Zebra Printing chrome extension

Version: 1.2
Zebra Printing
Allows to print ZPL to a network connected Zebra printer.
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What is Zebra Printing?

Zebra Printing is a printing extension for chrome. also, it is printer extension and zebra printer extension. it's a free extension , it has 4,000+ active users since released its first version, it earns an average rating of 5.00 from 2 rated user, last update is 1057 days ago.

What’s new in version 1.2?

                NOTE: This is an extension useful for developers who want to simply print ZPL labels directly from their web apps.

Most Zebra Printers have a HTTP POST endpoint through which ZPL can be directly printed without the need for an installed driver, print dialogs popping up or other locally installed software.

Unfortunately those printers don't set any CORS headers which makes it impossible to use this HTTP endpoint in modern browser-based apps.

This extension circumvents this issue.

In your web app you can now directly print to Zebra printers by using window.postMessage():

    type: "zebra_print_label",
    zpl: "^XA^PW400^LL200^FO20,20^A0N,30,30^FDThis is a TEST^FS^XZ",
    url: ""
}, "*");

The Zebra Printing extension will listen to those messages and print the zpl to the url.

type: The extension will only pick up messages where the type is zebra_print_label
zpl: The ZPL string to be printed
url: The URL of the printer
The extension will also post a message to the web page upon loading. This way in your web app you can check if the extension is installed:

window.addEventListener("message", function (event) {
    if (!event.data.ZebraPrintingVersion) {
    // extension installed, enable print button or whatever...

The event will contain two fields:

ZebraPrintingExtensionId: The extension ID (ndikjdigobmbieacjcgomahigeiobhbo)
ZebraPrintingVersion: The version number of the installed extension            

How to install Zebra Printing?

You could download the latest version crx file or older version files and install it.

Preview of Zebra Printing

Technical Features:

  • Latest Version: 1.2
  • Requirements: Windows Chrome, Mac Chrome
  • License: Free
  • Latest update: Wednesday, July 8th, 2020
  • Author: Daniel Nitz

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Reviews of zebra printing:

Pawel Suwala December 30th, 2022
Pawel Suwala

Absolutely brilliant workaround for printing directly from the browser. Works as advertised. I'm using it every day - thank you!

Maarten Wolzak October 6th, 2020
Maarten Wolzak

Works as advertised. Perfect to start learning ZPL! Please be aware that this plugin enables you to make your printer-setup insecure and sensitive to Man-In-The-Middle attacks from hackers. I advise you to never use this plugin in a production environment. Instead: load a TLS certificate to your printer to enable HTTPS communication! But again: This plugin is a real help!

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