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'addListener')" in background.js with line "chrome.declarativeNetRequest.onRuleMatchedDebug.addListener".

10/13/2022 - Version 1.7.0
+ Updated to Manifest V3. ATTENTION: Google is requiring developers to update all extensions to Manifest V3. Google's requirements for Manifest V3 may cause some things to not work properly. Please notify us if something does not work properly and we will try to fix it if possible.
+ Some custom command action results now appear in the text box on the Speech Recognition tab.

9/18/2022 - Version 1.6.13
+ CKEditor was putting @ with "New line" and "New paragraph". Fixed.
+ Improved "New line" and "New paragraph" to work better with Word Online.
+ Improved "New line" and "New paragraph" to work better with Google Docs.

8/14/2022 - Version 1.6.11
+ A few users were not having the words "period" or "full stop" convert to "." so now the extension converts them instead of relying the Web Speech API to do so.
+ Changed navigation() action to browse() because navigation is a new W3 Javascript window function.

6/29/2022 - Version 1.6.10
+ Improved keypress() action to work better with punctuation in a string and more accurate keyCodes.

2/23/2022 - Version 1.6.8
+ Now removing , from commands that Edge sometimes inserts.
+ New speak_element() command that works like querySelectorAll with optional [n]. For example speak_element(img._3c8e[1]) to read outloud WolframAlpha result.
+ Bug fix: tts will now read text with | (or symbol) in it if it comes from a website, instead of randomizing.

2/13/2022 - Version 1.6.6
+ Updated replace_word() action to match non-latin characters better. For example, it will now match spanish "él" and Bulgarian "ухан" in the middle of a phrase.

1/31/2022 - Version 1.6.4
+ Custom command regular expression error is easier to understand.
+ Fixed "Click on Google Apps" and "Click on untitled document".
+ Fixed "Allow" microphone prompt and analyzer for Edge requiring refresh before working.

1/28/2022 - Version 1.6.3
+ New Setting: "Disable continuous speech recognition mode (Works better for some users but not for others)"

1/26/2022 - Version 1.6.2
+ It now works with Microsoft Edge Chromium. Microsoft is testing speech recognition in Edge so it may have performance issues at various times. Edge automatically adds punctuation to speech. In the Full edition of SRA there is a setting to "Disable Microsoft Edge Chromium Auto Punctuation".

12/31/2021 - Version 1.6.1
+ Italian version now displays instructions and menus in Italian. (Italiano)
+ Added more commands to Italian language.
+ Now easier in other language versions to change language with voice using English translation of language names.

12/28/2021 - Version 1.6.0
+ French version now displays instructions and menus in French (français)
+ Added more commands to French language.

12/22/2021 - Version 1.5.9
+ Japanese version now displays instructions and menus in Japanese. (日本語)
+ Added more commands to Japanese language.
+ Improved some German commands.

12/16/2021 - Version 1.5.8
+ German version now displays instructions and menus in German. (Deutsch)
+ Improved replace_word() to work better with Spanish accents such as él at the beginning of a sentence.

11/23/2021 - Version 1.5.6
+ Fixed a bug where "Unselect" command was not working.
+ Spanish version now displays instructions and menus in Spanish.
+ script() command can now include a return variable to print in a textarea.

11/14/2021 - Version 1.5.5
+ Fixed replace_word() to work with all (global) instances of the word in a statement and to have better boundaries for regex.
+ Fixed a bug in the command "Go to website.com" in spanish (Ir a) and a few other languages where it was activating without needing the dot (punto).
+ Added kommatecken (,) for Swedish.

11/6/2021 - Version 1.5.4
+ Fixing bugs in scrollToCursor so that it will scroll to the cursor in iFrames (tinyMCE) when it goes below the bottom of the editor window, but hopefully not scroll sideways in some websites as reported by some users.
+ Improved the display of "Show labels" and "Show numbers".
+ Improved scroll_it to be able to say, "Scroll menu", "Scroll box" or "Scroll page".
+ Added "Move cursor" command for Spanish.

10/13/2021 - Version 1.5.3
+ Now you can click on words that use smart apostrophes or curly apostrophes, such as: "Click on See What’s New".

10/5/2021 - Version 1.5.2
+ Added commands for French, Portuguese, Japanese, Chinese Traditional and Chinese Simplified. 
+ Now works with Google Docs new canvas element!
+ Saying "Click on paper" will now click on most contentEditable editors.
+ Updated keypress() command to work in iFrames. keypress() command will now also accept strings and convert them to keypresses. 
+ Improved replace_word() command to work better with regular expressions.
+ Fixed print_text() command to display text correctly in contentEditible elements. Added insertText() command to be the same as print_text(). 
+ Added info box to show when command phrases and actions are found. 
+ Added setting for "Always lowercase all text". 
+ Undo/Redo now works in Google Docs and onedrive.live.com (Word online).
+ Move Cursor now works in Google Docs and TinyMCE and CKEditor
+ scrollToCursor now works in TinyMCE and CKEditor
+ scroll_it now works with Google Docs, and iFrames (TinyMCE).
+ "Press Enter" now works with Word online and "New line" and "New Paragraph". 
+ Fixed "click on keyword" command to possibly work better. 
+ Fixed speech not working in some contentEditable text boxes on hubspot.com.
+ Keypresses for arrow keys, home and end keys now works in Google Docs.
+ Custom command actions will now convert \n to a new line and Unicode Escape Sequences such as \u2665 or \u{1F302}
+ New command "Show/Hide numbers" and custom command add_numbers(keyword) to add numbers to links, buttons and fields. Then you can say "Click on 5".
+ Fixed bugs with CKEditor not consistently inputting "New line" and "New paragraph". Also fixed so CKEditor does capitalization at beginning of document.
+ find_phrase works in some iFrames now but does not work with Word online or Google Docs.
7/22/2021 - Version 1.5.1
+ Stopped "komma" from being replaced with "," because "komma" is a common word in Swedish. 
+ In Italian stopped periodo, più, meno and uguale from converting to . + - and = respectively because they can also mean period of time, more, less and same as respectively. In Italian, use "punto" for a full stop or period punctuation instead.

3/4/2021 - Version 1.4.4 - Fixed bug in license status check. Now displays a notice if the user did not allow the extension to use the user's email address to get license information from Google's servers. Fixed "New Paragraph" to do two carriage returns. Changed speech to use insertText instead of insertHTML because Chrome now preserves undo history with insertText. But this will cause some user's custom commands to print HTML instead of inserting HTML. So there is now an insertHTML() custom command. Also changed replace_word() custom command to be able to remember the first match with $1 instead of $2 by using ?:

2/10/2021 - Version 1.4.3 -  Added more speech recognition languages such as Chinese Cantonese (Traditional)

1/30/2021 - Version 1.4.2 - Added "Disable Auto Gain Control" in Settings because Chrome changes the system microphone volume up and down on some computer systems. This setting will disable that from happening. Also fixed some more bugs with the license status. Check button now checks Chrome Web Store license and new payment processor license.

5/29/2019 - Version 1.3.0 - The converter can now do advanced scripting with the script() command or by changing semicolons in code to url encoded %3B . Also saying "Show labels" now labels text inputs and textareas. 

5/6/2019 - Version 1.2.9 - A custom command with replace_word() can now have multiple phrases separated by a vertical pipe | . Also fixed a bug where "Delete last word" was deleting the entire last phrase instead.

3/7/2019 - Version 1.2.6 - New simple word replace feature. For example, to replace "ok" with "okay" in your speech then use this custom command: 
Phrase: ok 
Action: replace_word(okay)

1/20/2019 - Version 1.2.3 - Improved Screen Reader features such as reading of ARIA roles and html tag names for certain items like IMG and Hyperlink. Also a "Simple Mode" that does not read ARIA roles and html tag names. 

1/5/2019 - Version 1.2.0 -  Changed the Text-To-Speech speechSynthesis to play in the background script instead of the page. Also added Screen Reader features. Now you can say "Read selected|highlighted|article|website|site|links|page|webpage|paragraph|alert|notification|status". Press ESC to stop reading or say "Stop reading".

12/28/2018 - Version 1.1.9 - Translated commands to Italian. 

12/15/2018 - Version 1.1.8 - Now there is an option in Settings to "Remove Google's Auto Capitalization" where Google's speech recognition sometimes adds capitalization to phrases that are the same as sport's teams, movie titles or song titles, etc. 

10/8/2018 - Version 1.1.6 - Added Swedish punctuation and commands.

9/30/2018 - Version 1.1.5 -  Added punctuation for the Czech language.

9/21/2018 - Version 1.1.4 - Improved language support including French, Japanese, Chinese Simplified and Chinese Traditional.

9/19/2018 - Version 1.1.3 - Improved language support including Italian.

6/29/2018 - Version 1.1.1 - ATTENTION WEB DEVELOPERS: You can now call javascript functions on your websites using the "Action" field of Custom Commands. With this powerful feature you can create websites with voice recognition accessibility or voice activated assistants.

4/8/2018 - Version 1.0.5 - Export/Import custom commands.

3/29/2018 - Version 1.0.4 - Custom command word replace now appears in Speech Recognition tab text box. Also previously if "Phrase" or "Action" fields for custom commands contained a space for the first character then it would not be recognized. This has been fixed by removing the extra space.
	Also Speech Recognition Anywhere now works better with Facebook Messenger without having to press Spacebar first. And to send the message you can say "Press Enter" or "Click Send" at messenger.com.
	Also new and improved custom command: keypress(key, ctrl, alt, shift) that now works with more websites.

3/3/2018 - Version 1.0.1 - New Feature: Speech Recognition Auto Punctuation. With Auto Punctuation enabled you no longer need to say "period" or "question mark" at the end of a sentence. Just pause briefly after each sentence and the punctuation will be added automatically!
	Speech Recognition Anywhere now works in Word Online with a few bugs: It first tries to type the speech in "Tell me what you want to do" box and you have to click in the word processor box again. "New Line" and "New Paragraph" commands do not seem to work.
	Bug Fix for TinyMCE: Now it capitalizes the first letter of a sentence if it follows punctuation.
	Bug Fix for CKEditor: After saying "new line" now the first letter of a sentence is capitalized.

2/1/2018 - Version 0.99.9 - All commands have been translated to work in Spanish!            

How to install Speech Recognition Anywhere 365?

You could download the latest version crx file or older version files and install it.

Preview of Speech Recognition Anywhere 365

Technical Features:

  • Latest Version: 1.7.4
  • Requirements: Windows Chrome, Mac Chrome
  • License: Free
  • Latest update: Wednesday, January 11th, 2023
  • Author: jeffsbaker

Speech Recognition Anywhere 365 Available languages:

Bahasa Indonesia, Bahasa Melayu, Deutsch, English, Français, español, italiano, português (Brasil), português (Portugal), svenska, čeština, हिन्दी, ‫العربية, 中文 (简体), 中文 (繁體), 日本語.


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    • scripting
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    • unlimitedStorage
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Reviews of speech recognition anywhere 365:

Rich Navarra March 19th, 2023
Rich Navarra

This is the best speech recognition software out there by far... I am handicapped and I need something to help me type spend the extra buck and get the software

Francis March 1st, 2021

really buggy, sometimes it can't recognize any sound from the mic. Maybe Chrome and Windows 10 problems too.

Pit Bulls January 27th, 2021
Pit Bulls

Please can someone tell me what's the difference between this version and the one I purchased two years ago? What's going on here?

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